Open Discussion: Week of March 2nd

The Phillies bolted out to a 6-1-1 record in Grapefruit League games.  The play during the games is more important than the scores and victories.  More than 30 players from the minor league mini camp have been assigned to the games.  Those among them who have gotten playing time, as well as others of their minor league brethren who were among the non-roster invites have  acquitted themselves well.

Sunday, a handful of rostered pitchers took part in a simulated scrimmage on Roberts Field.  Jake Arrieta pitched to Andrew Knapp.  He faced a team that included C Nick Matera, 1B Vito Friscia, 2B Bryson Stottt, SS Luis Garcia, 3B Jose Gomez, LF Jay Bruce, CF Johan Rojas, and RF Josh Stephen.  Adonis Medina “relieved” Arrieta at the beginning of the fourth and final inning.  His battery mate was Micah Yonamine.

Arrieta pitched 2.1 innings before his third inning was rolled.  He gave up one run on 2 hits and 2 walks.  Stott and Gomez each had a base hit and a walk.  Arrieta was finished after Gomez’ walk.

Medina gave up a run on 2 hits.  Luis Garcia had one of the hits.

Adam Morgan, Siranthony Dominguez, and Christopher Sanchez each pitched an inning, facing C Knapp/Yonamine, 1B T.J. Rivera, 2B Kendall Simmons, SS Jonathan Guzman, 3B Dalton Guthrie, Lf Cornelius Randolph, CF Simon Muzziotti, and RF Jhailyn Ortiz.  The three outfielders rotated among their positions.

Dominguez gave up hard base hits to Rivera and Guthrie.

It has been a while since I’ve used YouTube.  Some things have changed.  I was only able to upload half of the videos I took.

Arrieta concluding his warm ups before Knapp yelled out “Play Ball!!!”

Arrieta v Stott

Arrieta v Rojas

Arrieta v Garcia

Morgan v Ortiz

Morgan v Randolph

Dominguez v Rivera

Dominguez v Simmons

Dominguez v Guthrie

This is the Phuture Phillies Open Discussion for Phillies and other baseball topics.

Key Dates:

  • March 1, 2020 – Reporting date for minor league spring training
  • March 17, 2020 – Start date for minor league spring training games
  • March 2020 – Americas Qualifier in Arizona (2020 Olympics qualifier)
  • March 23, 2020 – Final spring training home game v. Rays
  • March 26, 2020 – Phillies’ opening day at Miami, active roster reduced to 26 players
  • March/April 2020 – At-Large Qualifier in Taiwan (2020 Olympics qualifier)
  • April 2, 2020 – Phillies’ home opener v. Milwaukee
  • June 10-12, 2021 – Amateur draft in Omaha, NE
  • June 15, 2020 – International amateur signing period closes
  • July 2, 2020 – International amateur signing period opens
  • July 10, 2020 – Deadline for drafted players to sign, except for players who have exhausted college eligibility
  • July 14,2020  – All-Star Game at Los Angeles
  • July 31, 2020 – Last day during the season to trade a player
  • August 31, 2020 – Last day to be contracted to an organization and be eligible for postseason roster
  • September 1, 2020 — Active rosters expand to 28 players

The rosters and lists are up to date as of February 23rd … 392 players in the org

Transactions (newest transactions are in bold print)
2/22/2020 – Phillies signed Kliubert Avila as an international free agent (11/27/19)
2/22/2020 – Phillies signed Erick Barria as an international free agent (2/7/20)
2/22/2020 – Phillies signed Estibenzon Jimenez as an international free agent (11/27/19)
2/22/2020 – Phillies signed Jared Loyo as an international free agent (12/27/19)
2/22/2020 – Phillies signed Ronny Ramirez as an international free agent (11/23/19)
2/22/2020 – Phillies signed Pedro Reyes as an international free agent (12/18/19)
2/22/2020 – Phillies signed Albert Rodriguez as an international free agent (11/25/19)
2/22/2020 – Phillies signed Gabriel Tirado as an international free agent (12/5/19)
2/22/2020 – Phillies signed Edgar Zuniga as an international free agent (1/4/20)
2/13/2020 – Lakewood released SS Seth Lancaster
2/21/2020 – Phillies sent LF Nick Martini outright to Lehigh Valley
2/15/2020 – Phillies designated LF Nick Martini for assignment
2/15/2020 – Dodgers traded RF Kyle Garlick to Phillies for LHP Tyler Gilbert
2/12/2020 – Phillies placed RHP David Robertson on the 60-day IL. Tommy John surgery
2/12/2020 – Phillies signed FA RHP Tommy Hunter
2/11/2020 – Phillies sent RHP JD Hammer outright to Lehigh Valley
2/05/2020 – Phillies designated RHP JD Hammer for assignment
2/05/2020 – Phillies sent RHP Trevor Kelley outright to Lehigh Valley
2/05/2020 – Phillies claimed RHP Deolis Guerra off waivers from Brewers
2/05/2020 – Phillies signed FA RHP Anthony Swarzak to an MiLB contract w/invite to ST
2/05/2020 – Phillies signed FA RHP Blake Parker to an MiLB contract w/invite to ST
2/05/2020 – Phillies signed FA 2B Logan Forsythe to an MiLB contract w/invite to ST

221 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of March 2nd

  1. Good video Jim….Ortiz with his best “Howard-point”, lol.
    Seranthony looks like he is coming along just fine…hopefully the injection and forearm hold up. For someone like Luis Severino it just did not.

    1. Great Video. Romus we had fun yesterday, didn’t we? at the game. Great to see you

  2. Awesome Videos Jim thanks for putting them up.

    Any word on Haseley’s injury and when he might start in a game again?

  3. Appreciate the videos Jim!

    Was reading through those opinions on the whole cheating tactics (from another site), and let my mind wonder back to the 07-12 Phillies teams … I’m not even sure if you got Burrell or Howard a trash can, to announce the low and outside strike 3 pitch was coming … that they’d be able to lay off it 😂. Frustrating times with those two. They could bang the metal out of that can and Burrell would still be deep seA fishing at those pitches!

    1. For all we know, they could have been using the trash can banging……but the clubhouse guy bought Rubbermaid.

    2. First of all, Burrell wasn’t on the team after 2008. In 2007, Pat Burrell had a BB% of 19.1% (the highest in his career) and a K% of 20.1% (the lowest in his career). In 2008, his BB% was 15.8% (3rd highest in his career and his K% was 21.1 % (the second lowest in his career).

      In 2007, Burrell walked 114 times and struck out 120 times. Now, I don’t know what you expect out of a power hitter, but he put up good numbers in 2007 and 2008.

      1. Gotta say I never thought I’d hear complaints about offense for the guy nicknamed “the bat”. Was he a butcher in the field? Sure. But as Jim has just summed up nicely, the dude was carrying the lumber.

        According to both wRC+ and OPS+, Burrell had only two below-average offensive performances in his career; in 2003 with the Phils and in 2009 with the Rays. Outside of those two years, the worst he ever performed was roughly 6/8% (OPS+/wRC+) ABOVE league average. In his rookie year. From 2005-2008 he was an absolute menace to opposing pitchers. If he knew what pitches were coming, I dare say he would have put up some truly gaudy HR totals.

        1. Burrell for better or worse was always going to be compared to JD Drew a career 125+ OPS player and 44.9 WAR player.

          and again the expectations on a 1:1 Drafted Player are immense and difficult to live up to. You wouldn’t say there were a lot of other great choices in that draft Mulder went 2 20.0 WAR, Carlos Pena went 10 25.1 WAR, Sabathia went 20 63.0 WAR. Outside of those guys a lot of dreck in that draft.

          If Pat was a mid to late first round pick he probably is less criticized. Again players don’t draft themselves.

  4. I like that the lower level, high ceiling talent gets to see some major league action in the spring, but I’m chomping to see the more regular lineup out there as camp goes on, especially the position players. The pitching innings fillers are necessary early on. I wonder if, with Cutch out initially, Girardi is entertaining the idea of leading off with JTR like he did yesterday. I like Bryce in the 2 hole, BUT ONLY IF the middle of the lineup is holding their own. Rhys and Didi, especially. So far, they haven’t.

  5. I noticed Arrieta’s pitches all came out of the stretch… Just curious is this how delivers the pitch all the time no matter if someone is on base or not? Or maybe just a ST thing?

  6. Three and a half months until the draft. Here’s what some of the best college pitchers did this weekend:

    * Emerson Hanc@ck has been a projected top three pick (potential 1-1) after a dominant sophomore season (90 IP, 58 H, 18 BB, 97 K, 1.99 ERA). The big Georgia RHP hasn’t been as sharp this season. On Friday, he went 5.2 IP, 4 R, 8 H, 2 BB, 10 K vs Georgia Tech (a top 20 team). So far in 2020, Hanc@ck is 16.2 IP, 19 H, 3 BB, 22 K, 5.55 ERA.

    * Cole Wilcox (a soph eligible prospect) is Georgia’s #2 starter, but has been the Bulldogs most effective pitcher to date this year. On Saturday, Wilcox shut down that same Georgia Tech squad by going 7 IP, 0 R, 3 H, 0 BB, 11 K. In 2020, Wilcox is 18 IP, 14 H, 2 BB, 26 K, 2.00 ERA.

    * Texas A&M lefty Asa Lacy went 6 IP, 0 R, 2 H, 3 BB, 11 K against Illinois. This year, Lacy is 17 IP, 9 H, 6 BB, 33 K.

    * Louisville’s Reid Detmers totaled 5 IP, 2 R, 6 H, 2 BB, 10 K against Western Michigan. The Cardinals LHP has racked up 16 IP, 12 H, 4 BB, 33 K in 2020.

    * Minnesota’s Max Meyer is the guy I’ve been zeroing in on as a logical choice for the Phillies at 1-15. The Golden Gopher RHP is not big (6′ 0″, 185 lbs), but packs a plus FB (upper 90’s) and a plus-plus SL. This weekend, Meyer dominated UNC (a top 30 club who was averaging 7 runs per game). Meyer went 9 IP, 1 R, 5 H, 1 BB, 14 K. For the season, Meyer has totaled 19.2 IP, 11 H, 6 BB, 31 K.

    1. * Oklahoma’s Cade Cavalli was 5 IP, 3 R, 6 H, 0 BB, 11 K vs 6th ranked Arkansas. This season, the Sooner RH ace is 16.2 IP, 16 H, 2 BB, 28 K.

      * CJ Van Eyk registered 6 IP, 1 R, 1 H, 5 BB, 8 K against FAU. The Florida St. RHP is 14.2 IP, 8 H, 10 BB, 19 K in 2020.

      1. * A new name climbing draft boards is Bryce Jarvis. The Duke RHP tossed a 15 K perfect game last weekend. He followed that up by going 7 IP, 1 R, 6 H, 0 BB, 11 K vs Purdue. In 2020, Jarvis has totaled 20 IP, 10 H, 1 BB, 28 K.

        * Meanwhile … JT Ginn and Garett Crochet are both still sidelined with sore arms/shoulders. Both look like they could be available at 1-15.

  7. I don’t follow things as closely but could someone tell me about where we stand with the international money pool. I see we just signed some players last week or so, but how much money do they have left and are they going to sign that kid that they were rumored to be in on but then something happened so they didn’t sign him.

    1. I’ve read the Phillies are still set to sign Yoshwar Garcia when his suspension (for lying about his age) ends sometime this spring. They were set to give him ~2.5 million before the suspension. I suspect the club will get some kind of discount because Garcia is older than he/his trainers portrayed himself. Not sure just how much older he is. I’ve seem everything from one year older to three years older.
      The other J2 kid the Phillies have been linked to is 19 YO Taiwanese RHP Po-Yu Chen.

    2. The February 22nd date is not the signing date in these cases. They are the date the transaction became public. The actual sign dates are in parentheses – some from as far back as November.

  8. Phillies check in at #22.

    “The Phillies have made some quixotic decisions on the development front — pushing very young, often physically immature players to full-season ball, then starting college products like Alec Bohm and Spencer Howard in Low A — that seem to have held back their system as a whole despite better drafts the past 2-3 years and continually productive international classes.”

    Other NL East clubs:

    Braves #2
    Marlins #8
    Mets #16
    Nationals #29

    1. I can’t argue with Law’s assessment of the Phillies system. Low to mid-20s seems reasonable. Certainly an indictment of Klentak’s inability to evaluate young talent, develop young talent, and even acquire young talent by trading marginal players while their value is still marketable. And MacPhail hired a clearly lesser candidate (among guys like Bloom) in Klentak, who would not have cut Kapler loose if left solely up to him. John Middleton hired MacPhail. Why? Legacy? A voice brought in from outside the organization like Gillick? But not remotely close to Gillick’s caliber. It all starts at the top.

      1. I also agree with the ranking at #22 – which I think is generous.

        Most rankings from national outlets are reliant on the talent level of the upper tier prospects – in the case of the Phillies that’s Bohm and Spencer. Adonis Medina, Stott, Moniak, Luis Garcia and Francisco Morales are the other more known prospects that could impact the ranking of the farm – but their performances in 2019 appear average if not pedestrian (IMO, Stott is solid in 2019) that I think negatively impact the overall impression of the farm despite of some of the good developments from Muzziotti, Marchan, Seabold and the upper minors pen arms. Losing Sixto and Haseley also hurts the upper level talent of the farm.

        Both Bohm and Howard needs to jump to Top 25-ish and at least 2-4 more higher ceiling prospects crack the Top 100 if we want to see the farm ranked in the upper half of the league.

        When the Phillies are in the Top 10, JPC is a legit Top 10/20 and about 4-6 other prospects are in Top 100.

    2. Nationals are entering Phillies territory circa 2010. They have an old roster, weak farm system, and bloated payroll…

      1. I see where you are trying to go here, but I’m going to disagree and say that the Nats are in bettter position to keep winning. the 2010 Phillies didn’t have a Soto, Robles, and Turner, with a Kieboom coming up. Phillies has a don brown and Jesse bufflehead to try and prolong a dying “what should of be a dynasty@. … anyways once scherzer ages, they will be easier to beat

        1. Soto, yes. Turner will continue to be a foundation piece. Robles doesn’t strike me as much more than a complimentary player with a nice skill set, but bottom of the lineup. Kieboom is yet to make an impact. Could be a nice player but doubtful he’ll be a star. Little else coming from the farm, especially pitching.

        2. Think you’re forgetting that our pitching core at the time looked way better. Hamels was 26, KK (good depth) was 25, Worley was 22, Happ 27. And on the pure RP side we had Bastardo (24) and Madson (29). Plus the future looked bright for Dom, and Vic was still only 29.

          So the Nats are theoretically in a much better spot offensively, but on the pitching side all their eggs are in the Fedde (27) basket. Because only he and Joe Ross (27) are below the age of 30 this season in their rotation.

          Also, for what it’s worth, in 2010 we still had Trevor May and Phillippe Aumont was still someone to dream on. Plus Singleton and Santana, who ended up (along with Cosart and Zeid) getting us Pence. Jesse Biddle wasn’t drafted until June.

          What it comes down to it the Nats are paying 49.54% of their entire payroll to 3 pitchers above the age of 30, one of whom has extensive injury history. That’s not a position you wanna be in. Especially considering they’ll still be paying $58M to Stras and Corbin when both Robles and Soto start getting Arb increases (and Turner will be in Arb4, so getting paid nearly what he’s actually worth).

          1. DamK….and the way Rizzo structures contracts for some of his players, like Scherzer and Strasburg…deferrals….will also put a little dent in their future salary position. Scherzer’s not so bad since his is only for two more years.

        3. the Phillies in 2010 won 97 games and followed up by winning 102 in 2011. The issue was that by then, every position player was over 30 with the exception of Hunter Pence.

          As other have noted, Phillies were in better shape with their pitching staff moving forward but they had no one comparable to Soto on the roster. Robles and Turner are solid players and Keiboom could be likened to a 22 year old Freddie Galvis or the 23 year old Cesar Hernandez who came up in 2013.

  9. Hinkie… of these ten SEC pitchers should be on the Phillies wish list at 15.
    I am hoping it is a healthy Crochet or Georgia’s Wilcox.
    1. Burns, Tanner
    2. Crochet, Garrett
    3. Eder, jack
    4. Ginn, JT
    5. Hancock, Emersom
    6. Henry, Cole
    7. Lacy, Aca
    8. Leftwich, Jack
    9. Moldzinski, Carmen
    10. Wilcox, Cole

    1. Romus … for me … Hanc@ck and Lacy (barring arm injuries) have no chance to slide to 1-15. Ginn and Crochet (and Hugh Fisher of Vanderbilt) are worthy/have the talent to be picked at 1-15 (maybe even at a discount), but would need to be medically cleared before the draft.
      Of the rest, I’d only add Wilcox to a list of Reid Detmers, Max Meyer, and Cade Cavali (all non-SEC pitchers) as guys I’d have in the mix for 1-15.

      BTW … the other SEC pitcher I’d add to your list is Tommy Mace (Florida) as probable first round throwers for June.

      1. Mace makes 11.
        SEC pitchers will be headlining the first two/three rounds in June.
        Crochet would look good in the Phillies rotation…..shame he cannot get out there and pitch.

  10. Should update rosters with latest releases from Baseball America:

    Rafael Carvajal
    Rafi Gonell
    Jose Taveras
    Juan Carlos Smith

  11. With the new 3-batter minimum rule, I like how Joe Girardi is now plotting his lineup around Bryce Harper by surrounding him with the Phillies 2 best right handed bats, saying “pick your poison” to the opposing manager when contemplating to bring in a lefty. Which is why Realmuto is being considered as a possible leadoff hitter in McCutchen’s absence. Segura would probably be the other righty bat behind Harper, at least until Hoskins starts coming around.

    1. That’s a really interesting point about the 3 batter rule and line-up construction – I hadn’t thought about that before but it makes sense.

    2. Honestly I’m not really seeing a change in LU construction. Teams have always tried to break-up their lefties.

      Harper however has always had great splits against LHP. I think its really about creating a little space between Didi and Haseley whenever they are in the LU.

      Haseley has hit lead off in a few of Joe’s LU’s so far. My optimal LU at least to start would be


      I love a switch hitter in the 8 hole to foil any potential match-ups against Didi

          1. Ok how is “not awful” I mean I almost hate to think we’re giving $14 mil to a guy who is a platoon player

    1. Until some of us get the Athletic subscription, could you post Law’s top 10?

      MLB is also posting its NL East teams top 30 today.

      1. 1. Spencer Howard, RHP (Top 100 rank: No. 22)
        2. Alec Bohm, 3B (Top 100 rank: No. 38)
        3. Bryson Stott, SS
        4. Luis Garcia, SS
        5. Francisco Morales, RHP
        6. Simon Muzziotti, OF
        7. Rafael Marchan, C
        8. JoJo Romero, LHP
        9. Adonis Medina, RHP
        10. Jonathan Guzman, SS
        11. Mickey Moniak, OF
        12. Damon Jones, LHP
        13. Enyel De Los Santos, RHP
        14. Jhailyn Ortiz, OF
        15. Mauricio Llovera, RHP
        16. Connor Seabold, RHP
        17. Daniel Brito, 2B
        18. Nick Maton, IF
        19. Ethan Lindow, LHP
        20. Garrett Cleavinger, LHP

        1. Thanks…

          I seldom see Guzman on anybody’s list. Law has him 10! The rest of his list is pretty much in range of comparables.

        2. Probably my favorite writeup from KLaw was Marchan:

          Marchan is a plus-plus defensive catcher, a great receiver with quick pop times and a career 36 percent caught stealing rate, getting plaudits from the Phillies staff for his work with pitchers. He rarely strikes out but isn’t a threat to put the ball in the seats; in 846 professional PA, he has yet to homer, even though he doesn’t have a flat swing or a groundball problem. With his defense and contact skills, he can be a regular even with just the doubles power he has now, but Marchan could end up a star with just a little more juice in his bat.

  12. What does our IL laden bullpen look like to start the year. Reportedly Seranthony only got it up to 94 in his appearance the other day. Yes, I understand it is early and he’s ramping-up. Your thoughts?

    1. Curious where you heard/read that Dominguez touched 94 mph. I was behind the plate and didn’t see a radar gun on him or any of the pitchers.

        1. Thanks. I found the mention in most of the beat writers reports. I only saw one of them there. Looks like Girardi was the source for all reports.

  13. This season starts a bit earlier than previous ones. So, there are only about 3 weeks left in ST. When do the players amp up their games to get into season mode? In about another week? It just seems that there are so many decisions left and ST seems to have gone by awful quickly.

    1. Matt13, the only decisions to be made are a couple of bench spots, and the bullpen which is a hodgepodge of what if’s and maybe’s. The final rotation spot is Pivetta’s to lose (IMO). Velasquez seems ticketed for the pen while Suarez has being a lefty in his favor, as far as Joe G is concerned. Don’t see much else to be decided. Which isn’t a bad thing.

      1. Unless Pivetta or Vinny pitch like garbage, Ranger will be LHV and the Phillies will try to develop him as a lefty SP rather than a pen guy. The Phillies can have 3 LHPs in the 26-man out of ST – Morgan, Alvarez and Liriano. If Morgan is not ready and/or Liriano decided to go somewhere else, Davis, Cleavinger or Irvin might get the 1st call as a lefty pen arm.

        Agree that Vinny is either the 5th SP or goes to the pen – I can see the latter as the most likely outcome.

        Agree also on the bench spots. I can see the following in the 5-man bench (Quinn to start in place of Cutch) — Bruce, Garlick, Knapp, Torreyes and Forsythe. Torreyes and Forsythe will require a roster spot so Guerra and McClaim will possibly get the ax.

        1. Yes, Guerra and McClain are expendable 40 man roster spot holders until the Phillies decide who’s going north.

          1. If the Phillies will hold back Seranthony – the starting 8-man bullpen (*-LHP) might be Heris, Alvarez*, Liriano*, Morgan*, Hunter, Edgar Garcia, Vinny (or Pivetta) and and a mystery 8th pen arm. This mystery 8th pen arm will be an interesting decision — if the Phillies go with Parker (or Swarzak) it means 2 more will get the ax since Liriano will also need a roster spot. It can also go to Ranger, Irvin, Cleavinger or Davis who are all LHP.

            It will be interesting to watch Nick Williams and delos Santos status in the next coming weeks since the Phillies decision to sign NRIs will be tied up if they keep or trade any or both Nick and/or DLS. The status of Stack and Sanchez are interesting to watch too. Both are probably have live arms but not MLB ready yet.

            1. Word is that Hunter is expected to spend the first month of the season on the IL in order to get him ramped up.

            2. DLS hasn’t thrown a single inning yet I wonder why…

              I think the time has come to move on from Nick Williams…Sadly he doesn’t bring much to the table.

            3. I think the ship has left the dock on Nick Williams. Really, I don’t think there is anything more to see. Nick that you see is pretty much all that you are going to see. The other Nick has this last chance to be a starter, he fails he is gone. The bullpen is not an option, he hates it there. I don’t even see him being agreeable to LHV.

  14. Jim, I was intrigued on the pick-up of Hard throwing Robert Stock. I know he had some biceps issues in 2019 but he throws in the high 90s. I dont think he has pitched in agame this spring and I think we can send him to AAA without exposing to waivers but was wondering if you had seen him throw in camp.

  15. 8mark, It’s really the bench and the BP that concerns me. Although, there is still talk of Ranger being the 5th SP. I think it is Pivetta or VV. But, I think the bench is wide open, and the BP has a number of holes. Do we think that Segura will be the 3B and Kingery at 2B? It seems that way. I still think Harrison has a chance to make the team, and Hunter and Arano will start on the IL. Has any BP arm really stood out?

    1. Not many surprises….but they do seem to really like these four Latin players…Morales, Marchan, Muzz and Rojas.
      I value’s evaluations quite a bit since they seem to have some ‘insider trading’ going on which may be hard to come by for the other big three of Fangraphs, BP and BA..

    2. Wow no respect for MM….

      Personally I don’t see a high ceiling for Garcia or Muzz both are up the middle players which is good

      But the Mick should get some credit for playing his entire age 21 season in AA at a semi respectable level.

  16. Any word on DLS? He is still rated highly, but is coming off a rather pedestrian season, and I haven’t heard a word this spring. SP at LHV?, transition to BP?

    1. Feb 12, 2020:
      “…..De Los Santos pulled his hamstring in late January and won’t throw off a mound for three more weeks, Meghan Montemurro of The Athletic reports.
      If De Los Santos is indeed back on the mound in three weeks, he’ll still have three more weeks before Opening Day, so there’s a chance he’ll still be able to open the season on the active roster. That’s far from guaranteed even if he’s healthy, however, as he owns a 5.70 ERA in 30 career big-league innings…..”

  17. Keith Law’s Rankings

    1. Howard..2 Bohm…3 Stott
    4. Garcia…5 Morales…6 Mussiotti
    7. Marchan….8. Romero…9 Medina
    10. Jonathan Guzman

    Understand 1 thru 9, but can anybod tell me what KLaw’s eval of Guzman is…..having him above middle infielder like Maton, Simmons, Baylor, Brito and even Gamboa?
    He seems to do this every year.
    Not sure Guzman is on anyone’s top 30 list.

  18. says “he can really pick it at SS, and has some feel for getting the bat on the ball”. Hardly glowing, but thinks with a little pop in his bat, he could be a regular. On his next 10 list he has Mickey, who he is not high on at all, and some guys he projects as Relievers. Interestingly, he is high on Lindow, saying that if he keeps up the velocity he showed at the end of the season, he will be a Top 100 guy by this season’s end. Hard to really argue with the overall assessment. The gap after Howard and Bohm is very large, and he is correct that players have not grown very much as they have gone through the organization. Roasted the team for handling Garcia in letting him struggle for so long. Thinks he should have been sent back to WPort to regain confidence. Feels he looked “defeated”, and thinks he should never have been placed at Lakewood to start the season.

    1. Thanks matt.
      I guess he is entitled to go against the flow with a few players every year ……no group think for KLaw when it comes to a Guzman for sure.

  19. Brewers and Yelich nearing extension of 7/$200M+ according to Ken Rosenthal, via MLBTR.

    1. Other reports say that the total deal will be closer to $215M, over 9 years (including the 2 remaining years currently with Milwaukee). If my math is correct, that comes out to just under $24M AAV. A nice chunk for the Brewers to lay out. But what does that do for JTR’s negotiations? Realmuto will play his age 29 season in 2020, Yelich 28. JTR is a catcher. Yelich is an outfielder. I’m not comparing who’s the better player – Yelich is an elite bat. I’m just trying to gauge what type of deal we should expect if the Phillies do indeed extend JTR this spring…like, any day now? How does 6/$120M sound at this point?

      1. 8mark…..”How does 6/$120M sound at this point?”….just a little too low AAV…I think he wants something a little more AAV than Posey/Molina in current dollars.
        I think it will be $22M AAV….not sure what the years will be or even the options.

      2. I mentioned this before, you can’t give JT a 6 year deal. Catchers decline faster from the wear and tear behind the plate. Just look at Buster Posey as a prime example.

        1. Agreed – this will have little to no effect on the Realmuto deal – totally different position with different circumstances and the Yelich deal just wasn’t a market changer, as, for example, the David Price deal was or the Alex Rodriguez was a generation ago.

        2. “you can’t give JT a 6 year”….do you mean ‘you’ as in the Phillies? Or do you mean any MLB team?

          If I insist on only 5 years and another team offers him 6, and I’ve already traded away a top prospect and a promising young catcher for him, that doesn’t factor into how aggressive I am. Besides, the last year or 2 may be a regression for most players in their mid 30s. I’m focusing on the prime years of his career, along with those of other mainstays of the team.

          1. No, you could give him a 6 year deal, but you’d have to expect that the last two years you’ll likely be overpaying him and perhaps by a lot. He’s already having knee problems – so it’s a real concern.

            1. Okay, so right now…in 2020 and onward, with aspirations to go deep into October…I’m offering him 6 years.

            2. Perhaps he is converted to a first basemen in his last year or two (age 35)…that could slow his erosion at the plate from what would be catcher’s fatigue.

            3. By the time he is 35 he is likely to be roughly a replacement level first baseman – so that’s not a good outcome.

          2. I mean the Phillies. If another team gives him 6+ years, it’s none of my concern.

            Not including this year, you have to figure that he has maybe 2 more elite years(4+ WAR), 2 ok years (2 WAR), and then 2 really bad years left. And it wouldn’t be a stretch to be 3 bad years left. Last year, Buster Posey was 32 and he played at a replacement level.

      3. It’s a very good deal, but they were able to do that because they had him under team control for the next 3 years for $41.5 million in total (talk about a great deal!). If you back out the current next 3 years of his salaries, this is equivalent to a 6 year, almost $29 M AAV for the extension years, which is fairly close to what you’d expect the market rate to be given that it would be for his age 31-36 seasons.

    2. That is a great deal for Yelich and the Brewers…

      I don’t think it has much bearing on the Realmuto situation however. Yelich was somewhat land locked on the deal he had from the Marlins.

      JT is only 1 year away from FA

  20. What KLaw said was top 10 in the system, I just realized I typed top 100. It would be great for him to be a Top 100 player, but he said Top 19 in our system. Still a good review for Lindow. Sorry for the typo!

  21. With the Keith Law and prospect lists being published, it underscores how much of a complete non-prospect Randolph has turned into — not in the Keith Law Top 20, or Top 30, or Fangraphs Top 39 . . .

  22. @Romus as a faithful supporter of D Hall you’ll have to look for the Jim Salsbury article on what he doing to improve his hit tool and plate discipline. It appears he is using a tool to train his eyes produced by “Slow the Game Down”

    Pretty interesting stuff. Maton looked at it and said nah that’s not for me LOL

    1. DMAR….yes I saw that.
      I am betting on Hall to make it to the majors.
      Teams like the Os, Royals, Tigers, maybe even the Mariners may yet give him that chance.

      1. Left handed power first basemen have always been more appealing to me. Rhys is a great guy and I hope he settles into a productive career, BUT I only wish he batted left. For one, I think the Phillies need another lefty bat in the lineup. Darick Hall fits the profile but needs to fulfill his minor league resume. I doubt he does so in red pinstripes but like Romus, I’m rooting for him. Could well be a late bloomer with another organization. Again, will Klentak drop the ball in his case, too?

        1. I’m not sure what you want Klentak to do about Darick Hall. Hall is now 24 and it’s not like he tore up Reading last season. Not only that, he’ll be in his 5th year in the system. Hall is obviously blocked by Hoskins, who at age 24 tore up the league with a late season promotion. Hoskins may be a butcher in the field but he’s decent with the bat.

            1. Max Muncy got good at age 27. The Phillies are not holding onto Darick Hall for 3 more years unless the DH comes soon. If Hall turns into Muncy, good for him but it won’t be for the Phillies.

            2. …or JD Davis, or Aristides Aquino, or any of those late-bloomers who just needed a chance.

            3. As these guys are often told when you’re in the MiLB you’re playing for 30 teams.

              I don’t need him to be Max Muncy for us but if some other GM comes along and thinks he’s their Max Muncy maybe I net something out of it.

    2. DMAR….D.Hall is not given much a chance if you go by the experts at FG/BA/BP et al

      Fangraphs from six years ago.. on .Phillies 7th pick in the 2014 draft.
      “Even with the assumption that Nola gets a tick back on his fastball next year and settles in at 90-94, it’s hard to see him having more than a #3 starter’s ceiling. If he settles in at a #3/#4 level quickly, that won’t be the flashiest of payoffs, but it’ll also be hard to really take issue with his selection–it’s not as if Mike Leake is thought of as a massive draft bust, after all. There’s a solid chance he could get to that level of performance, but the line between it and interchangeable back-of-the-rotation, Kyle Kendrick”

      1. I truly liked Hall when and where they took him. I like the fact that he understands and realizes that he was chasing out of the zone way to much to be a complete hitter.

        That is something tangible he can work on and potentially fix

        Hitting is difficult enough and its a Larry M staple that to be an effective MLB player you have to have plate discipline.

        It’s not enough to be hand/eye gifted. All these kids that made it to the minors have that.

      2. Okay, Nola greatly exceeded projections, it happens. I don’t think it adds any weight to whether or nor Hall will exceed projections, although I’m sure it’s possible.

        1. To be frank about it, if Hall only makes it to the majors…he exceeds expectations….since he is not ranked by FG/PMT, BP, or BA as a even a top 60 prospect in the Phillies org.

  23. Joe G is going with JTR in the leadoff spot again today. I like the idea. If you don’t have the ideal high OBP guy to lead off, then a strong XBH guy to start things off makes sense to me, at least until Cutch returns.

    1. as if on cue JT leads the day off with a dinger…Kingery follows with a BB and then a Harper Dinger

      that’s the way you draw it up

      1. Too obvious Romus? It’s not usually my style so I probably need to dig a little deeper to find my inner Rocco

        1. I cant believe the negatively on this site. We must stick together and root our team, every day, LETS GO PHILLIES

  24. #21 Spencer Howard … Has come from relative obscurity as an amateur. Slowly increased velo since being drafted (has hit 100). He flashes three plus pitches at times, with starter command.

    #42 Alec Bohm … Positives: Bohm’s plus raw power and plus contact skills. Negative: ability to handle 3B. Phillies haven’t forced Bohm to add more lift and length into his swing and try to tap into all of his power. They seem fine with continuing forward with a swing that’s in the zone for a long time. Bohm’s raw strength can create homers rather than trying to lean into lifting everything.

  25. With Mickey Mo on 2b (walk, stolen base), Carlos de la Cruz steps up and puts one into orbit…actually, I don’t know that for a fact but it makes for good copy. Anyway, we’re up in the 9th by those 2 runs.

    1. Am I reading this right that we are split squad today with a 635 game @Yankees? Is that on TV

    2. Mickey MO is having quite the spring OPSing 1.238. He has 3 BB to 1 K a double, a triple 2 SBs and I don’t want to hear about SSS


        1. They should at least give us an organist at CBP. The Dodgers and Braves use one and they add a lot to the ambiance. And … for God’s sake … bring back the Dodge (or whatever company wants to sponsor it) Stump The Fans Trivia Question for the TV broadcasts.

          1. Hinkie….great idea…I miss the organist…even if it were for just the weekend homestand games. Maybe Jim can mention it to his friend Kathy Killian who can get the ball rolling.
            Also, a fan write- in campaign may work

            1. Love the Idea of an organ as well….

              MLB Network did their 30/30 on the Phillies last night. Heidi and Cliff are interviewing BH wife says wow he sure says “Um” a lot. Me: we didn’t pay him $330 million to be a professional speaker

              Wife: “Um” how much?

              Heidi then sits down with Nola at the camping world RV and interviews Nola. Wife: Why is he so soft spoken (she has his jersey) and why is his hair so scragglely? Me: “Um I don’t know…

              Wife: You like Heidi don’t you? Me: Um who’s Heidi

          2. Ball game organists are the best. When I was a kid, the Mets had an organist named Jane Jarvis (who was actually a very accomplished pianist) and damn – she was great. Lots of fun, hokey tunes. When Felix Millan (man, am I ever dating myself) came to bat, she played the “Felix the Cat” cartoon theme song. It was great.

  26. Yoenis’ kid brother Yoelkis Cespedes was declared a free agent after defecting from Cuba. He’s expected to workout for MLB clubs later this month. “Loud” tooled 22 year old outfielder. 80-grade arm. Due to his age and limited experience as a pro, he’s restricted to be signed to a minor league deal. Any takers?

    1. I’m probably a no. Was he playing on their WBC team? The Gurriel brothers came over a little older and have been ok I think.

    2. One report:
      “….plus runner, a solid defender and a line-drive hitter who can spray the ball across the outfield. He has revamped his swing in the last six months and now looks almost exactly like his older brother in the batter’s box. The 5-foot-9 righthanded batter, and outfielder, once weighed around 185 pounds, but he is now up to 205 with power. He can still run.”
      Future position… corner OFer.

    1. First hand no but if you look at last nights line there was a little bit of everything. The good 4 K’s in 3.1 IP; 5 GB Outs 2 FO

      The bad a BB; 4 Hits and a WP; 17 Batters faced

      1. Harrison and Torreyes will not be the starting third basemen and shortstop once the season begins……their gloves did not help him in that first inning.
        Things would have been a bit easier for Pivetta.

    2. The Yankees are looking for a SP. Any way we can persuade them that what they saw last night from Pivetta was an anomaly? Maybe pick up a lottery ticket or international money from them?

  27. Check out Thursday’s lineup as it could be close to opening day. Just remove the DH and put Bruce in LF. I like it.

  28. That’s not a great line, is it? I noticed too, that some of our position players need to start putting it together. Rhys, Kingery, Gregorius to note. I hope Klentak is visualizing some moves near the end of the month. Romus promised me he would!

  29. Matt Winkleman has Kendall Simmons as his #12 ranked prospect. Exciting write-up.

    Simmons has plenty of bat speed and is able to use it to generate plus raw power. He has some large contact issues at the plate, but the Williamsport coaches were able to help quiet his swing at the plate, which allowed him to really take off in the second half of the season (.169/.235/.324 4BB:27K before July 27, and .280/.398/.660 16BB:27K after). The midseason improvements bode well for Simmons’ future.
    Because he still has a lot of swing and miss he needs to reduce in his game. He is still young and he is still far away, but he could be a power first 2B/3B with the right amount of growth. There is a small chance things click even more for him, and given his raw power and athleticism, he could suddenly explode as a top prospect.

    Can’t wait for the season to begin!

    1. Every year, Matt Winks has the best write-ups of the Phillies’ minor leaguers anywhere. Where he gets this detailed information about prospects boggles my mind. But he’s almost always spot on in his analysis and facts.

  30. Seranthony is scheduled to pitch today for the Phillies. Real positive development there.

    If only we could see him pitch but it will be nice to have some more eyes on him.

  31. Really hoping for some post hype break out from Moniak. I honestly think it is coming this year. Another year of developing major league muscle and strength. His calling card was his hit tool, so maybe some of that contact will consistently turn into extra bases with the increased strength. SSS in spring training but still can be optimistic.

    1. Moniak is apparently among Matt Winks’ top 10. Looking forward to seeing his capsule. I’m still in his corner, and his character may take him farther than what his current profile might.

      1. MattWinks Top 10 will be like this….

        1) Spencer Howard
        2) Alec Bohm
        3) Francisco Morales
        4) Bryson Stott
        5) Luis Garcia
        6) Johan Rojas
        7) Rafael Marchan
        8) Adonis Medina
        9) Mickey Moniak
        10) Damon Jones

        1. Kuko, I’ll say he goes this way…

          1 Spencer Howard
          2 Alec Bohm
          3 Bryson Stott
          4 Luis Garcia
          5 Francisco Morales
          6 Johan Rojas
          7 Rafael Marchan
          8 Mickey Moniak
          9 Adonis Medina
          10 Damon Jones

          1. …he might flip flop Morales and Rojas. It seems to me that Matt W favors high ceilings.

    2. I’m hopeful as well. He’s had a good spring so far. He’s taken a step forward each year.

  32. I know lists of potential college pitchers the Phillies might consider for drafting next June included JT Ginn. He had Tommy John surgery last week so he’s crossed off the list at least for 2020.

    1. Interesting how he will work that.
      He may not apply for the draft and bet on his senior year…..however, if he does enter the draft, he will surely be drafted….but not at the top of the first round…maybe near the end , like a Wash or Dodgers…they have done that in the past with pitchers having TJ.

  33. Ohhhhh, nooooooo I was counting on it, appears Rhys heard me, but Kingery and DiDi not so much. Good news for DMAR though, Gregorius average hasn’t fallen at all, he’s really consistent which is why he got the big bucks. Listi and the mighty Quinn ok today.

    1. Quinn is doing it to me again he’s drawing me in getting me hot and bothered and then I know what happens

  34. When scouts raise questions about Bohm at 3rd, this is what they mean

    1. I don’t believe it’s a question about Bohm’s work ethic to improve. He may to some degree. People who know baseball, however, have formed the consensus that he’ll never be better than adequate. There’s been only a spattering of ‘he’ll be ok’ reports. What the Phillies have to decide is whether adequate is good enough, which will be directly related to how productive he is at the plate, including how much he taps into his ingame power. A below average glove who hits a lot of doubles probably won’t make it at 3b unless his OBP is off the charts.

      I maintain that the Phillies will bide their time with Bohm until he can replace Cutch in LF…that may come sooner than we think if the latter has difficulty staying on the field. Just saying….

      1. 8mark….that pretty much sums it up.
        His defense at third, as one noted controversial pundit recently exclaimed , was passable.

      2. It does surprise me that there haven’t been any reports of him working in the OF…he so reminds me of JWERTH

    2. I don’t believe there is any question about Bohm’s arm, so with respect to the second one (a throwing error), that’s not really what scouts mean when they raise questions about Bohm at third.

      From the writeup on Bohm: “. . . he has more than enough arm for the spot.”

      FWIW, Keith Law was interviewed by The Good Phight last week and said about Bohm: “He’ll be fine, I think he’s good enough to stay there.” He did think that Bohm would be a below average fielder.

      1. The root cause of most throwing errors is footwork, not arm strength. A throwing error is mostly caused by not setting your feet or getting your body in proper throwing position. The knock on Bohm’s defense is his body/bend/lateral agility. Arm strength is fine.

  35. Will the Phillies finally gets rewarded from its Rule 4 draft?! We might find out very soon. These are the prospects drafted in 2017 Rule 4 who are showing viability as a future MLB leaguers — Day 1 picks Haseley and Howard are the cream of the crop — Phillies hitting on both is already a success but developing 5-10 more? That’s a haul!!

    Rd Name
    1 Haseley, Adam
    2 Howard, Spencer
    3 Seabold, Connor
    5 Lindow, Ethan
    7 Maton, Nick
    10 Brogdon, Connor
    12 Parkinson, David
    14 Warren, Zach
    16 Dohy, Kyle
    17 Listi, Austin
    18 Jones, Damon
    19 Russ, Addison
    21 Hernandez, Jakob

    4th rd Jake Scheiner was used to get a power bench in Jay Bruce and my favorite Day 3 pick Ben Brown can developed into something interesting. 8th rd Jhordany Mezquita and 39th rd DJ Stewart are 2 other youngters that can show something in the next 2 years.

  36. v1, I go to you for this. To me, defense is something that can be taught, and worked on, to gain improvement. And, a guy who works hard, has good coaching, and has some athleticism and a good arm, can become an adequate fielder. I am not saying GG caliber, but, adequate. As opposed, let’s say, to someone who has no ability to put the bat on the ball. That is much harder to be taught and to become adequate at. I saw the really nice play that Bohm made last week, going to his right, and if he can do that, then I think he can become good enough to stay at 3B. Not criticizing the questions about him. I just believe he can play there.

    1. I am not passing myself off as a defensive expert. far from it.

      but my 2 cents is that it depends on what the root cause of the issues are. Derek Jeter committed 56 errors in his rookie season in the minors. but he was agile and had a good arm. just needed to be more consistent with his body and arm slot.

      the negatives that I hear about Bohm is they wonder if his agility / big body is the right body to play consistent defense at third.

      if it is a technique issue then it can be cleaned up. if it is an agility / bend issue, then it really can’t be fixed. Take Franco as an example, he had a cannon for an arm and good hands, but his body had no lateral agility. that could never be fixed.

    1. I always love MattWinks prospect analysis and as I posted here before, my prospect ranking philosophy mostly aligns with MattWinks so are rankings resemble his expect for 2-3 prospects that MattWinks tend to very high or very low on…

      The order of the Top 10 I posted yesterday almost match MattWink except for Johan Rojas who I ranked #6 (vs #9 for Matt) — the rest of the order are the same.

      I’m actually surprised that MattWink has Rojas in the bottom end of his Top 10 considering MattWinks heavily considers future projections, tools and age.

      1. For as impactful as the tools are for Rojas, his hit tool is an absolute disaster right now because his approach at the plate is non-existent. We have no track record that says he is locked into that, just that the 18 year old playing stateside for the first time swung early and often against New York-Penn League pitching.

        Future projection and tools weight heavily into my analysis because I think back of a roster type players are actually riskier than we make them seem because their tools are so marginal that if they slip the player is not a major leaguer. However, one has to take into account risk when approaching players, and in the case of Rojas there is a ton of offensive risk. It is a testament to his defense and overall upside that he is a top 10 prospect in the system and not in the 30s next to guys like De La Cruz and Pipkin.

        1. @MattWinks – I agree with you with the heavy consideration of risk, impactful tools and future projections although lately I started to weight in potential trade value and in small part the ability of the prospect to contribute to MLB if needed.

          We have Logan O’Hoppe and Victor Santos switched in the rankings – I have Logan at #20 and Victor at #30 and you have it the other way around. I like Victor Santos’ pitchability but his body structure lacks projection. I don’t expect any velo increase despite of his young age — Santos’ FB will basically sit in low 90s by the time his body matures.

          O’Hoppe (a prospect I like since drafted) is surprising me with his maturity and hit tool. Defense is always been his strong suit but the ability to drive the ball and call the game is definitely a big plus that jumps him in my rankings.

          1. KuKo….O’Hoppe has the correct ingredients to a JTR serving ….now lets hope the long baking process produces similar results.
            Their age18 and 19 seasons have some similarities….for O’Hoppe this year at Lakewood will be one of the first determining factors.
            JTR did very well in the SALLY in his age20 season.

  37. Matt’s analysis on Spencer Howard is “glowing” If he can avoid arm injuries, we have a stud/ gem on the way!
    And the hitting reports that we’re seeing on Bohm, if he can start to tap into his power more and hit 30+ home runs a year that’s a future all-star!

  38. Longenhagen Fangraphs chat today:

    Michael: No Luke Williams on the Phillies list or HM. You have any opinion on him as a potential to play utility infielder?

    Eric A Longenhagen: Quick bat, contact-heavy LF profile, not sure the defensive versatility for a role is there, but buy that the bat gives him a shot.

    1. Huh???
      Is this bizarre world or what!
      Wonder if he is viewing the same guy I view.
      Quick bat….perhaps, but surely not contact-heavy
      Defensively however….he is a lot more than a LFer….they guy has speed to burn.
      Outside of Roman Quinn/Scott Kingery he could be right up there as one of the fastest guys at the camp.

      1. I thought he might have gotten him confused with Josh Stephen, who is definitely a LF profile . . . but he’s not exactly contact-heavy, either

        1. Both drafted out of high school in Orange County, CA . . . both should be in LHV this year . . . both played in the AFL . . . possible he confused them

          1. Yes……I think that may be the issue.
            …… Williams did have a good game today at the plate
            But I really think his most positive feature is his defensive versatility–glove, arm and run—….at least more so than his hit tool.

            1. So, is Luke a 3b or LF in your opinion. He is having a nice spring and appears if they are taking notice of him, things will have to change concerning 3b. If Bohm makes the majors out of camp it will free-up some development time, but I don’t see Stott as a SS, but rather a 3b. Meaning long run one of Bohm or Rhys will be at 1b or moved or one will be a DH. I think SS will be a different player. So, what about Luke?

            2. In the end I think Luke Williams, if he does make it to the majors, will be a utility guy…playing multiple positions.

            3. Luke Williams doesn’t have any loud tools to excel in MLB. Having a good ST is nice, but it doesn’t mean anything unless a prospect has a good set of impactful tools and track record of success to boot. Stassi’s awesome ST gave him a ticket to the big league but it did not help him become a mainstay.

              I agree with Romus that Williams profiles as a bench/UTIL player unless suddenly he develops a 25 HR + type of power.

  39. Whatever success the Phillies enjoy between ’20-’22, I believe that ’23-’25 will be the watershed period in terms of how the farm system will have developed the “higher” end young talent.

    Catching: Realmuto, Marchan, O’Hoppe

    Infield: *Hoskins, *Bohm, Kingery, Garcia, Stott, Simmons, Baylor, Maton
    (*either Bohm and/or Hoskins is likely to be deployed as the impending DH)

    Outfield: Harper, Quinn, Haseley, Moniak, Rojas, Muzziotti, Ortiz, a future free agent acquisition(?) or college bat drafted by ’22.

    Pitching: Nola, Howard, Wheeler, Eflin, Morales, Miller, Medina, Seabold, ’20 1-15 draft pick(we assume)

    Another factor SHOULD be how well the Phillies mine the international market, be it free agency or the proposed separate draft. To date, they haven’t been impressive. The amateur scouting overall must come around, quickly.

    1. Wow, Another four to five years The front office loves this kind of thinking, in five years it will be another 4 yrs, The people who buy this group knows talent will keep shoveling the money to see 500 or worse

  40. Martini is fighting Garlick for an OF spit on the 26 while Torreyes, Girardi’s boy, is fighting hard for one of the two IF spots against Walker, Harrison, Forsythe, and Gosselin. Garlick who is on the 40 has an advantage there with Cutch due back soon. In the pen, Davis has surprisingly been a shut down arm so far. Lots of competition for those spots too. All good things as we should have a improved bench and pen. However, Arrieta looking dominant yesterday is big news.

    1. Phillies could easily be a 90 plus win team this season…the bats all have the potential…and the young arms ..starters and bullpen guys…may have reached their peak maturity.
      Add in a manager and staff with experience and If they can stay healthy for the most part, that possibility exists of a division title..
      It has happened many times in the last ten years….I saw the Sox go from 69-93 in ’12 to 97-65 in ’13 after switching from Bobby Valentine to John Farrell……then in ’14 they went back down to 71-91!

    2. @Murray – I’ve been on record stating that the bullpen will be a strength in 2020. If there’s one weakness in the bullpen group — it is the steady shut down closer. I just don’t think that Neris has the temperament to handle those situations. Fortunately, the Phillies has some internal options in case Neris chokes again. Seranthony has long been viewed as a future closer – full recovery and more MLB innings is all Seranthony needs. Vinny has the power stuff and mindset to be that fierce and competitive back end arm. Vinny just need to accept that role. Dohy and Jones are the other 2 potential power arms that can handle to closer in the future. Valuable early MLB experience will help both secure that role in the future if needed. Edgar Garcia is another pen arm that has a potential plus FB-SL combo that can fit the closer role.

      I’ve been critical of CY for the under performance of the whole pitching group in 2019. But for the bullpen, injury and lack of MLB experience are big factors as well. I expect that the “unreliable” group of Suarez-Davis-Garcia-Hammer-Irvin will be a better reliable group in 2020 and going forward.

  41. Manny Trillo was selected to the Phillies Wall of Fame this summer. One of my all time favorites, the 2nd best 2B we ever had. Great guy, always a smile on his face. That whip like throw to 1b was his trademark. Well deserved….

      1. Romus, I loved Juan Samuel too. He had a better skill set than Trillo but somehow all his statistical merits didn’t translate to having a greater impact than he did. Of course, the team around him was mostly awful.

  42. 8mark, also there was that throw from halfway to RF on a line to the Catcher that was unbelievable. Loved Trillo also. Jake had a 4 inning no run/no hit outing the other day. That was a positive sign even though he had a few BBs. A healthy Arrieta is a legitimate Pitcher. Not what he used to be but a really good #3/4. KuKo, I don’t think that Vinny has given up on being in the Rotation. Still wide open.

  43. It was almost like Manny was baiting the runner to run faster, then he would sling it to arrive a step ahead of the runner.

    1. Strange…he only played four years in Philly but cemented a legacy here in those four years with the help of that championship…then he was traded, with 4/5 other guys, for Von Hayes to the Tribe

      1. Romus you remember all those older players, Wow wish I could have seen them play, Ruth, Gehrig, Shoeless joe

      2. A more interesting player – Dave Cash – played for Phils for the 3 years before Trillo. I often think of him as the sparkplug who started the winning tradition in the mid 70’s. What is peculiar is this – he was an AS for the 3 years he was in Philly and was nothing short of terrific – both in the field/bat. He even averaged 200 hits in those years. Trillo 3 AS performances followed and was similarly terrific in the field and not as good/but almost as good as Cash with the stick. For those WAR fans – Cash 3 years exceeded Trillo’s 4 years – in both field/hit mode. For both players – their tenure in Philly was the apex of their careers and Philly held the AS spot at 2B for 6 years. Too bad Cash left as a free agent to Montreal and his career sort of quietly ended when he retired at age 32. The truth is – Philly has had arguably the greatest 2B players – especially if you include Morgan’s brief stop ; Tommy Herr was no slouch; Tony Taylor ; Granny ; and these players + THE MAN.

  44. Very disappointed Girardi pulled Kingery out of the game.

    He had a legitimate shot at getting the golden sombrero.

    The young man is really struggling this spring training.

    1. Quite different from the previous two spring trainings….he was excellent…then the season began and then after awhile he struggled.
      Perhaps he will do the reverse action.

  45. I watch Kingery and really see a 240 hitter, Too many swing and miss on fastballs imo.

    1. I agree, he looked bad yesterday and he has struggled this spring. However, I’ve seen him go on hot streaks in the past also so I know he has the talent. Right now his swing has gotten too long and he’s pulling his shoulder and head, trying to kill the ball every swing. He needs to adjust, I’m sure he’s trying as it’s obvious to all watching him. If he doesn’t adjust, he’ll find himself on the bench when Bohm comes up.
      Meanwhile, Quinn is winning himself lots of playing time as he looks healthy and continues to do what he does.

  46. Vinny not helping his cause today.
    He may only have one or two more starts left before the team heads north, to also show what he can do to impress the skipper and PC

    1. I can only hope that this finally convinces the coaches and front office that Velasquez is NOT a starting pitcher. Period. Why it’s still a question is beyond me.

  47. Ranger has out performed both Vinny and Nick. Yet, I get no real feeling that he has any shot to be #5. Not a real good lineup today and only Bruce’s misplayed ball the only hit. Haseley struggling, so is Kingery, only 2 1/2 weeks to go.

    1. matt13…..have to remember, Joe G prefers to have at least one LHP in a rotation.
      In fact at one time with the Yankees he had three.
      So he may lean in favor of Ranger to open the season as the 5th.
      Every other series, for the most part, you break up an opponents one-sided hitting ineup when the lefty is thrown in there.

  48. RU…thank you for mentioning Dave Cash. I have always felt that he was the 2nd best second sacker in Phillie history and have always wondered just how good that 1977 team [still the best in Phillie history in my mind] would have been had Cash not left. Dave Cash was the guy who actually got that great ’70’s group going in 1974 when he coined the phrase “Yes we can” and he was an amazing leadoff hitter with the team from ’74-76.

    Dave Cash was literally a hit machine and it seemed the Phillies/Cash union was a marriage made in heaven and it shocked me when he left as a free agent after the ’76 season and his career fall from grace after that seemed to verify that fact.

    In my long Phillie phan lifetime I probably have 4-5 questions that will never be answered and the Dave Cash/Phillie divorce was one of them. There were rumors that his wife was really a pain for the organization and Cash was part of the group of players [Richie Allen was another] who took a bit of wind out of the sails of their ’76 division title by celebrating separately and then insisting Tony Taylor be added to the playoff roster despite the fact that he hadn’t been on the roster all year. No one will ever know for sure but one thing I remember…that Phillie ownership under Ruly Carpenter NEVER lost a player they wanted to keep…and yet Dave Cash was allowed to go.

    I do believe Cash and the Phils did have a reunion of sorts and he made several appearances at their camps and other promotional events. I will say this much as someone who saw them both play [Trillo and Cash] during the ’74-82 years…Cash was the better player.

  49. Not much to be impressed with today on all accounts. A rather lackluster array of talent to be discarded for the most part. I thought Harrison would contribute more than he has thus far. Tomorrow, another day, TV at 1:00 PM?

  50. I’m betting that Haseley opens the year at LHV with Quinn in cf and Martini makes the team as the extra OF. Martini will start in LF if Bruce is unable to throw. He says he’s feeling better though. The 2 IF jobs are still up in the air. 40 man spots could force tough decisions. Martini and 2 IFs plus Storen and Liriano would be 5 spots to be found. Williams and Gamboa could be released. They other spots would be tougher. I had thought Davis but he has pitched great this spring. JoJo and Medina are safe for sure. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some trades of pitchers.

  51. Neris, Dominguez, Vinnie, Suarez, Alvarez, Liriano, Storen, Morgan and Guerra fighting for 8 spots. I actually would trade Vinnie and give him a chance to start elsewhere.

  52. I hope you are right Romus. I agree that a lefty helps and Ranger gives a different look and If it was a real competition, he is ahead.

    1. I still think a smarter Pivetta has the highest upside. Whether he ever reaches that level, for us, is tough to predict.

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