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A first look up the middle where again prospects are limited but the Phils needs are limited to a back up middle infielder next year and the possibility that the SS position opens up for the 2012 season.  Some observations:  The Good:  Freddy Galvis is making contact and his fielding has been just as advertised, excellent.While hitting just .227, a 7% K Rate is reason for hope.  Fidel Hernandez has been playing a solid 2B and hitting relatively well in CLearwater, while Jeremy Barnes has been raking it in Lakewood.  Villar at just 19 deserves an honorable mention. The Bad: Troy Hanzawa, after playing in the Arizona Fall League, has been struggling at the plate to start the year, with glovework that has been average. The Ugly: Brian Bocock. See below the fold.

Lehigh Valley–

Luis Maza, 29, .302/.371/365; 0HR 6 RBI, 1SB; .444 vs. LHP, .244 vs. RHP; .231 with RISP; 13% K Rate; Has Played 17 games at 2B without an error.

Brian Bocock, 25,.158/.194/.193; 0HR 3 RBI; .267 vs. LHP; .119 vs. RHP, .000 with RISP(0-7); 25% K rate; 18 games at SS and has made 4 errors (.953).

Melvin Dorta, 28, .298/.346/.298; 0HR 3 RBI; 2 SB; 6% K rate. Has played 9 games at 2B without an error; 4 games at SS without an error and one game in LF without an error. Note: These are combined Reading/Lehigh Valley stats.


Ozzie Chavez, 26, .227/.320/.227; 0HR 1 RBI; .333 vs. LHP, .188 vs. RHP; .222 with RISP; 16% K rate; Has played 13 games at 2B and made 1 error (.980) and 4 games at third, committing one error (.875).

Freddy Galvis, 20, .227/.269/.261; 0HR 2 RBI; 1SB; .241 vs. LHP, .220 vs. RHP; .250 with RISP, 7% K rate; 23 games at SS and has committed one error (.990)

Keoni DeRenne, 31, currently on the DL. .261/.346/.261 in 23 AB’s. Has played 8 games at 2B without an error and 1 game at 3B with 1 error (.750).


Fidel Hernandez, 24, .284/.314/.328; 0HR 6 RBI, 2 SB; .324 vs. LHP, .242 vs. RHP; .250 with RISP; 6% K rate; 17 games at 2B without an error.

Korby Mintken, 24, .370/.452/.370 in 27 AB’s. 0 HR 1 RBI; 3 SB; 33% K Rate; Played one game at SS, 2 errors (.500) and 7 games at 2B, committing one error (.944)

Troy Hanzawa, 24, .214/.301/.271; 0HR 12 RBI; 1 SB; .267 vs. LHP, .175 vs. RHP; .364 with RISP; 16% K rate; 22 games at SS with 4 errors (.950)

Harold Garcia, 23, Has been on the DL all season.


Jeremy Barnes, 23, .341/.426/.494; 1HR 11 RBI, 3 SB; .321 vs. LHP, .351 vs. RHP; .280 with RISP; 20% K rate; Has played 22 games at 2B and made 3 errors (.967)

Alan Schoenberger, 21, .333/.360/.375 in 24 AB’s. 0HR 4 RBI; Has played 2 games at 2B (0 errors); 2 games at SS (1 error)2 games at 3B (0 errors) and 1 game in LF (0 errors)

Jonathan Villar, 19, .280/.366/.354; 0HR 7 RBI; 4 SB; .286 vs. LHP, .277 vs. RHP; 27% K rate; 24 games at SS with 7 errors (.938)

11 thoughts on “Around the System–Middle Infield

  1. Jon Villar will be a top 10 prospect in the system this time next year. As long as his glove is deemed at least average, his bat and speed will jump him over Galvis.

  2. I seem to recall some of the Phils scouts raving about Villar’s athleticism. I’m not sure how well that translates to his defensive ability. He seems to have decent speed, not much pop, and he strikes out a bit too much. He just turned 19 yesterday, so he is certainly worth watching. I kinda get the feeling that he may profile as one of those “1980s shortstop” types – really athletic, good glove, no power, low obp. Could be a valuable utility guy on a contender.

    – Jeff

  3. The Phils will definitely resign Rollins to an extension meaning we’ll have more time to look for a major league middle infielder out of the system.

  4. Do not agree that Villar will be a low OBP performer. He has not shown that characteristic. He takes walks. He just has not shown any power. He flashes 4 tools.
    Galvis has only demonstrated 1 tool. He is not patient. He has no speed. Hopefully he becomes a decent contact hitter so he can have a career.

  5. Does anyone know the extent of Garcia’s injury? Also, what is the injury? It’d be nice to see him back on the field.

  6. mike77 –

    Yeah, Villar has shown that he’ll draw some walks, and should have a decent obp – and .350 is a good solid average. I guess I was just stuck in that sabremetric line of thought where guys who don’t have a .400 obp and average less than six pitches per at-bat are free swingers. 8^)

  7. Yeah, Castro is the big free swinger, not Villar. I think Villar does have the potential to vault ahead of Galvis. Villar could be a Tony Taylor, Galvis a Ruben Amaro, Sr. Sorry for the older generation reference, but Taylor had a decent bat and fielded very well, Amaro (also Bobby Wine) was a great fielder with no bat. When he heated up with the bat he played at All-Star level, but that only happened for a few weeks per season. Galvis shows that same pattern. Maybe Galvis still has a career as a defensive specialist if he can hit .240?

  8. Corner IF prospects: Singleton

    Middle IF prospects: Galvis, Garcia, Barnes, Villar.

    Neither great as we all know, but our Latin American scouting may pay a dividend or two with a Tomas Perez-type utility guy in the IF.

  9. Cesar Hernandez hasn’t played yet this season, but we should track his progress as well. Perhaps he will pop up in Williamsport.

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