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With the draft consuming most of the talk here at Phuture Phillies last week the Threshers Report was very abbreviated, so I’ll cover the last two weeks worth of action in this report. Since the last full report the team finds themselves in third place with a record of 30-31. They were 6-8 over the last 14 games, but showed some promising signs particularly with the starting pitching. Yohan Flande has led the way on the mound and was 1-0 in his last three starts including a complete game shut out. In his other two starts he gave up just three combined runs, but got little offensive support.

As a team the Threshers are hitting just .250 (7th), but lead the league in HR with 52, and have the second best SLG% at .383. The pitching staff has a team ERA of 3.90 which is 10th of the twelve teams in the league.

The last 14 games began with a highly contested four-game series with the Ft. Myers Miracle where every game was decided by just one run, but the Threshers came out with just one win in the four games. They then split four-game series with both the Jupiter Hammerheads and Palm Beach Cardinals before ending up this report in the middle of a two-game series with the Sarasota Reds having lost the opener, but won on Tuesday night big, thanks to an offensive explosion and a pitching gem from Drew Naylor who went 7.0 innings giving up no runs on four hits with nine Ks and no walks.

Hot Starters:
Yohan Flande: As mentioned Flande has had three terrific outings earning just one win, but it was a good one. He threw nine scoreless innings this past Sunday as the team closed out their series against the Jupiter Hammerheads with a 2-0 win. He currently owns a 6-1 record, and is second among active F.S.L. pitchers with 64 Ks, just one behind the leader. Flande will be among three players representing the Threshers in the F.S.L. All-Star Game next Saturday night in Fort Myers.

Drew Naylor: Drew has really come alive in his last several starts for the Threshers after getting out of the gates fairly slowly this season. He was 2-0 in his three starts covered by this report, and went 8.0 scoreless in his only non-decision with the Threshers losing losing the game 1-0. As mentioned he finished the week for the team with 7.0 great innings at Sarasota leaving the game in the hands of the bullpen with a 9-0 lead and the team won 9-1.

Michael Cisco: Mike had two good outings after coming off of the DL for the second time this year. He was 1-0 giving up no runs on five hits with 8 strikeouts and two walks on eleven innings pitched over those two games.

The Injury Front:
Dominic Brown: The absence of Dominic from the line up has really been felt by the team. He lead the team in nearly every offensive category, and the broken hand he suffered on June 8th is expected to keep him out of the lineup well into July, and will force him to miss his appearance in the All-Star Game this weekend.

Freddy Galvis: Freddy remains sidelined since breaking two fingers on May the 6th, and is expected to return around the same time as Brown in the second half of July.

The rest of the story:
Tim Kennelly: Tim will represent the Threshers in the All-Star Game this weekend. His .298 batting average is second on the team, just one point behind Dominic Brown’s .299. He leads the FSL in doubles with 18, and is second on the team in RBIs.

Fidel Hernandez: Fidel is the final Threshers player on the All-Star team. This is Fidel’s first career All-Star appearance. He is currently hitting .270 for the team (.301 on the road and .235 at home) so as the away team at the AS game hopefully he has a good showing.

If you have questions not covered here feel free to email me because I’m unlikely to have much time to follow up on the thread this week. I’m heading on vacation, and will be in Ft. Myers this weekend for the All-Star game. Hopefully I’ll have some good news to report from there on next week’s report.

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26 thoughts on “Clearwater Threshers Report

  1. They need to. At this time, he is not age appropriate and is pretty much dominating weaker talent. I think the issue is that there is no room.

  2. I’ve been pushing for Flande to get promoted for a while. I don’t see him ever becoming more then a Chad Durbin type, but that’s a nice thing to have. They need to find out if that’s the case.

    I wonder where the pooping dog stands on this issue?

  3. How much catcher has Kennelly been playing lately? Is there any chance he can stick there as he moves up (which would obviously greatly enhance his stock)?

  4. Given the organization’s desperate need for pitching depth, they might not have a choice.

  5. LOL! someone missed the pooping dog so much they had to create their own pooping dog profile? Classic.

    In answer to the Kennelly question….he has not played catcher at all since the beginning of May. I’ll bet he only caught less than six games this season. But that is the position he’ll play at the All-Star Game supposedly.

  6. I’ve been called worse Jeff – just having some fun with the PD. Great report, I second the three golden poos from DPhrey.

  7. Naylor has been great in May and June, ERA of 2.56 in that stretch. 1.02 WHIP and only 4 HRs allowed in almost 60 innings. I read a report somewhere, cant quite remember where but it made some sense that the reason why Naylor got off to such a horrific start to the season was because of the world baseball classic and he was getting the necessary work in with Team Australia and he got behind on his stuff, but he defintely looks like he may be making his prospect status rise even tho he is a little older(born in 86)

  8. Three golden poops for a 6-8 week?

    One for Flande, Naylor and Cisco? Is that the logic?

    After consulting the “Official Pooping Dog Scoring Directory” the final ruling is …. drumroll please … One Golden Poop!

  9. Jeff, I was rating your report, not the team results, in golden poops.

    I agree with Keith above, Naylor is another guy that when you consider your age needs to be looked at for promtion. If either of them is moved up to AA and puts up good numbers they could really turn into decent prospects. I’m not under any illusions either could be front line starters but the team is going to need replacements for the Durbins and Condreys of the pen in coming years. Putting pre-arbitration guys into those roles is a great way to save money on the big club payroll.

  10. Kennelly remains an interesting guy, whose bat has progressed better than I expected. It would be nice if he had a position, especially since he is unlikely to ever have a major league starting corner OF bat. Is he really unable to catch or play 3B with adequate defense?

  11. flande absolutely shoude be moved up. what is he 23 at a ball? i missed around the system pitchers whats the scoop on flande, speed, control, number of pitches? i noticed not unimportantly he pitched a complete game. more than once? i also noticed naylor thru 8 and 7 innings. is this the manager because we certainly need one who will expand the pitch count of these guys. comments jeff?

  12. I saw Cisco pitch once last year and there is something about him I like. His numbers are very good. He doesn’t get much mention here though. I know he started this season a bit late but pitched another very strong outing yesterday. From those who have seen him in action more, what are your thoughts on him?

  13. As far as pitch counts go. It is generally my understanding that the manager is given pretty strict numbers he has to work with, and it is not up to him to vary a lot from that. Ernie Whitt is a very experience coach and manager, so he may have a little more flexibility than most.

    On Cisco: I agree there is something I like about him. He just hasn’t pitched enough this season for me to say a lot about him, but he has been good in his last several outings, so we can hope that comtinues.

    As a side note: Ernie Whitt is being inducted into the Canadian Baseball HOF this weekend.

  14. jeff from your reports as i noticed it seems clearwaters pitchers actually go deep into the game. it doesnt appear that clearwater has immortals on their staff, is it statisically true that whitt lets or encourages his guys to go deep. if so kudos. the phils certainly need this manuel is not letting anybody go more than 100. pitches ala yesterday. its a joke and i know everyones sick of pitch count, but there killing the pen. is this an aberration with flande and naylor or is whitt actually trying to change policy. if so imo he should be commended to ruben.

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