Daily Archives: April 20, 2007

Ottawa Lynx Week Two

“Pitching and defense are the keys to winning ball games.” An old and hallowed baseball cliche to be sure but Ottawa manager John Russell’s comment after the third Lynx win in a row on their current home stand has been an absolute. Ottawa came off a miserable road trip which took them through Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse and began their 2007 home schedule with a 2-5 record and sitting in last place in the Northern division of the International League.

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Arms to Watch, Update #1

Before I get to the update, I’m still looking for correspondants to write a once a week report for Lakewood and Reading. If you’re interested, send an e-mail to phuturephillies @ hotmail dot com

Way back in January, I wrote a little piece on 5 pitchers in the Phillies system that I thought would merit special attention and following in 2007, as I felt they were candidates to have very solid seasons and elevate their prospect status. So, let’s see how my guys are doing thus far.

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