Open Discussion: Week of July 30th

The Phillies had another good week going 4-2, crushing Houston after dropping the first 2 games of the series and then taking 3 games from the Braves.  They have won 4 in a row and 8 of their last 11 games.  They have a 34-64 record and a .373 PCT.  They have closed ground on the peloton (if I can borrow a cycling term) and are no longer the consensus worst team in baseball.

After getting beat soundly by the Astros in the first 2 games of the series, Aaron Nola shut out the Astros for six innings en route to a 9-0 rout in the getaway game.  He struck out 10 batters.  Jake Thompson tossed five shutout innings in his major league debut against the Braves Friday night on his way to his first victory.  Hector Neris got an extra inning win Saturday. Vince Velasquez shut out the Braves for six innings before Neris got a walk off win Sunday.

The Phillies conclude their home stand with an afternoon game against the Braves Monday before starting a 20-day sequence that has them going out west to play 3-game series against the Angels and Rockies, a 2-game set in Atlanta, 4 games at home against the Mets, and back out west for 3 games against the Padres and 4 against the Giants.  All with just one day off, coming  before the Atlanta series.  Thank you to the Marquis de Sade of scheduling.

The Phillies are still 23.5 games out of first place in the East Division.  They knocked the Braves out of second place in the division.  They are 9.5 games behind the fourth place Mets. They are 20.0 games behind the Rockies in the Wild Card race.

Now, the race we have a chance to win –

Bottom 10 Teams W L PCT Last 10 Streak
Philadelphia 38 64 .373 7-3 W4
San Francisco 40 66 .377 3-7 L3
Chi White Sox 40 62 .392 2-8 W1
Cincinnati 42 63 .400 2-8 W1
Oakland 46 59 .438 3-7 W2
San Diego 47 58 .448 6-4 L1
Detroit 47 56 .456 4-6 W2
Atlanta 48 55 .466 3-7 L4
NY Mets 48 55 .466 5-5 L2
Toronto 49 56 .467 5-5 W1

The Phillies’ winning ways continue to tighten the “race for last place”.  Once again everyone gained ground on the Phillies.  Now that the Phillies have moved some of their veteran players, I am not convinced that they will begin losing with young players filling new roles.  Right now, I can see at least 3 teams dropping below the Phillies.  The perennially tanking Reds would be among those teams.  The next 20 days should go a long way to deciding the Phillies fate.  So, yes, the race to 1:1 has become interesting.

Something New

I have added new Google sheets.  In addition to the organization’s rosters at the bottom of the Transactions section, you will find the organization’s injury list and the organization’s Rule 5 eligibility list.  ALL are current as of today, July 30, 2017.

Key dates remaining:

  • July 31st, 4:00 PM EST – Non-waiver Trade Deadline
  • August 31st, 11:59 PM EST – Waiver Trade Deadline
  • December 10-14th – Winter Meetings in Orlando
  • December 14th – Rule 5 Draft


  • 7/30 – Phillies placed RHP Pedro Beato on the 10-day DL. Left hamstring strain
  • 7/30 –  Phillies activated LF Hyun Soo Kim
  • 7/30 – Phillies recalled Mark Leiter from Lehigh Valley
  • 7/30 – Alexis Rivero assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Reading
  • 7/30 – LHP Garrett Cleavinger assigned to Reading
  • 7/29 – Phillies traded RHP Jeremy Hellickson and cash to Baltimore Orioles for LF Hyun Soo Kim, LHP Garrett Cleavinger and Future Considerations
  • 7/29/ – Phillies selected the contract of RHP Pedro Beato from Lehigh Valley
  • 7/29 – Clearwater Threshers released RHP Matt Hockenberry
  • 7/29/- Casey Brown assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Lakewood
  • 7/28 – Phillies traded LF Howie Kendrick and cash to Washington Nationals for LHP McKenzie Mills and Future Considerations
  • 7/28 – Phillies selected the contract of RHP Jesen Therrien from Lehigh Valley.
  • 7/28 – RHP Wilberson Liendo assigned to DSL Phillies Red from DSL Phillies White
  • 7/27 – SS Jose Gomez assigned to Clearwater Threshers
  • 7/27 – RHP J.D. Hammer assigned to Clearwater Threshers
  • 7/27 – RHP Alejandro Requena assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws
  • 7/27 – LHP Brandon Leibrandt assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Reading Phils
  • 7/27 – Reading placed C Greg Brodzinski on the 7-day DL. Right shin contusion
  • 7/27 -Reading placed C Chace Numata on the 7-day DL retro to 7/26/17. Concussion
  • 7/27 – C Deivi Grullon assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Clearwater Threshers
  • 7/27 – LHP Jeff Singer assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Clearwater Threshers
  • 7/27 – C Edgar Cabral assigned to Clearwater Threshers from Lakewood BlueClaws
  • 7/27 – LHP Aaron Brown assigned to Clearwater Threshers from GCL Phillies
  • 7/27 – LHP Bailey Falter assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Williamsport
  • 7/27 – Ramon Rosso assigned to GCL Phillies from DSL Phillies White
  • 7/26 –  Phillies traded RHP Pat Neshek to Colorado Rockies for RHP Alejandro Requena, RHP J.D. Hammer, and SS Jose Gomez
  • 7/26 – Lehigh Valley placed RHP Edubray Ramos on the 7-day DL retro to 7/24/17. Blister on right index finger
  • 7/26 – Phillies activated RF Aaron Altherr from the 10-day disabled list.
  • 7/26 – Phillies placed Daniel Nava on the 10-day DL retro to 7/23/17. Left ham. strain
  • 7/26 – Reading Fightin Phils activated C Greg Brodzinski from the 7-day disabled list
  • 7/26 –  Reading Phils placed 3B Mitch Walding on the 7-day disabled list. Ear fracture
  • 7/26 – RHP Alejandro Made assigned to DSL Phillies Red
  • 7/26 – RHP Leonel Aponte assigned to DSL Phillies White from DSL Phillies Red
  • 7/25 – Reading Phils activated SS Jorge Flores from the temporarily inactive list
  • 7/25 – Juan Aparicio assigned to DSL Phillies Red from DSL Phillies White
  • 7/25 – Phillies optioned Ricardo Pinto to Lehigh Valley IronPigs
  • 7/25 – Phillies recalled Jake Thompson from Lehigh Valley IronPigs
  • 7/25 – Brandon Leibrandt assigned to Reading Phils from Lehigh Valley IronPigs
  • 7/25 – LHP Joey DeNato assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Reading Phils
  • 7/25 – Clearwater Threshers placed CF Mark Laird on the 7-day DL; concussion
  • 7/25 – Clearwater Threshers activated RF Jose Pujols from the 7-day disabled list
  • 7/24 – Clearwater sent RF Jose Pujols on a rehab assignment to GCL Phillies
  • The organization’s rosters are up to date.
  • The organization’s injury list is as up to date as I can make it.
  • The organization’s Rule 5 eligibility list is as accurate as I can make it based on the

Here’s the open discussion thread for Phillies’ talk and other topics.


284 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of July 30th

  1. Not fair to ever say Phils were the worst team considering when they were winning early last year we all said “yeah but they are just lucky to win all those one run games.” Now they have lost the one run games at an “unlucky” clip. Combine that with injuries and prolonged slumps by regulars and it looks like the worst team in baseball, but could easily be a .500 team, which is what I expected this year.

    More disappointing was the performance of some top prospects: JPC (recent performance notwithdtanding, Alfaro’s slump, Quinn’s DL woes, Moniak’s lack of impact, C’s slow start (he turned it around), Thompson, Eflin and Eickhoff underwhleming. All in all though, I’m pretty damn happy with the major league team and the farm. Things are looking up.

    1. my bigger point being Phils will absolutely not finish in last in the league. I am totally ok with that.

      also, how great was Galvis today?

  2. it certainly does seem strange to get to end of july and have teams that have played 3 or 4 less games than other teams. been nice to see them figure out how to win some games, but assume this 20 game stretch will be a struggle.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if this club reached 70 W’s but like any other losing season, it wouldn’t necessarily be a determinant of future success. So many players still on this 25 man roster (let alone the 40 man) will likely be gone by the rule 5 draft, and even more could be moved after. This year is all about who stays and who goes among the younger set of potential core building pieces. Half the current starting lineup may still very well be different on opening day. We have yet to see Crawford, Kingery, Hoskins and a struggling Alfaro (who will either be on the 25 man squad opening day or picked up off the waiver wire, which is less likely considering his position and that he was a main piece returning in the Hamels trade).

    1. If you were to say that more than a couple of players previously protected from the Rule 5 draft will be exposed by the Phils this year, I could agree with that. To suggest, as I think you have, that many will be taken by other teams is one of the more unusual predictions I’ve read here. Given the recent history of the Rule 5 and the patterns as they would impact the Phils, your thinking on this would be welcome.

      One would expect top 10-15 prospects on organizational charts to become targets, as they have in the past. I don’t see anyone fitting that description left off the Phils’ 40-man roster this year. I would put the likelihood of 1 player being lost at less than 25 %, losing 2 players less than 5 %.

    2. 8mark….barring a major trade, and other than Tommy Joseph being replaced by Rhys Hoskins….who will be different in the current starting lineup come next April?
      The OF seems set with Atlherr/herrera/Williams…then Fanco/Galvis/Hernandez and most likely Hoskins…catching Knapp, then Alfaro or Rupp.
      Now come May/June that will all change I think.

  4. As someone who accumulated a lot of thumbs down…I want you to bring back the thumbs up and thumbs down voting. No one should take a thumbs down seriously.

    1. I commented on Jim’s removing the Thumbs UP/Down a few days ago in the context of my wanting to acknowledge a comment I liked, and though it is unfortunate not to be able to do that other than adding another comment, IMO the problem which I’m guessing Jim recognized, is that feature based on any scan even of innocuous comments was not a valid indicator of comment quality or how widespread the comments’ sentiments were shared! In other words, the downside to it is that it might misrepresent the forum’s opinions.

    2. v1 – I will give you a run in the thumbs down category. while I miss it, I prefer the 1-5 stars since i’m still intrigued whose the 1-star fairly floating here.

    3. Yeah I was wondering why it was removed as well. I highly doubt anyone complained about it . . . Its a good gauge to see where every one stands on certain topics.

  5. Tigers & Rangers starting to make moves. Both could be trade partners for Rupp now in the off-season, but what if the Rangers made an offer for Alfaro?

    Out of options & will need to play everyday to get better. I believe he can be plugged into the 8 hole of the lineup & get 300 AB’s next year, but his catching could be a detriment to the young pitching staff.

  6. A quick scan of the 40 man and I’ve counted/projected they will clear at least 10 spots: Benoit, Milner, Morgan, Tirado, Blanco, Kelly, Stassi, Kim, Nava, Perkins and then you have DL players such as Fien and Buchholz

    They should be in really good shape to protect the players they need to protect.

    1. DMAR….just the one name, Morgan.
      Matt Klentak mentioned him yesterday in his interview with Scott Palmer, as the one guy, along with Luis Garcia, who really has progressed in the ‘pen. So he may be up in the air for protection.

      1. You watch the games Romus is there really anything special in Morgan’s arsenal of pitches? I mean yeah I could see keeping him on for another half season to see what he does but he is just mediocre in my opinion.

        1. I agree both LHP are only mediocre (M&M), interestingly we only have 2 LHP total on the 40 man.

        2. DMAR….granted he doesn’t have anything special. But they seem to think he has come along. Personally I would not protect him and let him become a free agent….he will get signed by another team…LHP do get signed.

      2. I was surprised he survived last off-season’s moves, but would be more surprised if he did get released this off-season.

        He’s on the back-end of the 40-man, and he’s fungible, but I reckon there’s a better chance than not that he opens 2018 on our opening day roster.

    2. I always get a kick around the Rule V Draft, when fans on this board start going crazy about guys who weren’t protected, as if we’re going to lose some 21 year-old A-ball second-tier prospect, and be damned for eternity because of it. “Of course Tocci will get picked, his defense is already Gold Glove worthy!”

      Its rare we lose anyone to that draft any more. And most of the guys that do get protected–Tirado comes to mind–are marginal prospects, at best.

      1. fritzerland, it’s the Philly equivalent of the “Lake Effect” with winter weather. Consider it the “George Bell Effect.”

        Largely unnoticed are the minuscule contributions 2016 Rule 5 selectees have made. Some were returned, a significant number have been stashed on the DL as teams await September roster expansion. Some, like Daniel Stumpf, are making a year 2 impact

        Unless you’re the Yankees, who have accumulated a lot of players in need of Rule 5 protection, other teams will likely come through unscathed. I expect the Yankees to trade off a lot of prospects they can’t protect. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Phils make a Rule 5 selection this year given they’ll be at or near the top of teams picking.

    3. You’re clearing 10 spots, but you’re eliminating 3 relievers and our 4 man bench. Those 7 players will still have to be filled. Who are those going to be?

      1. Looking at todays 25 man:

        I have to think the Blanco role goes to Valentin; the Kim spot to Quinn

        Ty Kelly can go to Ty Kelly if he clears waivers or players of his ilk are a dime a dozen and easy to pick up.

        Morgan ok I agree you keep him. Milner clears waivers or he doesn’t in which case you bring in some guys or hope E Garcia comes back.

        For a team flush with cash I’m thinking it’s not going to be hard to fill out the 25 man spots from the handful of internal options they have and then going outside as needed.

        1. For the OF bench, I think Quinn grabs one if healthy. Cam Perkins maybe grabs the other one. I’m not sure if the Phillies want Cozens to be a 4th OF instead of honing his craft at Lehigh.

          For the IF bench, yeah, Valentin should grab one if healthy. As for the other one, they’ll decide in ST.

          For the relievers, Morgan is coming back for sure. Milner has been pretty effective against lefties. He should be a true loogy.

    4. Phillies in 2018 will need to fill out bullpen and bench from the 40man protected guys.
      So could have bench of Knapp, Valentin, Quinn, Joseph, and Pullin?
      Bullpen may need some fringe guys… Neris, Garcia, Ramos, then 4 more spots…. Thompson, Lively, Morgan, Therrien?

  7. Can anyone explain the Hellboy trade from the Orioles perspective? I’ll take it from our side but a real head scratcher from their side based on the standings.

    1. They needed a pitcher–any pitcher–just to eat innings. And they gave up nothing. And we’re paying his salary.

      Just hope that international pool money nets us something worthwhile!

      1. I don’t think that Angelos is willing to let them become sellers so Hellickson is an attempt to stabilize the pitching staff.

        Also, he will clear waivers so it’s not impossible that the O’s will turn around and flip him in a couple of weeks for comparable value..

        1. Baltimore people are scratching their heads…from the Sun today from JMeoli a beat writer:
          “……plenty of reasons for fans and analysts to say it’s time to address the franchise’s future after seeing a farm system whose legitimate improvement doesn’t mask its real limitations, a team that doesn’t spend money on foreign amateur talent and an organization that simply doesn’t have the starting pitching in the present rotation or the high minors to contend soon. Not much in the Orioles’ Duquette-Showalter era has been done that doesn’t fit under the “win now” mantra, and the second wild-card spot has made everyone a believer, even a team four games under .500. By Monday afternoon, how strongly the Orioles believe — and what exactly they believe in — will be clearer.”

          ….just can imagine what the Phillies faithful would be doing!

  8. Even though he has been hot lately I have been surprised that Freddy Galvis has been in the 2-hole hitter. He’s just not what you’d expect from a 2-hole hitter with his career OBP at .285.

    .296/.350/.475 Now that is the kind of line I’d like to see from my 2-hole hitter! And that is the line of…Freddy Galvis hitting in the 2-hole this year, huh. SSS applies with just 178 PAs but I just found that completely surprising.

    1. Freddy Galvis has become a very very good player. Having watched him many times while he was at Reading I knew his fielding was great but he has gone from having the bat virtually knocked out of his hands to becoming a solid asset. I for one see no valid reason to replace him next year.

      1. As much as I love Freddy and I do love the way he plays the game in the field the time has come for JP to start his MLB indoctrination

        These are the types of trades where MK needs to be judged not the trading of 1 year rentals.

        1. That’s a good point and we have to be careful not to oversell the value of Freddy.

          He’s a really good SS and 8th place hitter on a first division team. But he makes so many outs that, as an offensive player, although he has a flair for the dramatic (and I do put some weight on that), he’s not a good offensive player so, in the end, he ends up being in the average range. So even if he is better than most players on the team (and he is), he’s still not someone who is particularly valuable.

  9. For years we’ve loved Freddy Galvis and hated Freddy Galvis. Ever since he came up and filled in at 2nd base when Utley was injured, he’s proven that he is one of the best defensive infielders in baseball. If he hits well in the two hole, ride it out.

    I think the Phillies are going to keep Morgan and not DFA him. They are probably going to include him in a trade like the Astros did with Oberholtzer and let the team that requires him give him the better part of the season to see how he does.

    Two of our past relievers are doing quite well this year. David Hernandez has an ERA of 2.23 with the Angels and Daniel Stumpf is at 2.25 with the Tigers. The Phillies just missed out on the two of them. Timing. Throw Dan Otero into the mix, too.

    1. I would avoid trading Crawford – he’s probably much more valuable than what he could fetch you in a trade now. He’s 22 and, after the worst start you can imagine, he’s starting to put together a decent year. I expect he’s going to be a very capable long-term MLB SS – at least above-average and perhaps even a borderline star. His plate discipline will always enhance his value.

      1. If you take out his month of May (.183/.196/.257) he’s have a very good season.

        March/April .262/.340/.417
        June .321/.351/.519
        July .366/.422/.634

        If he put up even an average May, he would be hitting over .300

        There is nothing to worry about with Herrera.

  10. I think the Phillies should be in on Gray. They really need to get a #2 to put behind Nola. I’d offer them a package headlined by Moniak. It seems like the A’s want an elite CF prospect and Moniak easily beats the names being thrown around now. Obviously there would need to be more in the package. Maybe a Dylan Cozens as well?

    1. Lol. I know BA and ERA are not the greatest measuring sticks but you are not headlining a deal for a pitcher who is 16th in the league in ERA since he came into the league that has 2 more years of control with a guy hitting <.260 in A Ball and a guy hitting .225 with a 35% K-rate

      1. Cozens was just a name I was mentioning as a throw in. I’d expect it to be a 4-5 player package with other guys like Kilome or Medina in there as well.

        Moniak is our #1 or 2 prospect depending on what outlet you’re looking at, he’s absolutely still highly regarded And can land a player like that.

  11. 2B/SS is a conundrum. I really like all of Kingery/Hernandez/Galvis/Crawford. I think I’d be happy with any 2 of the 4. I do like Kingery the best though and am very excited for what he will bring to the table. He may be our best org player (AA/above).

    Thus, Hernandez is my biggest concern. He’s really become excellent. Anyone notice that our 8-for-11 win-streak pretty much coincided with his return. He’s not a one-man difference maker, but his presence is significant at the top of the lineup. He’s been on-base in 11 of 12 games since he returned, and on-base at least twice in 8. He has 9 R in 8 of the 12 games.

    Given Kingery is just too good not to consider the future 2B, our FO really should be able to get significant value for Cesar. His stats are strong now 2 years running. I guess my hope is that he finishes very strong and can net us an equally great player in return!

    1. I commend Cesar for working on his game that now he’s a decent player. But with Kingery taking a major step up in his development, Cesar will likely need to be traded. The problem now is that the Phillies won’t net anything significant for Cesar as he’s only a 2 WAR per year player.

      1. I believe Cesar had 4.4 WAR in 2016. I believe he’s at 1.5 for ’17 now, so with a strong finish he’ll be well over 2 again, maybe 3. His stats are consistent and improving.

        1. Cesar had 3.3 WAR in 2016, and if he’s lucky, he’ll finish at 2.5 for 2017. He’s a good player, but not great. Good players are not going to get you an elite prospect.

          Now, I like Cesar, He works hard. But Kingery’s development looks like he could be a 3 WAR player consistently, and at an earlier age than Cesar.

          1. Guru I don’t have a clue on Kingery, but to come on here and say let Cesar go because a unproven guy is half a game maybe better war player is nuts. totally nuts.

            1. 3 WAR consistently but he could be more than that. Not Utley 7 WAR but perhaps 4-5 WAR on a good year.

              I was not saying this in the beginning of the season. But Kingery went wild this season and we need to give him a shot. And he’s 4 years younger than Cesar.

              And you know I don’t post comments like this lightly.

            2. Roc – I’m with you. You have someone proving themselves at the ML level and the other at the MiL level and everyone wants to move the one who’s proving it at the highest of levels. It’s a head scratcher for me. With that being said, I have no clue who, when all is said and done will have the better career. It very well may be Kingery or he could come up and hit .200 and never seen the majors again, who knows. I just know that if Klentak moves him, Kingery BETTER work out Bc Hernandez is turning into one of the better 2B in all of baseball.

    2. I’m beginning to think the answer to the middle infield logjam is selling low on Franco and let Galvis play 3rd (he has the defensive IQ to play any infield position).

      Not sure what to do with Cesar, as Kingery will be the 2B of the future.

      It’s really a shame the NL doesn’t have the DH spot because it doesn’t allow NL clubs to develop more position player prospect bats. I feel like this is why AL clubs have more offensive firepower than NL clubs. Having a DH would alleviate the logjam somewhat.

      1. The best answer to the Phils INF per se is to play their best internal option (Hoskins, Kingery, JPC), sign the best talent available (Machado) and trade the rest (TJ, Cesar, Franco, Galvis) to fill other holes.

        As good as Galvis has been playing offensively, it is still average at best which makes him replaceable. Galvis is a starter in most teams, but he is not the best option that the Phils have when it’s time to contend.

        1. No disrespect but if as you say he would be a starter for most teams, how can he be just average? Superior defense-improving hitting in 2 hole and great intangibles.

          1. “As good as Galvis has been playing offensively, it is still average at best which makes him replaceable” —- i’m referring to his offense when I say “average”. nobody is questioning that Galvis is a defensive wiz.

            i don’t look at players based on “what he has done lately” — I said this to Doobie, I said this to Cesar. Galvis offensive bar is low to begin with so any improvement that he is doing offensively may look like a big improvement, but in the bigger scheme of things – Galvis’ offensive metrics are average.

          2. Galvis has been in the majors for 5 years now at > 2,000 at bats in the majors (and >2,300 in the minors) – Galvis career OBP is a sub 0.300 (more of a 8-hole than a 2-hole hitter). Galvis might be using a heavier bat or changing the grip of his bat (to generate more power) his mechanics is it is what it is so don’t expect too much improvement on that sub 0.250 average.

            As I said in my earlier posts, Galvis belongs to the majors due to his elite glove and ability to switch hit and play multiple positions. But the Phils as a team is offensively challenged and if the Phils will not address this issue, the team will not improve in thing winning column moreso expect them to compete with the contending teams.

            Whether it’s Hoskins, Kingery, Cozens, JPC or Free Agent – the Phils need to find core pieces that will be able to sustain an offensive production night in and night out (remember the JRoll, Chase, Howie days) because so far Cesar, Galvis, Franco and Doobie are not providing a reliable and offensive output of a winning team.

            1. What do you say about all the scouts who have said that Crawford defense is “closer to below average then average”?

              A below average fielding SS with little power, doesn’t have plus speed, has struggled on the year at the plate . . . How is that a better option?

      2. Para. 3………………..Absolutely, power baseball vs. strategic baseball. Aside from not allowing the DH in the NL, which do you prefer? For that matter, what does the PP group prefer?

        1. I for 1 do not ever want to see the NL go with the DH. I also don’t care that the AL has the DH. I love the mismatches it creates for Inter-league play and the intrigue of it in the WS.

          I love seeing the AL manager sweat in the series when they are in the NL ballpark.

      3. I have heard many time thru the years. By good baseball people, you don’t move a great fielding player out of his positon to another, its not the way to go. Moving a great fielding shortstop like freddy to third isn’t the answer imo

        1. Galvis barely has enough offensive value to play SS. He definitely doesn’t have the offensive production to play 3b…

  12. Jose Gomez was put on the 7 day DL by Clearwater without ever playing a game. Not sure what is going on there. McKenzie Mills has still not been assigned to a team and no word on why Eshelman was put on the DL a week ago.

  13. The simplest solution to the 2B/SS log jam is to get Kingery and Crawford experience at 3rd Base and in the outfield to create flexibility. (If you cannot get sufficient returns for Galvis/Hernandez. Look at how the Cubs handled Castro/Russell/Baez. They also play Bryant in the outfield on occasion.

    The easiest places to get these guys ab’s are 3rd and LF. They could have Crawford come up and platoon with Franco at 3rd while maybe getting some at bats in LF and SS. Then if he proves himself he takes over at SS opening day 2019. Injuries and performance over the course of next season would simplify the matter as well.

    Kingery is slightly less urgent as he isn’t going to be on the 40 man until next year, you could defer a decision on him until June of next year. At that point, middle infielders may be more coveted on the trade market.

        1. Yes, Fowler on 60-day DL after that awful knee injury and Kaprielian had TJ surgery in April. Mateo is young but doesn’t appear to hit much. To me this seems like a pretty light return for Gray. I wish Klentak could have put something together to entice Beane.

          1. I would have pushedfor Florial ilo of Fowler and Adams/Guzman ilo of Kaprielian since Torres, Frazier and Sheffield were off the table.

          2. I agree this was a light return for Gray but I still don’t see how someone who is a free agent after 2019 was a good fit for the Phillies.

            1. My thought was you have two years to evaluate him and re-sign him if you like what you see. Oh well, c’est la vie.

  14. The Phils have not yet established an INF that ranks in the upper half of the half — so the talk of “log jam” is premature. The priority should be is to construct an INF that can be considered at the least in the Top 15 in the majors because they even think that they have a log jam or not.

  15. i’m hoping that Darvish will be traded at the deadline because I like the Phils to target him this winter. If i got the new CBA rules right, Darvish will not be subjected to the QO rules so the Phils can just sign him without any draft pick implication.

    i’n not that high on Sonny Gray, but NYY did a good job of giving up not much for Gray. Bean could have asked for a Chance Adams, Mateo, Dillon Tate + PTBNL and still look to be a fair trade

      1. i actually expected that from LAD from the time Kershaw got injured. LAD also did a good job in landing Darvish without giving up Buelher, Alvarez and Verdugo.

        1. agreed. texas still got a solid return for a pending FA. NL playoffs should be fun to watch.

    1. Klentak reported the trade after the Phillies game and emphasize a couple of things: a) high ground ball rate which he said fits with the team; and b) not to be protected in Rule V.

      1. 20 hits in 40 Ip in A advanced at age 23. klentak is good at making trades with teams that really arent in the playoff race, i guess.

        1. this appears to be a good trade for Klentak. Bradenton plays in the FSL so the Phils is very familiar with McGarry. He is closing games for Bradenton which normally indicates to me that McGarry has some good stuff.

          1. this is the writeup from when McGarry drafted. by the way, Twin Valley’s AJ Alexy part of the Rangers return in Yu Darvish. Someone here was frequently mentioning him as a Phils trade target.

            In 2012, Florida Atlantic University produced a quick to the big leagues reliever in R.J. Alvarez. McGarry has the chance to follow suit, provided he can prove he can stay healthy. McGarry opened eyes in the Cape Cod League last summer and has kept it up this spring, touching 97 mph consistently and sitting in the mid-90s. His fastball has good, late movement and is tough to pick up. His curveball is slurvy, more of a fringe-average breaking ball, and he has feel for a changeup. He has the pitches, and the ability to throw strikes, where a team could send him out as a starter, but the fact that he threw just 20 1/3 innings over his first two years in college because of a stress fracture might keep him in the bullpen. McGarry has a better fastball, with a faster arm, than Alvarez, though his breaking ball isn’t as good. Alvarez went in the third round in 2012. McGarry might not come off the board quite as early, but has the chance to take the same fast track to the Major Leagues

  16. Pivetta could really have an upside of a #2 once he gets more experience and avoids any ligament issues with the elbow or shoulder.
    Phillies need to make more trades with the Nationals.

    1. Romus Pivetta has top of rotation stuff. He just needs more experience imo. I didn’t know he had that kind of potential. but he really looks good.

      1. rocco…to tell yuo the truth, the Nats may have thought the same about his potential also. He just really developed quickly at Reading last year than pitching for Canada in the WBC this spring was a great experience for him…same as Fanti pitching for the Italian team.

        1. I picked Pivetta as my ‘breakout’ in Jim’s survey, and my only posts in April were after his starts. I’ve been all-in on this kid. His stuff was very good, improving, and with high upside. Plus the intangibles are important sometimes. This kid idolized Halladay as a fellow Canadian and says he’s modeled Roy’s work ethic.
          I’m an IT sales manager and when I assess young talent my simple formula is High upside and strong drive/work ethic. When both are very high, I’m a buyer.

          1. Yeah I like him as well. Had him in my top 10 (at 10) after last year. Thought it was a good get for the mess that was Papelbon. Trades like those show your scouts are evaluating correctly.

  17. Seems like a steal for the Yankees. Could the Phillies have jumped in with a better offer without hurting the farm?

  18. So, basically the Phils bought McGrarry for 2.5 mill just like they bought Pivetta for 4.5 mill and Ben Lively for 4 mill and Richy/Sweeney for 3.5 mill. I know, I know. The organization has plenty of dough. Just glad it’s not my money.

  19. I’m happier with Klentak this season. More aggressive and creative in completing trades. There’s more work to be done particularly this coming offseason. Klentak should keep a close eye on KC since they will be facing tough decisions with their key free agents. The Phils can provide them with MLB ready cost controlled pieces in positions they need to fill.

    1. In lieu of pursuing Machado, I would prefer to sign Moustakas. He’s a winner, sound ball player with 20-25 homers (actually more at CBP) AND a better $value$ than WAY OVERPAYING MM. Plus even if you waited for ’18s FA market, there’s no guarantee he’d come here. “A good plan today is better than the perfect plan tomorrow.”

      By all means we should go after Darvish but the Dodgers acquiring him today give them the edge IMO.

      The Rangers may be a good fit to partner this off season in a deal involving Herrera and Velasquez, in whom they have reportedly expressed interest in the past. With Beltre closer to the end of his fine career, perhaps they might consider Franco.

      I do believe the Phillies will be aggressive in going after Harper. That scenario will be clearer by the end of next season when we’ll have a better idea of our OF situation. Hopefully we’ll have 2/3 of the outfield covered and Harper would complete it. Then we can set our sites on You-Know-Who 2 years later….

      1. was thinking Moose might get overpaid, but then started looking at landing spots for him. not sure about the Yankees, but didnt see really any good fits in the AL. Among NL teams, i guess the Braves or Mets could be interested, maybe the Giants and Cards?
        who you looking to get from Texas? they have depleted alot of their system. #1 prospect is 18 year old Taveras who was playing against Lakewood yesterday-same position as Moniak. A couple young lefties and not much else exciting.
        will the Dodgers have the $ to re-sign Darvish? there was that story out about losing picks if you are too far over the luxury tax threshold.

    1. What was Hinkie’s infatuation with AJ Alexy? He wanted him as an overslot candidate in the 2016 draft?

    2. Good luck to the kid. He’ll immediately become one of the Rangers’ top 10 prospects. I wish Johnny Almaraz had drafted him somewhere in rounds 6 thru 10 last year. He had a commitment to Radford. Dodgers gave him 600-thousand in the 11th round.
      BTW … that was a good deal for both the Dodgers and Rangers. The Dodgers didn’t give up any of their premier prospects. Calhoun is an AL type player; all bat-no position. You know how I feel about Alexy, but they kept Buehler, Alvarez, Mitchell White, and Dustin May (all four of those pitchers are top 10 Dodgers prospects). Meanwhile, the Rangers will probably just rent Darvish for two months. IMO, he’ll end up resigning with Texas this offseason.

    3. Alexy was a way under-appreciated HS pitcher last year (right in the Phillies back yard). I don’t think he pitched in the national all-star games (Under Armour, Perfect Game, Area Code) so he didn’t get a lot of publicity. He was ripe for the picking with only a college commitment to Radford. He’s got good size (with room to fill out), throws low 90’s, and has an excellent CB and developing CU. IMO … Alexy is a young Jerad Eickhoff. The Dodgers know to evaluate talent. They are the best, just look at that loaded farm system.

  20. This is crazy to me . . . has there ever been this much competition going forward? Outside of Franco each position will have a competition for the starting spot next year.

    C – Rupp/Knapp/Alfaro
    1B – Joseph/Hoskins
    2B – Hernandez/Kingery
    3B – Franco
    SS – Galvis/Crawford
    OF – Herrera/Atherr/Williams/Quinn/Cozens (Think i’m missing someone)

    Also in regards to Crawford, why does no one bring up his D which is being said to be below average . . . yes scouts this year who have seen him have said his D is closer to below average than above. How is that a superstar, all star or even to be honest a good player. His D was one of the things that was looked at as a calling card. His D and his approach (don’t get me wrong I know his D wasn’t seen as Galvis like, but it was def seen as better than average)

    1. I see Kingery being in play at 3B as well given the surge of power.

      Need to agree with you regarding Galvis D, should SS be a D first position?

      1. the Phils would be better to sign either Mous or Machado (depending on their timeframe) rather than play around with somebody to learn how to play 3B. Kingery vs Cesar and JPC vs Galvis — may the best man win. I’ve been advocating a Kingery-JPC since years ago since both are primed to be in the right developing physical age when the Phils is about to compete.

        If the Phils is contending, yeah sure, Cesar-Galvis and move some prospects for a MLB player that can help now. But the reality is, the Phils is not a contending team until 2019, the earliest – both Galvis and Ceasar are no longer under team control and probably on the downward trend of their physical peak while Kingery and JPC will be on the opposite side of that trend.

        People can enjoy the resurgence now, but unless Kingery and JPC bust — say adios to Cesar and Galvis.

        1. A few points that need analysis:
          Is Cesar & Freddy trade value higher this off-season or next trade deadline?
          Do you keep Cesar & Freddy through next trade deadline as insurance for Kingery & JP?

          I would say barring injury, both are ready to play & the risk of trading should be absorbed by the farm. Valentin should have been a major leaguer this year if not for injury.

          1. Once again no comment on the fact that his D is being rated as closer to below average than average. That is a HUGE deal for a SS . . . A HUGE deal. I don’t get it.

            1. i’ve seen JPC a number of times from LWD up to LHV. Nothing of his defense concerns me. He may not be as defensive whiz as Galvis, but that doesn’t concern me. Soft hands, fluid motion, good instinct. I’m not overrating JPC’s defense because he is not stiff in the SS position — and JPC has the physical abilities to be above average so i bet on actual abilities than whoever is ranking him.

            2. Eric…………his defense is only rated that the last three months….the prior three years it was rated plus. Go figure…he regressed on defense!
              I do not see a red flag.

            3. I don’t know what’s change but it’s what scouts are saying.
              I’m just not a JP believer, never was . . . I think we need to target a SS in some way . . .

          2. i rather trade Cesar (because he will have the higher trade value) and keep Galvis (because he can be a good defensive subs and he can play 2B-SS-3B at the same level). I’ll keep Valentin for now as insurance (he still have good potential in my eye) but if Kingery and JPC looks legit – i rather have Galvis in the bench and trade Valentin (which i don’t worry because I have Canelo and Gamboa coming up soon).

            1. Galvis won’t be on the bench next year. He is a FA after 2018 season while completing back to back 20 HR & GG caliber seasons this year.
              Freddy will be traded because another team will see the value. He needs to play everyday & team won’t pay him $6M to be a utility player.
              Valentin will take the utility role.

            2. Freddy should be a starter, but barely. When he gets expensive a team may not want him. Freddy could be a luxury sub on a playoff team so I would try to sign him for 3year $18M salary which Phillies could eat for a bench player if Crawford and Kingery beat him out; they will be cheap and so would Freddy as a starter.
              Trade Hernandez since he is a 2nd only guy.

            3. PhxPhilly- I need to disagree & we can let the market dictate of course.

              A strong finish to this year, ie: 20 HR & GG caliber play & Freddy is no longer a fringe starting SS.

        2. Sign Machado, trade Cesar. Kingery at 2B in Philly next year. Another year in AAA for JP, and he starts out great, bring him up mid-season. Then Galvis to the super-sub role.

          1. Understanding 3 years ago Galvis was designated as a utility player hitting sub 220.

            Now after playing well over the last 2 years as a starter, everyone seems to define his role as a utility player after JP comes up.

            It is not reality based. An everyday player doesn’t go to a utility role unless you are talking about being in the back end of his career. Not the case here.

            1. Freddy’s Rankings among all MLB SS this year:
              HR: 11
              RBI: 10
              BB: 12
              BA: 15
              OPS: 16
              Fielding %: 3
              DWAR: 3

              Offensively better than 12 ranked SS.
              Defensively better than 18 ranked SS.
              Value is higher than a utility player.

              I would do the same analysis for Cesar, but he missed significant playing time this year do to injury.

            2. Romus – That is an important correction. He is not ranked for DWAR. I must have had the wrong filter.
              How can a DWAR be calculated if he has played every game? Is it compared against Blanco & Crawford?

              Yet still, I am not changing my conclusion based on fielding percentage.

    2. Crawford’s defense has always reported as being above average with him being a very smooth fielder. Now either those initial reports were wrong or the scouts you are referring to are looking at his offensive struggles and equating that to his defense or his offensive struggles was affecting his defense…

      I find it hard to believe that a guy who’s reputation was that of a good fielder suddenly became below average…

      1. I find it hard to believe that professional evaluators don’t know how to separate one aspect of the game from another

        1. Really, scouts never get it wrong or refuse to give up on a position?

          I know you don’t like JPC as a prospect and maybe have a little confirmation bias leaking in…

  21. I have to give credit to Klentak for these moves. Getting a decent A prospect for Benoit was a real good move. I cannot understand why the Pirates wanted him, but these deals, in my opinion, added at least a couple of guys to our Top 25. Next is a bit harder for Klentak. Adding elite talent to the Major league and Minor league systems.

  22. The Phillies are a young team finally winning the 1 run games. The Offense is on a roll the Sp is looking up . The bp looks hittable but is getting better. Mk 6 days ago was was getting fired now he’s doing good . If this team can stay over 500 for the rest of the yr it’s going in the right direction. Mlb said the Phillies made a good choice my keeping Herrera . Nola tomorrow against the Angels FYI Soo Kim looks like Major league hitter.

  23. Love that Matt Klentak has traded for more than 1-million dollars worth of J2 money this week. He also picked up (likely a lesser amount) of J2 money a few weeks ago when he dealt three minor leaguers to two teams. Their total budget for 2017 international FA’s is probably now at 6-million dollars. I think I read they’ve spent 4.5 million so far. The good new is … that leaves the Phillies roughly 1.5-million dollars to offer Shoei Otani.
    One thing that has been lost in today’s deadline deals is Brian Cashman looks like he has outdone Klentak. The Yankees received 1.5-million dollars of J2 money from the A’s in the Sonny Gray deal. They also got an undisclosed amount of international cash from the Orioles for a minor league pitcher.
    Watch for Klentak to move some excess minor league pieces for more J2 money before this winter.

    1. This is a huge matter going forward. We can talk all we want about the Phillies spending power but unless they can spend on talent worth paying for in heavy competition vs other big markets and re-establish themselves as a desirable FA landing spot, it matters little how much payroll flexibility they have. I hope that while they exercise patience with this current crop of young talent, they also act with a sense of urgency in setting up for a highly active off season, both at the trade table and FA market.

    1. that’s a little disappointing; i see white sox starting a .193 hitting second baseman at at DH now after moving Davidson to third; just one low level prospect from them for Joseph would have worked for me and made sense for both teams.

  24. Most got to see Derek Fisher’s catch in center field on O. Herrera. For those who said that he was limited to playing LF, he played right field last night, had 3 hits, and is batting well over .300.

  25. The easiest way to see why Joseph hasn’t been moved is to do this, put yourself in another GMs shoes, would you want to trade for Joseph? I know I wouldn’t. If you go by WAR he’s a negative player, why would another team want that, esp when his D leaves much to be desired as well.

    And yeah I wish Fisher was the guy instead of Appel . . . oh well.

    1. Tojo d is better then Hoskins funny Tojo has been at 1st base for 2 yrs ,Hoskins for 7 yrs . Tojo missed alot of time he’s learning at the ML level. Hopkins hit .211 last month do you his avg is ready for promotion.

      1. I never said we should promote anyone. I was just saying there’s a reason he wasn’t traded.
        If only he could of stuck at C, he’d be a boarder line all star.

  26. We had discussed this last week. That was a miscalculation by Klentak and whoever advises him. When there were concerns about VV, they substituted Fisher for Appel. Not the best move, but one in line with their preference for Pitching. Unless they start valuing players who can actually hit the ball, the rebuild will never get off the ground. As much as we were ready to see Amaro go, Pivetta and Lively and Eflin were acquired on his watch. Klentak has gotten Eshelman and what looks like a relief Pitcher in VV.

    1. i also expressed disappointment with Klentak a lot of times but i’m glad to see some creativity in this years deadline. Klentak played it “smart” with the Giles trade and Hellboy potential trade by following logic and theoretical knowledge. Recently, played it “wise”. Klentak needs to make moves and he did it not overthinking of the best case scenario and what not. By being wise, Klentak displayed good judgment that these may not be the best decision as of now, but this might turn into a right decision at some point in time.

  27. I think Cashman has done a brilliant job and so much of his past problems were mandates pushed down by their ownership

    I’m sure if had full autonomy back then he wasn’t signing AROD and he wasn’t strip mining the farm the way it was done. If I had a guess he is really enjoying the freedom Hal has entrusted him with.

    1. Have to agree…Cashman is doing a bang-up job.
      The moves for Miller and Chapman and then their trades really jump start that already climbing resurgence.
      The Phillies could also see that come next season….all the pitchers will have more maturity and experience……the LHV hitters this season will be ready in 2018.
      Look what the Royals did between ’12 and ’13…..14 game differential in wins from 72 to 86.

    2. that’s how a winning GM looks like. i know that luck always play its part – but good foresight and sound professional judgment is a MUST to be a good GM.

      i believe that the Phils have good resources (Sal A., Johnny A.,) doing the groundwork so it’s up the the GM to take this team to the higher level. i understand that modern day is the sabermetrics era, but GM’s need to look beyond the numbers as numbers are like a 2-edge sword — you can make a good decision but you can also make bad decision depending on how you “interpret” what the numbers try to imply.

  28. Romus, Klentak is going to have to make a move that turns 2-3 of our good prospects into an elite one. He will also have to get a bit lucky and find someone blocked on some other team and get him as he is ready to blossom. And, he will have to be spot on with FA. He did a good job with the trades that he made, but struck out on Saunders and Bucholz. In all, he spent about $70 illion, and in effect, got some lottery tickets. I believe Miles and Gomez may fit into our Top 25-30, and I like McGarry, so I give him credit, but Theo and Cashman and Friedman are his competition, and he has to do much better than he has.

    1. Theo and Cashman appeared to look like very GM managers, and Klentak also has to deal with LAD and BOS – both teams have proven track record of evaluating good talent. On top of that, these 4 teams also shown that they can flex their financial muscle if needed. So Klentak has a lot of catching up to do if he wants to play with the BIG BOYS. I don’t really like the owners to be involved in the decision making, but I would love to see Middleton setting the tone to McPhail and Klentak that he is committed to win and his patience (of winning) has its limits.

      Klentak’s approach right now is to buy a lot of lottery tickets to increase odds of landing a good talent. But Klentak needs to understand that he cannot simply reply in winning thru lottery. Klentak needs to roll up his sleeves and do the dirty work like what the NYY, BOS, LAD, CHC and any winning GM’s are doing. Because as of now, Klentak track record as a winning GM is barren.

  29. You also cannot be risk adverse. Case in point. We’ve talked a lot about the move Cash made to trade Chapman for Torres but we don’t talk about the move that got Chapman from Cincy. We don’t talk about the move to acquire Miller via a pretty substantial payday and the timing of how he brought 3 super relievers together. the saber community at large said he was crazy.

    those were huge underpinning’s to their rebuild

    Our guys had the same opps. We had an opp this year to re-up Morton, we had an opp to take a gamble on Greg Holland…both risky sure! But many of us amateur GM’s here saw that if those two were healthy the upside was pretty big.

    Juxtapose those two pitchers with what we just dealt in Hellickson and Neshek would you answer those guys based on the way they are throwing today would have brought better returns.

    Maybe/Maybe not

    And not everything Cashman has done has worked out. Headley Blah, Holiday after a quick start statisically has been abysmal, Carter DFA’d and so on.

    1. @DMAR – i missed that word “risk averse”, i used it a lot before and the last time i used that word, i got hammered with a lot of thumbs down.

      i think there’s a difference between a smart GM vs wise GM – in smart GM, they look to showtheir intelligence (theoretical knowledge) and likes to think/act with logic so every move they want to make make sure that the move is a win — but unfortunately, every GM is dealing with a varying degrees of uncertainly so things may look like a win now, but not in when it matters the most.

      While a wise GM are the ones who study the art of war. they win some, lose some. willing to lose a battle to win a war. Wise GMs usually use professional judgment (mostly experience and not theoretical) in making decisions so they are normally the ones who embrace risks and make peace with it because they understand that prospects and players may or may not pan out and there’s no mathematical equation to solve and determine that.

  30. DMAR, you are exactly right. Pat Gillick said he has to be ready to make a mistake and part of being one of the “big boys” is having the financial ability to withstand those. The Freddy Garcia deal was awful. How about the FA contract for Andy Ashby? But, that did not stop him. Klentak did well with these few trades, but those were small wins.. He needs big wins. And, Middleton has to set the tone, starting this off season

    1. Buster Olney (ESPN Insider) liked what Klentak did during this trade period. He likened what Klentak did to what Theo Epstein was doing during the Cubs’ rebuild

      Philadelphia Phillies: B-plus

      During the Cubs’ rebuilding process, Chicago flipped veterans into the market like Scott Feldman and Ryan Dempster, and landed pieces such as Jake Arrieta and Kyle Hendricks. And the Phillies worked from the same blueprint this year. The Phillies landed prospects for Pat Neshek, they got some international money and a Class AA bullpen prospect for Jeremy Hellickson despite Hellickson’s struggles this year, and they paid down some of Kendrick’s remaining salary to land McKenzie Mills, a left-hander who is getting great results with good command in Class A. Overall, it has been a really rough year for the Phillies, but their trade deadline work turned out well.

    2. Remember how lucky the Phillies were as they tried to trade Howard to the Pirates for Kip Wells when Howard was in minors. They also tried unsuccessfully to move Utley when he was in minors.

    3. Ashby was a trade, and was definitely under the Wade regime. Were you referencing Eaton?

  31. Old friend Dominic Brown released from AAA by the Rockies. Remember when he was the “best prospect” in Baseball?

  32. My boy Drew Anderson is up in the big leagues!! Starting or bullpen – he will be good!

      1. And it will be easy to get the folks in from Reno for his MLB debut in Los Angeles or Denver. Almost like Pivetta’s family came down for his debut. when the Phillies were in LA and they flew down from British Columbia.

    1. So far, the 40-man still have 2 open spots and I don’t see the Phils adding their prospects (i.e. JPC, Hoskins, Kilome, etc) not until September. Rios might be added just for a cup of coffee although i prefer to see Austin Davis. Arano will be added but it will be before the Rule V.

      The current bullpen right now is somehow shaky so this might be a short stint for Anderson since I can see Pinto and possibly Ramos coming up at some point in August. i prefer to see Anderson starting, but his mid-90s FB and potential above average CB should play well in the bullpen role.

      1. It will be Rios he’s a 6 yr free agent like Therrien . I hope Davis and Singer both get a chance in Sept.

  33. I got to see Austin Davis pitch on Sunday afternoon. I was pleasantly surprised. For a guy who is not that big, he certainly throws hard. Might be a better option than Milner.

    1. Austin Davis is 6’4″ around 240ish lbs so he got size. I’ve seen him in LWD early last year. Joey deNato is the tiny LHP.

  34. My goodness! These old eyes must be deceiving me. He honestly didn’t look that big to me and I was sitting pretty close. In any event, he brings it.

  35. Phillies pump the brakes on their 5 game winning streak. Giants also win. The Phillies reclaim the lead for the 1-1 pick (sorry, Glenbo). The Phillies reverse magic number now at 56. Also means Klentak has first claim (for the time being) on all NL players put on waivers this month.

  36. As I’ve mentioned a few times … I don’t think the Phillies will be big players in the 2017 FA market. I beleve they’ll wait until 2018 to spend John Middleton’s money on Manny Machado and LH pitching (Zach Britton, Andrew Miller, Jake Diekman, JA Happ are all possibilities). That said, I hope Matt Klentak abandons his past strategy of signing flip candidates this winter. IMO, a better plan is to use the club’s fiscal might to own the 2018 draft. Klentak should eat money to buy competitive balance draft picks. Here are a couple of ideas:

    * Take Edison Volquez off of Miami’s hands. Volquez is going under the knife for TJ surgery and won’t pitch next year (final year of his Marlins deal). He’s owed 13-million dollars next season. That’s the same money the Phillies paid Clay Buchholz this year. They gambled and lost on Buchholz. Trading a non-prospect for Volquez and Miami’s 2018 comp B pick isn’t a gamble. You spend 13-million for roughly the 70th pick. That pick comes with roughly 900-thousand dollars worth of draft bonus slot money.
    * Trade Tommy Joseph to the Orioles for Mark Trumbo, a minor leaguer (I like Zac Lowther. Not sure the Orioles would do that), and Baltimore’s comp bal A pick. This would cost the Phillies twice as much money. At this stage of his career, Trumbo is putting up similar numbers to ToJo (just looked – ToJo is having a better 2017 than Trumbo). However, over the next two seasons, Trumbo will make 26-million dollars. Joseph will earn just one million. In addition, Joseph comes with four years of arbitration after 2019. The Phillies could just DFA Trumbo, eat his salary, and keep the prospect and gain another first round pick (pick would land in the early 30’s and come with roughly 2-million dollars worth of slot money). In addition, 1B is cleared for Rhys Hoskins.

    This season, Klentak spent 37.5 million dollars on Buchholz, Kendrick, Neshek, and Benoit. (didn’t include Hellickson’s 17-million because he was already on the team). Volquez and Trumbo would cost just about the same money (39-million). The Phillies wouldn’t have to worry about flip candidates getting hurt or under-performing. They also wouldn’t have to worry about next summers’ trade deadline being a “buyers market”. The Orioles and Marlins are smaller market teams who would love to get out from under burdensome contracts (IMO). If Klentak could pull these deals off, the Phillies would pick five of the top 80 players in next year’s draft.

    1. Question who plays RF for Baltimore next yr hmm Tojo. Seth Smith will be 35 and a free Agent. Volquez may retire after next yr by the time he comes back he’d be around 37 .

      1. Tim … As I said above, the Phillies would be eating Edinson Volquez’s contract for a draft pick. I’m not expecting him to ever pitch for the Phillies.

          1. Romus … I think you’re right when it comes to dealing Stanton, Yelich, and Dee Gordon. Volquez isn’t going to pitch another inning for them. The 13 million dollars due to him next year is dead money. I think they’d be willing to give up the (roughly) 70th pick to shed that contract.

            1. Yes I see that.
              But sometimes in the middle of ownership changes they put a freeze on all transactions. Probably will be a short period of time
              though seen it longer….remember when the McCourts were finally getting ready to sell the Dodgers in the midest of their divorce…there was that dead period until all the legal stuff was ironed out.

    2. Not crazy about the Volquez idea but the Joseph to Baltimore proposal has merit. Angelos likes to save money while giving the impression of fielding a serious contender.

      The Yankees have an over-supply of prospects beyond what they can protect this off-season. Outfielders Jake Cave and Billy McKinney are blowing up at AAA in a way that would thrill Philly fans if they were doing the same at Lehigh Valley. Those 2 are buried in the Yankee system so a trade for one of them makes sense. For a team struggling with their 40-man, a return of younger prospects makes sense. The Yankees also have an over-abundance of young arms, perhaps 3 more than they can protect, offering possibilities for a trade.

      So long as the Marlins remain interested in shedding salary, the Phils should probe opportunities for acquiring a bad contract linked to a trade for Christian Yelich.

      At the moment, the Phils’ thin bullpen should motivate them to sign guys that cost nothing but salary. David Aardsma and Henderson Alvarez with the Independent League Long Island Ducks should get a look-see and the Phils should kick the tires on lefty Jon Niese who has been rehabbing a knee injury.

    3. Hinkie, I love that outside the box thinking. Makes more sense to me than trying to decide which retread veteran will have the best 2018 turnaround so he can be flipped.

    4. Excellent outside-the-box thinking, Hinkie! There will still be loads of cash available for the ’18 FA offseason.

    5. @hinkie – we are mostly on same page with the creative ways in acquiring assets. however, Volquez is the only trade that I might agree since there’s opportunity (MIA for sale). The BAL trade might explode in Klentak’s face. $26M and a roster spot for 2 years is not worth it considering Johnny A. might end up drafting guys that the national outlets are not looking.

      I’ve already mentioned this in my earlier post, KC is the team that Klentak should be targeting will all their pending FAs this winter – they have a better farm compared to MIA and BAL and they also have comp pick.

      ToJo can fit in with Hosmer potentially out and the Phils also have some cost controlled MLB pieces to offer.

  37. You know Hinkie SF has played 4 more games on the Phillies.CWS lost there at 41wins.the Phillies few across the US with a young crew tomorrow will be a different day with a full bp.

    1. Last offeason, Matt Klentak spent 45.5 million dollars on Buchholz, Kendrick, Neshek, Benoit, and Saunders. The two moves I mentioned above would cost the Phillies 39 million dollars, and wouldn’t take PT away from young players (who are making the league minimum). The Phillies are a major market team. They’re going to spend some money. The question is … how do you want them to spend it ? My plan allows them to pick their own prospects (in the draft).

      1. Hinkie, I’m in agreement to your thinking. I’ve been clamoring for such a move for the past year or two.

        We haven’t had veterans with enough value to get top prospects in return like some other teams, so I’ve been hoping that we follow what team’s like the Braves (and some others) have done. Taking on salary to get a prospect and/or a collective bargaining pick is very wise for the right team. The Phillies are currently in the best position in baseball to take on salary so this strategy seems a no-brainer. The reasons you’ve outlined just add an exclamation point. I hope it’s as obvious to MK.

      2. Monkie Wrench what if the Phillies do really good in the next 2 months . The FO decides to bring in a Veteran or 2 or trade for big ticket player. I mean they could use money on useable players. I mean 2 good relief would help.

  38. Drew Anderson and Cam Perkins optioned to Lehigh. Edubray and Nava expected to be back.

    Nola is only the 4th player in Phillies history with 8 straight starts of 6.0+ ip and 2 runs or less.

    Cliff Lee 11 (’11-’12)
    Pete Alexander 10 (1914-15)
    Woody Fryman 9 (’68)

  39. Nola sounding more and more like an ace . Ramos isn’t going to help much if he doesn’t have his control , command. I wonder why Rios isn’t ready yet ? Nava and Soo Kim make a nice bench.

    1. He could be – the last few starts before last nights’ were among the best I’ve seen since 2011. There was some dazzling stuff.

    2. I’ve never really liked Yacksel Rios. Been watching him since Williamsport, and every place after that except Clearwater. Inconsistent control, although this is the best year he’s ever had. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go unprotected in the Rule 5. If taken, there’s a good chance he comes back.

  40. A couple of months ago, I said Mike Trout would sign his next contract with one of two teams … The Angels or the Phillies.
    After watching Trout’s interview with Greg Murphy on the Phillies pregame show, I’m more convinced than ever. He said nothing to dampen my optimism that he will be manning the OF in CBP. He gushed about his love of Philadelphia sports. When asked about joining the Phillies after 2020, Trout said (paraphrasing here) he loves the Angels, but we’ll see what happens.

  41. Jeremy Hellickson paying dividends for his new team. 7 IP, 0 R, 5 H, 1 BB, 3 K. The Orioles are only 2.5 games out of a wild card spot.

  42. Phillies reverse magic number … 55

    Also, this observation … Angels Stadium has the nicest (most luscious) grass in MLB.

    1. ….but to Mike Trout, the grass will be greener at CBP in 3 years.

      I’m sure he gets peppered with questions regarding his future plans. I see him in LF when he joins the Phils. Can you imagine him with Harper in RF? Who cares who would be in CF (Altherr, Moniak, Haseley….no not Doobie, please) at that point.

      1. ….I retract that upon further review – my OF in 2021 will be Harper in LF, Trout in CF, and 22 yr old rookie sensation Jhailyn Ortiz in RF (if he hasn’t been moved to 3b by then).

        1. 8mark…….concerning Mike Trout…remember the saying?
          “you can never go home”…there may be truth in that.

          1. Romus … did you hear Trout on the pregame show with Greg Murphy ? These are Trout’s words, “Got a couple more years on my contract. Obviously, growing up, you always want to play for your (hometown) team. But, I love it in Anaheim. You can’t say enough about this organization. I was brought up here. We’ll see what happens.”
            Listen for yourself:
            As I’ve mentioned numerous times, I live right next to Millville. Mike Trout is God here. His pictures and memorabilia are on the walls of every restaurant in the area. Trout is marrying his HS sweetheart this November in Millville. He has built a new home here and lives in it each offseason. He’ll sign his next contract with one of two teams … The Angels or the the Phillies (and I think playing back at home really tugs at his heart).

            1. Yes…saw the interview.
              I am not saying, he will not be back in Philly someday….what i am saying is… may not produce the results expected and that could be from a myriad of reasons, one being health.

            1. rocco……you choose….Millville or Hollywood….Millville or Hollywood.
              Though Millville does have plenty of holly trees! 🙂

  43. Glad to see Hellickson having a good outing. He’s a competitor.

    Sad to see Hinkie cheering for his team to lose. He’s a fan?

    1. Having a tough time understand SDI.

      How is Addison Russell the highest rated SS with 240 BA, 722 OPS, 11 Errors & 968 Fielding %?

      1. As for Addison Russell, SDI is a defensive measure only, so his offensive stats are meaningless..

      2. John if you don’t understand on Tuesday at 300 pm. Romus hold a saber class at cookies bar. alder and Oregon in south philly

        1. rocco….still waiting for your paper on “Correlation Between Exit Velocity and Launch Angles”

    2. Defensive metrics have come a long way but I’m still not a believer because so much of the data that goes into the process is subjective, especially since much of it is related to batted ball location but not necessarily the velocity of those batted balls.

      Two balls can be hit in the same place but one is a 5 hopper and one is a 2 hopper. I know the argument is that these will even out over a year but for a team with a bad pitching staff I would expect there to be more hard-hit balls while a team with a good staff would give up fewer hard hit balls.

  44. Romus, John H asks a good question. I rely on you to interpret these stats. Also, doesn’t Tocci remind anyone else of Inciarte? I am not convinced he is only a 4th or 5th OF when I see Inciarte near the top of CF lists all of the time.

  45. Anybody hear the latest status of Altherr’s hammie? (Kept out of last night’s game due to some tightness….heard that before…before the worst).

  46. I understand this disqualifies me from being a Phillies fan by some posters (ciada), but here goes … Giants win and Phillies lose. Reverse magic number now at 53.

    Also … after about 15 minutes of research on Baseball, I’ve discovered when Cam Bedrosian struck out Cameron Rupp in the 6th inning of tonight’s game, it marked the first time in MLB history a pitcher with the birth name Cameron faced a batter with the birth name Cameron. Cam Bedrosian has never faced Cam Perkins or Cameron Maybin. There was a Cameron Cairncross who pitched in 15 games for the Padres in 2000, but his career didn’t overlap with Cameron Drew, who had 16 AB’s with the Astros in 1988. That’s all the Camerons I could find in the history of MLB.

    1. No Hinkle because SF doesn’t mean crap right now. CWS have 41 wins since July 9 the White Sox are 3 and 20 .the PHILLIES PLAY SF later on in the month . All the Phillies have to do is win 2 of the 4 against SF and that will them the give tie breaker. Plus Phillies have played 4 games less then SF. Your 53 revised has some major holes in in.

      1. Tim … Phillies win a tie breaker with the Giants or White Sox, but lose a tie breaker with the Reds, A’s, and Padres. It’s based on the previous season’s record.

    2. Hinkie – my concern is not the Giants but the Chisox who are really dismal after the trades at the deadline.

      1. Yes, RU. I would agree the CWS are the biggest threat to the 1-1 pick. I think someone posted that another site ran the numbers and predicted the CWS would end up with the worst record and the Phillies would finish with the second worst record. The funny thing is, some (at least one) poster on here would be thrilled if the Phillies lost a game or two too few to gain the 1-1 pick. Something about the young players would never get over losing the most games in MLB this year; it might ruin their careers.

  47. I love Buck Showalter

    So when you ask Showalter why his team is playing better, why it has postseason prospects again with two months left to play, he says, “Our starting pitching has been better. That’s it. We’ve always had a play-every-day type of team. Now we’re getting pitching to go with it. Everybody tries to make this game so —-ing complicated. But it’s really not.”

  48. Hmm Roccm I think your right.Phillies aren’t on the the west Coast anymore . Colardo is in the mid west then back to Atlanta for a 2 game set . Then back home for a 4 set the Mets .then back to the West coast for a 3 game set against SD and then SF.

  49. Phils playing lousy again. Hinkie (with his meaningless drivel about the “Cam thing”) is extremely joyous. Hey, if they lose every game from now to the end of the season, they’re getting that 1-1 pick for sure.

    Losing so much destroys the culture of competing for the young guys. They get used to it. But as long as the team gets that top pick, that savior who will be up in the Bigs by 2022, that’s all that matters….to some.

    1. ciada…….at 1:03AM with Luis’ wild pitch to the backstop and the winning run crossing home beating the underhand throw from Knapp, it was lights out for me.
      But man…..I cannot believe you cannot see the good things that will be happening!
      I really do not see another five years of this. It wilt turn and could come a lot sooner than you think. It did for the Rockies and DBacks. You put a power bat with also a plus hit tool to go with that power bat, at the four spot, like Hoskins, next season and you will see the difference i the makeup of the line-up. I like TJ, but streakiness is just not consistency. Surely you can see how all the youth will gain experience and make adjustments.

      1. You were nodding off and missed Knapp’s exit from the game………..underhand throw from Rupp, that’s when I turned it off, Garcia just didn’t have it in him last night! By the way what is the prognosis on Knapp, just a contusion?????

        1. Oh man….you are so right….I must have been out laying in bed, nodding off and on, and then thinking it was Knapp in the 8th. These cross country road trips take a lot out of me! 🙂

      2. The Rockies have Blackmon =Herrera, Story = Galvis , Arenado = Franco,DJ LeMahieu = Ceaser. Mark Reynolds = ToJo _ Rhys Hoskins ?. Parra out playing Cargo ,Cargo stock is dropping fast. I don’t the Phillies have a Tapia but Altherr good. plus they bought in Desmond and Lucroy . There biggest difference has been the back of the bullpen ,Holland, McGee, etc have been on pt.TJ is in his First full yr it took 3 to 4 yrs to gain Everyday production.

    2. ciada … what exactly is the cut off for losing too much ? At what point does “losing so much deystroys the culture for competing for the young guys” ? Will young players survive an 89 loss season, but not a 99 loss season ? If we were to accept your theory, players like Jose Altuve, Dallas Keuchel, Jake Marisnick, Marwin Gonzalez, George Springer, and Brad Peacock wouldn’t have been able to overcome the 416 losses the Astros endured between 2011 and 2014. Our young guys have done plenty of winning in the minors. As a matter of fact, over the past two years the players in Reading and LV have probably won more games than any other minor league players. You act like these young players are too fragile. You give them no credit.

      You’re also a bit misinformed about the MLB draft. Having the 1-1 pick, in most years, isn’t the golden ticket to the slam dunk best player available. It does usually mean you should have the deepest draft. The team drafting 1-1 has (one of) the largest draft pool(s) to spend on their picks. In 2016, the Phillies oversigned their first five picks and also saved enough more money to lure Josh Stephen and Kyle Young away from their college scholarships later in the draft. The new CBA has made it more difficult for teams at the top of draft to save money. This year only one team drafting in the top eight saved money on their first round pick (five had to go over slot to sign their pick). Only the Twins (owners of the 1-1 pick) saved money. They signed Royce Lewis for a little more than a million dollars under slot. Guess what they did with the money saved ? They drafted and signed Blayne Enlow (one of the top HS pitchers in the draft) in the third round for more than 1.2 million dollars over slot.

      I don’t root against the Phillies. I don’t get mad when they win. However, I do recognize having the 1-1 pick is the healthiest thing for the future of this franchise.

    3. Jim … I have a post awaiting moderation. Not sure what’s going on. Could you please check it out for me ?

        1. No, Romus. No link. Although, that has happened to me in the past. Jim explained the site is set up in a way that if you post multiple limks (more than two, I think) your post may need moderation. The post I was referring to is now up (above this). It explains why the theory of “too much losing is disastrous for young players” is far outweighed by the value of the 1-1 pick.

  50. I hope that you are correct, Romus. You are the eternal optimist in a sea of pessimism. I just don’t enjoy it when they lose (constantly) and when they are the worst team in baseball 2 out of 3 years. From your mouth to God’s ears. That’s the god of baseball, of course.

  51. Romus my8 take your meds. your are having those nightmares again. Ciada he always has nightmares of the phillies losing.

    1. rocco….this farm system, along with the yuothful talent, yet untapped at the MLB level, is probably one of the three best in Phillies history. One can argue rightfully so, the late 90s thru 2003 with JRoll, Chase, Hamels, Myers, Burrell and Howard may be the best and then i can even remember the late 60s into the early 70s with Boone, Bowa, Doyle, Schmidt, Anderson and the Bull..
      So this collection has to be in that bunch…..and if they ever win a WS, then they can put their Medallion on it.

      1. Anderson omg talk about a great 5 star prospect. Triple crown winner in minor. thought he was a hof player. and he gets hit in the head by a pitch. and becomes a okay player. I was thinking of a player I wish we had in our system. One of my favorites. Warren brusstar remember how he would come into a game with the phillies losing in the third like 5-0 and not give up a run and they would come back and win. he was so good.,

  52. Sixto was just promoted to Clearwater – in his age 18 year. Wow.

    I think several guys from that Clearwater rotation are going to be in the Phillies rotation in a few years. It’s a stellar group.

  53. Falter is listed to start tonight but I don’t see his name on the roster any more. Anybody hear/read anything about that?

    1. Yes! Great “catch.” From DENVER — Catcher Andrew Knapp took a foul ball off his right hand in Thursday’s 5-4 loss to the Angels, but he won’t go on the disabled list.
      The Phillies will, however, give him time to heal and carry three catchers in the meantime. Jorge Alfaro was recalled from Triple-A Lehigh Valley before Friday’s opener with the Rockies and infielder Ty Kelly was optioned.

  54. Injury always give an opportunity. Can’t see how Alfaro’s play would be much different in MLB than in AAA.

    1. Unfortunately according to Aaron Altherr injured his hamstring again in Friday’s game, this time likely a season-ending occurrence. I wonder there isn’t something they can do preventative knowing this is an issue

      DENVER — When Aaron Altherr was removed in a late double-switch, it seemed innocuous. But it will likely prove consequential.

      Manager Pete Mackanin said Altherr aggravated his right hamstring after his RBI single in the seventh inning of Friday’s 4-3 loss to the Rockies. Altherr will likely head to the disabled list.

      1. Is this another guy (Altherr) who cannot stay healthy?

        I don’t know what to make of VV I thought he had a strange night last evening. You can’t make him a reliever, if he can’t throw strikes.

        Appeared Pete might of overruled McClure on his mound visit on who to pitch to, results not so good and McClure didn’t seem to like it. Anyone catch that?

        Was Doobie’s bunt ill advised with runners on and no outs?

        Weird game all the way around.

        1. I was just about to post that. Altherr had that wrist issue last year and he only played 57 games. Now, he aggravates his hamstring. He was originally supposed to be out a month. If he’s out a month this time (or more), he’ll be lucky to play 110 games. It’s worrisome for sure, and he’s nowhere near the level of Roman Quinn, but he should still start 2018 as a starter.

          VV threw a lot of non-fastballs. In the end, he grinded though 5 innings, 2 runs. I’m not too worried. VV needed a game like that. You can’t always throw hard all the time.

          I think Odubel needs to bunt more to get the 3rd baseman to come in more. He sprays the ball all around, it might get him more hits in the long run.

  55. Justin Verlander is under contract through 2019 @ $28 M with a 2020 $22M option that vests if he’s in the top 5 for a Cy Young award. I’m coming around to the idea that if he waives a no trade clause, trading for him either as an in-season waiver deal (unlikely) or in the off-season makes sense for the Phils. The Tigers seem intent on unloading the entire contract, which the Phils can do, and are not giving him away. The list of roster guys I wouldn’t part with is not large so I’d offer a player from a protected roster list and a non-elite prospect (no Kingery, Hoskins, Sanchez, etc.) if that would get it done. A 2 for 1.

    The Phils need to shop in a better market for off-season starting pitching than is their norm and no one of interest comes on a 2-year deal. Verlander is 34 so he’s iffy on an extension but he fills a need and sends a signal to ’18 free agents that the Phils aren’t chasing the horizon in turning this around. Thoughts?

    1. not a bad thought, but you’d have to convince Verlander to give up his no trade, and you’d think he would try to get himself to a contender if at all possible if he was going to leave Detroit where he’s played his entire career.

      1. It’s hard to see a match for Verlander with contending teams, including those with deep pockets. Yankees and Dodgers have moved in other directions. Red Sox, Nats and Cubs are already committed to expensive pitching contracts. If somehow Darvish didn’t re-up in L.A. maybe,but who’s going to out-bid the Dodgers on Darvish. Verlander in the last year of his contract warrants the attention of a team he helps push over the top but 2 years is a steep commitment at his price tag.

        Verlander to the Phils doesn’t preclude other moves, even an attempt on Darvish for a long term deal.

        Fact is the Phils now have Nola and a bunch of maybes. Pivetta/Velasquez/Eickhoff/Eflin/Lively/Eshelman/Leiter/Anderson. Are there as many as 3 quality MLB starters out of this bunch, let alone 4? I see a lot of treading water in this group (Eshelman excepted).

        1. Further on Verlander and the Phils’ needs, if 150 innings pitched is considered a minimal seasonal workload for a SP, it’s worth pointing out that only Nola and Eickhoff (among starters figuring in the Phils’ plans) have logged that many innings at the MLB level. And only Lively has logged that many innings in the minors. The implications for this are enormous for the bullpen going forward. The Phils need to prioritize the acquisition of a workhorse SP.

  56. Close your eyes or look the other way if this kind of thing irritates you.
    With 55 games left in their season, the Phillies reverse magic number has dropped to 52 following tonight’s loss to the Rockies.

    1. I like the approach of putting yourself in the best position to acquire like the Hinkie-era Sixers. But at some point, focusing on getting the early picks and comp picks need to stop. The Phils has been in the Top 10 for 4 straight years and heading into 5th next year so I rather want to see a change in mindset from stockpiling long term and future assets (prospects) to legitimate current asset (MLB player).

      2018 should be the last year the Phils are drafting in Top 10. The need to start their upswing towards winning culture and set momentum towards contending in 2019 onwards.

      1. KuKo……unfortunately may not see that next seasont…Hoskins and Alfaro are up…then probably JPC and Kingery mid-summer then Cozens…adjustment period may need to occur….though, of them all…my money is on Hoskins just coming in and really not missing a beat.

        1. What do you want to bet ? I’d say .250 / .330/ 440 hmm 25 home runs 70 RBIs .About 17 errors and that’s with a Defense replacement in close games.

          1. Tim…you are on…….Hoskins in 2018….270/360/505…..32 HRs….95 RBIs.
            I will hold off on the defensive aspect…..but throws from the MLB infield could be truer than what he has seen thru the mnors.

            1. .865 OPS from Hoskins? That’s big time. That would mean he’s in the top 3rd in the league for 1B. I’ll need to see that to believe it.

            2. Ok but he’s had Jp all yr and JP might be up next yr with him. That .505 includes a lot of doubles. This says it too, if Williams doesn’t start to walk more then 5 times every 100 at bats the second time around the league mite be different. Altherr looks good but needs at bats and he’s a 3 hole hitter. Now Herrera not 5 hole hitter either which leaves Franco . Now if Franco gets better he’s The# 5 . there’s going to be a lot of Double plays hit into. Another thing Hoskins has a alot of stiffness in his play ,that will get worse as he ages or gets bigger . So his window for 1st base in the NL is maybe 30.he’ll get his chance in Sept but he’s going to have to hit then hit some more. Everywhere else he’s below avg or avg . funny thing he might replace the leader in HR And RBIs for the Phillies .

      2. For once we agree on something. Getting early picks are nice, but I need to see some progress in our picks and a general team improvement so that when the season starts, the Phillies have a shot to make some noise and reach the playoffs.

      3. Your Right I’m saying the Phillies trade for and most there help. 1 sp 3 relief pitchers 1 big ticket postion player.none will be trade pieces at the deadline. The Phillies have way to many LH outfields the outfield of Williams, Herrera , Williams will be hard to beat unless a Big ticket player is traded for. Keep your eye on Jay Bruce or JD Martinez ,Bruce we almost had last yr. They will stabilize the lineup until help comes .

        1. Altherr is a RHB along with the majority of the infield. I think the OF has been stable production wise. Not convinced bringing in a mid range veteran would make a huge difference in the lineup.

          My question would be is there enough quantity of quality players to make an meaningful trade.

          Joseph, Cesar, Doobie, Freddie, & Rupp are all quality players. Add in some lower level prospects & you may get a front end starter or proven bat in return.

        2. jd will get more years and dollars with declining defense then would probably make sense for Phils. read the mets considering extending bruce actually.

          1. Yea but a middle of the lineup one . The Phillies can throw a lot of money at Darvish him and Nola as 1,2 add a closer and other bp pieces . I mean the Phillies have plenty of 3 ,4 ,5 guys. The Phllies were a better team with Lively and Lieter as sp why because the bp was going to 2 ings . They both both found a why to go 7 ings.I not saying V,V or Pivetta can’t be good pitchers but it my take time .

        3. I mean Altherr ,Bruce .ops is 852 with 29 home runs 75 rbi’s he’s 6 th in the in HR he’s 11 th in rbi’s he’s BA is .260 he’s on Pace For 40 hr over 100 rbi’s. That not mid range that’s a middle of the order bat. You can stick Altherr and Williams any where. Niether is JD Martinez who’s ops in the AL was .384 .622 aren’t mid level help.I like Altherr and Williams but are they middle of the line up bats.

        4. Tim … I would bet my house the Phillies DO NOT sign either JD Martinez or Jay Bruce this offseason.

  57. The good news for the Phillies they have 31 in division games left. They are 21 and 19 in the Division.

  58. Wow, an absolutely brutal performance by Nick Pivetta. His fastball control was off, he couldn’t (or wouldn’t) throw inside with his fastball, his secondary pitches were off. Looked like he had no confidence out there or he got psyched out by the Rockies, Coors Field or both. Can’t be going out there and getting blown out and taxing the bullpen like that. Extremely disappointing and looked like he’s not learning or adjusting.

    1. Ugly to watch for sure! With our anemic offense when you get down early it is one heck of a hill to climb to get back in the game. Nava having a good game, somebody has got to want him for the post-season.

  59. Great(batting) start for Alfaro. Anyone have an assessment of his pitch calling, framing, etc?

    1. Just 1 night observation but (Davis) remarked that he needs to be more quiet (with his body) behind the plate, feels there is too much movement. I have noticed that when a pitch is well off the plate he doesn’t move his body out to get the pitch, rather tries to stretch/reach out for the ball which sometimes puts him in an awkward position.

  60. @matt13……the other day you posted the team OBP issues that the Phillies have and as one of the primary causes of their ineptitude…IMO, also especially in the 2 dozen or so one-run losses.
    Here is the latest on team OBP stats:
    1. Houston-.354
    3. Nats-.338
    5. NYY-.336
    6. Col-.336
    7. Bost-.333
    10. Cubs-.329
    28. SF.306
    30. Pads-.301
    …as you can obviously see…the playoff contending teams are the highest, with the Royals as the lone exception. And if yo want to go deeper…..the meat of the lineups of those team at the top…..all have higher OBP metrics than the meat of the order of the lower ranked teams.

  61. Romus – Sorry that my “song” annoys you but seeing the Tragic Number get posted every day doesn’t? Do you want to see the team lose so much that they are thought of as a complete laughing stock in all of baseball?

    I like this site because the guys are generally nice to each other, they don’t constantly down the prospects who aren’t doing well, they usually don’t get on the MLB players too much, and it’s a nice place to voice opinions.

    I should smarten up and realize that this is a prospects site. Guys are rooting for the young kids to get better and join The Show some day. It is a place to dream about the future, when the Phillies make their way back to legitimacy.

    I’d rather that for now they play respectable baseball and maybe be a .500 club. However, that would give them a mid first round pick and less money in their coffers to draft players who may or may not turn out as hoped.

    I have no beef with guys who think about the phuture. I respect your opinion, Romus, just like I respect Hinkies. Our opinions just differ. So, please, don’t give me guff if I harp on my position just like you guys do on yours.

    And it’s too early in the morning for me to drink a cold beer.

    1. Ciada … Relax and trust the process. It worked for the Astros, Cubs, and Nationals. You’re going to have to endure one more year of losing. You’ll be very happy when in 2019 the Phillies are fielding a playoff caliber team. It will be a team full of young, very good to elite level players (Machado, Kingery, Williams, Hererra [maybe], Crawford [maybe], Britton, Nola, Sanchez [later in the season], etc). At the same time, the Phillies will still be sporting one of the top farm systems in MLB. In addition, they’ll still have plenty of financial flexibility and money to spend because most of their team will be making minimal salaries. This should all make for a team set to compete for WS titles for nearly a decade. You will be very happy.

    2. Ciada, I would agree about being a 500 club is this was April 1. The Phillies as of 8/6 will obviously not be a 500 club. The Phillies are dreadful. The Phillies will be considered dreadful if they get the 5th pick or the 1st pick so they may as well get the first pick with the “reward” being picking anybody they want plus having the largest amount of pool money.

      I would listen if somebody could convince me that winning six extra games between now and the end of the season and getting the 5th pick instead of the 1st pick would somehow help the franchise in 2019/2020.

    3. Don’t worry be happy the Phllies are 1 game away form the CWS . The Sox play Houston , the Phillies play The Braves .soon no more reverse #.

  62. Sadly, it looks like Klentak may be getting outplayed by the Rangers Jon Daniels in the Shoei Otani sweepstakes. The article also points out a theory I have red in other places. Otani could sign his J2 contract with any team for peanuts and have an under the table agreement to ink a monster deal the first day of the MLB season.

    1. Hnkie….Phillies and Rangers have both a $8.3M max ceiling for int’l money for one given J2 season ……Phillies have over a million added to theirr war chest so far.
      Now is Otani coming over in J2-17-18 or next July (J2-18-19) signing period?

    2. I know a lot of people don’t want to hear this, but if Otani had a choice between Texas and Philly, he’s going to Texas for sure. Texas has a history with japanese players, and I don’t doubt that Texas is putting out the full court press for Otani.

  63. Yankees benching Sanchez today for poor defense. How does Alfaro compare to Sanchez when it comes to receiving? I know Alfaro got 2 hits last night. Can anyone tell me how he looked on the other side?

    1. ciada…I think Knapp catches a more calmer, smoother or even game, if they are the right words to describe it. Maybe it is because Alf seems much larger back there.
      But he is not all that different than Sancez in size… it may be harder for the big guys to get lower and stay quieter.
      Sanchez also had documented defensive issues two/three years ago in Trenton and then Scranton, so it is nothing new.
      The only difference between Knapp and Alfaro is Alfaro’s great arm strength…everything else I give the nod to Knapp.

  64. A’s move Alonso today. Does that open a door for ToJo to be traded? Potential win-win scenario.

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