Spring Training, 3/2/2020

Here is some more video from Sunday’s scrimmage.  The pitchers are Arrieta, Dominguez, Medina, Morgan, and Sanchez.  Batters include Stott, Muzziotti, Bruce, Garcia, Rojas, Guzman, and Randolph.

Arreita v Stott, a triple to left center

Dominguez v Muzziotti

Medina v Bruce

Medina v Garcia

Medina v Rojas

Morgan v Muzziotti

Sanchez v Guzman

Sanchez v Randolph


4 thoughts on “Spring Training, 3/2/2020

  1. Something for the “Bohm is a 3rd basemen” crew and the “Bohm is a 1st basemen” crew

    1. In case the top tweet didn’t show, this is it

      1. Looks like he will be better than Wes Helms/Ty Wigginton…and more than a few rungs below Schmidt and Rolen.
        The good news…..players rarely bunt anymore for hits, so his need for charging the ball is limited, except maybe for the occasional miss hits by the opposition.
        KLaw describe him at 3rd as passable I believe.

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