Daily Archives: April 3, 2007

Minor league rosters are updated

If you check the roster links to the left, you’ll see that I’ve updated Lakewood through Ottawa, based on the info given on the official websites of the affiliates. Some surprises;

CJ Henry starting at 3B in Lakewood. I knew he was being moved to third, but I thought he’d start at Clearwater. Welinson Baez was bumped to Clearwater, a move that doesn’t appear to be based on merit. Pat Overholt has been moved back into the starting rotation, and will begin in Clearwater. I knew the Phillies had given thought to this, and felt he had the stuff to start, but I thought they’d still fast track him in a bullpen role. The Clearwater rotation has the potential to be one of the best in the minors, with Brauer, Carpenter, Carrasco, Overholt and Outman you’re five starters. I’m also surprised to see Slayden starting in Clearwater, he seemed like an obvious double jump candidate based on his age.

Sam Walls is also missing from all of the minor league rosters, which leads me to believe he’ll stay in extended spring training and might join a full season team when he’s ready. D’Arby Myers is also absent from the Lakewood roster, which is a huge disappointment to me. From glancing at the minor league ST games, it looked like he was doing well enough to warrant the jump. Now it looks like he’ll remain in extended ST and then either join Williamsport or join Lakewood later in the season. This will definitely diminish his prospect status though. And finally, no sign of 2006 draft picks Jacob Dempsey and Charlie Yarbrough at Lakewood, no idea what their situation is.

Once the season starts, we’ll have a better idea of where the outfielders will line up and what role the relievers will play, and the roster pages will be further updated.

UPDATE —> Tim Moss has been released. Moss has to go down as one of the bigger busts of the last 5 years, just plain awful. Also, congrats to Joe Bisenius for making the 25 man roster.

UPDATE 2 –> Dempsey was in fact axed, along with Zac Cline, Matt Olson, and Max De La Cruz