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This completes the first trip around the minor league system.  This look at the OF should help lift the cloud of depression left here during the last couple around the system segments.  Look for Trip Two of Around the System to start at the end of next week, with our second look at the bullpen.

Lehigh Valley

Jason Ellison–Age 31; .241/.332/.332;  2 HR 13 RBI; 5 SB; 17 Runs; .163 with RISP; 3 outfield assists, no errors

John Mayberry–Age 25; .263/.341/.480; 8 HR 31 RBI; 4 SB; 30 Runs; .281 with RISP; 1 outfield assist; no errors

Mike Spidale–Age 27; .315/.344/.473; 3 HR 17 RBI; 4 SB; 21 runs; 1 error, 3 outfield assists; (combined Reading/LV stats)

Rich Thompson–Age 30; .232/.286/.327; 1 HR, 18 RBI; 14 SB; 24 runs; 1 error; 4 outfield assists.


Quintin Berry–Age 24; .277/.361/.323;  2 HR 13 RBI; 20 SB; 39 Runs; .234 with RISP; 2 errors; no outfield assists.

Kevin Mahar–Age 28; .282/.333/.443; 6 HR 23 RBI; 5 SB; 28 runs; .262 with RISP; has played 24 games in the OF– no errors and one assist

Gus Milner–Age 25; .272/.335/.401; 3 HR 18 RBI; 2 SB 8 CS; 19 Runs; .250 with RISP; 1 error, 2 assists.

Jeremy Slayden–Age 26; .252/.324/.435; 5 HR 19 RBI; 0 SB; 12 runs; 4 errors; one assist. (combined Reading/Lehigh Valley stats)

Michael Taylor–Age 23; .335/.402/.567; 10 HR 42 RBI; 10 SB; .407 with RISP; 41 runs; 5 assists, no errors.


Dominic Brown–Age 21; .299/.379/.540; 9 HR 38 RBI; 14 SB; 35 Runs; .373 with RISP; 7 assists, 4 errors.

Javis Diaz–Age 25; .287/.344/.351; 1 HR 11 RBI; 15 SB; 24 Runs; .265 with RISP; 1 error, 4 assists.

Derrick Mitchell–Age 22; .169/.201/.338; 6 HR 13 RBI; 3 SB; 14 Runs; .103 with RISP ;0 errors, 2 assists.

Arlon Quiroz–Age 22;  .224/.305/.286; 0 HR 10 RBI; 13 SB; 16 Runs; .276 with RISP;  6 assists, 4 errors


Zach Collier–Age 18; .224/.276/.328; 0 HR 16 RBI; 12 SB; 30 Runs; .196 with RISP; 2 assists, 3 errors.

Anthony Gose–Age 18; .259/.311/.379; 1 HR 26 RBI; 42 SB; 42 Runs; .264 with RISP; 4 assists, 3 errors.

D’Arby Myers–Age 19; .219/.258/.298; 1 HR 9 RBI; 4 SB; 16 Runs; .167 with RISP; 2 assists, 1 error.

Denotes on 40 man roster.

44 thoughts on “Around the System –Outfield

  1. This may be the ultimate “no duh” statement but Gose is going to be really interesting to watch. Not going near the Golson comps but he’s having one heck of a season as an 18 year old – no bb’s aside. Be great to watch his development.

    As for Taylor/Brown – interesting to see a note the other day (apologize but can’t remember where) saying that Brown was on the no touch list but Taylor could be had. I think the general consensus is Brown has more upside but that’s quite a year Mr. Taylor is putting together.

    Then there is D’Arby Myers…

  2. P.S. With what he is doing at Houston maybe we can say we hope Gose turns out to be another Michael Bourn…

  3. Taylor is a beast. He’s hitting .335 with power. I don’t know how you could ever trade him. He’s getting it done at AA, they must consider it only a matter of time before they can try him in the big league. He’s 23, has college experience and from what I’ve read of his quotes is a mature guy.

  4. these are my favorite,s gregg all of these position analisis, at least to me are the most helpful in keeping up to date. obviously taylor ( my pick for big time, thanks in large part to rickey b. and months ago when brown was the toast of the system i always felt taylor was the man). of course it goes without saying i could be wrong. brown could be the one to rise above. but its obvious these 2 guys are in a class by themselves. other than them however i see very little. most are fillers with the possible exception of gose. he really looks like a defensive and baserunner. i know he,s young so we,ll see. but i dont see how anyone could be excited about anyone else. if we have to either taylor or brown for an ace i keep taylor but its a hell of a choice. good job.

  5. I can’t see the sense in saying Brown is untouchable and Taylor is not. They are so off the charts, both of them, to me it’s who realizes the most of their potential in the majors. That is still up in the air, but are the scouts saying that realizing potential and dominating in the high minors has no predictive value? That is a plus for Taylor over Borwon, who has not seen high minors yet–a major hurdle to overcome. To me, they should both be off limits unles you get a top starter for multiple years.

    Also, pure speculation, but it has occurred to me that Phils may like Taylor better. If you let it get around that you like Brown over a guy hitting .340 with power at 3 different levels, then you are really enhancing Brown’s value. Isn’t it possible that Taylor becomes a .300+ hitter with 25 HR potential and Brown just a .275, 15 HR guy? Both have all the other tools. You can make a case for speed/fielding/arm package for either one. Both superior all-around athletes.

    Last point is speculation. I think they will both be good, but if you have to give up one, then Phils may have a sneaky strategy to keeep the one they really want.

  6. I hope ur rite DiamondDerby. All I can vision with Taylor is him playing in right field batting 5th against lefties with Ibanez following.

  7. Taylor had a double and triple last night with another assist at the plate. This just isn’t a guy you can trade… If pushed to trade one of them, I’d rather trade Brown personally.

  8. DiamondDerby,
    you present an interesting idea. The other teams do scout these players during the year and will determine who it is they prefer in a trade, but considering that this industry really operates on a consensus driven mindset it is possible that the Phillies are attempting some spin.
    I think that while putting up mediocre numbers in Hawaii working on a plan that would strenghten his progression as a hitter, Taylor probably lost a good bit of prospect consideration he had developed during the 08 season. To this point it seems to be paying off. I have seen Taylor play and forget the 5th round pick he has all of the qualities and to this date production to be considered as if he were picked in the 1st. He continues to improve his game attacking it with work and thoughfulness.
    Like to see him remain a Phillie, but have to believe the teams scouting him are quite favorable in their analysis.

  9. If they sign Hudson and one or more out of Stewart/Galelich to go along with Dugan…..pretty well stocked with interesting OF throughout the system

  10. An outfield with Gose in center flanked by Brown and Taylor is the closest to replicating what they have now with Victorino, Werth and Ibanez. Gose obviously has further to go to catch up to the other guys but Victorino can play with Brown and Taylor until he’s ready. The only question is can they keep them happy in the minors for the next 2 or 3 years.

  11. Don’t forget Zach Collier. He was our comp pick last year and showed good plate discipline. He’s obviously very young and playing his first year of full season ball, but in terms of 5-tool players, Collier has those tools to be right up there with Brown and Taylor. Gose is closer to Willy Taveras or Juan Pierre at the plate, but with a better arm. That’s valuable, sure, but Collier can be the total package, and shouldn’t be undervalued right now because he’s having a sub-par start to his first full season.

  12. Is that right? 42 SB for Gose? If only he could figure out how to lift that OBP the guy would be into the 60s already..

  13. Gose’s numbers for such a young player on the season are solid, with the exception of OBP i guess. Then you realize that he’s hitting .322 in June with a .365 OBP, which is really good to see. Obviously the strikeouts to walks needs improving, but at this point i’d say he’s definitely the 3rd most interesting OF prospect in the system.

  14. I don’t think it’s fair to compare Gose to Bourn, at least not yet. Bourn was a college player when the Phillies got him. Gose is much younger and his upside could be much higher than Bourn’s. Not that I dislike Michael Bourn – he’s a decent player. But Gose could end up being much more than that.

  15. I like these position reviews also. This is the first that gives optimism, but the talent is fairly thin. I don’t look at this and say we have enough OF talent to trade Taylor. Taylor is a stud. He and Brown seem like close to sure things. We certainly will need to bring up 2 OF in the next 2 years. Can’t see anyone beyond Taylor/Brown who give the warm fuzzies. Mayberry is getting old and looking like a 4th or 5th OF. Gose and Collier are farther away and need a ton of development to go well. Slayden is too old and failed his AAA test badly. Age 26 and back in AA says it isn’t happening for him. Berry has brought up his stats quite a bit of late; at 24 he may well be a 4th/5th OF/PR for the major league Phillies in a couple years. He has passed Slayden. Trading Taylor would be a big mistake.

  16. I would give up anyone in the farm system for an ace such as halladay I’d cliff lee minus brown and Taylor they have star potential

  17. “Gose is closer to Willy Taveras or Juan Pierre at the plate, but with a better arm”

    im gona go ahead and disagree. gose has been hitting pretty well as of late. couple that with the overwhelming majority of extremely young hitters that do not really show great plate discipline this early, im not apt to compare him just a guy who can steal bases yet. i think 42 steals in 62 games is absolutely amazing. and given the fact that he is so young, he should be moving up prospect boards. his slugging percentage right now, for a possible leadoff hitter in the future, is pretty projectionable since hes so young.

    obviously he could end up a not so good hitter thats just very fast. im just saying i think its incredibly early to judge. if he gets his average up to 275 by seasons end, im going to be even more enamored of him.

  18. This is where isolated power comes in handy. Here are the career minor league ISOs for a few hitters in question.

    Anthony Gose: .117
    Michael Bourn: .108
    Willy Taveras: .073
    Juan Pierre: .062

    Hardly similar to Taveras or Bourn. If I were to envision Gose as a MLB hitter right now, he’d be comparable to Juan Samuel. 15-20 home runs a season, lots of stolen bases and strikeouts.

  19. Right now without projecting more power (which I think he can hit for some more), Ellsbury looks like a good comp. ++ speed, ++ defense. Not a ton of plate discipline, but does a few things outrageously well.

  20. gose similar to samuel? sammy was one of the best 2nd baseman in phillies history. if he reaches that level he,s an all star.

  21. I’ve posted this before but it bears repeating. I like the way the outfielders are lined up in the system. Mayberry is ready and able to help the big club whenever he gets the call. He’s been stinking it up since he returned to the minors but that will change. Taylor at AA is, as others have put it, an off the charts beast. Brown is the same at A+. Gose and Collier are coming along nicely. I thought Collier would outplay Gose in the early going but its been the opposite. I have a soft spot for Leandro Castro but he failed miserably in Lakewood earlier this year. Let’s see how he does at Williamsport. I keep forgetting how young Myers is but he’s dropped off my radar for now.

  22. Bellman I like you thoughts add Tim Kennelly as a eventual
    fifth and Donald and Marson for utility. That covers a lot of bases(no pun). Others will come along and the pitching seems
    ok. Lets see what they do for the interleague DH since the plan to free Coste is a disaster (he PH and they were not even going to throw a waste pitch until he fouled the third pitch and he stuck out “disrepect”)

  23. John, with all due respect, there’s a guy in Philly named Utley who is not only the best second baseman in Phils’ history, he has a legitimate shot at becoming the best Phils player ever and the best second baseman ever. He’s that good and only continues to improve.

  24. John said one of the best. Samuel is certainly in consideration for that. Note that I’m simply considering hitting styles though, not overall ability.

  25. thanks alan, catch wadr utley as great as he is is nowheres near schmitty, ashburn, chuck klein i can only think you were talking about 2nd baseman. you know too much bb. as far as 2nd baseman id rank him number 1 trillo or sammy next.

  26. As far as Samuel defensively, Bill James lay out his career before it happened it was remarkable. James said he would have a low defensive ceiling which would go down quickly after
    I hope I am still around when Gose get here. He seems to have the same spunk that Lopes and Wills had (did i say SPUNK)
    you have to wonder how bad Raul is if they didnt just keep him as a DH for interleague.

  27. I’m going to put something out there right now… One could argue, the best players ever at their respective positions must be also considered the best overall players in MLB history.

    So, for example, if you’re the best all time @ 2nd, you would rank somewhere in the top 8 non-pitchers all time.

    Not saying chase is there right now, but if he averages .300+ Ave, 30+HR’s, 120+ RBI 100+R’s, along with being plus defensively for the next 10 years or so he might be.

    Think about it…

  28. Gose has been compared to Maury Wills, Davey Lopes and Juan Samuel today…pretty good company for a Single A player with potential.

  29. supra i love utley too but 10 years would put him at 40. in the thesis- book i wrote the 3 greatest 2nd baseman of all time #1 without question hornsby # eddie collins #3 joe morgan. if utley were to reach your projections he,d be number 2 behind only the ” rajah “. i hope he does it. your statement is one that is always interesting. schmidt #1 3rd. h. wagner #1 ss gehrig #1 1st josh gibson#1 c cobb #1 cf ruth #1 rf williams #1 lf top 5 pitchers w. johnson,l.grove,g.c.alexander, c. mathewson and s. paige. btw my ratings are based on adjusted factors and what i call dominance factor. it took 2 damn years to study and write the book. it ends at 1993 dont steroids make you sick! 1993-2003 no admission.

  30. Supra98x – agreed that Utley has a chance to be among the all-time greats. In fact, earlier this year, I started thinking, in a very organized way, about what you want a player to do and how Utley stacks up and, frankly, what I saw was unbelievable. Here, I think (and not in any particular order), is a list of what you want a player to do and be and here’s the response for Utley.

    Hits for Power – Yes
    Hits for Average – Yes
    High OBP – Yes
    Plays Key Defensive Position – Yes
    Play Key Defensive Position Well – Yes
    Good baserunner – Yes
    High Stolen Base Percentage – Yes
    Husltes like hell – Yes
    Team Leader – Yes
    Comes Through in Key, Clutch Situations – Uh, Game 5, ’nuff said.
    Will play hurt – Yes

    I’ve watched baseball for about 37 years and Utley is, unquestionably, the best player I’ve had a chance to watch on a daily basis (I grew up outside of Philly and watched NY teams as a kid – yes, I’m a Philllies convert!). If you had to hand-design a perfect baseball player, he’s look a lot like Chase Utley. He is “The Man”!

  31. i guess we,ll get to see mayberry for a few weeks, should be interesting. i had no idea ibanez was that sore. btw i know its hard to do but if any team should not see an average lefty its toronto. moyer had a few good outings but a righthanded veteran lineup will eat him up. i dont know but when you have to pitch moyer against young lefthanded lineups thats bad. i hate to say it but i believe moyers done further increasing our need for pitching. im leaning more and more to penny as our 1st move. btw i heard something very interesting about rollins. his .250 obp is the lowest in bb. he has had a 2-0 count only 6 TIMES this year. theres no way he should be leading off. he just ran the phils out of an inning. with all the posting we do is there any one left to bring up ? rickey b. worley? i guess were really going to have to make 2 deals, which im not opposed to. immediately penny, closer to the deadline the biggie. just a point but imo i never want to hear the eagles nonsense about next year. the phillies are so much more advanced philosopically than that bunch across the street, thank God.

  32. Rollins- Minor quibble as his OBP is not the lowest, Dioner Navarro’s is. That 2-0 count statistic is also WAY off. According to Baseball-Reference he has seen 37 such counts.

    On Utley, I think Joe Morgan’s best seasons were still better. Utley has to top those to make the discussion. And that’s not a knock on Utley as much as people don’t realize how dominant a player Morgan was in his peak.

  33. thanks for the info now i know as i should have never to listen to a certain radio host. al i guess you read my rating of morgan as 3rd all-time and the best post- war.

  34. Espn only counts batted balls. Thats why you guys have different numbers. I think
    This points out how 2-0 is not the hitter count people think.
    Why no body swings. Most player only hit about 15 balls a year at 2-0. Lets say 5 hits. Not much.
    One thing Morgan and Utley have in common,broken earted opps plus excitement.
    I really think Taylor is needed in Philly. The team needs new blood.

  35. Ryan H:

    Let a couple of older guys get this stuff out of our systems – we don’t see a player like Chase Utley on our team every year.

    We care and write about the prospects too.

  36. I think people are going overboard on Utley as an All-time great or the best Phillies player they have seen. Of position players I have seen, I definitely rank Schmidt above him. Utley needs more years of playing well. Thus far he has yet to have a single season in which he was the best position player on his own team. Unless Ibanez is slow getting back, it doesn’t seem as though this will be Utley’s year to be the team’s best, either.

  37. I think the owner of this site would agree with me that there are plenty of other places and sites to discuss Utley and Rollins, hijacking a post about OUTFIELD prospects ain’t the place.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like these guys too, but I’d rather read about Taylor vs. Brown vs Gose vs Mayberry than how great Utley and Rollins are **in this thread**.

  38. Allentown, Utley has consistently been the best all around player on the Phillies each of the last 4 years. Just because he doesn’t hit 50 Home Runs doesn’t mean he hasn’t been the Phils best player each year. Like people mentioned above Utley is the complete package as a player. Defense + Offense he’s been easily the best player on the team.

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