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May 5th Box Score Recap

Lets go.

Reading wins 2-1.

Gilles: 0/5
Brown: 2/4, 2B (9)
Galvis: 0/4

Schwimer: 1.2 IP – 0 ER – 1 H – 2 K

Clearwater wins 3-2.

Overbeck: 3/3, 2B (11), HR (8)
Gose: 2/5, SB (11)

Hyatt: 7 IP – 2 ER – 6 H – 3 BB – 8 K
De Fratus: 1 IP – 2 K

Lakewood loses 2-0.

JJ: 0/4
Hewitt: 0/3
Santana: 1/2, 2B (4), 1 BB
Villar: 0/3

Hernandez: 7 IP – 1 ER – 4 H – 2 BB – 9 K (6 GB/3FB)

My suggestions to fix the MLB draft

If you sample 10 people within the sport of baseball, probably 6 of the 10 would tell you that they feel the draft process is one that needs to be fixed, 3 will probably tell you the system is fine, and one will probably tell you he doesn’t care. Maybe those numbers are off. But for me, I think there are a number of areas surrounding the draft that need to be fixed, and based on everything written over the last few years, the draft will be addressed in the next collective bargaining sessions. So, with all of that in mind, I’ve come up with a few ways to fix the draft. I think I wrote something similar to this last year, but I have some new ideas and improvements, so if I did write this last year, ignore that and focus on this. Check below for more. And if any important people find this, and they want to borrow my ideas, that’s fine, you could just toss me a consulting fee for my time!

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