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Report from Today’s R-Phils Game

Watched from the picnic area today.

Game was pretty dull. Lots of he pitchers for Reading were prospects.

The bad news was Aumont–pitched 4+ innings and produced maybe 1 bad swing all day. Flying Squirrels (yeah, I know) hit rockets all over the yard. Aumont topped at 90 (one time) with his FB and consistently hit 88. His best pitch was a 73 mph curve. He now throws from his ear a bit, which explains the loss of velocity. I have no hope for him a future major leaguer with this delivery and velocity–his FB just doesn’t move that much. He never got a lot out of his lower body when he pitched, but it seems like the Phils have shortened his arm motion and are working on being on-balance and hitting spots with him.  Hope he still has the 95 mph stuff around after they change his delivery.

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Weekly Notes Column, May 23rd

Welcome to this week’s edition of the weekly notes column. Before digging into this week’s notes, I wanted to kind of throw a warning out there. Over the next few weeks, I may begin to play around with different themes/layouts for the site. I’ve actually brightened the color red in the header so it stands out a bit more, but like anything you become overly familiar with, sometimes you want something new. I’ve never been fully in love with the wordpress templates available, I’ve tried to make them work because I don’t have the skills or abilities to build and maintain a website with regular HTML. That said, I did explore the possibility of having a custom wordpress form built, but the price tag is prohibitive. Because of that, I may just tinker with other themes and layouts. Don’t worry, the content will remain the same, and if I do go with a bigger change and move stuff around, I’ll create a road map so you can find everything. So the takeaway from that story; if you click on the page in the next few weeks and it looks really weird, don’t tweak out, just give me some time and I’ll do my best. Thanks. Now, onto the notes…

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Evaluating Early Season Performance

First let me thank you for your patience.  I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted an article.  I have received many encouraging emails to share my insights pertaining to my performance this year.  As I write this entry, It is now Saturday May 22nd, and we are currently 40 games into the season.  Before the season started I made a promise to myself that I would not look at my cumulative stats until this point.  As you know, I believe in a relevant sample size and for me that is completion of at least 30% of my season workload.  I also evaluate my own performance differently than most other people.

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