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Thinking about the 2007 draft

Some various odds and ends on the brain today, so let’s crank through them. First, take a few minutes and head over to the Ottawa Lynx blog and check out the various pictures, and even some video footage of our affiliate north of the border. Second, a bit of troubling news yesterday, as Dan Brauer left after two innings pitched in Clearwater. I’ve looked, no indication yet as to what happened, but let’s hope it isn’t serious. If you hear/find anything, drop me a line. With the addition of new correspondants who will be helping with the weekly reports for each affiliate, I’ll be getting back to writing more feature pieces and profiles. First up is a profile of Jason Jaramillo (hopefully tomorrow), I’d like to also look at Welinson Baez, but after that, I’m open to suggestions. To read all past profiles, check here and if a guy you’d like to see hasn’t been done yet, let me know and I’ll do my best. I’m also planning a piece on minor league park factors, something that I think is of real importance when looking at minor league statistics. But for today, let’s take a look at the upcoming 2007 draft. I’m also pleased to announce that JE at PhilliesDraft.com has agreed to provide some insight on who the Phillies might target, as well as scouting reports on players as we get closer to the draft. Be sure and check out his site for more info than you could ever ask for on past Phillies drafts.

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Reading Phillies– Week Three

Im starting off my rookie year as a correspondant with Phuture Phillies focusing on the Reading Phillies. Im a long suffering Philadelphia sports fan and my goal is through my focus on the Reading Phillies, to quickly forget the horrid year the Sixers and Flyers had and not have to listen to the Eagles explain why they took “the best athlete on the board” next week.

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