Florida Instructs; September 22, 2018

Saturday, the coaches held an intrasquad game among the Instructs participants.  They started a five inning game at 10:00 AM.  Ten pitchers got work, but there were few if any substitutions among the position players.  The most exciting news was that Sixto Sanchez was pitching in the first inning.

I have video of all six batters he faced.  He threw 19-20 pitches.  And if his legend isn’t spectacular enough, Sanchez’ fastball was 94-99 mph the first time he threw in a live baseball game in over three months.

Sanchez worked at his usual quick pace.  He threw just five pitches to the first three batters.  After a six-pitch at bat with Ben Pelletier, the coaches extended his appearance for two more batters.

When he was finished, I got the bonus of Starlin Castillo throwing his first stateside inning. Castillo’s fastball was 91-94 mph but his control was iffy.  He walked three batters and the coaches rolled the inning with Luke Miler on deck and Carlos De La Cruz in the hole.

Here’s the video I shot.

Sanchez’ first batter.

Second batter.

Third batter.

Fourth batter.

Fifth batter.

Sixth batter.

Castillo’s first batter.

Second batter.

Third batter.

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6 thoughts on “Florida Instructs; September 22, 2018

  1. Good video clips Jim.
    Castillo at 16 years ld already looks like a man…do not see many Latin , or for that matter, many 16 year olds that well physically developed.

    1. Agreed. He drew my interest a couple days earlier. He was doing PFPs wearing a nameless jersey. I was impressed by his physique, and wondered aloud if he could be Castillo. My friend pulled up his likeness on his iPad and we realized that it was Castillo. (Why he would be issued a shirt with no name was puzzling.) Saturday, I was talking with one of the Phillies’ people behind the cage, and likened Castillo’s build to that of Francisco Morales when he first reported stateside – filled out, as you said, like a man. After three batters, I also noted that he seemed to have Morales’ control, too. However, it was just Instructs, and his first appearance. I’ll focus on his velocity at such a young age. FWIW, I got Castillo’s and Sanchez’ velocity from a professional scout from the Rays’ organization and not from the Phillies who did not have their pitchers charting that day.

  2. Very exciting to see Sanchez back on the mound and the kid Castillo looks huge for a 16 yr old. His motion looks good, his control will come with more experience.
    Thanks Jim

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