Phuture Phillies: 2018 James’ Hitting and Pitching Awards Recipients

The winner of the second annual Phuture Phillies, James’ Hitting Award is Adam Haseley.

The co-winners of the second annual Phuture Phillies, James’ Pitching Award are Cole Irvin and David Parkinson.

Both are named after Phuture Phillies’ founder and benefactor, James.

The Phillies announced their Paul Owens’ Award winners for best hitter and best pitcher in the minor leagues – Austin Listi and David Parkinson.

Last year’s winners were Rhys Hoskins, and co-winners Tom Eshelman and Sixto Sanchez.  This is the second year we had co-winners for the pitcher’s award.

In the Phuture Phillies fan vote, Haseley received 39 votes (27.46%). It was a “two-horse” race as Haseley beat rookie league, 17-year old Luis Garcia who received 27 votes (19.01%).

Phuture Phillies fans split the top honor between two deserving pitchers – Irvin and Parkinson.  Each pitcher received 34 votes (24.64%).

Here are our ballot tallies.

Hitters Poll (142 total votes)

  • Haseley, Adam –  39 votes, 27.46%
  • Garcia, Luis – 27 votes, 19.01%
  • Meneses, Joey – 19 votes, 13.38%
  • Listi, Austin – 15 votes, 10.56%
  • Pujols, Jose – 8 votes, 5.63%
  • Alastre, Jesus – 7 votes, 4.93%
  • Aklinski, Ben – 4 votes, 2.82%
  • Anna. Dean – 5 votes, 3.52%
  • Duran, Rodolfo – 2 votes, 1.41%
  • O’Hoppe, Logan – 2 votes, 1.41%
  • Grullon, Deivi – 2 votes, 1.41%
  • Scheiner, Jake – 2 votes, 1.41%
  • Cozens, Dylan – 1 vote, 0.70%
  • Green, Zach – 1 vote, 0.70%
  • Mayer, Danny – 1 vote, 0.70%
  • Randolph, Cornelius – 1 vote, 0.70%
  • Vierling, Matt – 1 vote, 0.70%
  • Walding, Mitch – 1 vote, 0.70%
  • Ortiz, Jhailyn – 1 vote, 0.70%
  • Parkinson, David – 1 vote, 0.70%
  • James – 1 vote, 0.70%
  • Andrew pullin – 1 vote, 0.70%

Pitchers Poll (138 total votes)

  • Parkinson, David – 34 votes, 24.64%
  • Irvin, Cole – 34 votes, 24.64%
  • Howard, Spencer – 12 votes, 8.70%
  • Alcantara, Randy – 9 votes, 6.52%
  • Medina, Adonis – 8 votes, 5.80%
  • Stewart, Will – 8 votes, 5.80%
  • Aleman, Edison – 4 votes, 2.90%
  • Brown, Ben – 4 votes, 2.90%
  • Warren, Zach – 4 votes, 2.90%
  • Alcala, Bryan – 3 votes, 2.17%
  • De Los Santos, Enyel – 3 votes, 2.17%
  • Sanchez, Sixto – 3 votes, 2.17%
  • Armas, Gustavo – 2 votes, 1.45%
  • Dohy, Kyle – 2 votes, 1.45%
  • Rosso, Ramon – 2 votes, 1.45%
  • Cummings, Bailey – 1 vote, 0.72%
  • Falter, Bailey – 1 vote, 0.72%
  • Killgore, Keylan – 1 vote, 0.72%
  • Russ, Addison – 1 vote, 0.72%
  • Nola – 1 vote, 0.72%
  • Paterson – 1 vote, 0.72%


Once again, people don’t read everything when they see a poll , they just click a button.  I have no other explanation for a guy like Jesus Alastre who spent less than 4 weeks on an active roster getting any votes; or three rookie level pitchers like Alcala, Alcantara, and Aleman getting any votes.

I guess I’ll have to run the risk of influencing the vote by limiting selections to a player list I create.  That would also help with all the different naming formats and spellings that I receive.  And that would save me a lot of time tabulating results.

That would also eliminate uninformed responses like pitcher David Parkinson, James (?), and Andrew Pullin (who retired) for the hitter’s award.  Or Nola (a major leaguer) and Paterson (?) for the pitcher’s award.

Participation this year was much lower than last year.



13 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies: 2018 James’ Hitting and Pitching Awards Recipients

  1. I chose Listi and Medina. Obviously Parkinson and Haseley deserving. Very sad how folks can’t read instructions and only vote for names starting with A. It’s clear they just clicked a box. Meneses had a great AAA year but didn’t deserve 19 votes and come in 3rd ahead of LIsti.

    1. Wawa Mike,

      I could only see 3 names when I voted, and they were all A’s. I am sure I am not the only one who had that problem and that explains some of the headscratchers. In retrospect I should have just not voted or tried to log in later since I knew their must be something wrong with my browser or the site (or user error).

      1. Matilda:
        Jim’s instructions were:

        “I also don’t want to unduly influence voters with the players I would use to populate the poll. So, I’m just going to randomly plug three names into the poll (alphabetically) to meet the minimum required by the polling software. You should take advantage of the write-in feature to cast your vote. I’ll tabulate all the votes and publish the results in a week to ten days.”

        Jim did bold the specific instructions when he posted this.

  2. Parkinson had a nice year but he’s older than Enyel De Los Santos, who was 3 or 4 levels higher than him this year. That pick seems bizarre.

  3. I went with Garcia and Stewart. Garcia’s year was incredible and he’s only 17. Stewart had a very good year and he’s only 20. If he was allowed to pitch in the playoffs, I think LKW would have won the SAL championship. Yeah,he only would have pitched in 1 game but they needed a well pitched game to get them cranking again.

  4. Spencer Howard and Luis Garcia showed enough to project as top prospects, not just players with very good performances in 2018.

  5. I voted for Spencer Howard and Luis Garcia as well, strictly on upside potential. If Haseley is the top position prospect, then we’re in big trouble. He’s probably the closest to the big leagues. While he has some skills in each of the categories, not one of them is outstanding. He’ll be a respectable, journeyman outfielder who plays for 4 teams in a 10 year career

  6. Does anyone know where James has gone? He used to be one of my favorite follows on twitter (@giventofly41) and on various blogs but he has vanished. Just wondering if Jim or anyone else has any info to pass along.

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