First Annual Phuture Phillies Hitting and Pitching Awards, 2017

The winner of the first annual Phuture Phillies Hitting Award is Rhys Hoskins.

The co-winners of the first annual Phuture Phillies Pitching Award are Tom Eshelman and Sixto Sanchez.  

Yesterday, the Phillies announced their 2017 Paul Owens Award winners for the best hitter and pitcher,  Scott Kingery and Tom Eshelman.  So, the Phillies were half right.

In the Phuture Phillies fan vote, Hoskins received 91 votes (45%). It was a “two-horse” race as Hoskins beat Scott Kingery who received 76 votes (37.6%).

Phuture Phillies fans split the top honor between two deserving pitchers.  Each pitcher received 52 votes (23.9%).  Nick Fanti finished third with 36 votes (16.5%).

Here are our ballot tallies.

  • Hitters Poll
  • Hoskins, Rhys           91       45.0%
  • Kingery, Scott           76        37.6%
  • Alfaro, Jorge             18           8.9%
  • Hall, Darick                   6           3.0%
  • Alastre, Jesus             4           2.0%
  • Antequera, Jose        3           1.5%
  • Coppola, Zack             1           0.5%
  • Cabral, Edgar               1           0.5%
  • Pullin, Andrew            1           0.5%
  • Walding, Mitch            1           0.5%


  • Pitchers Poll
  • Eshelman, Tom        52         23.9%
  • Sanchez, Sixto          52         23.9%
  • Fanti, Nick                   36         16.5%
  • Anderson, Drew      22         10.1%
  • Leftwich, Luke          15           6.9%
  • Romero, JoJo             9           4.1%
  • Taveras, Jose               9           4.1%
  • Appel, Mark                  4           1.8%
  • Lively, Ben                     4           1.8%
  • Suarez, Ranger           4           1.8%
  • Young, Kyle                   3           1.4%
  • Kilome, Franklyn       2           0.9%
  • Medina, Adonis          1           0.5%
  • Alcantara, Randy       1           0.5%
  • Falter, Bailey                 1           0.5%
  • Arauz, Harold              1           0.5%
  • Singer, Jeff                    1           0.5%
  • Rios, Yacksel                 1           0.5%


People don’t read everything when they see a poll , they just click a button.  I have no other explanation for Jose Antequera getting any votes and for Jesus Alastre and Jorge Alfaro getting as many votes as they did in the hitter’s  poll.  I also have no explanation for Randy Alcantara and Mark Appel getting votes in the pitcher’s poll.  I would have expected Drew Anderson to get some votes, but the click pattern puts his number in question.

People can’t spell.  You would be surprised at how many people don’t know how to spell the names of our prospects.

People are unaware of who their prospects really are.  Or, maybe it’s that they just don’t read.  Pitchers Nick Fanti and Luke Leftwich received votes as hitters.  Phillies’ center fielder Odubel Herrera received a vote for the minor league hitter’s award.  Hoskins received votes as the best pitcher and Phillies pitcher Aaron Nola received a vote for the minor league pitcher’s award. And Mark Singer (Jeff) received a vote.

One voter couldn’t decide between two players and split his vote.

And one comedian voted for a non ball player.

(I’m stopping here for now with the intention of returning, but I am putting this on a timed publication release, just in case I don’t get back to it.  I’ll be doing the same for the Weekly, Discussion but don’t know how I’ll handle the remaining couple of Box Score Recaps.)


47 thoughts on “First Annual Phuture Phillies Hitting and Pitching Awards, 2017

  1. “Kingery, Scot 76 37.6%”

    “People can’t spell. You would be surprised at how many people don’t know how to spell the names of our prospects.”

    I love you, Jim.

  2. I went Kingery over Hoskins mostly because Hoskins has already graduated to the big club.
    This poll gave me the chance to better get a grip on just how deep the Phillies’s system is in pitching. There were a number of really good candidates. In the end, I voted for Fanti. His two no-hitters were the tie breaker for me.

    Once again, stay safe Jim, and thank you for all of your hard work.

    1. I wanted to graduate Hoskins to the big leagues and vote Kingery but I couldn’t find a place to ask the question. Hoskins is deserving by far and Kingery was a distant 2nd. I voted Fanti because I downloaded the stats and sorted them many different ways. Fanti came out on top for many of my sorts. Sanchez was very very close and Eshelman was right in the hunt.

    2. I voted Hoskins over Kingery myself but it was close. My rationale was that we b were voting for a player of the year and success in the Bigs should factor in as well.

      We all have different criteria though. Heck, I voted Fanti over Sixto because I was looking at performance vs projectability. Sixto’s still likely my #1 prospect though.


  3. I went Kingery and Taveras , Kingery because he shows all the tools . They move him fast though the minor leagues. Taveras just ran buckshot though the sys and never really was challenged.

  4. Fun exercise well done. Kudos to Jim since his “constraints” used for fairness, such as basically forcing people to type in the names, made it a LOT more work than the regular polls with their set number of choices!

  5. I counted only minor league performance in picking Kingery over Hoskins, factoring in defense. Had I considered his MLB play, I would have picked Hoskins.

      1. I did the same. Isn’t this basically us voting while using the same criteria the Phils use for the Paul Owens award? I don’t think they count major league performance either.

        I also went with Kingery and Eshelman. The pitching award was tough to call but I gave Eshelman the edge over Romero and Taveras because he did it at a higher level.

    1. Yes but the 3 walks Hoskins stayed at 1st didn’t score. See Hoskins can’t steal a base and isn’t a above avg base runner . Kingery is he can put himself in scoring postion by stealing a base or go from 1st to 3rd on a single. Kingery defense is above Avg too .

      1. You don’t understand how the math of baseball works. If you want to compare abilities to generate runs, look at OPS. Not stolen bases.

        1. ?ops measures the players ability to get on base and slg % not what they do
          When players get on base. Kingery has the ability to steal bases and to take the extra base to improve his chances to score. Having Kingery score from 1st is much easier then Hoskins because Kingery is much Faster. Kingery has better tools then Hoskins as far as speed , Defense abilities hit tool as far as avg . Hoskins is a RH older 1st baseman that has to hit for power which he is doing. Bellinger did the same thing this yr . A lot of hitter’s young hitters power hitters are crushing the ball this yr. Judge age 25 ,41hr Gallo 23 , 37 Sanchez 24 ,30 Sano 24 ,28 Stanton 27 ,54 Schoop 25 , 31 That’s not including Trout or Harper.

    2. And the frightening number of pitches !!!!!!! He could personally wear out a pitcher. Meanwhile, after today, the kid had a tough day with a very tough pitcher. I do not doubt him at all – but let’s see how he adjusts after a bad day.

      And all safety and prayers to Jim !!!

      1. His plate discipline is elite. Kingery, is a great prospect, but his patience at the plate is not even average. His strike out rate is higher and walk rate is lower than Rhys. It isn’t close to be honest. Rhys is by far a better offensive player. By far. Scotty Jetpax is better defensively and that also isn’t close. But IMO the better offensive performance of Rhys tips it in his favor. And I don’t understand the argument that his MLB performance doesn’t count.

        1. Agreed. Rhy was a superior offensive performer this year and it wasn’t close even if you just include his minor league numbers.

          And I LOVE Kingery as a prospect, but he’s nowhere near as a productive a hitter as Hoskins.

          This year at AAA, Hoskins was dominant all year and had nothing in particular to work on. Kingery still has things he needs to work on, although the list is not that long, but I’d like to see him draw more walks. With most players I’d just assume he would continue along as he has, but I think Kingery is one of these rare players who can virtually will himself to do something, so I expect his walk percentage to improve next year.

            1. Just read Matt Gelb’s post this afternoon. He basically says you can count on Jetpax staying at AAA until late May/early June. If Cesar gets traded, they hope Florimon heals in time to man 2b on an interim basis out of spring training.

              Also said that the club will consider having a 3rd catcher behind Alfaro and Knapp or Rupp.

  6. Jim, hope you’re safe. I love our can’t spell comment. To that I would add, I bet most can’t pronounce the prospects’ names either. The Hispanic names are especially butchered by many Phillies phans.

    1. Just listen to WIP, there are no fans in any part of the country that are as bad as pronouncing players’ names as the Philadelphia fans.

      And it’s not just saying difficult or foreign names – it’s giving guys completely different names for reasons I cannot understand. And so often it’s the inability to correct pronounce names that the fan has obviously heard announcers say a kazillion times – like people who would pronounce Pat Burrell’s name bur-ELL. Terry Francona used to laugh at how fans would call him Franconia (you know, like the township) when they clearly heard the announcers pronounce his name hundreds and hundreds of times.

      I bet Jim has received a lot of e-mails praising “Hopkins” this year.

      1. Catch, don’t you just love the Phillies On Deck pre-pregame show with Jon Marks. He’ll go to the phones and the first caller is always Bob from Potts Grove. The guy sounds like he’s a hundred yrs old and struggles with virtually every name that comes out of his mouth. Comical.

  7. “YOUR” can’t spell comment. That was a typo made by old, stiff fingers, not bad spelling. 🙂

  8. Remember most people called Cole Handle “Coil” or “Hammes” for about 2 when was already in the majors.

  9. Think I was the no player vote for pitching. I was putting Austin Davis in but hit enter first. Surprised I didn’t see Austin with a few votes. I’m not the best with PC but read phuture all the time. Great Info

  10. I propose that whoever wins the yearly award can grace the site’s banner for the coming year, if possible.

  11. I had it as a 2 way race for both. Hoskins over Kingery and Suarez over Eshelman. I voted for best in results.

  12. I voted for JoJo Romero. He outperformed Sixto at both Lakewood and Clearwater. He had a better xFIP than Eshelman, albeit at a lower level. He both had great performance and is prospectish.

    1. JoJo is 2 years older than Sixto at the same level. You have to be kidding voting him over Sixto.

      Sixto is elite. JoJo is a 5th starter, maybe.

      1. I would agree Sixto is a better prospect here but I also agree JoJo had a better year. JoJo was among about 5-6 pitchers I considered voting for (Sixto was included). JoJo has one heck of a pickoff move. Its still early but I could see him as midrotation starter

  13. Why didn’t I count Hoskins’ MLB stats? It was because that was how I interpreted the poll. And upon reflection, that’s how I think it should be. What if Hoskins had been called up in April and won the National League MVP. Would he still be the minor league player of the year? When’s the cut-off? I think only minor league stats should be all that count.

    I agree that Kingery still needs to learn to walk more at the AAA level, but he did it at the AA level, so I think he will. Keep in mind that Kingery was young for AA. In 2007 I was unsure who I liked better between Howard and Utley. By 2009 I knew but it took me a while. Here’s to hoping Hoskins and Kingery each give us MVP years and we can continue to be unsure who is better for many years to come. Obviously Hoskins has a head start, but that has nothing to do with his minor league performance this year, because in my mind Kingery was better.

    1. Hoskins played enough minor league ball to garner TWO awards from the International League. He was named the league’s Most Valuable Player and Rookie of the Year. I’m sure the International League was just looking at his minor league stats. If the International League sees fit to give Hoskins two awards, …

  14. Full disclosure. When I create the polls, I test them then delete my votes. My test votes were for Scott Kingery and Kyle Young. Before entering the vote, I remembered that Rhys Hoskins spent most of the year in AAA and changed my vote from Kingery to Hoskins.

    As good a year as Kingery had, I think Hoskins was better. But, I understand why those who support Kingery do so. However, I have seen it stated in several places that Kingery was selected over Hoskins for the Owens Award (and here) because Hoskins won it last year. Well, that’s just a lot of bull to overlook the best year by a player because he won last year. Just my opinion.

    And, finally, this was about rewarding the player and pitcher with the best year. NOT the best prospect. Although, I went with Young, several pitchers are worthy of recognition, Eshelman (NOT Eschelman, for crying out loud) included.

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