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Lehigh Valley Weekly Report

A 3-4 week for Lehigh Valley, who are now 11-15, in 4th place of the Northern Division in the International League, 5.0 games behind division leading Buffalo.

League Leaders (thru Wednesday):Hitters: Mayberry is tied for 6th in runs (19), and tied for 4th in doubles (8); Wise is leading the league in triples (4); Ransom is tied for 3rd in homers (6), 8th in RBI’s (19) and 6th in strikeouts (28); Tracy is 7th in walks (16).

Pitching: Bump is tied for 6th in wins (3); Carpenter is tied for 6th in wins (3); Mathieson is tied for 6th in saves (4). Continue reading Lehigh Valley Weekly Report

Around the System–Outfield

Just too much going on in the OF to summarize in a paragraph, so look for brief comments attached to each player.

Lehigh Valley

John Mayberry, 26–.300/.387/.511;  3HR 16 RBI, 2 SB; 11BB 20K ; 20% K rate; .320 vs. LHP, .292 vs. RHP, .276 with RISP. Mayberry has looked very good, and is performing capably in CF.  The Phils hope is probably to increase his trade value which he appears to be doing thus far.

Chris Duffy, 30– .273/.348/.416; 1HR 15 RBI, 3 SB; 10BB 13K; 15% k rate; .381 vs. LHP, .232 vs. RHP; .471 with RISP (8–17). I have been very impressed with Duffy who came here with a bad reputation, but has played and acted like a complete professional.  He has played good defense, has attempted to kick start the offense and has shown good jump.  He is very capable should an injury occur in Philly to fill in short term.

DeWayne Wise, 32– .268/.318/.524; 3HR 11 RBI, 2 SB; 5BB 17K, 20% k rate; .167 vs. LHP, .297 vs. RHP, .269 with RISP.  Wise has given Lehigh Valley what they expected thus far.  Good defense, and decent power.  He has missed about a week with a groin injury.  Again, capable 25th man in Philly if needed.

Rich Thompson, 31– .327/.387/.382; 0HR 9 RBI; 4 SB, 6BB 8K; 13% K rate; .273 vs. LHP, .341 vs. RHP, .462 with RISP. My infatuation with THompson’s play has been well documented here over the years, having seen him day in and day out.  He hustles, always hustles and is a complete player.  Unfortunately, it is a complete AAAA player. Continue reading Around the System–Outfield