29 thoughts on “May 2nd, Box Score Recap/Discussion thread

  1. They sure pulled Aumont early in Reading. They must really be trying to protect the guy. I hope they do let him fail once or twice though, just so he learns it’s okay. Otherwise you end up with Kendrick, who can do nothing but fail. Or Brandon Duckworth…

  2. Except Kendrick & Duckworth have mediocre stuff. They’ve failed because they just don’t have big league stuff, not because they weren’t allowed to fail.

    Btw I heard Cosart will be starting tuesday night. Anyone have a clue what they plan on doing with rotation now that he’s back?

  3. Would assume they pulled Aumont because of the 5 walks and a mounting pitch count rather than to protect his ego.

  4. I would agree…
    Also a quick note that Antonio Bastardo was once again sent down to Lehigh Valley to make room for Joe Blanton, who will be starting tonight.

  5. Or protect themselves from the worse short term effect trade in team history. Whether it turns into Jenkins -Sandberg who knows until the end of the season.

    PS Anyone who still likes the Lee trade please stand up

  6. I understand Bastardo is a lefty, but why isn’t Mathieson getting a shot in Philly? the guy’s numbers seem pretty solid.

  7. ****I understand Bastardo is a lefty, but why isn’t Mathieson getting a shot in Philly? the guy’s numbers seem pretty solid.****

    His fastball is hard but hittable (doesn’t move much) and he lacks a secondary pitch.

  8. Nowheels, surrendering one year of a star pitcher is hardly the same as the Fergie/Sandberg trades, where we lost several years of Hall of Fame level performance.

    As for Mathieson, the radar readings are superb but he’s still mastering his control and command. I think he will earn a shot eventually.

  9. His fastball is hard but hittable (doesn’t move much) and he lacks a secondary pitch.

    Did you see him recently, NEPP? I was under the impression that the slider was rounding back into form, just that it would take some time.

  10. We lost one year of Cliff Lee for three prospects. Granted, the year we lost was something of a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to have two real bona fide Cy Young guys at the top of a rotation bolstering a line-up chock with HOF potential, and I’m not underselling that (it makes me wistful thing about it). That having been said, we won’t know for 2-3 years, at least, whether this was a reasonable trade. If one of those guys becomes a star (very possible) or two become very good regulars, it will be fair value (although, again, you can’t replace the lost, golden season).

  11. Isn’t it about time that Clearwater found a position
    for Rizzotti to play now that he is leading the league
    in hitting at .377. The national league doesn’t have
    DH position. I know we’re supposed to have all
    these great young outfielders in the lower minors
    but until they actually do something, we should be
    able to find a place in the outfield for a .377 hitter.

  12. Before doing anything with Rizzotti, they first need to determine if he can actually hit at AA. It’s premature to change his position, particularly since, if he can’t field another position, his primary value will be as trade bait and the position switch could impair his focus on hitting.

  13. ****Did you see him recently, NEPP? I was under the impression that the slider was rounding back into form, just that it would take some time.****

    Not recently but that was the reason given along with wanting to closely manage his workload and usage. If his slider is coming back and he stays healthy, I’m sure he’ll be up soon enough.

  14. Rizzotti’s main role now should be to provide protection in the lineup so opponents don’t pitch around Overbeck. 24 of Matt’s 29 hits have been singles. Until he starts driving the ball for extra base hits I doubt if he moves anywhere.

  15. This one “Golden Season” would have so much pressure on the Phillies to win that I can’t imagine it being any good.

    I feel the Phillies will resign Werth, so I am not that worried about the future of our ballclub. Lee will cost a ton of money, but the Phillies could get some great pitchers on this team next year, so I am optimistic that this trade will give us more Golden Seasons than just one.

  16. Dr. Steve cant understand you thinking. pressure to win is no different with or without lee. Werth is gone and lee has nothing to do with that decision. We all know lee wasnt going to resign, but rather have him and two first round choices, then aumont gillies and ramirez.

  17. Not sure I get the hard-but-hittable argument with Mathieson since he’s not exactly getting pounded in LV but I agree that the Phillies are taking it slow with Mathieson to better control his workload coming back.

    I expect he will get his opportunity with the big club at some point in the season.

  18. The problem with taking 2 free agents for Lee is… what if he accepts arbitration? He wins 18 million dollars and I don’t think the Phillies can afford that. Also what if the Phillies can’t sign Werth and he accepts arbitration? $16,000,000? If you do not offer arbitration, YOU GET NOTHING! No draft choices just sayonara. If both take arbitration you are forced to either lose 20 million dollars of money rather than turn a profit or trade them for something of much lesser value than what you have gotten now. And if they do leave and you get the draft choices, each draft choice will be about 2,000,000$ when all is said and done. That is $8, 000,000 on players who only stand a 50% chance of even a cup of coffee in the big leagues.
    This was a business decision by business people. Get over it. You can argue that maybe they should have gotten more for Lee – but imagine the pressure on them to keep Lee once they had Halliday. Pressure by you, me and a bunch of other people who only think of the current year and do not see the books.

  19. This whole thing about “what if Werth and Lee accepted arbitration” is a bit fanciful. The likelihood that either would have accepted arbitration is very low – probably no more than about 10-20 percent and the likelihood that both would have accepted arbitration rather than lining their pockets with gold for the next 5-8 years is astronomically small.

  20. I already have glasses. I’m tired of hearing this crap about the Lee trade over and over and over again.

  21. Yeah I’m kind of tired of the Lee stuff too. That trade won’t be fully realized in terms of what the Phillies got/gave up for years down the line.

    As for Heyman’s piece on the draft, it was interesting. I think the Phillies would definitely strongly consider Workman at 27 if he’s there. Though I wonder if there are any bad feelings about what happened in 2007.

  22. His fastball is hard but hittable (doesn’t move much) and he lacks a secondary pitch.

    Not at all from what I have seen! His ball has late run, almost looks like a riser and some serious serious heat. His slider is as good as anyone I have seen and is locating it well. I have seen him pitch and have become a huge fan. Why he is not up after watching this mess tonight is beyond me!

  23. Ramirez and Pettibone both with really impressive appearances tonight.

  24. Let’s remember the issue with Mathieson is not his performance right now, it’s his ability to handle the rigors of a major league bullpen. He has not yet had success on back to back nights. And one night won’t do it, he’ll need to show he can do this for a few months prior to any call up.

  25. KK vs Lee the “SHORT TERM” effect is felt right now. Ok we can table it until September but it doesn’t look good.
    That said nice game by Ramirez. But I dont get the aggressiveness by Gillies. He was advertised as an on base guy.

  26. I appreciate the responses about Mathieson, thanks everybody. I hope he shows his stuff down in LV and can help us out in Philly… Lord knows we need the bullpen help.

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