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Report Card–Catchers

Lehigh Valley

Jorge Alfaro, 24, Acquired from Texas in 2015; .241/.291/.358 in 324AB with Lehigh Valley; 7HR 43RBI; 5%BB/33%K; .279 vs LHH, .223 vs RHH, .247 with RISP; 77 games caught with 2 errors (.997); 9 passed balls; 15/46 CS (33%); After starting the season very hot, Alfaro struggled for large portions of the year with the bat and was merely adequate with the glove.  Because of the injury to Andrew Knapp in Philly, Alfaro got the call up and he has caught fire at the plate but his defensive inadequacies come out frequently.  Grade: C; 2018: Alfaro is without options.  He will be in Philly.

Logan Moore, 27, Phils 9th round pick in 2011; .233/.310/.362 in 210AB; 6HR 31RBI; 11%BB/31%K; .133 vs LHP, .261 vs RHP; .239 last 30 days; 58 games caught with 4 errors (.991); 5 passed balls; 19/45 CS (42%); Moore continues to be an excellent defensive catcher that pitchers trust and enjoy throwing to.  His offense is a notch above poor.  Grade: C; 2018: Moore will be a minor league free agent.  The Phils would be wise to bring him back for depth.

Nick Rickles, 27, Acquired from Nationals in 2017; .258/.292/.422 in 158 AB between AA and AAA; 4HR 17RBI; 5%BB/15%K; 33 games caught with 2 errors; 3 passed balls; 11/26 CS(42% CS rate); Rickles was a depth pickup mid year for the organization and did a nice job filling in for both Reading and Lehigh Valley when needed; Grade: B; 2018: Likely elsewhere


Deivi Gruillon, 21, Signed as a free agent in 2013; .249/.283/.398 in 354AB between Clearwater and Reading; 12HR 37RBI; 5%BB/22%K; .229/.270/.410 in 83AB with Reading; 12 games caught with 12 errors (.985); 10 passed balls; 40/109CS (37%); Overall a decent season for Gruillon who progressed through Clearwater to Reading, showing a level of competency with the bat and hitting for some power.  For a guy who has always had his defense mentioned as his most positive attribute, he struggled a bit with his glove, but his arm was excellent.  Grade: B-; 2018: Reading. Continue reading Report Card–Catchers