Report Card–Catchers

Lehigh Valley

Jorge Alfaro, 24, Acquired from Texas in 2015; .241/.291/.358 in 324AB with Lehigh Valley; 7HR 43RBI; 5%BB/33%K; .279 vs LHH, .223 vs RHH, .247 with RISP; 77 games caught with 2 errors (.997); 9 passed balls; 15/46 CS (33%); After starting the season very hot, Alfaro struggled for large portions of the year with the bat and was merely adequate with the glove.  Because of the injury to Andrew Knapp in Philly, Alfaro got the call up and he has caught fire at the plate but his defensive inadequacies come out frequently.  Grade: C; 2018: Alfaro is without options.  He will be in Philly.

Logan Moore, 27, Phils 9th round pick in 2011; .233/.310/.362 in 210AB; 6HR 31RBI; 11%BB/31%K; .133 vs LHP, .261 vs RHP; .239 last 30 days; 58 games caught with 4 errors (.991); 5 passed balls; 19/45 CS (42%); Moore continues to be an excellent defensive catcher that pitchers trust and enjoy throwing to.  His offense is a notch above poor.  Grade: C; 2018: Moore will be a minor league free agent.  The Phils would be wise to bring him back for depth.

Nick Rickles, 27, Acquired from Nationals in 2017; .258/.292/.422 in 158 AB between AA and AAA; 4HR 17RBI; 5%BB/15%K; 33 games caught with 2 errors; 3 passed balls; 11/26 CS(42% CS rate); Rickles was a depth pickup mid year for the organization and did a nice job filling in for both Reading and Lehigh Valley when needed; Grade: B; 2018: Likely elsewhere


Deivi Gruillon, 21, Signed as a free agent in 2013; .249/.283/.398 in 354AB between Clearwater and Reading; 12HR 37RBI; 5%BB/22%K; .229/.270/.410 in 83AB with Reading; 12 games caught with 12 errors (.985); 10 passed balls; 40/109CS (37%); Overall a decent season for Gruillon who progressed through Clearwater to Reading, showing a level of competency with the bat and hitting for some power.  For a guy who has always had his defense mentioned as his most positive attribute, he struggled a bit with his glove, but his arm was excellent.  Grade: B-; 2018: Reading.

Chace Numata, 25, Phils 14th round pick in 2010; .249/.318/.351 in 305AB with Reading; 4HR 28RBI; 9%BB/11%K; .240 vs LHP; .254 vs RHP; 83 games caught with 8 errors (.988); 11 passed balls; 35/74 CS (47%); Numata was re-signed as a minor league free agent and did a decent job this year, albeit while missing some significant time with a concussion; Not an automatic out at the plate and his defense was at times plus and at other times lackadaisical.  Grade: C+; 2018: Likely elsewhere where he may see more of an opportunity


Edgar Cabral, 21, Phils 11th round pick in 2015; .260/.332/.357 in 319AB between Lakewood and Clearwater; 4HR 26RBI; 9%BB/18%K; .310/.379/.440 in 84AB with Clearwater; 87 games caught with 11 errors (.987); 2 passed balls; 44/91 CS (48%). Cabral showed progress both offensively and defensively this year.  Still needs more time at Clearwater before moving on.  Grade: B-

Austin Bossart, 24, Phils 14th round pick in 2015; .245/.284/.332 in 184AB; 2HR 18RBI; 4%BB/22%K; .264 vs LHP; .236 vs RHP; .269 last 30 days; 51 games caught with 6 errors (.988); 33/72 CS (46%); Bossart did exactly what he was asked as a back up.  Very good receiver and teacher.  Grade: B-; 2018: Back up to Gruillon in Reading


Colby Fitch, 22, Phils 13th round pick in 2017; .266/.400/.413 in 109AB between Williamsport and Lakewood; 4HR 12RBI; 15%BB/18%K; 27 games caught with 1 error (.996); 9 passed balls; 9/27 CS(33%); Fitch was pretty quickly promoted to Lakewood from Williamsport and played fairly well; Grade: B; 2018: Clearwater with the level of college experience Fitch has combined with 2017 success

Gregori Rivero, 21, Signed as a free agent in 2012; .270/.292/.316 in 137AB between WIlliamsport and Lakewood; 2HR 18RBI; 2%BB/15%K; 26 games caught with 5 errors (.976); 8 passed balls; 11/34 CS (32%); 7 games at 1B without an error; Grade: B; 2018: Lakewood with potential June movement to CLearwater

Henri Lartigue, 22, Phils 7th round pick in 2016; .248/.292/.410 in 339AB; 8HR 44RBI; 2SB; 6%BB/24%K; .163 vs LHP; .277 vs RHP; .109 last 30 days; 36 games caught with 2 errors (.994); 12 passed balls; 11/32 CS (34%); 3 games at 1B without an error; Lartigue received minimal playing time in the field, seeing most of his time as a DH; He produced at times, but with limited defense, his future is likely limited.  Grade: C; 2018: Likely Lakewood to start


Rodolfo Duran, 19, SIgned as a free agent in 2015; .252/.298./.346 in 159AB; 0HR 6RBI; 5%BB/22%K; .276 vs LHP, .238 vs RHP; .259 last 30 days; 47 games caught with 9 errors (.981); 13 passed balls; 24/50 CS(48%); Duran ended up as Williamsport’s primary catcher as a 19 year old and while he had some growing pains specifically with his receiving he generally did a nice job.  He has quite an arm.  Grade: C+; 2018:  Lakewood with potential drop back to Williamsport

Nerluis Martinez, 21, Signed as a free agent in 2015; .153/.187/.208 in 72AB between GCL and Williamsport; 0HR 2RBI; 4%BB/16%K; .111 vs LHH, .163 vs RHH, .152 last 30 days; 22 games caught with 2 errors (.989); 2 passed balls; 8/35 CS (23%); Largely unimpressive; Grade: D; 2018: Could get caught in the numbers game


Rafael Marchan, 18, Signed as a free agent in 2015; .238/.290/.298 in 84AB; 0HR 10RBI; 5%BB/9%K; .222 vs LHP; .242 vs RHP; 29 games caught with 3 errors (.985); 10 passed balls; 32/77 CS (42%); Too many passed balls; Good CS rate; 2018: Williamsport

Kipp Moore, 21, Signed as a free agent in 2017; .250/.344/.339 in 56AB; 0HR 7RBI; 5%BB/27%K; 32 games caught with 1 error; 3 passed balls; 8/19 CS (42%); I admittedly know nothing about Kipp Moore so no judgment passed.

Lenin Rodriguez, 19, SIgned as a free agent in 2015; .262/.408/.344 in 61AB; 1HR 7RBI; 21%BB/9%K ; 29 games caught with 3 errors (.977); 0 passed balls; 7/28 CS  (25%); Should move up to WIlliamsport in 2018


17 thoughts on “Report Card–Catchers

  1. I have to say it, Alfaro does not look like a major league starting catcher at this time. I think the Phillies agree and they’re not sure what to do. Knapp could be back at LHV next year, with Rupp elsewhere, and a veteran catcher brought in. None of the minor league catchers described above get me excited, although I did like Lenin but he seems to be a slow mover.

    1. If Alfaro is not the future Phillies catcher he will be packaged in a deal for a #2-#3 pitcher. Knapp and Rupp call better games and are better defensively. Alfaro’s free swinging early will catch up to him next year.

  2. Alfaro’s defense is poor. He is at the age where youth is no longer an explanation as well. Needs big improvement next year on D.

  3. Alfaro is honestly just about the worst defensive catcher I have ever seen. He would need to hit like Johnny Bench to justify him being the #1 catcher. I don’t know what his future is but it is not as a #1 catcher with that defense.

    Ernie Whitt is the Phillies roving catching instructor and Whitt was a long-time MLB catcher. Dusty Wathan has also obviously worked with Alfaro. Maybe what we see with Alfaro is what we get.

    1. He is definitely defensively challenged back there.
      Though from what I understand he has improved since coming over from the Rangers..
      One concern for whoever is the manager in 2018, is that the pitchers may not want to pitch to him.
      Then again, if his bat eventually plays like Yankee Gary Sanchez’ bat, then it will be alright for him to stay behind the plate.

        1. Alfaro would probably be the worst hitting first baseman in baseball – quite a bit worse than Tommy Joseph I expect. If he has to play first, he has almost no shot of a major league career.

          1. Alfaro is exactly like Joseph.

            His value it tied to him staying behind the plate and like ToJo, he will be a below average player at any other position.

  4. Back in’15, Amaro and the scouts did say Alfaro was athletic enough to play a corner OF position. He has the arm and apparently runs very well for a catcher to adequately provide coverage out there..

    1. I think what is a bit concerning is that there don’t appear to be any major catching prospects in this organization. Some of the lower level guys might emerge, but it doesn’t really look like a position of strength for the Phils.

      1. Do not sell Grullon short yet.
        He will be starting fresh at Reading next season and he really can put up some quality ISO stats there in that park.
        He was .181 ISO in SSS of 90 PAs there this season.
        Now you will get the Reading park factor offense label…like they have done with every prospect who hits there….but at age 22 he may be turning the corner.

        1. He was my sleeper pick this year. Thought he had a decent season overall and am interested to see how he does in AA for a full year..

          1. Agreed. Grullon may be a decent prospect if he can develop a bit more offensively. From what I’ve heard the defensive tools are there.

            1. Yes, he came in with a reputation for having good defense. Biggest disappointment is multiple reports on his defense have been less than positive.

    2. Romus, I remember reading about the OF with alfaro.
      Same issue with 1B, his bat wouldn’t be valuable? Catch, thoughts?

  5. With their hot starts, I might try to sell high on Alfaro or Williams.
    Alfaro is great athlete but he just may not be a ‘natural catcher’ and his batting approach may never allow him to be above average. But the bar is low for catchers and his power may eventually come.

    If Alfaro’s value is high enough to be a main piece in a trade I’d be okay with Rupp/Knapp or even vet with one in AAA. Catcher is such a tough position that having a star there is less valuable in just 130 games. Get 2 decent guys and focus on pitching staff.

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