Moving Forward into the 2017 Off Season

We are entering the quiet time for Phillies discussion.  The minor league seasons are completed.  The major league playoffs loom on the horizon without the Phillies, yet again. So before I switch to off season reporting, how about one more poll?

Would there be any interest in an End of Season Prospect Poll?  I would start it almost immediately, and run a top 30.  This does not need to replace the normal Phuture Phillies Top 30.  Maybe we just do a top 10 or 20 right now?

Now that Box Score Recaps have ended until next season, and with the imminent completion of Greg’s Report Cards, what content will Phuture Phillies offer between now and spring training? I will provide ( I checked to see what I did last year) –

  • The weekly Open Discussion
  • Reports on Instructs
  • Roster Moves and Rule 5 Decisions when/if they occur
  • Some loose coverage of the winter leagues (depends on how difficult to get info)
  • Maybe an on site report from the Winter Meetings
  • Hopefully, Kirsten Karbach will provide another Tools Report on the Threshers
  • And, of course, the Readers Top 30.

Well, here’s the poll.  I’ve allowed multiple answers as well as write-in suggestions, but still have blocked repeat voting.  I have opened up the comments section, but I am going by poll results, not anything in the comments section.

11 thoughts on “Moving Forward into the 2017 Off Season

  1. Something I’d love to see but I understand that it is a huge undertaking is an update of the Prospect Profiles on this site. Something that brings together current scouting reports, 20-80 grades, pitcher velocity and secondary stuff evaluations. I am especially interested in this for our numerous pitchers. I am still trying to wrap my head around who might be TOR or Middle of the rotation guys and who are just back end guys. We just have such pitching depth with Sanchez, Kilome, Medina, Dominguez, Romero, Suarez, Fanti, Falter…on and on.

    1. As a start, any pitcher that’s in MLB’s top 100 prospects have the necessary skills to be a 1 or 2. That doesn’t mean they will reach their potential.

      In that respect, Sixto seems to be the only one of the Phillies to be a possible TOR starter

      1. Hey Jimmy why dont you ask to see if anyone is interested in helping out? Im sure it has to be tough for just you and V1 to run the site. What aron asked for seems like an honest request.

  2. I like the idea of a best of position poll. This would allow some good discussion that could carry into the Reader Top 30 without stealing any of its thunder.

      1. I agree with the by position and by affiliate polls. Don’t think another top 10-30 poll is needed. It would just be rehashing the same information discussed in pre-season and mid-season. By position allows discussion about players deeper into the pharm

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