Phuture Phillies 2018 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #7 Prospect

Adam Haseley was your selection as the #6 prospect in the Phillies’ organization.

Haseley received 113 of 272 votes (42%). Adonis Medina finished second (72 votes, 26%). Roman Quinn and Franklyn Kilome finished in a dead heat  for third with 21 and 20 votes each (7%).  Thirteen players split the remaining 46 votes. 

Adam Haseley was the Phillies’ first round selection in the 2017 Amateur Draft (#8 overall) out of the University of Virginia.  He was a member of the USA Under-14 Team in 2010 and a member of the 2014 USA National High School Invitational championship team.  He was named to the IBAF All-Star Team as an outfielder and was Team USA’s leading hitter.

At Virginia, Haseley earned Louisville Slugger Freshman All-America honors in 2015.  In 2016, he ranked second in the ACC in ERA (1.73) and ninth nationally.  He was named Third-Team All-American by Baseball America and NCBWA.  In 2017, he was named First-Team All-American (as an outfielder) by ABCA, Baseball America, and D1Baseball; Second-Team All-American (utility) by Collegiate Baseball and Perfect Game; and First-Team All-ACC (OF). He batted .390/.491/.659/1.150 with 14 home runs and 56 RBIs leading his team in batting, hits, home runs, runs, doubles, walks and total bases.

Haseley began his professional career by tearing up the GCL .583/.643/.833/1.476 in just 3 games.  He posted a reasonable .270/.350/.380/.7.30 at Williamsport before tapering off at Lakewood.  The long season comprising his junior collegiate year and 58 professional games likely took its toll.

Haseley had a combined .284/.357/.405/.761 across 3 minor league levels.  He walked 22 times (8.9%) and struck out 44 (17.9%) times in 246 plate appearances.  He hit 3 HR, 28 RBI, and stole 6 bases in 11 attempts.

A two-way performer in college, Haseley will only need to focus on preparation as a position player in the off season for the first time in his baseball career.  He will likely begin the 2018 campaign with the Clearwater Threshers.

Next up is your selection for the #7 prospect in the organization, no additional prospects.


2018 Readers’ Poll, so far –

  1. Sixto Sanchez
  2. Scott Kingery
  3. J.P. Crawford
  4. Jhailyn Ortiz
  5. Jorge Alfaro
  6. Adam Haseley

I can’t help but notice that after Sanchez at #1, we have position players in the next five spots.  The trend here seems to be for position players with proximity to the majors over our promising corps of young pitchers, not named Sanchez.  This is by no means meant as a criticism or any sort of negative.  It’s just an observation.  One that I formed a couple days ago, and waited to see if the votes continued to this most recent conclusion.  It will be interesting to see how the Haseley votes disperse in the next poll.  Medina? Quinn? Kilome?  Or some other prospect?


38 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2018 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #7 Prospect

  1. Going Moniak here, expect him to have a bounce back season. Last year was his first time experiencing failure, I believe he has the character to overcome. All the skills are there

  2. Medina again. Quinn’s risk is like a lead balloon. His tools are intoxicating but that risk wakes me up with a hangover. Moniak has moved pretty far down my list. Romero, Kilome and De Los Santos are my next 3 after Medina.

  3. For some reason, I’m not seeing the poll here. I tried Chrome and Safari. Anybody else having this problem?

    Medina is an easy choice for me here. He had a huge spike in his K-rate in his first full season stint without sacrificing control. He’s got good velocity, enough of an arsenal to mix up his pitches and has an awesome name. What’s not to like?

    1. Mike, If you can vote, but not see the results, that is how the poll is designed. I make the results “viewable” after the poll is closed. You can look at the previous day’s post to see the outcome. If you can’t vote, I don’t have an explanation.

      1. Hey Jim, thanks for the reply … I checked back a half hour later and I was able to vote that time. Don’t know what happened. All’s good now though!

  4. I went with JoJo, but Medina is a good pick here too. Pretty impressive that Kilome, with good scouting reports, coming off a very good season, is slipping to the bottom part of the top 10. Definitely speaks to the depth in the organization.

    1. I still like Kilome first of the three pitchers (Medina and Romero) but it’s very close between the three. MM is after them while I have to figure out where the new guy fits in. If Quinn were healthy…. but he hasn’t been.

  5. Mickey Mo. He was the 1st overall pick for a reason. I know $ played into that reason but he still is talented. I put him here expecting a big rebound.

  6. For the 7th selection I seriously considered 6 different players as they are all that good and pretty much that close in ranking. So basically what I am saying is there is not much drop off from this pick to pick #13. Like I went with Medina here, whom I consider just a hair better than Kilome and De Los Santos but not much separating them at all.

    1. Agree that there is little spread for me between the next handful of picks. Went with Medina as the pick..

  7. Medina….but Romero and Kilome could very also be there.
    A bit despondent in that the three are Phillies top ten pitchers, but many evaluators project them no more then mid-to-bottom rotation arms.

    1. Crazy, but very possible. If he hadn’t been a 1/1 pick, his performance last year might not have merited a top 30 selection. He was not good at all last year and it’s concerning.

      1. If he wasn’t a 1/1 pick…is sorta like saying if a bullfrog had wings it could fly.

  8. Almost a coin flip between Medina and Romero for me, with Kilome about a half step behind. I went with Medina because he’s probably got better pure stuff. Romero might have a better chance to stick in a rotation, however.

  9. I got my Top 5 in the Top 6 PP Poll, and my next 3 prospects will a trio of RHP who are close to one another – Kilome, Medina and delos Santos but of different profiles. Kilome is the prototypical TOR arm with high velocity FB and deadly CB, Medina a combination of stuff and command and delos Santos is probably a cross between Kilome and Medina.

    Kilome and Medina appears to be a 2-pitch pitchers as of now, so delos Santos having a potential plus 3rd pitch in CU should put him ahead of both Kilome and Medina. delos Santos is a pure “wild card” because I haven’t seen him or hear about him so I cannot really say if the scouting reports are reflective of his profile.

    Since I haven’t seen delos Santos pitch, I will re-arrange my rankings and put him behind Medina and Kilome until I start seeing reports about him in REA or LHV.

    I voted for Medina as #7 (he’s my #7) but Medina needs to show the CU more this season to continue to be a viable MOR prospect.

    1. You keep saying that Medina is a 2 pitch pitcher and I have no idea where you got that from given that he has 4 pitches of which the fastball and changeup are plus, the slider flashes plus, and the curveball is present (and fading to the slider in usage), but is a show me pitch even if it is a put loopy

      1. @Matt – I watched Medina 4 times this year in LWD. Here are his pitches.

        FB – 2S 91-94 with movement. 4S 96-97. He prefers the 2S vs 4S. FB is plus
        CB – he ditched this pitch in favor of SL (see below)
        SL – he started using this pitched in 2017 in favor of his SL. The SL looks tight and and end up at least above average.
        CU – Medina doesn’t throw this as much. I only saw him throw this pitch when pitching ahead in the count and/or pitching against the bottom of the order.

        So Medina is a FB-SL (both has a plus upside) with a working CU (still below average). If Medina’s CU is a plus, he will be MLB/BA Top 100 easy because a pitching with good command and 3 plus pitches is a TOR.

        Pitchers can throw >5 types of pitches if they want to. But it doesn’t mean they are a 5+-pitch pitcher. I stand with my assessment that Medina is a 2-pitch pitcher since the FB and SL are the pitches that he can command and control effective. Call it 3-pitch pitch if you want to split the 2S and the 4S.

          1. KuKo…..scouting evals by BP last year.
            Sept 4th…..Adonis Medina, RHP, Phillies (Low-A, Lakewood): 6 IP, H, 0 R/ER, 0 BB, 7 K……”While Sixto Sanchez gets all the attention among pitching prospects in the Phillies system, Medina should garner some attention of his own going forward. While he can struggle to throw quality strikes at times, his fastball is a lively pitch in the low-90s and will touch 96-97 mph at times, pairing well with both his slider and changeup that could be above-average pitches.”
            June, 2017:

            1. @romus – pretty much similar to what i said. FB is a plus, SL (end up at least above average). The difference is the CU. BP said “could” which means at some point in time and I will not contest. The CU is still a work in progress since he is throwing it behind the FB and SL based on the pitching count. I did mention in my earlier post that Medina needs to show that CU more

              I also said that Medina ditched the CB (which Matt still think he has), that’s why it is not mentioned in the scouting report.

              I saw Medina touched 97 a couple of times. but the 4s is more on 95-96 than 96-97 at least based on what I saw in LWD radar gun

            2. @romus – i have a radar gun in my xmas wish list for 3 years now and now one buys it for me. i’ll join a fantasy baseball league where the winner gets a radar gun.

        1. He was in BP’s top 101 last year and will be this year (at #4 for BA I think there is a very good chance he is on their 101 as well). I had multiple scouts and evaluators put a plus future on the changeup citing good sink and fade. I have heard shot at #2, but #3 starter is the more likely outcome. But every scouting type I talked to mentioned the changeup as the big reason for his breakout stock wise.

          1. Sure, the CU showed some good flashes which I agree but Medina needs to throw that CU more and often otherwise that “plus future” will not happen.

            I’m high with Medina since his breakout year that’s why i have him as the 2nd best pitching prospect behind Sixto Sanchez (who I watched 3 times).

            Medina’s ability to command all his pitches is what will make as a safer prospect to hit his potential and I’m optimistic that CU will eventually catch up with the FB-SL combo.

    1. I agree, I thought Senzel was going to be the 1st pick by Phillies instead of MM back in 2016. Heck MM may have been still on board come the 2nd round, but I do understand they were trying to get high upside value further down the draft board.

    2. Senzel is also a college player vs. Moniak as a HS player so it’s not surprising that he’s further ahead at this point. He’s several years older and has played more baseball at a higher level. If Senzel wasn’t better I’d be worried…

      We will eventually learn which player was the better pick but you can’t make that decision in 2017 or 2018.

  10. Well, Senzel isn’t in our system so let’s keep it moving. We have no idea who will be the better ML player at thus point, and Senzel isn’t in our system

    1. It’s frustrating, but I like the idea that out there somewhere are some fans looking at their team’s 2015 second and third round picks and thinking “man, we could have had Kingery!”

  11. Skipping on Moniak here has to be more of an emotional decision than a reasonable one. I can not be convinced today that Medina has a higher ceiling or is more likely to have a 10+ year career than the #1 overall pick in 2016. The vote is Micky Mo and I ask you all to join me.

    1. It doesn’t really matter where they’re picked vs. what they do. I’m still high on Moniak’s potential moving forward but his results so far are not enough put him ahead of a couple of others who also have high ceilings & better performance..

    2. I don’t think it is emotional to pick someone over MM. The argument could be made that it is emotional to want someone to be high on the list just so you can feel good about the former #1 pick and to keep hope alive that he will be a cog in a rebuild. The reality is that he was not good last year and did not show much to suggest any high end hit tools. I personally need better results from him before I can rate him this high.

  12. I have been watching this site for a couple years now. I don’t post much, but I do tend to read it most days. I have got to be honest, I do not understand why people rate kids that are 16-17 ahead of players that are already playing well at AAA . They are so incomparable that all it boils down to is conjecture. It seems that many here vote with their heart or vote according to where a player was drafted and pay less attention to what they have proven on the field. If a player puts up the numbers, then he should advance. If he doesn’t, then he will get passed up by someone that does. That simple. The old what have ya done for me lately thing strike a chord with me. Pro sports is full of guys that look like Tarzan but play like Jane. Just give me guys that can get the job done right now! And that is at all levels. If they play great, advance them. If someone is blocking them, then give it maybe two years, then jettison one or the other for a need you have. Banking on a young kid to may or may not be special in 5-7 years is shooting in the dark. Lets have a poll of our best players by stats going into this next year. Let the cream rise through the org by what they have done on the field, not what we hope or wish they do. comments welcome 🙂

    1. picking/ranking prospects is all about projection. Why do teams bother with scouting if all you need to do is look at a players stat line and say a player with good stats in AAA is better than a player with good stats in AA?

      Then you also have the long history of guys (Ruf, the Rizz, etc. ) who have put up terrific numbers at the AA/AAA level who have since disappeared. Were they really the top prospects in the system simply because they put up numbers?

      This exercise in ranking prospects is based on many things besides numbers. If you are only interested in ranking by stats, then just pull up any number of sites that list stats by team and sort….

  13. I also have trouble ranking prospects with less data. However, the Phillies goal with prospects should be to get good Major leaguers… minor league stats are not always predictive.

    I have changed my ranking criteria to only one question: who is more valuable in a trade.

    In game stats, scouting reports, age, projection, signing bonus, 40man status, scarcity, major league trends, and personal preference are all components I consider in making my judgement.

    I am willing to accept that others may place more emphasis on some aspect of information when making their rankings.

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