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With minor league spring training beginning this week, in addition to watching the players go through their drills, our attention will be diverted to the make up of the various work groups at the Complex.  With so many non-roster players (31) invited to major league spring training, group assignments will be somewhat meaningless.

Traditionally, Group One would be Lehigh Valley, Group Two – Reading, and so on.  This season, most of the Lehigh Valley roster is in major league camp.  So, if we look at Group One as Reading and Group Two as Clearwater, etc., then the group assignments may give a glimpse of opening day assignments.

Anyway, prior to this, the Phillies had decreased their organization by 16 players through release or retirement.  These are in addition to those previously reported.  The most notable among these would be Grant Dyer and Jose Taveras.  Dyer was the Phillies’ eighth round pick in 2016 out of UCLA and signed for almost full slot.  Taveras was signed as a 19-year-old international free agent in 2014 and rose as high as AAA.  My org count is at 377.

  1. 3/02/2020 – Lehigh Valley released Jose Taveras (2/13/20)
  2. 3/02/2020 – Grant Dyer retired (1/17/20)
  3. 3/02/2020 – Gabriel Ojeda released/retired (date unknown)
  4. 3/02/2020 – Lakewood released Rafi Gonell (2/13/20)
  5. 3/02/2020 – Williamsport released Rafael Carvajal (2/17/20)
  6. 3/02/2020 – Bailey Cummings released/retired (date unknown)
  7. 3/02/2020 – GCL West released Juan Carlos Smith (2/13/20)
  8. 3/02/2020 – DSL Red released Wilbert Garcia (date unknown)
  9. 3/02/2020 – DSL Red released Elian Rondon (date unknown)
  10. 3/02/2020 – DSL White released Edinso Aleman (date unknown)
  11. 3/02/2020 – DSL White released Luis Candelo (date unknown)
  12. 3/02/2020 – DSL White released Jhongel Malaver (date unknown)
  13. 3/02/2020 – DSL White released Hernando Mejia (date unknown)
  14. 3/02/2020 – DSL White released Yefferson Mercedes (date unknown)
  15. 3/02/2020 – DSL White released Giuseppe Peguero (date unknown)
  16. 3/02/2020 – DSL White released Santy Prada (date unknown)

7 thoughts on “Roster Updates

  1. I liked Dyer when he was drafted, I can see him going up the minor levels pretty quick as a bullpen arm — potential Dyer can throw an above ave FB and breaking ball with an occassional 3rd pitch. Unfortunately, injury derailed his progression – same also applied to Cummings.

    1. Yeah I agree Dyer is a bit of a shock. I had always thought he had a chance to be at least a 7th 8th inning guy…

      1. @DMAR – Dyer can throw his FB to mid-90s but after injury, the velo never seems to come back.

  2. Jim, I was intrigued on the pick-up of Hard throwing Robert Stock. I know he had some biceps issues in 2019 but he throws in the high 90s. I dont think he has pitched in agame this spring and I think we can send him to AAA without exposing to waivers but was wondering if you had seen him throw in camp.

  3. Jim – Amazing work. Going through your roster spreadsheet and seeing a few things I saw some discrepancies on:

    1. Tyler Gilbert still listed – wasn’t he traded for Kyle Garlick?
    2. Alexis Araujo still listed, but believe he was waived (1/3 – BA) Meanwhile Alexeis Azuaje has been removed instead.
    3. No mention of Carlos Bustamente (signed to minor league deal 1/21)
    4. Brian Mims still listed – thought he was released last May (5/3/19)

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