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I went to the Pigs’ game tonight, so I thought I’d post a few brief observations (from my earlier message board at

First, Savery. He had decent control for the most part, threw an 86 mph fastball (touched 87, occasionally sunk to 84), an 80-79 mph slider, and a slower change-up (around 73). This guy will never pitch in the majors. Every single batter on the Indians squared him up pretty much every at bat. Line-drive outs, hard hit foul balls, and their share of hits. Savery seems to nibble when he’s behind in the count, but on the few occasions he gets ahead, he almost invariably throws a waist-high FB that gets smacked. He clearly needs another pitch, an out pitch to use when he gets ahead. Without that pitch, he’s not even a LOOGY.

Mayberry is clearly the Pigs’ best player. The Indians pitched around him all night. He misjudged the first really hard hit ball of the night which was a smoked line drive right at him. Probably wouldn’t have caught it even with a perfect break, but he sort of froze, then played it tentatively. He had a hit taken away from him (probably a double) by a diving catch in LF. Sellers can also hit. Cracked a 400-foot double in the second inning, and also had a hit taken away on a nice, sliding OF catch of a line drive. Sellers mad a great diving play at 3B to his left.

Bastardo pitched the 7th inning, and wasn’t really buzzing his FB (ranged from 88-92), but had the Indians’ batters really looking bad. Strikeout with all three strikes called, 4-pitch walk (wild low), swinging strikeout, shattered bat GB to 2nd.

Now a bit of a rant. When will the Phils send a decent team to LV? How can fans get excited when Brian Bocock comes to the plate with 2 runners on? The guy couldn’t hit over .250 if they gave him 6 strikes every AB. Rich Thompson isn’t a AAA OF, but at least he gives 100% effort… And, who in their right mind thinks Erhen Wasserman is a AAA closer? One look at this guy shows he’s lost something–can’t hit his spots, can’t make batters miss. There are good minor league free agents available every year. For heaven’s sake, sign a few.

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  1. It was a nice evening, but I’m sorry you didn’t have a nicer game to watch. You are correct; the Savery project appears over. And, even if I have to endure Bocock for the rest of the season, at least take him off the 40-man. Maybe we’ll get lucky and someone will take him. Perhaps Valdez will return and I can be happy with Maza at the other middle infield spot.

    As for the outfield, Duffy and Wise have played well. Mayberry would look better in center with a better pitcher ;-). This is Richie’s third year in AAA and while he’s not a prospect, I can be happy with him as the fourth guy given he hit .265 over 445 AB last year here. He had a good game in left tonight making two nice catches and starting a relay to preserve a 0-0 tie early in the game.

  2. A poor report filled with your own opinions about several players, and then a rant anbout the Pigs. Never say ‘this guy will never pitch in the majors’.

  3. Bocock really puzzles me. He couldn’t hit in the Cal League, but the Giants loved his defense enough to make him their MLB starter. That went predictably bad. Not only couldn’t he hit at the majors, he couldn’t hit in AAA or AA either. He’s one of the worst hitters I’ve ever seen. He does not belong in AAA.

  4. I’ve seen this mentioned about Savery before (courtesy of the Morning Call):

    “The outing continued a career-long trend for Savery. Indianapolis hitters were 6-for-13 against him with nobody on base, raising Savery’s career opponent’s batting average in such situations to .300. But Savery has held hitters to a .234 batting average with runners in scoring position (the Indians were 1-for-8 Monday), and to a .222 mark with RISP with two outs (Indianapolis was 1-for-6).”

    Seems to me the Phils need to at least convert him to a reliever first and see how is does in that role before completely giving up on him.

  5. Thanks for the report, phillychuck. Too bad about Savery, but I agree with Alan that he’ll probably get a shot in the bullpen before it’s all said and done. Also nice to hear the color on Mayberry.

  6. Savery does not have any major league pitches. He will never pitch in the major leagues.

  7. Thanks for the report, PC, and keeping it real about Savery for us. Not that I am counting on him anyway, but the details about how he pitches complete the picture.

    Question: Is Savery a true prospect as a hitter, or was he coming out of college? Is it time to make the coversion? If we do it now, maybe we can get a read before his first Rule 5-eligibility and know whether to protect him or not. Can he be a 25 homer guy, maybe .280 BA guy in majors?

    How can he NOT be thinking of that today?

  8. Your comment about Bocock is really funny. Keep up the good work, I read you every day.

  9. Phillychuck, your report didn’t mention anything about Brandon Duckworth, whom it appears, is being used in short relief stints and has been pretty successful lately. The boxscore I saw indicates that he struck out 3 out of 4 hitters. I know that he is 34, but if he keeps pitching well in relief, the Phillies might decide to bring him up. They certainly could have used a strikeout iwith two outs in the seventh inning yesterday.

  10. SIFPA: I think the chances of Duckworth being effective in the major leagues are not great, given all his past chances and failures. However, I agree he might have a better chance in the pen. He was more effective there for the Royals (mid-4s ERA) and then over 5 ERA last year as minor league starter. He had only one year where his K rate was more than 5-6 per 9–that in his second year with Phils when his curveball was dynamite and his FB was decent at times. I think a few guys might have to get hurt before he arrives, but who knows?

  11. Thanks for the report, I agreee with you. I think its time to see how good Savery can be with the bat. To answer the one guy’s question, Savery batted 3rd or 4th for Rice, a team in the tourney every year, so yes, I’d say he had a chance as a hitter but missing 4 years is a long time.

  12. Why has Cody Ransom not received playing time at SS? I thought that was one of the benefits of keeping him on the AAA roster. Ransom is not a good hitter for any of the corner positions. If Bocock is getting all of the SS reps, why have Ransom?

  13. The sample size on Duckworth2010 is too small at this juncture. I saw the one game he started in Allentown, and a relief appearance or two, but I’d hate to have to draw conclusions. I like what I’ve seen as it seems he’s kept the batters off-balance quite well, but I need to see more.

  14. Ransom is not known as a strong fielder. However, I was excited to see him start at SS the other night (because it meant another bat in the lineup and that I wouldn’t have to endure Bocock), but he promptly got ejected. When/if Wise and Duffy come back, I’d expect to see Ransom get some more time at SS. Ransom’s been in RF the last couple days.

  15. I think Ransom was strong at fielding balls hit hard at him. He doesn’t have super range but he has sure hands.

  16. I’ll defer to you, Alan, but 8 errors in 25 games. I think two in right field, and the rest at 3B.

  17. Ive seen Ransom now 7 times and been extremely unimpressed with his fielding, certainly in the OF, but at 3B as well.

  18. It’s possible he’s gotten worse. I think altogether I’ve seen him in around 40 games live.

  19. Cant compete with 40..can only give you impressions from Allentown thus far in 2010.

  20. “Snakeman Says:
    May 4, 2010 at 6:18 AM edit
    A poor report filled with your own opinions about several players, and then a rant anbout the Pigs. Never say ‘this guy will never pitch in the majors’.”

    If you’d be so kind as to send me your opinions, I’ll be glad to include them. Until then, I can only give you mine.

    Re: Savery–nobody can predict the future with 100% accuracy, but a guy who has a below average change-up and an average slider can’t get by with an 86 mph fastball that he really can’t locate. JMHO, of course.

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