Daily Archives: April 19, 2007

The Reading Report, Week 2

Unlike Lakewood, and Clearwater to a degree, the Reading roster is not filled with legit prospects, but one guy is attempting to make his way back into the discussion, one Javon Moran. Moran was originally drafted by the Phillies in 2003, but traded to the Reds in 2004 in the Cory Lidle deal (thanks for the reminder), and spent 2 and a half seasons in the Cincinnati organization. Moran found his way back to Philadelphia as part of the Jeff Conine deal, and though he is 24 and playing in AA, he’s making his claim for legit prospect status. For the season, he’s compiled a .413/.451/.630 batting line in 46 AB, with 7 extra base hits, 7 RBI, 13 runs scored, and 7/8 in SB just for good measure. It’s premature to jump to too many conclusions, but if he finishes with a solid .330/.390/.500 line this season, he’ll gain quite a bit of his stock back heading into next year, and could offer a much better outfield alternative to Chris Roberson.

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