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The first look at how Phuture Phils are doing around the system at particular positions.  Readers seemed to enjoy this feature last year, and we will go through each set of positions several times throughout the season in order to chart progress.  First up is Corner Infielders.  Although still a small sample size, worth a look nonetheless. Looking through the most obvious need for discussion is Cody Overbeck, who is crushing the ball and has displayed much improved defense through the early going this season. Worthy of mention as well is Darin Ruf, who while old for Lakewood, has been playing very well.

Lehigh Valley

Andy Tracy, 36, .229/.368/.329; 2HR 9 RBI 1SB; .333 vs. LHP; .192 vs. RHP; .240 with RISP; 24% K Rate; 2 errors; .987 fielding %.

Neil Sellers, 28, .273/.344/.345; 0HR 5 RBI; .308 vs. LHP, .262 vs. RHP; .235 with RISP; 16% K Rate; Has played 4 games at first and made 1 error (.964) and 7 games at 3B and made 1 error (.952).

Cody Ransom, 34, .260/.310/481; 5HR 16 RBI; .133 vs. LHP, .290 vs. RHP; .269 with RISP; 30% K rate; Has played 15 games at 3B at made 6 errors (.824) and 3 games at SS without an error.


Tagg Bozied, 30, .213/.300/.410; 2HR 10RBI; .167 vs. LHP; .233 vs. RHP; .368 with RISP; 33% K Rate; Has played 7 games at first without an error; 3 games at 3B with 2 errors (.800) and 7 games in the OF without an error.

Kevin Mahar, 28, .242/.324/.339; 1Hr 5 RBI, 2 SB; .261 vs. LHP, .231 vs. RHP; .214 with RISP; 14% K rate; Has played 9 games at 1B without an error; and 9 games in the OF with 1 error.

Brandon Pinckney, 28, .226/.262/.403; 2 HR 6 RBI; .211 vs. LHP; .233 vs. RHP; .125 with RISP; 17% K Rate; 18 games at 3B and has made 3 errors (.947)

Jim Murphy, 24, .172/.221/.250; 0HR 3 RBI; .143 vs. LHP, .194 vs. RHP; .200 with RISP; 32% K Rate; 18 games at first and has made 2 errors (.987).

Cody Overbeck, 24, .333/.367/.667; 6 HR 16 RBI; .419 vs. LHP; .273 vs. RHP; .364 with RISP; 20% K Rate; 20 games at 3B and committed 2 errors (.970)

Matt Rizzotti, 24, ..353/.405/.456; 1 HR 6 RBI; .345 vs. LHP, .359 vs. RHP; .273 with RISP; 16% K Rate; Has played 4 games at 1B without an error.  All other games have been at DH.

Michael Durant, 23, Has been on the DL all year.


Darin Ruf, 23, .312/.436/.468; 2HR 11 RBI 2SB; .433 vs. LHP; .234 vs. RHP, .308 with RISP; 15% K Rate; 21 games at 1B and has committed 2 errros (.990)

Adam Buschini, 22, .296/.380/.481; 1 HR 13 RBI 3 SB; .355 vs. LHP; .260 vs. RHP; .286 with RISP;17% K Rate;  21 games at 3B and has committed 4 errors (.920).

Stephen Batts, 24, .292/.333/.417; 0 HR 2 RBI; 24 at bats thus far.  Has played 3 games at 1B without an error.

25 thoughts on “Around the System–Corner Infielders

  1. Do Ransom’s stats at SS include the games where he got ejected? Just sayin’…

  2. if overbeck is a legit prospect wil he be the third baseman of the phuture when polanco is a free agent?

  3. Ransom didn’t look any better in RF tonight. At least he didn’t get ejected.

  4. Rizzotti is leading the monor league system with a .347 BA, he’s playing 1st occasionally but is mostly DH’ing.

  5. If overbeck is third basemen of phuture he will be 28 I believe when polanco contract is up.a little old isnt it???

  6. People sometimes get stuck too much on age..was’t Howard 26 when he took over for Thome. If Overbeck is playing well enough (that is an if) in two years give him the shot.

  7. Ryan Howard hit 46 HR’s at age 24 in AA and AAA. Overbeck is 24 at single A.

  8. I was only talking about age….did you see my “if”…no way comparing to the Phils best power hitter if all time

  9. Has anybody heard if Mattair has decided to come back from his “break” or is his professional baseball career over?

  10. i.e. the only corner prospect we have is Singleton?? I’m rootin hard for Phillippe Aumont cause he comes from where I come from. Quebec. He’s lucky being a ballplayer. I’m a trapper, my fadder was a trapper and taught me everything about trapping. One day he didn’t come home and my mudder died when I was young. A old Indian woman found me and raised me. I went west to the Canadian Rockies to trap when I was 16 years old. I trap for pelts and furs that are white – white as snow – near the end of the earth. Ol Adam bear once tried to get me. And a wildcat. And the wolves. But I got them after I got my foot caught in a trap. I was saved by my woman who I bought for one tousand dollars in gold. I made her a chandelier for the cabin. It’s a house on the hill, the hill. I give her diamonds and pearls. Google my name and see the movie they about me and my travails.

  11. Has anyone seen a scouting report on Overbeck? The numbers are impressive, but I’d like to see a scout’s take before getting excited over a hot start from a 24 year-old in his second go-round in the FSL…

  12. Good to see big Jim Murphy get his second base hit today knocking in Matt Rizzotti who on a base hit had driven in Cody Overbeck who had doubled. Overbeck now is tied for doubles in the league in addition to leading the FSL in homers and slugging percent. Murphy was one of the most impressive bats I saw in the minor league camp this spring but is a very streaky hitter and he struggled mightily in April.

  13. Oh i don’t know rocky, maybe it was all the cody overbeck talk or possibly the French Canadian Trapper talk. I’m not sure.

  14. Long ball in the 8th and flashes leather and shows arm by making a throw from behind third from his knees to get the first out in the ninth. That’s our Cody!

  15. Overbeck’s 23 turning 24, he’s a bit old for the league. But you can’t completely write off this start, he’s hit 7 home runs in a league that’s known for being very poor for long balls.

    Just for you guys to get a feel for how ridiculous his start is, only 6 players in the league have more than 3 home runs, he has 7 the other five have 4. Throw in his 9 doubles (2nd in the league) and he needs to be moved up.

    I’m mildly optimistic about this start.

  16. Overbeck could push for a utility role somewhere if he keeps this up. I’ll be frankly shocked though if he has any kind of future as a starter. Look at 2005 in the FSL for example. Andy Wilson, Danilo Sanchez, Eric Arnold, Kevin Collins, Kelly Hunt all hit 18+ home runs. None of them reached the majors. Even 24 year olds who completely decimate the league are not serious prospects.

  17. Overbeck’s not proving anything at CLW. He’s old for the league and needs to be tested in AA. I expect him to stumble a bit in AA but all he’s getting in A+ is a lot of batting practice. You can’t see what you’ve got until it’s been tested. It’s not like Reading is stacked with corner infield prospects. If people think he’s more of a utility guy then he could play some 1st base in Reading too.

  18. I’d like to see Overbeck and Rizzoti up in Reading. They’re both older and would only replace career minor leaguers there. That would allow Ruf, also an older guy doing well, and maybe Buschini to go to Clearwater and let Singleton get started in Lakewood. Also, Cosart will be back shortly and something will happen there and that will cause a ripple up the system.

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