Threshers win 20 inning marathon

I’ve been strapped for time the last few days with a deadline at work, so no Clearwater report today, but if you haven’t already, check out the action from last night, which saw Clearwater win a 20 inning game against the Tampa Yankees. Greg Golson was the hero, going 1-10, but driving in the winning run. Josh Outman had a nice bounce-back performance, giving up only 1 ER in 6 innings, but each team would eventually have to use 7 pitchers in total before the game would end. Today’s game went the standard 9, with Carlos Carrasco rebounding from a tough performance to deliver 7 innings of 1 ER ball.

3 thoughts on “Threshers win 20 inning marathon

  1. How about Z coming in bases loaded bottom 20th, 1 out, and goes K K for the first save of the year.

  2. And I sat through the entire game, ugh! At least we won. That would have sucked to sit through a 20 inning loss on the road.

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