Around the System–Corner Infield

It has been right around a month since our look at the Corners Infielders in the Phillies system, so here it goes again:

Neil Sellers, Age 28, .240/.313/.326 in 129 AB’s.  0HR and 11 RBI. .194 vs. LH, .255 vs. RH; .222 with RISP; 10%BB rate, 16% K rate. .216 in May.  Has played 16 games at 1B and committed 1 error (.993) and 13 games at 3B and committed 1 error (.971). After hitting with a good deal of power over the last two years in AA, Sellers seems to have lost his power without a homer yet for a struggling Lehigh Valley offense.  Sellers has hit the ball harder then his .244 avg. indicates, but his season thus far has had far less success then what was expected. Defensively, he has performed well.

Cody Ransom, Age 34, .235/.299/.470 in 166 AB’s.  10HR 31RBI, 2SB, .212 vs. LH, .241 vs. RH, .319 with RISP; 8% BB rate, 32% k rate. Has played 34 games at 3B and committed 11 errors (.872); 4 games in RF with two errors (.714) and 3 games at SS without an error.  Ransom has provided power and clutch hitting, but his defense has been awful and he strikes out a ton.

Andy Tracy, Age 36, .213/.322/.336 in 122 AB’s. 3HR 11RBI; .280 vs. LH, .196 vs. RH; .200 with RISP. 13% BB rate, 23% K rate. has played 30 games at 1B and committed 2 errors (.992).  8.30 range factor. 2010 has been very disappointing thus far for Tracy, who has missed about two weeks with nagging injuries most specifically his shoulder.  When he has played, he has struggled.


Tagg Bozied, 29, .272/.370/.536 in 125AB’s.  6HR 25 RBI, .333 vs. LHP, .255 vs. RHP, .325with RISP, 12% BB rate, 25% K rate. .328 in May.  Bozied has been taking it up a notch in May and has started to provide what was expected of him offensively, which was to carry a large load. Defensively, Bozied has played 15 games at first without an error but a very low range factor (5.93); 13 games at 3rd base, committing 4 errors (.915) and 8 games in the OF without an error.

Kevin Mahar, 28, .254/.341/.364 in 118 AB’s.  2HR 12 RBI, 2 SB, .300 vs LHP, .313 vs. RHP, .233 with RISP, 11% BB rate, 20% K rate. .268 in May.  Has played 20 games at 1B with one error (.994) and 17 games in the OF with one error and 3 assists. Mahar’s playing time has been somewhat limited and more is expected of him. 

Matt Rizzotti, 24,  Clearwater: .358/.426/.477 in 109 AB’s.  1HR 10 RBI; 11% BB rate, 18% K rate. Reading: .421/.488/.868 in 38 AB’s.  4 HR 12RBI.  Combined: .374/.442/.578 in 147 AB’s.  5 HR 22 RBI’s.  10% BB rate, 16% K rate.  Rizzotti has been hitting the ball all year no matter what level.  Still very early on to consider his Reading line, but has been clearly impressive, opening eyes thus far in 2010. As far as his fielding goes, a very limited sample as he has played just 15 games this year at first base with one error.  He has DH’d in his other games.

Brandon Pinckney, 28, .223/.271/.338 in 1230AB’s.  2 HR 10 RBI.  5% bb rate; 18% k rate. .143 vs. LH, .245 vs. RH, .156 with RISP, .221 in May.  Has played 36 games at 3B, committing 2 errors (.974) and 5 games at 2B without an error. An unimpressive start all around for Pinckney who hit .291 in AAA last year.


Cody Overbeck, 23, .331/..391/.629 in 175 AB’s.  11HR 38 RBI; .373 vs. LH, .315 vs. RH; .393 with RISP, 9% bb rate, 21% k rate. .344 in May. Has played 44 games at 3B at committed 7 errors (.947). 2.86 RF. Has been outstanding at the plate this year.  With now well over 500 High A at bats, his promotion should be coming soon. Defensively, his errors are going down and range factor up.

Jim Murphy, 24, .246/.307/.362 in 138AB’s.  1HR 10 RBI’s.  .156 vs. LH, .290 vs. RH, .150 with RISP, 7% bb rate, 28% k rate. .300 in May. Has played 35 games at 1B and committed 2 errors (.993). 8.66 Range Factor. Murphy has picked it up a bit recently but has had a very rough first third of the year.

Darin Ruf, 23, Lakewood: .330/.443/.548 in 115 AB’s.  4 HR 17 RBI 3 SB. 15% bb rate, 17% k rate. Clearwater: .233/.313/.442  in 43 AB’s.  2 HR 5 RBI, 1 SB. Combined: .304/.410/.519 in 158 AB’s.  6HR 22 RBI 4 SB. Has Played 36 games at 1B this year and made 4 errors (.989); 9.67 RF. Outstanding in Lakewood, warranting his promotion, but too early to tell in Clearwater.


Jonathan Singleton, 18.  .429/.508/.755 in 49AB’s.  4 HR 15 RBI, 2 SB, .571 with RISP. 16% bb rate, 17% k rate. Has played 12 games at first without an error. Very impressive first fifty at bats in Single A.  Not much more needs to be said.

Stephen Batts, 24, .328/.373/.574 in 61 AB’s.  2HR 8 RBI; .167 vs. LH, .345 vs. RH; 8% BB rate, 29% K rate.  Batts has seen extremely limited playing time, but has hit the ball hard when he has played.  Making contact is an issue.  Has played 5 games at 1B without an error.

Adam Buschini, 23, .263/.339/.419 in 167 AB’s.  2HR 22 RBI; 8SB 5CS; 9% bb rate, 17% k rate. Has played 43 games at 3B and made 11 errors (.900). Has performed capably, but needs to hit with more power if he is going to continue at 3B longterm.  After transitioning from 3B to 2B, has committed his fair share of errors but that is to be expected.


7 thoughts on “Around the System–Corner Infield

  1. i’d say we’ve had a big uptick in this category. Going into the year, we were excited about no one. Now we have 3 guys mashing big time. Nice. If it keeps up, we are talking about their fielding progress, a nice change from nothing to talk about here. Even if Rizzotti and Overbeck are only bench prospects, that’s a good thing. What a diff two months make, as usual.

  2. I don’t see Rizzotti as a bench prospect for a NL team. With a 5-man bench, it’s difficult to carry a guy who can’t play anywhere except 1b.

    In the AL, the DH makes it much easier. I certainly hope he continues to impress but I expect he is trade bait vs. future Phillie.

  3. Yeah, 3up, that’s what I mean when I say bench prospect. Or any prospect for that matter. It means some who has value for any team, whether Phils or in trade. In Rizzotti’s case, I have said before that he is more suited for AL, a team like Oakland, who might have room for him at 1B at times. He is likely 2years away–if he keeps hitting., and any statement is provisonal today, assuming he keeps mashing big time, not just pretty good, as in previous years. There are tons of pretty good hitters in minors. He has to remain a VERY dangerous hitter. The goal of the minors is to producr MLB-ready assets, whether used by the home team or in trade. It appears we have gone from zero to 3 of these assets, at least today.

  4. “Re: Singleton

    Too late to get that money back from Howard???”

    Uh . . . . not going there.

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