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2018 Phuture Phillies Post Season Top 30 Results

The second annual Phuture Phillies Post Season Prospect Poll has been closed.  You were asked to provide your top 30 prospects in the organization as you see them.  Your criteria could have included any or all of the following – a player’s present value to the organization, his major league potential, his proximity to the major league,  his professional ceiling, his age at their current level, or whatever criteria you feel is important.  I received just 17 prospect lists, down from last year’s 43. Continue reading 2018 Phuture Phillies Post Season Top 30 Results

Results of 2018 Phuture Phillies Top Pitchers Polls

Here are the results of the remaining four “Best” polls.  Well, final three polls and one example that some people can’t follow instructions.  These final polls are for Right-Handed Starters, Left-Handed Starters, Closers, and the too difficult for people to comprehend Relievers Poll.  This concludes the “best of” polls for 2018. Continue reading Results of 2018 Phuture Phillies Top Pitchers Polls

Open Discussion: Week of October 29, 2018

Congratulations to the Red Sox!  Now we can start the hot stove league.  With the end of the world series, a whole bunch of major leaguers can declare free agency.  On Monday morning at 9:00 AM any player with 6 or more years of Major League service who has not executed a contract for next season shall become a free agent.

A five day “quiet period” begins, prohibiting teams other than the player’s former team from negotiating.  The Phillies have four such free agents – Wilson Ramos, Asdrubel Cabrera, Aaron Loup, and Jose Bautista.

By the end of the week, 21 minor leaguers can become free agents – Dean Anna, Harold Arauz, Pedro Beato, Malquin Canelo, Ranfi Casimiro, Collin Cowgill, Ryan Goins, Zach Green, Gabriel Lino, Kevin Martir, Matt McBride, Heiker Meneses, Joey Meneses, Will Middlebrooks, Logan Moore, Danny Ortiz, Trevor Plouffe (who has already declared free agency), Nick Rickles, Alberto Tirado, Jiandido Tromp, and Jesmuel Valentin.

The Phillies completed their search for Joe Jordan’s replacement when they hired Josh Bonifay as their Director of Player Development.  I’ll have to begin camping out at the Complex to meet him.  I expect he’ll be down during one of the off-season clinics they hold during the off-season.

This is the Phuture Phillies Open Discussion for Phillies and other baseball topics. Continue reading Open Discussion: Week of October 29, 2018

2018 Phuture Phillies Break Out Predictions – Results

As I stated when I posted back in March, the line between a break out prospect and a sleeper prospect has become blurred the past several years.  I pointed out that you endorse whomever you want regardless of the guidelines that James set up years before I attempted to explain the distinction between both.  I showed that 60% of 2017’s breakout picks were also selected as sleepers.  So, I just let you submit whatever you wanted.

However, I have to sift through the responses.  So, after a couple attempts to capture your answers, I did what was easiest for me.  I ignored sleeper submissions.  In the case of multiple breakout submissions, I went with the first one you listed.  If you posted a second comment, I ignored it. Continue reading 2018 Phuture Phillies Break Out Predictions – Results