Phuture Phillies 2018 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #8 Prospect

Adonis Medina was your selection as the #7 prospect in the Phillies’ organization.

Medina received 127 of 259 votes (49%).  Franklyn Kilome finished second (38 votes, 15%). Mickey Moniak finished third (29, 11%), Roman Quinn finished fourth (25, 10%), and JoJo Romero finished fifth (21, 8%).  Eleven players split the remaining 19 votes.

Adonis Medina was signed as an international free agent out of the Dominican Republic on May 29, 2014 at the age of seventeen.

In the DSL in 2014, Medina posted a 1.37 ERA and 0.987 WHIP in 11 games and 26.1 innings.  He issued 4 walks (1.4 BB/9) and struck out 22  (7.5 K/9).  He made 2 starts, had 7 finishes, a 2-3 record, and 1 save.  He was invited to Fall Instructs where I saw him throw his FB a consistent 88-89 mph, peaking at 90 mph.

In 2015, Medina made 8 GCL starts, 10 total appearances.  This marked his transition to a full time starter.  His two non-starts were following a rehab inning by and following a rain delay.  He posted a 2.98 ERA and 1.191 WHIP in 45.1 innings.  He issued 12 BB  (2.4 BB/9), struck out 35 (6.9 K/9) and posted a 3-2 record.  Medina’s FB velocity increased to 90-94 mph, and was reported to have touched 96 mph.  He was showing the beginnings of an advanced CB and also threw a CH.  During Instructs, I had him at  FB 92-93, CH 85, CB 76-77.

In 2016, Medina pitched for Williamsport.  He posted a 2.64 ERA and 1.098 WHIP in 13 starts, 64.2 innings.  He posted a 5-3 record, but the numbers that raised concern were his 24 BB (3.3 BB/9) and 34 K (4.7 K/9).  He maintained a low 90s FB that touched 95-97 mph as well as his CH and CB.  He made a third trip to Instructs and threw his FB 92-95 mph.

Medina’s highlight in 2016 was a combined one-hitter in which he came within 2 outs of a no-hitter.But in June, Medina came within 2 outs of a no-hitter.  Additionally, he didn’t allow a run in his first three starts (21.0 innings) that season.

Medina spent 2017 in Lakewood.  He rebounded with some very good numbers.  He posted a 3.01 ERA and 1.187 WHIP in 22 starts, 119.2 innings.  He issued 39 walks (2.9 BB/9%) and struck out 133 (10.0 K/9).  He FB maintained its low 90s velocity touching 95-97 mph, but he ran into some bad luck posting a 4-9 record.

Medina will most likely start in Advanced A in 2018 with a mid-season call-up to Reading. He becomes Rule 5 eligible after the 2018 season.

Next up is your selection for the #8 prospect in the organization with Kyle Young, Darick Hall, Cole Irvin, and Nick Fanti added to the poll.


2018 Readers’ Poll, so far –

  1. Sixto Sanchez
  2. Scott Kingery
  3. J.P. Crawford
  4. Jhailyn Ortiz
  5. Jorge Alfaro
  6. Adam Haseley
  7. Adonis Medina


29 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2018 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #8 Prospect

    1. I really like Romero. He is only three months older than Medina and had very good results at a higher level than Medina. His ceiling might be lower than Medina’s, but he appears to be the real deal and a lefty.

  1. Since Medina was picked, I will go with Jojo Romero for the #8 spot. He is the left-handed other side of Medina. I have Gamboa on my list for #8, but he is not on the slate. I have watched Gamboa improve greatly for a year and a quarter after being unable to hit when he first came up. He looks comfortable now. His fielding is good and he can do a lot with the bat. Although his power is improving, he is a top-of-the-order guy who can bunt to get on base, sacrifice, and hit line drives. I believe that this will be a break-out year for Gamboa.

  2. It’s undeniable MM didn’t have a good full first year, but I think we owe Phillies scouts more credit than to have him this low. Even if the numbers didn’t show it, they saw something in him and he is still very young. He should still be near the top IMO.

    1. Unfortunately you have to accept and not ignore that he had a terrible season. We all hope he rebounds and shows why everyone thought he was a first round talent. He’s probably not top 10 right now

    2. I have MM ranked 7th, really 5th with Crawford and Alfaro all about graduated in realty.

      I agree, he obviously didn’t set the league on fire but … I’ll give him some more rope before we hang him as a bust. It is really going to hurt mentally, if he doesn’t pan out, he was the #1 overall pick for crying out loud, but agreed, we should give the scouts some
      More credit. I’ll give him another half season before the panic really starts to
      Set in. Just look at Cornelius trajectory, he struggled for a good while but not looks like he turned the corner from the last portion of the season. I think he busts out, has an above avg season with one nice stretch of play for that renews hope for him. All in all…. the depending on where these prospects fit into the Phillies phuture plans … sometimes the hype/potenTial is the most aspect, hopefully the FO can sell high on whoever thEy decided to cast off for other pieces

      1. I don’t count MM as a bust. He’s #11 for me. Kilome here, then Delossantos and Romero, then MM.

    3. It’s absolutely insane people have guys like Jojo Romero and Medina above Moniak. And I like those guys!

  3. This is a tough section for me to line up. I feel like I can juggle Kilome, Moniak, Dominguez, Quinn, Eshelman, and JoJo and be happy with any of the combinations that fall.

      1. I agree, they’re my next two after that group. I currently have Brito at 14 and Gamboa at 15 and presented my 8 through 13 in the order above.

  4. Kilome for me with Medina and Romero. We really need one or more of these three to push forward for a call up to the rotation in mid 2019. How good might they be? A 3/4?? A legit 3?? Let them stay healthy this year and watch it play out.

  5. MM has fallen hard from grace as has C Randolph. The Phillies first rounders have not panned out to be studs for nearly a generation. I want MM and the other FR’s to succeed in MiLB and thrive in Philadelphia.

    1. uhlander…Randolph playing at Reading this season could put up some plus batting metrics….it will be the home/away split metrics that will probably be the true measure of his progress and projection.

    2. It’s fair to note that Moniak and Randolph had 0 combined plate appearances against pitchers younger than them last year. They were both really young for their levels.

    3. Is JP Crawford being written off or something? Aaron Nola looks pretty damn good too. That stretch from 2004-2013 was very bad though.

  6. I slid in Quinn here. I still think he has such good talent that I am hoping he finally can stay healthy.

  7. Matt, I went with Quinn, too.

    If you judge on skill, talent, ceiling, floor, proximity, Quinn is a top prospect.

    The Achilles heel, of course, is injury. And it’s been a persistent enough issue that I won’t argue with anyone who ranks other prospects higher.

    I also agree that this is a crowded area in the poll and good arguments are being made about a lot of guys. But Quinn has too much going for him — when healthy — for me not to put him here.

  8. The farm system rankings, a great problem
    To have, I can’t remember a time when you could get excited about so many players arrivals. You can make sound arguments for many combinations of rankings. Interesting to see Medina ranked above a Kilome… as well as sixto… not too long ago, Kilome was the hope. Now … some have him ranked as the 4th best pitching prospect in the system.

    I got one am looking forward to the phils first pick in draft this year, they need to hit, if they do they are set up very nicely going forward with a pipeline that would seem to keep flowing to not let the new core get complacent or get risky fat paychecks.

    Can’t wait for 2018&19 going to be fun

  9. I went with JoJo here. Medina, Romero, and Kilome are all so closely ranked imo. Let’s hope at least one can catch on with us in the bigs. I see them as maybe a 3. As attached as we get to them, they may be in another system next year via trade.

  10. Mickey Mo. He didn’t perform the way you’d hope the No. 1 overall pick would in his first taste of full-season ball, but he received an education. The tools are still there, the pedigree is there, and the ethos to improve is by all accounts there. He’s got more upside than anyone else remaining in the system.

    Check out this BA article for a positive outlook on a disappointing season.

    1. That article written before the season ended in very early August, with a bullish slant to a positive very early start that month. Then the REALLY bad news: when August was in the books, MM had hit .156 for the month with an equally horrendous OPS of only .410, with a truly horrendous OBP of .177. Then the story became that MM tired in his first full season. It was a BAAAD year, ending in the gutter. He’s young, he can come back. When (if?) he does, I’ll rate him higher. For now, I can’t do better than #11. He started the year with a solid .344 OBP, but then pitchers adjusted to him and he didn’t adjust to him and his OBP went down EVERY month from April through August.

  11. Went with Jojo here. There seems to be a shortage of high prospect lefties so he fills a need. Also MM is a few years removed from high school and facing stronger competition than he would having gone to college so he should get a pass. He needs to experience the riggers of a full season schedule without injury while he keeps working on his approach to hitting.

  12. It’s MM and I laugh (in a nerdy, I respect all of your educated opinions kind of way) at these names that people are voting for over the 2016 #1 pick. If you’re voting MM below all these guys because you don’t think his #1 draft status matter anymore and are going by pure stats than he shouldn’t even be top 30 for you.

    1. It’s a blend of the two. It was a lot later in the first round, but LGJ was also a first rounder for us. The bad stats proved the true measure and LGJ is out of the system. I still think MM makes it to the Phillies, but he has to seriously up his game. He didn’t show enough to be top 10.

    2. If the stats were poor but he was still getting encouraging scouting reports then I’d agree with you. Every scouting report from the latter part of last season that I saw included some variation of “he’s not as good a hitter as people thought”. He doesn’t have jaw dropping physical tools to fall back on- a big part of his prospect status was how advanced his bat supposedly was.

  13. I don’t think anyone is labeling MM as a bust. Putting him at 11 right now is not a crime, it’s also a reflection of a deep top 10 with some very good arms. I agree that projection is hugely valuable, especially with a pitcher but, production is also very valuable. The national folks all dropped MM way down or maybe even off the top 100 list. He still has lots of potential but for me we have pitchers who look legit.

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