DSL Season Starts Today – New Roster Posted

May 29th is the beginning of the 2010 DSL season for the Phillies.  Last year the Phillies featured a relatively young team that struggled to a 31-39 record. With a number of players such as ace pitchers Lisalverto Bonilla and Felix Cespedes having graduated to the U.S., another young team is likely this season.

For the past several seasons the Phillies have played in the 5-team Santo Domingo North division which posed 2 disadvantages of having an odd number of teams in the division for scheduling and always playing the same opposition teams.  This year the Phillies have moved to the 8-team Boca Chica South division and should see a greater variety of opponents.

The new roster is posted here on the Minor League Baseball site:  Phillies DSL roster

The biggest news on the roster is the presence of 6’6″ 17-year-old pitcher Miguel Nunez.  Nunez signed in the off-season for $220,000 making him the next in the Phillies series of mid-level signings.  While the Phillies tend to shy away from signings that cost more than $500,000, they do typically sign several players in the $200K-$300K range each year.  While Lino Martinez (a high profile Venezuelan LHP also signed this winter) will likely make his debut in the GCL.  Nunez may a raw prospect that needs an extra year in the complex leagues.

New players on the roster this year include the following:

Pitchers: RHP Anthony Astacio (6’2″, 185, age 18), RHP Enrinzon Bautista (6’4″, 180, age 20), LHP Luis Gonzalez (6′ 2″, 170, age 18), RHP Marlon Guzman (6’4″, 200, age 19), RHP Hector Neris (6’2″, 175, age 20), RHP Miguel Nunez (6’6″, 215, age 17), RHP Ramon Oviedo (6’4″, 160, age 19), RHP Julio Reyes (6’3″, 200, age 19), RHP San Lazaro Solano (5’11”, 170, age 19)

Outfielders: OF Delvi Francisco (6’1″, 190, age 17)

Infielders: SS Witer Jimenez (6’1″, 180, age 21), SS Robinson Torres (5’10”, 160, age 18)

Catchers: no new signings

There is no sign of last year’s offensive star Nevri Jimenez who has either been promoted to GCL or (since he was not listed in spring training) released.  SS Carlos Valenzuela, another high profile signing from 2 years ago is back for his third season in the league and has most likely cemented his non-prospect status.  Yeisson Morales is a big third baseman also back for a second season who is a name to watch.  None of the catchers is likely a top prospect, though having veterans around will certainly help the young pitching staff.

On the mound Daniel De La Cruz has had good stats the last 2 seasons (1.03 ERA in 61 innings last year) but has failed to earn a promotion.  Two high profile signings (Alvaro Bacil and Gabriel Arias) are also back for their 3rd seasons after signing for $100K a couple of years ago.  Another name to watch is converted outfielder Carlos Best who compiled a 2.63 ERA last year in his first on the mound.  With 9 new pitchers on the staff, however, expect some ups and downs on the mound this year.

We will check back periodically this season with posts updating the progress of the squad.  Next up: an early look at the better VSL performers.

12 thoughts on “DSL Season Starts Today – New Roster Posted

  1. Thanks Andy.

    Nunez debut looks promising. 6Ks in 5 innings and no BBs. He gave up 5 hits and 5 runs ( 4 earned). We’ll see how he progresses. We’ve discussed De La Cruz in prior years. His numbers are filthy. He’s hard to hit but he hasn’t been promoted. We don’t get any first hand reports so we don’t know what he throws, how hard or how accurately.

  2. Well , the first game is up, and Miguel Nunez threw the 1st 5 innings and Daniel DeLaCruz pitched the last 4. So maybe they are the ones to watch. 3 Wild Pitches and some runs for Nunez, but no runs for DSL squad, despite 2 hits for Witer Jimenez. So no Nevri but Witer instead. And I thought it interesting that Lendy Castillo is converting to pitcher. 21 active pitchers when I looked yesterday.

  3. I am disappointed by the number of returnees from a somewhat lackluster group last year. Hopefully, the few decent ones who were invited to ST this year are just back in the DSL temporarily until the GCL season starts.

  4. Was impressed with Bonnilla, tall and lanky, and Cespedes, big and stocky in the couple of innings against a Jucco team I saw them pitch in the minor league spring training camp. Interesting to see what they can do in one of the SS leagues.

  5. I would like to also point out, that if one uses the MiLB.com site for rosters , it will be shown that DSL players in Extended Spring Training are listed as “Reserve” on the DSL roster. The only DSL players listed here are: Felix Cespedes, LisAlverto Bonilla, Geancarlo Mendez, and Luis Beltre (who I did not see listed before, somehow). Unless there has been some sort of greivous clerical error, there is no Nevri Jimenez or other unlisted DSL vets. I don’t think any of the XST players would be in the Dominican for the few days until Short Season kicks in., though it has been done before, as in last season with Siuliman LeBron.

  6. Given that Nevri wasn’t on a spring training roster, and that I believe someone mentioned there was a visa problem and the similarity in characteristics in height, weight, throwing and batting profile and hometown, I’m harboring a small concern that Nevri Jimenez is actually the 2 year older Witer Jimenez. I guess we’ll see when the GCL gets announced in 3 weeks.

  7. Yeah , just looked that up. Same hometown, different date of birth, Galvan, D.R.. Went to Nevri Jimenez’ bio off the 2009 stats, and it says released. Might be his little brother who is also around 6’1 180 and a switch-hitting Infielder. I thought if a player was caught lying about age or identity and such , they received an automatic one year suspension.

  8. Make that older brother, also the past stats show no previous stats for the Witer man, while Nevri has stats for last season and none for this season.

  9. But, now that I give it some more thought, it might be that the rule is a player is suspended from “playing in the states” for lying on age or identity. Seems I recall some players who played down in the Dominican while under some kind of suspension from the states. Suspending a player from playing in either the Dominican or the States might pretty much end their career , so maybe they don’t do that. So , I’d entertain the possibility that Nevri was found to be Witer and older, so they suspended him from the States, and the Phillies lack of publicizing anything caused Baseball America , and such, not to get the word. Then the person who does rosters and stats, as they are prone to do, failed to get the word they were the same person, and treated it as if Nevri was released and Witer was signed to a new contract. And even if the dual identity thing is true, Nevri would likely have been released at some point, and when the situation cleared they might have signed him as Witer. I would entertain the small chance that this possibility is the case. Perhaps Andy B. can check in with the straight story from Latin America.

  10. I was going to try to get a Q&A with the Phillies at some point this season so that can be one of the questions we ask.

    But if Nevri is Witer and is now 21 years old – he might hit .400 this season and still not be a prospect.

  11. I just noticed that Lendy Castillo is listed as a pitcher for the DSL Phils. He’s been an OF the last 2 years for the Gulf Coast team. Interesting to see him convert back to a pitcher.

  12. Castillo could not hit enough, so why not try him as a pitcher. Down side is he will have to move quickly if he has any success.

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