2018 Instructs Schedule

I finally have a Phillies’ Instructs schedule for 2019.  Week day games are at 1:00 PM, Saturday games are at 10:00 AM.  Sundays are off days.  Camp days have been intrasquad games in past years.  Those games usually start earlier than 1:00 PM.  Figure around noon. Players are supposed to begin arriving this Sunday (the 16th).  AFL participants are scheduled to arrive on the 23rd.  Home games last year were held at the Complex due to work at Spectrum Field.  I don’t know if they will change the venue back to Spectrum Field this year.  I hope so.

I’ll provide a roster once they make one available, or once I inventory all the players. (Oh please, oh please give us rosters.)

  • September 17
  • September 18
  • September 19
  • September 20
  • September 21
  • September 22
  • September 23 – Sunday Off Day
  • September 24 – v. Toronto
  • September 25 – at Baltimore
  • September 26 – at Pittsburgh
  • September 27 – Camp Day
  • September 28 – v. Pittsburgh
  • September 29 – Camp Day
  • September 30 – Sunday Off Day
  • October 1 – at Pittsburgh
  • October 2 – v. Baltimore
  • October 3 – Camp Day
  • October 4 – at Baltimore
  • October 5 – v. Atlanta
  • October 6 – v. Baltimore
  • October 7 – Sunday Off Day
  • October 8 – at Atlanta
  • October 9 – v. New York
  • October 10 – Camp Day
  • October 11 – at New York
  • October 12 – v. New York

Last year the Phillies invited 68 prospects to Instructs.  This year that had an additional GCL team.  Attendance could approach 80?

Last year they invited 35 pitchers, 6 catchers, 17 infielders, and 10 outfielders.

A further breakdown of last year’s invitees –

  • finished the 2017 season with – 9 DSL, 20 GCL, 19 Williamsport, 11 Lakewood, 4 Clearwater, 5 free agent signees who DNP
  • 24 of the 2017 draft signees were at Instructs, those not – Alex Garcia, Brian Mims, Kevin Marchan, Jesus Azuaje, Bailey Cummings, and Sati Santa Cruz
  • non-roster guys on rehab included – Alex Garcia, Sutter McLoughlin, Jesse Valentin, Roman Quinn, Cole Stobbe, Kevin Gowdy, and Zach Eflin
  • the 5 players who Did Not Play were signed during the during the International Signing Period – RHP Carlos Bettencourt, RHP Alfonzo Puello, and RHP Victor Vargas (all 16-years old), INF Luis Garcia, and OF Carlos De La Cruz (both 17-years old)
  • AFL guys – Cornelius Randolph, Trevor Bettencourt, Garrett Cleavinger, Elniery Garcia, J.D. Hammer, Edgar Cabral, and Zach Green.

Last year’s Instructs were affected by Hurricane Irma.  The first week was lost and not made up.







6 thoughts on “2018 Instructs Schedule

  1. Appreciate this Jim.
    I wonder who now is taking over Joe Jordan’s responsibilities…was he the one who gave the final say on roster publications?

    1. During game 3 at Lakewood, Sam Fuld (Major League Player Information Coordinator) and Dana Parks (Coordinator, Player Development) were sitting behind home plate where Mr. Jordan would normally sit.

      Fuld was hired last November and reports to Kapler. He works closely with the team’s players, coaches, front office, and the research and development department, to “integrate the use of information in all areas of on-field performance and preparation and make recommendations regarding the most effective areas of future research and analysis.”

      Parks was also hired last off season. Her duties are all encompassing. She’s the lead person in the player development department for transactions, day-to-day roster management, player and staff contracts, and communication with the Commissioner’s office.

      Fuld and Steve Noworyta (Special Assistant for Player Development) are among the possible replacements for Jordan. Noworyta’s position focuses on relationship building and affiliate relations. He had been the Director of Minor League Operations under Jordan until his promotion last December.

  2. I read online that Scheiner will be there to learn how to catch and Matt kroon told us last night he’ll be there

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