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Open Discussion: Week of March 9th

One hundred-and-nine wins.  That’s what you get if you extrapolate the Phillies’ won/loss record over their first 17 games (11-5-1) of spring training over a 162-game schedule.  Actually, the number is 109.58.  I decided not to round up.  So, 109-53?  Why not?

This is the kind of thinking we did as children in the early 60s when we followed the Phillies.  Take a hot streak and extend it over the rest of the season to convince ourselves the Phillies could still win the pennant.  Calculate that they only had to go 27-4 to win the pennant, if all the teams ahead of them lost every night.  And other child-like thoughts.  But, why not? Continue reading Open Discussion: Week of March 9th