Box Score Recap – 7/17/2017

Lakewood’s Nick Fanti no-hit Charleston and Henri Lartigue provided all the offense with his seventh HR.

Lehigh Valley beat Gwinnett with a 5-run ninth.  J.P. Crawford hit his eighth home run.

Reading rushed out to a ten-run lead over New Hampshire.

The GCL Phillies rallied in the ninth only to let the game slip away in the bottom of the inning.

Clearwater and Williamsport were rained out.

Lakewood (51-43)  Nick Fanti (7-2, 2.52) pitched a complete game no-hitter.  He walked one batter in the second inning (on a 3-2 pitch) and struck out twelve.  Henri Lartigue provided all the offense with his seventh home run in the second inning and a single in the eighth.

Nick Fanti was a 31st round pick.  A lot of people heard that and dismissed him.

Nick Fanti showed up in Clearwater in 2015 with an upper 80s fastball.  A lot of people heard that and dismissed him.  He went 1-1, 2.55, striking out 20 in 17.2 innings with 6 BB and a 1.13 WHIP.

Nick Fanti returned to Clearwater in 2016 for a second stint with the GCL Phillies.  A lot of people heard that and dismissed him.  He still had an upper 80s fastball that touched 90.  A lot of people heard that and dismissed him.  He went 7-0, 1.57, striking out 65 in 51.2 innings with 9 BB and a 0.87 WHIP.  He was one of two pitchers selected for the end of season GCL All Star team.  (The other was Sixto Sanchez.)

Nick Fanti was assigned to Lakewood in 2017.  A lot of people still dismiss him.  He was selected to start in the SAL All Star game and was the Player of the Month in May.  And still people dismiss him.  He has gone 7-2, 2.52, striking out 94 in 89.1 innings with 17 BB and a 0.87 WHIP.  The upper range of his fastball has been reported to be up to 91, touching 93.

I have watched Nick Fanti pitch on numerous occasions since he was signed.  I liked the way he pitched before I was aware of his velocity.  My upper 80s reports probably shaped some people’s opinions.  But, Nick Fanti can pitch.  Maybe when I look past and disregard velocity, I’m seeing that intangible that scouts call “make up”.  All I know is that I see a kid who knows how to pitch.  Whether this will carry him to the upper levels of the organization remains to be seen.  But, if he is enjoying a few extra MPH on his fastball, maybe those upper levels are within reach.

I leave you with this report by Josh Norris of Baseball America in an article he published on August 2, 2016.

"Beyond the pack of intriguing, familiar prospects on the GCL Phillies’ roster, there was another player who stuck out on Monday. Lefthander Nick Fanti, a 31st-round selection in the 2015 draft out of high school in Smithtown, N.Y., whom the Phillies signed for $100,000, went five shutout innings and punched out eight.

A wiry-bodied lefty listed at 6-foot-1 and 188 pounds, Fanti flummoxed the Yankees with a mid-80s fastball that peaked at 88 as well as a sneaky curveball in the high-70s and a developing changeup with a touch of fade in the low-80s.

Although the fastball wasn’t overpowering, his ability to add hard cut and run at will enabled him to get swings and misses and weak contact all afternoon. The outing only continued a run of success he’s had this year in a return to the GCL, where he’s gone 4-0, 1.38 with 47 strikeouts and just five walks in 33 innings.

He also varied the break on his curveball, softening it up when he needed to drop it in for a strike or tightening the pitch when he wanted to get the punchout."

Lehigh Valley (58-37)  Tom Eshelman (2.14) gave up 3 ER (4 total) on 6 hits and a walk in 6.0 innings.  He struck out six.  Pat Venditte (3.44) gave up 1 hit in 0.2 innings.  Michael Mariot (5-2, 4.66) stranded the runner and got the win with 2 strike outs in 1.1 perfect innings.  Pedro Beato (2.98) struck out one in a perfect ninth.

The IronPigs struck first with 3 runs in the fifth inning on Eshelman’s RBI single and J.P. Crawford’s 2-run HR.  After falling behind, the IronPigs rallied and pulled away with 5 runs in the ninth on Pedro Florimon’s 2-run single, Herlis Rodriguez’ sacrifice bunt, a wild pitch, and Scott Kingery’s RBI single.

Crawford (.221) went 2-4 with a run scored, HR (8), walk, and 2 RBI (38).  Andrew Pullin (.198) went 2-4 with a run scored and a double.  Florimon (.281) went 1-2 with 2 runs scored, 2 walks, and 2 RBI.  Kingery stole 2 bases (6).

Reading (52-40)  Drew Anderson (6-3, 3.43) gave up 1 run in 6.0 innings on 2 hits and 3 walks.  He struck out five.  Miguel Nunez (3.57) pitched a perfect inning.  Austin Davis (3.09) gave up 3 runs on 4 hits and a walk in 1.0 inning.  And, Shane Watson (4.52) allowed 2 hits in a scoreless ninth.

The Phils had 13 its and drew 8 walks.  They scored in 6 of the first 7 innings.  They scored in the first inning on Carlos Tocci’s SF.  After Hew Hampshire tied the game, the  Phils scored 4 runs in the third on Tocci’s 2-run single, Mitch Walding’s RBI single, and Jiandido Tromp’s SF.  They scored single runs in the fourth and fifth on Tocci’s RBI double and Angelo Mora’s RBI single.  Then they tacked on 2 runs in each of the sixth and seventh innings on a wild pitch, fielding error, and Chace Numata’s 2-run triple.

Mora (.296) went 4-6 with 2 runs scored, a double, and RBI (34).  Tocci (.309) went 2-5 with a run scored, 2 doubles, and 4 RBI (37).  Every other starter got one hit.  Numata had 2 RBI (23). Walding (52) and Tromp (38) added an RBI each.  Coppola stole his 11th base.

Clearwater (50-42)  postponed, rain.

Williamsport (14-10)  postponed, rain.

GCL Phillies (11-7)  Manuel Silva (5.21) gave up 2 runs in the first inning but recovered to pitch 5.0 innings and give up 6 hits and a walk.  He struck out three.  Sati Santa Cruz (8.10) allowed 3 base runners but no runs in 1.0 inning.  Denny Martinez (1.42) gave up a home run in the bottom of the inning after the Phillies tied the game in the seventh.  Justin Miller (1-2, 9.82) gave up 3 runs in 1.1 innings, a run in the  eighth and 2 in the bottom of the ninth in a sequence that went walk, errant pick off throw, sacrifice, and 2-run HR.

The Phillies were shut down until they tied the game in the seventh inning with 2 runs on Danny Mayer’s 2-run double.  After the Yankees took the lead in the eighth, they went ahead with 3 runs in the ninth on Keudy Bocio’s RBI double and Simon Muzziotti’s 2-run triple.

Quincy Nieporte (.412) went 2-4 with a runs cored and a double.  Yahir Gurrola (.293) went 2-4 with a run scored.  Keudy Bocio (.391) went 2-3 with a double, walk, and RBI.  Muzziotti and Mayer had 2 RBI each.  Bocio stole a base.  Catcher Kipp Moore picked a runner off second base.  The Phillies turned 2 double plays.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

I’m going to forgo reading the Comments in the Recap and Open discussion for a while.  If any one wants to contact me with questions or wants to call an error to my attention, please e-mail me.  Put something in the subject line that will induce me to open the e-mail, I routinely delete e-mail from correspondents that I don’t recognize, especially the ones with the “spammy” subject lines.


95 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 7/17/2017

  1. All of the state-side teams are over .500. One of the DSL teams is over .500. The organization is once again successful. As for prospects, Fanti is turning heads. ‘C’ appears to be back on track. Moniak is holding his own. Sixto has disappointed anyone. Kilome continues to impress but not wow. His Ks are down significantly this year but that could be part of the Phillies plan. sometimes they take a pitcher and get him to try new pitches that make him pitch to contact. Hoskins has excelled although he’s having a little slump at the moment. Maybe all the accolades have gone to his head and he needs to get the focus back. Cozens is looking like what most of us thought he’d be. A big HR and K guy.

    From the so called weak 2017 draft, Haseley has impressed. ‘Q’ has been exceptional. Gurrola has been good. Colby Fitch, Brian Mims and Jake Scheiner are doing fine. A lot of guys are still getting their feet wet.

    1. But BA dropped him in their mid-season rankings so he’s obviously not a prospect anymore.

      1. 3up, because he’s not hitting .300 and already on the MLB roster, people have dismissed him. I haven’t as he’s still fairly young and he’s obviously been doing way better than that month of April and yes, last year in AAA

          1. Oh I know as was I. Couch scouts knock him because he’s not living up to their high expectations

    2. Besides a higher OBP, please someone tell me what JP brings to the table that Freddy doesn’t. That is, unless you are convinced JP will hit better than .250

      1. In a good lineup, Crawford’s OBP will play up considerably more than what Galvis brings offensively.

        1. I’m not so sure about that. Freddy’s fine as the 8 hole hitter on a good team given the run prevention numbers he can put up in addition to his ability to pop one. In the grand scheme of things I don’t think there’s a franchise altering difference between the two.

      2. 5 years younger, has room to grow, more OBP, more contact ability (fewer K’s), better line drive rate, better defensive range.

        1. Yeah, in what has been mostly a disaster of a half season, his OBP is still higher than Freddy’s best seasons. J.P.’s floor is not much different than what Freddy is now, but his ceiling is much higher and his likely outcome is that he is a notable upgrade over Freddy.

          What people don’t understand is that J.P. has overhauled his entire approach this year after struggling early. I cannot give him enough credit for that and the result has been a big surge in power without a loss of selectivity at the plate which, in the long run, should make him a much better player.

          J.P. has done so well recently that the team really should consider flipping Freddy at the trade deadline if they get the right offer since, sooner or later, Freddy is likely to be traded anyway.

          1. With all of the talk between the big club and the Marlins, no doubt Crawford goes down to Miami if this deal gets done. The Marlins have no proven SS at any of their levels, especially since moving on from Hecharvarria (SP?).

            1. I don’t see that happening because there’s no viable replacement for what JP could bring. I could definitely see outfield depth and pitching moving as well as Altherr – assuming the price is right.

          2. I think this season JPC has been working on trying to find his swing all season and I think right now he is finally comfortable with all the adjustments. He has always had a high hand approach to hitting, but he has always gotten away with it until last year at AAA. When he was in spring training I heard announcers discussing the Phillies coaching staff wanting him to lower his hands to shorten his swing. He tried and struggled mightily in April. In May he mention that he was going back to what made him comfortable. The hands went back up and he improved over April but wasn’t performing consistently and was comparable to last July and August. After he struggled again in June he went back to the approach of lowering his hands again and it appears to be working. His swing looks shorter and quicker to the ball and has had success adjusting to the breaking balls. I am hoping this is the JPC we can expect to see for the remainder of the season.

      3. As Catch noted above, I think that right now, JPC’s floor is Freddy Galvis with a little less power and much more .OBP.

        My issue is that Galvis is not a 1st division starter at his position in the majors and if JPC gets no better then he is also not a 1st division starter.

        I just think that Crawford will continue to improve while Galvis is in his prime now at age 27 and is basically what he’s going to be. Add in that he will be a FA after next season and Crawford is a cheaper option to get similar production..

    3. v1, apparently those numbers aren’t good enough for amateur scouts and some professional scouts lol if anything he’s shown he can work out of a long funk and not give up. He is trending way up. He needed a wake up call.

      1. People need to keep in mind that it’s very much possible the scouts who made those lists haven’t seen Crawford recently. His real resurgence didn’t start taking place until June 20. May 1st is just an arbitrary endpoint to a large sample of AAA failures.

    4. Just because a couple of baseball experts are down on JPC doesn’t mean he is any less of a prospect. I have watched videos of his swing over last month and the swing is still there. Video from early in year it seemed the bat speed was way slow compared to now. 2 bad months do not change my opinion of him. He may be passed by other prospects in system but only because they have done well themselves.

    5. The walks won’t transfer to MLB if he can’t make consistent contact is/was the problem. He seems to have been answering that problem. As bad as BA is to measure an offensive player, someone with his skill set does need to hit for some kind decent BA. He’s not a power guy who can get away with a .230ish BA, .350+ obp because he isn’t going to slug .500-.600 in MLB so there’s no way he’ll be able to draw enough walks as pitchers will just challenge him.

      If he finishes with a BA at .250-.260 given the way he started this year I think he’ll have put himself back on the prospect map. Like I said, he seems to be answering the earlier criticisms and has made some really promising adjustments.

      1. he’s not going to hit .250-.260 this season. Too far to go… If he hits .280 with improved power from June 1st through the end of the season that will be a successful recovery…

        1. LHV has played 70% of its games this year. To climb to .250 for the year (not counting play-offs) he’d have to hit about .320 the rest of the way. Not likely, but not impossible.

      2. I agree that JP won’t be able to draw walks at the rate he did in the minors, but he will draw many more walks than you might expect because: (a) he has elite plate/strike zone judgment; and (b) he can foul off pitches until he gets a pitch in the zone to hit or one out of the zone that he will take. On rare occasion a guy without power will draw a lot of walks, such as Willie Randolph. Crawford has the ability to be that kind of player.

        1. But is that worthy of a top 100 prospect ranking when guys around him have their stock going up?

          I think if he’s hitting .220-.230 as a MLB player he’s probably looking at a .300-.310ish obp which at that point why not just keep Galvis as the everyday shortstop. He’s arguably the best defensive SS in baseball.

          1. Because I doubt he’s only going to end up hitting .220-230. I think more like .260-.280, with some power and a ton of walks and something like a .340-.370 OBP, perhaps higher.

            1. A lot has been said about JP’s offensive improvements with credit given to his adjustments, and some suggestion that he might have been hampered by his groin injury.

              The same might have been the case on his reported decline in range in the field. Has anyone noticed since JP’s return if his range also has returned?

              If what we’re seeing now is the real JP, including more power, then it’s a no-brainer that he succeeds Freddy, and preferably soon.

              At 22, he should improve for several years in MLB while Freddy likely is what he’s going to be. Right now they’re close, but maybe not for long.

            2. Fair enough. I do too think he ends up in the .260-.280 range. Hopefully he can maintain some of what he’s currently doing in AAA through August and into a September call-up making Galvis a marketable player in the off season to a team looking for a stop-gap SS.

              I’m not trying to knock JP at all in my comments, I still think he’s a legit prospect but I can easily see why nationalally he fell in the rankings and why he deserved to.

  2. When I look at Nick Fanti, my optimistic thoughts turn toward Tommy Glavine. The term “sneaky fastball” comes to mind. We know plenty of pitchers who throw mid 90”s straight fastballs and get lit up. I believe that Fanti will add a click or two to his heater. He is already a “pitcher.” The caveat, of course, is that he is pitching in middle A ball, but he’s still a kid. Good for him and the Phillies for throwing him a bone at pick #31. Who wouldn’t take $100K and start living the dream?

    1. velocity is overrated all too often. To dismiss a pitcher because he throws 88 to 92 is dumb. To hype a pitcher because he throws 99 to 101and because he can throw that fast is foolish especially if he has nothing else.

      1. For left handers the added velocity of the mid-90s probably helps, ie Kershaw and Bumgarner to name two, but Dallas Keuchel is arguably an ace also who doesn’t register 90 most times.

        1. For lefties, the velocity can be a lot less important, which is why I’m starting to take Fanti quite seriously (two no hitters in one year, great K rates and excellent WHIP are all bode well for him) – for righties, the analysis is typically much different (velocity for righties is generally of paramount importance).

          There have been a lot of lefties who have had great careers with fastballs that sit in the high 80s and low 90s if they have great command, deception and throw multiple pitches – all of which may apply to Fanti.

          You have to give Johnny A credit for this pick – you can’t do much better with a 31st round selection.

    2. Well Bob I am dumb if a right handed throws 90, very few will become good. So I am dumb and will stick to my guns, for everyone who makes it with that low velocity, thousand fail .Left handers can get away with less, imo because of there natural movement. Fanti wasn’t flier. The kid was Mr. New York if I am not mistaken best player in state his senior year, Rob If fanti can get the 6 inches off the plate that Maddox, and Glavine got it would help a lot. I Would love to see a tape of Maddox or Glavine with the strike zone chart they put on tv now, I know he was great but did get a lot of help. I don’t know how much difference it would have made, if he didn’t get those pitches, but it was a advantage to him.

      1. Maddux and Glavine definitely got some help but where they lived was in getting ahead of hitters and burying them with pitches out of the zone or pitches in the zone that could not be hit with authority. I have no doubt that, today, Glavine and Maddux would still be elite pitchers – just as they were 20 years ago.

        Nick Fanti has a little Whitey Ford in him (another smaller guy from New York who just knew how to pitch) – I’m definitely getting on this train with each passing dominant performance.

  3. Let’s not proclaim Nick Fanti the next ace here. Regardless if people dismissed him, he’s still only in Low A ball.

    1. It’s true – we need to see how well he does at AA, but you can’t help but be encouraged by what he is doing now.

      1. Exactly. This also isn’t just 1 season worth of impressions. This is spanned over multiple innings, levels, and seasons now. Not proclaiming ace but the word “dismiss” shouldn’t be used in a negative way towards him anymore.

        As for Crawford, I was still kind of ok with giving him up in a deal for a long-term star in the bigs mainly because I was souring on him but still felt he was a good enough prospect to be headlining a deal. I still wouldn’t be upset if he was moved but holding hope he remains and this turn-around is for real. The night he had, is the type of night that’ll make him a top SS in the bigs.

  4. I’m encouraged by Fanti’s progress and I don’t dismiss him because he is only at LKW. He should get credit for his age diff -1.9 and the fact that he has been pretty consistent.

    I do agree that sometimes pitchers have the kind of stuff that works once or twice against a club that hasn’t seen him before and that it might get really hard for him the more guys see him.

    At the end of the day however its super encouraging he is excelling rather than getting shelled.

  5. Piggybacking on v1, he’s been even better in the last 30 games:

    BA: .270
    OBP: .367
    OPS: .908

    That includes 6 doubles, 3 triples, 6 homers and 19 RBIs.

    Let’s hope he keeps it up

    1. And in July he’s scorching hot

      BA: .308
      OBP: .400
      OPS: 1.169.

      If he started the season this way, he would have moved UP in the prospect rankings. He’s doing what we always hope prospects would do – he’s evolving and improving, although it was tough sledding there for a while.

  6. Lots of great points regarding JPC. Need to admit, I wasn’t convinced he could be called up this year. He should be considered with a strong finish to July.

    Let the young guys take their lumps in the majors this year & take that perspective with them into Spring Training.

    I see JPC as being mentally strong given his ability to get out of the last slump. Need to say similar to Cozen, terrible start & his power numbers came back after a short period.

    Hoskins has been steady state his entire minor league career.

    It’s the GM’s job to clear spots for these guys to come in & play.

    1. That’s a really good point about JP – I think he’s supremely confident in his abilities. Many players could not bounce back from a start like that.

  7. Nick Fanti is definitely turning heads including mine. I normally withhold any judgment to any pitching prospect until they reach A+ ball. Considering Johnny A’s philosophy of preferring pitchers who can control/command their pitches vs pure stuff, i’m not surprised that it doesn’t generate a lot of buzz from a lot national outlets. I still Yoel Mecias, because I love leftys with an awesome CU. Hopefully both Fanti and Falter can develop a Colbert Hamels’s like CU to neutralize the RH batters and offset the lack of velocity.

    Drew Anderson is my breakout pitcher in 2017. I’m glad to see him bounce back strongly after a horrid start in the season. Amongst all the SPs in the 40-man, I like Anderson and Nola the most, followed by Pivetta and hope to see the trio as a mainstay in the rotation.

    Jake Kelzer, a gigantic RH pen arm – is who is expect to be jump in the rank as a potential back of the pen arm. Although it looks like Will Hibbs, another gigantic righty, is starting to separate himself.

  8. Assuming JPC will not hit above 0.250, my only concern with that is — he cannot be maximized as a 2-hole hitter and may be moved down to 6th or 7th hole. Despite of the injury concerns, I’m still a Roman Quinn fan and would love to see a Quinn-JPC-Kingery top of the order line up although a Moniak-Kingery-Heseley version in 2020 is another alternative.

    1. If he can be a .350+ OBP player (no indication he won’t, could actually see that as his floor) he can most certainly be a 2-hole hitter. A Quinn-JPC-Kingery could be a fantastic 1-2-3.

    2. If you assume crawford wont hit .250, what make syou think Moniak will?

      Its a small sample right now but compare moniaks GCL and Lakewood numbers to crawfords.

      And in case its not clear, since alot of people on here like to jump to the wrong conclusion, I am still a Crawford believer and believe he will be way more than a .250 hitter

      1. I agree….I can see JPC with a mini-line of .275/375 without any issues. His K/BB ratio, along with a very respectable Krate, indicates that is a strong possibility.

      2. @tommy – the JPC assumption is in isolation, don’t assume it’s related to something. Moniak is still in low minors, as I mentioned in many posts i normally withhold judgment of prospects until they reach A+. for now, i still rely on scouting reports on Moniak who projects to be an above average hitter (which i assume > 0.250). when Moniak reaches A+, we can engage in a discussion with this hit tool.

      3. @tommy – if you’re going to ask me what i think of JPC, i agree with Romus assessment that he is close to .275/.375. i was never been down on JPC in any of my posts and haven’t joined a number of fans who bailed on him.

  9. As much as I wanted to be a Roman Quinn fan I can’t be a fan of a guy that doesn’t play anymore and I was the village idiot who wanted him to break camp on the 25 man. I wanted him used sparingly for the purpose of having him look good in a limited role so that a team might come along and offer us something really nice for him. That ship has sailed.

    I was also the village idiot who predicted JP would be up on the big club by June 1st. I just love the kid and believe he will be a solid MLB SS. I don’t need him to be the face of baseball because what he does at the plate will make everyone around him better.

    1. I wouldn’t call you a village idiot. They were not outrageous calls. You make predictions, just like everybody else on this site. As long as you keep an open mind that there will be counter arguments, you’ll be fine.

    2. @DMAR – i view Quinn like Joel Embiid. I’ll play him all the time when he’s able rather than worrying when he can play or not. i’m probably the only guy in this site that embrace uncertainty and find peace with it.

      1. I like Quinn but, man, Quinn doesn’t have 1/20th the upside of Embiid, who could end up being one of the greatest centers of all time if he stays healthy. He’s that good. Sorry for the digression, but I’m more excited about my Sixers tickets this year than I am about my Phillies tix and it isn’t close.

        1. agree with you about the sixers. despite of the terrible 4-year stretch, i preferred the way Hinkie tore it down and put it together. Okafor is the only big misstep along the way. i still believe in Quinn and willing to get burned by that if I’m the GM.

    3. Hey, we’ve all had our village idiot moments on this site if we’ve been posting for a while. I compared Matt Rizzotti to Kent Hrbek so . . . yeah, we’ve all said some things we’ve come to regret.

      1. Hey catch that is tremendously brotherly of you to make sure I don’t feel alone…

    4. DMAR…..what to do with Roman Quinn going forward will be another decision for Matt K.
      He cannot be counted on as a starter next season if Altherr, Herrera and Williams are still around….and Cozens almost there also.
      I guess a 4th/5th will be his calling.

      1. if durability proved to be Quinn’s achilles, he will go the Kelly Dugan way which will make me sad.

      2. Matty K has his work cut out for him FO SHO! I guess you have to keep him in AAA when he comes back and see what unfolds.

        I think around the league though his value has now been marginalized by the injury bug and the fact that he is now 24. A kid with his injury history at such a young age isn’t a good thing.

        1. DMAR….well the question remains…..does he protect him once again on the 40 in November or does he instead add Tocci or Pullin and leave Qiunn unprotected.
          Right now you will have to protect the following four….Herrera, Williams, Cozens, and Altherr.
          For sure, some team will take a flyer on Quinn if left unprotected.
          I guess you can protect seven OFers but that is close to pushing the limit.

            1. If Doobie really starts turning on the jets in these last two months…his value sky rockets.

            2. if i’m the GM i’ve already traded Doobie during the winter meetings. i know i’ve been taking hits for my stand on Doobie and Cesar, it is because i believe that the Phillies have better options in Quinn/Altherr/Moniak (and now Haseley and hopefully Trout) at CF and Kingery/Brito at 2B.

              Someone will mention again that those names are unproven and only prospects and throw the WAR thing on Doobie and Cesar, but i’ve been betting on actual baseball acumen and physical skills. stats just follow the player who has actual physical skills.

          1. I can see at least 8-9 spots available before rule V and that still includes Stassi, Morgan, Tirado, Leiter, Rupp, Perkins, Milner who i think are expendable. The Phils will protect JPC, Hoskins, Kilome, Arano and Dominguez as LOCKS (not sure if Medina is eligible). then probably add any of the following; Pullin, Tocci, Austin Davis (as the needed lefty arm) and JDT (and possible Rios).

            it’s still going to be tight in the 40-man that’s why i don’t expect to see Kingery in the red pin stripes in 2017.

            1. Normal positional breakdown for NL teams on the 40:
              ……and if a team goes the Rule 5 route, it then gets tighter since you have to have at least one vacancy for each Rule 5 selection.

          2. Enough from Quinn! Why would any team want a guy who promises 50% of each season to be on the DL. Sadly, his body has betrayed him. If there a miracle cure, then find it. The chances of him having a MLB career seem slim now. A shame.

    5. DMAR, I was with you on having Quinn on the 25-man roster over Stassi or Nava with him playing 3-4 times a week. I don’t know that it was a bad call to make but it’s become obvious that Quinn simply cannot a) stay healthy and b) recover quickly from injury.

      At this point, he’s the system’s unicorn. There have been reported sightings but no one can point him out in a box score..

      1. LOL yes you were 3up they should have listened to us on that one…then again at the rate he gets hurt he might of just as easily suffered the same injury in 1 of the 3 games he played that week.

        C’est la vie

  10. Interesting state. Scott Kingery still leads the Eastern league in runs scored by 10!!!

    1. Scotty was a run scoring machine at Reading – his performance there was incredible.

  11. I was at the Iron Pigs game last night v Gwinnett. Had seat right behind Pig’s dugout. Alfaro might be injured as he appeared to jam his leg as he busted it to first trying to beat out a ground ball to third base. He limped the entire game. Later, he was HBP in the hand late in the game. I would be very surprised if he plays tonight.

    As for the others, Eschelman was very impressive, especially the first time through the Braves order. Is Fanti a left handed version of Eschelman or vicevesa? His fastball sat 88-90. Regardless, count me as a believer; command is impeccable. Kingery is fun to watch. In addition to the two steals he absolutely robbed one Brave with a superhuman dive to his left, snatching a low line drive destined for right field. Personally, I was thrilled to witness Crawford’s home run as living in GA, I don’t get to see these guys much.

    The Braves had their share of top prospects in the lineup: Albies is 1, Acuna is 7 (crushed a homer to left), Peterson is 17, and Ruiz is 22 according to MLB Atlanta prospect ranking. The Pigs faced the 18 prospect, Sims, a RHP. He’s pretty good – sits in low to mid 90s with good control. He will pitch in show, certainly.

    1. Thanks for that report.
      Good to hear about Eshelman and his strengths in pitch command.
      Man the Braves are really loaded in prospects.
      And Sims may be one of their lowest rated pitching prospects and even he has plenty of swing and miss in his delivery.
      Thats so so depressing.

      1. I agree, Romus. I kind of get sick with them having Acuna and Maitan, never mind the 30 pitchers who were theirs or every other team’s now traded no. 1’s. Keep in mind Acuna started the year in high A ? or was it low. Maitan is the next coming of Mike Trout ? Not good……

        1. RU…..if it is any consolation, they are under the penalty right now, so they will not be signing any big money international guys for J2- 2017/18 and J2- 2018/19

      2. I will try to give additional short reports as I go to games throughout the week. I’ll be in Rome watching Lakewood play on Wed, Thurs (double header; Sixto) and Fri.

        It’s so enjoyable seeing these young men play live.

  12. Doubleheader at Williamsport tonight. Lost the first one 9-3. Losing the second, 1-0 in the sixth. Rumor making its rounds in the ballpark is that this home series is the last for Adam Haseley in a Crosscutters uniform.

      1. Interesting thought. He is much more athletic than I was lead to believe upon his signing. I saw him play a few times in FL and he is much, much faster than I expected, especially underway. Don’t misunderstand, he’s not a burner but he runs very well for a big young man. I know nothing about his first step quickness. I’ve always seen him earmarked for RF and then 1B. I’ve never heard talk of 3B. It might be worth an experiment during instructionals. Maybe Jim has an opinion as he’s probably seen him play more than anyone.

      2. I think he has better wheels then Franco, but neither of them is gonna win many races, but not sure who has the quicker first step, or who holds the type two muscle fiber advantage.

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