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Open Discussion: Week of June 8th

Baseball’s saga/drama/soap opera continued this week as the owners rejected the players’ proposal last Sunday and stated that they wouldn’t be making a counter offer.  Three days later, the Presidents of Baseball Operations for Milwaukee and Cincinnati both expressed optimism that an agreement would be reached.

At least, the leaks to the media have source names this time. Continue reading Open Discussion: Week of June 8th

Some MLB Draft History

This year’s annual draft of amateur players will take place this week on June 10th and 11th.  Those aspiring to a career as a major league baseball player have long looked forward to this ritual, this baseball right of passage.  Even if a player went undrafted, he could still look forward to the possibility of being signed in the days following the draft.  But, this year MLB has found reason to shorten the draft and restrict the signing of non-drafted free agents. Continue reading Some MLB Draft History