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2018 Phuture Phillies Break Out Predictions – Results

As I stated when I posted back in March, the line between a break out prospect and a sleeper prospect has become blurred the past several years.  I pointed out that you endorse whomever you want regardless of the guidelines that James set up years before I attempted to explain the distinction between both.  I showed that 60% of 2017’s breakout picks were also selected as sleepers.  So, I just let you submit whatever you wanted.

However, I have to sift through the responses.  So, after a couple attempts to capture your answers, I did what was easiest for me.  I ignored sleeper submissions.  In the case of multiple breakout submissions, I went with the first one you listed.  If you posted a second comment, I ignored it. Continue reading 2018 Phuture Phillies Break Out Predictions – Results