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Around the System–Corner Infielders

The first look at how Phuture Phils are doing around the system at particular positions.  Readers seemed to enjoy this feature last year, and we will go through each set of positions several times throughout the season in order to chart progress.  First up is Corner Infielders.  Although still a small sample size, worth a look nonetheless. Looking through the most obvious need for discussion is Cody Overbeck, who is crushing the ball and has displayed much improved defense through the early going this season. Worthy of mention as well is Darin Ruf, who while old for Lakewood, has been playing very well.

Lehigh Valley

Andy Tracy, 36, .229/.368/.329; 2HR 9 RBI 1SB; .333 vs. LHP; .192 vs. RHP; .240 with RISP; 24% K Rate; 2 errors; .987 fielding %.

Neil Sellers, 28, .273/.344/.345; 0HR 5 RBI; .308 vs. LHP, .262 vs. RHP; .235 with RISP; 16% K Rate; Has played 4 games at first and made 1 error (.964) and 7 games at 3B and made 1 error (.952).

Cody Ransom, 34, .260/.310/481; 5HR 16 RBI; .133 vs. LHP, .290 vs. RHP; .269 with RISP; 30% K rate; Has played 15 games at 3B at made 6 errors (.824) and 3 games at SS without an error. Continue reading Around the System–Corner Infielders