In search of D’Arby Myers

I’ve gotten a few questions on the whereabouts of D’Arby Myers, both here on the blog and via e-mail, so here’s what I know. Myers is in extended spring training right now. Extended spring training is basically the equivalent of sandlot baseball. It’s more about instruction and repetition, with very loosely played games, sometimes of the intra-squad variety and sometimes against the complex teams of nearby organizations. It serves as a place for injured players to rehab, toss batting practice, etc etc, instead of doing it in pressure game situations when you aren’t 100% ready for the season. Myers, despite his success in the GCL in his debut is still very raw, and the Phillies probably wanted to ease him into action this season. My guess, and this is purely a guess, is that he will make an appearance at Lakewood sometime in May. I get the feeling the Phillies will give him a one month trial or so at Lakewood, see how he handles Low A pitching, and go from there. If he holds his own and looks good in the box, they’ll probably keep him at Lakewood for the duration of the season. If he struggles, they can re-assign him to Williamsport once the short season league opens.

I’m working on getting a Q/A with D’Arby sometime in the near future, but I can’t make any promises.

1 thought on “In search of D’Arby Myers

  1. I &heart watching D’arby Myers play.
    He is so quick on his feet. A couple of years ago when i was there to watch George McDonald at Westchester i saw D’arby on the bench and that’s when my love for him came. I’m a guy and i love D’arby Myers.

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