Joe Savery is all the rage

Seems like a new article pops up every day talking about what he will or won’t be. The latest from Marcus Hayes is here.

As someone who has backed Savery when everyone else turned on him and suggested he was bust, its nice to see that he’s altered his way of thinking at least. He’s still got another season after this one before he has to be protected on the 40 man roster, and if he stays in shape and focuses on his command and control, he’ll still be a starting pitcher for the big club at some point. The Phillies gambled with that pick. They knew that if he rebounded 100% from surgery, he’d be one of the steals of the draft at 19. He obviously hasn’t come back to what he was as a freshman, so it looks like a “failed gamble”, but if you look at the rest of the first round, we didn’t pass up on a can’t miss guy to take him other than Porcello, who we had no interest in paying for. Tim Alderson would have been a nice pick, Chris Withrow too, but that draft class looks kind of sketchy right now after the top 10 picks or so.

I hope Savery can maintain his focus and sharpen his pitches. We can still use him.

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  1. I think Joe Savery is right where he should be at this point in his career…the Phillies knew he would be a project because he never focused solely on pitching, last year he learned what it takes to be a professional and this year he is applying some of those lessons. Leave him in Reading this year, hope he progresses, and hopefully by the end of next season, with two full seasons under his belt preparing like a professional, the Phillies can use him in the stretch run and he can compete for a 2011 roster spot. Or he becomes a valuable commodity for a solid starter. Either way, it is nice to see another prospect maturing and adding to our growing collection of legitimate talent in the minors.

  2. Maybe he can pay a visit to that same specialist that Tom Gordon recommended for Ryan Madson, which caused Ryan to throw 4mph faster than he once did.

  3. I like that he has focused on fitness. It is amazing that some baseball players still believe that it is either a leisurely game or a strong mans game. Anyone who runs will tell you that they have more energy and agility than they ever dreamed of before they started running. Remember when John Leiber ruptured a ligament/tendon just by breaking from the mound? That wasn’t a freak injury, it was a “im barely an athlete” injury. Howard and myers made it a point to lose weight because they knew that they would be better because of it. As an athlete, if you are fit, you are able to actually achieve the talent you have.

  4. Why did it take years. The club has to be (I hate this) proactive. I would bring Kaat in for a speach or such. When i met him he looked like a football player. I believe he is into diet too.

  5. I’ve been neutral on Savery’s prospects before this article and I’m still neutral now. It is good that he has fans within the organization even if they sounded lukewarm at best.
    Is JA Happ a good comparable for him? If so I’ll upgrade my opinion of him.

  6. Are you kidding!! The guy just threw a 1-hitter so why isn’t he already called up to take someone’s place? Get rid of Taschner, Park, Happ, someone!!!.

    But seriously, it’s good to see that Savery appears to have found a bit of humility and understands that getting to the show requires some dedication on his part. Hopefully he finishes up a strong season and comes into 2010 as a legitimate top-10 prospect again…

  7. Looks like Savery and Carpenter are putting up similar “bounce back” seasons. Given that Drew is only 6 months older than Joe, is he any less a prospect (since neither have outstanding velocity)? Or is Savery viewed that much more highly because of his pedigree and lefthanded-ness (plus he seems to be more of a GB pitcher)?

  8. It was a gamble, but baseball is roulette where it’s all or nothing. The FO quote in that story puts him at the back-end of the rotation so Happ is a good comparison. They might have more in mind for him but why would you tell him that?

  9. Rick Wise Guy, Happ was a little more impressive in AA than Savery has been so far, due to a higher K/9 and fewer H/9. I was always a big fan of Happ’s in the minors due to his consistently high K/9. Savery has allowed more H/9 and BB/9 and fewer K/9 over his minor league career than Happ, so I’m of the opinion that Happ is a different (and better) pitcher.

    On the other hand, Savery had significant surgery and never had been a full-time pitcher whereas Happ did not have either of those obstacles to overcome. Perhaps, as James mentions, he can continue to develop.

    tjc, I like the Carpenter comparison.

  10. Boston Phan
    You are forgetting that Happ allowed only 2hrs
    in Reading for half a season exposing the fact that flyball pitchers do not always give up Homers
    When Myers was there he gave up 21 in a full season. Had Garcia and Easton not arrived on the scene, Happ would of been a veteran by now.
    p.s. Dont buy the Phils line of how much he improved mostly
    all he did was get injured by poor coaches.
    If Savery has Happ’s guts then he will be ok.

  11. I’m a Savery fan since seeing him at the 2007 CWS, so I’m biased, but I also love Carpenter. Carpenter was a 2nd round pick, Savery a first, so I think they are very comparable. I think they are both comparable to Happ too. Remember 2007 Happ? Pitching hurt, not telling anyone, and stinking it up when he came up? Both Savery and Carpenter had that year in 2008, and seem focused in 2009. Savery’s control, H/9, and K/9 will only improve as his body gets stronger. There is some evidence they are improving within this season.

  12. Hate to say it but I am not buying the Savery hype. I am glad he’s had a bounceback year so far but I still fail to see how he’s going to attack big league hitter….doesn’t miss a ton of bats, not a great control guy, not a dominant groundball guy. Lacks a standout pitch.

    I think he, along with Donald (obviously injury hurts) and Mayberry should be the prospects that the Phils look to move for pitching help before the deadline. And unlike Donald, Savery would be a sell high (IMO) right now

  13. With all the press that savery is getting, could the club be trying to hype him up for a trade? I mean, he was a first round pick, but this seems like an undo amount of coverage. I wouldn’t mind moving him, personally.

  14. Where is the anti-Savery thing coming from. As far as I know he hasnt hurt anyone on this site. In the olden days a left hander always got a little more time to develop.
    I could see him hitting AAA late in the year. A little more control and another winter and Joe will be okey dokey. I am going to bed.

  15. Savery’s only had one start in his last ten where his K/BB ratio was anything special. It’s nice that he’s not getting lit up, but I’m skeptical.

  16. No one wants to move Savery up already? Hard to believe (even thought everyone at Reading last year is failing at AAA and not ready for the majors). Just like Monday night when Trevor May threw his first pitch for a strike. I’m surprized the manager didn’t yank him and send him up to the Clearwater Threshers.

  17. Just saw Carpenter pitch at Durham Bulls Athletic Park last night. Was not overly impressed. FB in the 87-89 range. He had 4 or so good innings, where he kept the FB at the knees and mixed in slider, changeup and splitter nicely. He was in control those innings. His two bad innings, his FB or slider was up in the zone and got drilled (3 or 4 HRs). He still seems a little out of shape, thick in the waist, waddles around, and on a bunt past the pitcher he literally could not bend down to pick it up. I suspect he has a back problem.

    Mayberry gives up ABs at times and swings for the fences at sucker pitches. He had one AB where he carefully worked a walk. His OF play is superb. A cannon in RF. I’m talking Bobby Abreu–or better.

    Would have liked it better here in Durham if Marson and Donald were healthy and playing well. That would have been fun. But they won, 16-8.

  18. I think the Phila. Inq. article was a bit misleading. The title makes it sound like Savery is on his way to stardom and has everything on the right track. Despite the article title and general vibe, there were no glowing endorsements from LaMar or anyone in the organization. Yeah, they said he is better than before and is “getting it” but there were quotes from the pitching coach stating Savery would be destined for the bullpen if he were a right handed pitcher, but could be a fourth or fifth starter because he is left handed. Based on this “hype” I am reading between the lines that he is middle level prospect at this point.

  19. Yeah, Savery and Carpenter are mid-level prospects, but that is a significant upgrade over the start of the season. Nothing at all wrong with having a couple more mid-level pitching prospects in the upper levels of the organization. I don’t think either becomes even a #3 starter, but they are highly valuable as injury reserves and trade bait in the short term and as #4/5 starter or middle relief candidates down the road. Recently, Kendrick also seems to have moved himself up to that status. Three such starters at Reading/LV are a great thing, especially when you consider they are behind Bastardo and Carrasco and also Worley.

  20. i think Savery has been reading too much of his own press. Hanging around off season with wild ones in Houston. nay nay too soon my boy.

  21. Wild ones? What are you talking about?

    He’s interning at a church, and diligently working out. Not sure what you are talking about.

    He’s a great character guy and working hard to get better — I’m hoping the best for him.

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