Florida Instructs; September 2017

I learned today that the start of the Florida Instructional League will be delayed about a week.  This should come as no surprise in the wake of Irma and the effects it has had on south Florida and the eastern Caribbean.

Originally, the players were to report next week with games scheduled from September 23rd thru October 12th.  The new start will likely be on or around the 30th.

A new schedule will be prepared.  It is likely that the lost week will not be incorporated into the new schedule, and that Instructs will still end on or close to the original end date.

The location of home games is still in question.  In previous years, Instructs games were held in Spectrum Field (nee, Bright House Field).  Due to scheduled field work that includes a new infield, home games may be moved to the Complex fields.

I will publish the new schedule when I get it, as well as the roster once it is finalized.


9 thoughts on “Florida Instructs; September 2017

    1. This is a preliminary list, and not their final, official list. BA probably had a deadline for running this story and ran it without bothering to check for updates. There are a handful of players listed in the BA story who will not report to Instructs due to winter ball commitments.

      When, I have the official list, I will publish it.

  1. I’m interested in getting updates/reports on those listed for Instructs that were DNP for the 2017 season. Presume they’re all on the higher end of the In’t spending…

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