Results of 2018 Phuture Phillies Top Catchers and Outfielders Polls

Continuing with the results from “Best” polls.  Today, the remaining position players, catchers and outfielders.

Catcher – The Phuture Phillies’ selection for best catcher is Deivi Grullon.  Logan O’Hoppe finished second.  Rodolfo Duran edged Rafael Marchan by one vote for third.

Deivi Grullon posted a .273/.310/.515/.825 slash, each component of which was a career high for Grullon.  The catcher may have revived his prospect status which had been spiraling downward since he reached his high point as the #11 prospect in the 2015 Phuture Phillies Poll.   He dropped to #24 in 2016, and out of our top thirty in 2017.  The 2017 Rule 5 Draft was also the first time Grullon was eligible.  He went unprotected and unselected.  This year might be different.  Grullon’s improved slash, 21 home runs, strong arm, and perceived solid defensive peripherals could force the Phillies to place him on the 40-man roster or risk losing him in his year’s Rule 5 Draft.

O’Hoppe was drafted in the 23rd round in 2018.  He came to Clearwater with a reputation as a defensive catcher and proceeded to hit the cover off the ball.  He slashed .367/.411/.532/.943 for the GCL Phillies West.  Duran hit 18 HR in Lakewood.  He had 3 total HR in his 3 previous season.

Center Field – Your selection for best center fielder was Adam Haseley.  Mickey Moniak edged Roman Quinn for second.

Haseley posted a nice line in 79 games at Clearwater – .300/.343/.415/.758 with 5 HR and a low 15.4% K%.  His low BB% 5.4% was a concern for some.  Haseley was promoted to Reading and in 39 games produced a slash of .316/.361/.433/.795 with 6 HR, a 12.7 K%, and a much improved 10.7 BB%.

Moniak started slow but finished with a .270/.304/.383/.687, 5 HR, and 55 RBI.  Roman Quinn started out well in Lehigh Valley, but suffered a finger sprain that delayed his call up to the majors.  Now that he’s made it, hopefully he doesn’t spend another day in the minors.

Corner Outfield – Your picks for best corner outfielders were Jose Pujols, Adam Haseley, Jhailyn Ortiz, Ben Pelletier, Austin Listi, and Matt Vierling.

Jose Pujols is another player who may have helped his status after being exposed to the 2017 Rule 5 Draft.  After a terrible 2017 season in Clearwater, Pujols repeated the assignment in 2018.  He rebounded with a .301/.364/.523/.887 slash and 18 HR.  He walks at about an 8.5% clip but still has a strike out rate north of 30%.   He was promoted to Reading for the final month of the season and maintained a respectable .270/.365/.427/.792 with 4 HR and a 13.3 BB/9.  His K-rate stayed around the same in the small sample of 104 plate appearances.

Ortiz had an off year.  He started slowly and suffered an injury that put him on the DL until May 21st.  His best month was the 12 games he played in May.  For the season, he posted a .225/.297/.375/.673 with a 32.5% K-rate.  Ben Pelletier put up a nice slash in Williamsport (.277/.333/.480/.814) with 9 HR and 45 RBI, the second highest total at Williamsport in the past 10 years (Chris Serritella, 47 in 2012).  Vierling was drafted fifth in 2018.  He blasted through Williamsport and was promoted to Lakewood where he posted a .293/.342/.473/.814 with 6 HR.  Listi excelled at two levels and was selected as the recipient for the Paul Owens Award for the Phillies exceptional position player in the system.


Deivi Grullon (REA) 109 26.33%
Logan O’Hoppe (GCW) 68 16.43%
Rodolfo Duran (LAK) 56 13.53%
Rafael Marchan (WPT) 55 13.29%
Edgar Cabral (CLR) 26 6.28%
Austin Bossart (REA) 24 5.80%
Henri Lartigue (CLR) 16 3.86%
Abrahan Gutierrez (GCW) 16 3.86%
Colby Fitch (LAK) 8 1.93%
Logan Moore (LHV) 7 1.69%
Nick Rickles (LHV) 5 1.21%
Juan Aparicio (GCE) 5 1.21%
Gregori Rivero (LAK) 4 0.97%
Jack Conley (GCE) 4 0.97%
Lenin Rodriguez (WPT) 3 0.72%
Matt McBride (LHV) 2 0.48%
Jesse Wilkening (WPT, GCE) 2 0.48%
Mitchell Edwards (GCE) 2 0.48%
Carlos Oropeza (GCE) 1 0.24%
Nick Matera (GCW) 1 0.24%


Center Field
Adam Haseley (REA, CLR) 142 33.57%
Mickey Moniak (CLR) 96 22.70%
Roman Quinn (LHV) 91 21.51%
Matt Vierling (LAK, WPT) 38 8.98%
Simon Muzziotti (LAK) 29 6.86%
Jiandido Tromp (LHV) 6 1.42%
Kevin Markham (CLR, LAK) 6 1.42%
Aaron Altherr (LHV) 5 1.18%
Jan Hernandez (REA) 4 0.95%
James Smith (GCE) 2 0.47%
Collin Cowgill (LHV) 1 0.24%
Keudy Bocio (WPT) 1 0.24%
Ben Aklinski (WPT, GCE) 1 0.24%
Jose Rivera (GCE) 1 0.24%


Corner Outfielder
Jose Pujols (REA, CLR) 78 18.01%
Adam Haseley (REA) 74 17.09%
Jhailyn Ortiz (LAK) 58 13.39%
Ben Pelletier (WPT) 39 9.01%
Austin Listi (REA) 35 8.08%
Matt Vierling (LAK, WPT) 30 6.93%
Cornelius Randolph (REA) 18 4.16%
Mickey Moniak (CLR) 18 4.16%
Dylan Cozens (LHV) 15 3.46%
Carlos De La Cruz (GCE) 12 2.77%
Joey Meneses (LHV) 10 2.31%
Jiandido Tromp (LHV, REA) 9 2.08%
Jan Hernandez (REA) 7 1.62%
Grenny Cumana (CLR) 4 0.92%
Josh Stephen (LAK) 4 0.92%
Damek Tomscha (LHV) 3 0.69%
Jake Scheiner (LAK) 3 0.69%
Danny Mayer (CLR, LAK) 3 0.69%
Danny Ortiz (LHV) 2 0.46%
Ryan Goins (LHV) 2 0.46%
Luke Williams (CLR) 2 0.46%
Corbin Williams (GCW) 2 0.46%
Aaron Altherr (LHV) 1 0.23%
Kevin Markham (CLR, LAK) 1 0.23%
Ben Aklinski (WPT, GCE) 1 0.23%
Luis Rojas (GCW) 1 0.23%
Yerwin Trejo (GCW) 1 0.23%

8 thoughts on “Results of 2018 Phuture Phillies Top Catchers and Outfielders Polls

  1. Let’s hope Ortiz does a Jose Pujols next year. Jose was terrible in 2017 but really turned things around in 2018. Ortiz was playing his first year of full season ball so I hope he gets in shape and figures some things out. He has a ton of potential but as I always say, “Potential hasn’t won or even helped to win a single game in the history of any sport.”

  2. Trying to anticipate and envision what Vierling will do in Clearwater next season.
    Hope he can get out of the gates fast and force talk of a mid-season promo to Reading.
    it will not be easy since he will face quality pitching in hi-A, something he may have not seen on a consistent basis in the ACC and in the SALLY
    But he could be a diamond in the rough and a shot in the arm and a boost for the farm when it comes to position player prospect status.

    1. It’s going to take some surprises out of the farm and some guys just being what their pedigree says they should be to turn this ship around.

      1. Yes…maybe Pelletier and Vierling are two hopefuls….then there is Luis Garcia who should pop up some national boards next year.
        As for the last four first round draft choices, lets hope they materialize to meet expectations..

        1. For once in I can’t remember how long, we need somebody, ANYBODY, to flat out dominate at an age appropriate level. More than one would certainly be preferable.

  3. I have to believe that Quinn’s votes were a result of his being in the Major Leagues. Not a chance that he isn’t better than anyone we have. Haseley, who I really like, will play a corner OF, and I am sorry, I root for Mickey Mo, but he is not better than Roman Quinn. If he becomes better, then we have a huge Bonus.

    1. That’s why I didn’t vote for him. I’m pretty sure he’s exhausted his rookie/prospect eligibility.

  4. Grullon would be a good add as 3rd catcher at AAA. He could even jump Knapp in depth chart next season. (Adding another catcher to ML roster would affect that).

    Micky Mo is young enough that he could regain some of that good prospect status he lost. It is encouraging that he could be in Clearwater and/or Reading next year. Haseley could be called up to majors as early as next year

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