Box Score Recap – 7/14/2017

Lehigh Valley (56-36)  lost to Rochester, 4-1.

Zach Eflin (1-2, 3.72) pitched 6.0 innings and gave up 2 runs on 2 hits and 2 walks.  He struck out four.  Colton Murray (5.96) gave up 2 runs  in one inning.   Yacksel Rios (pitched a clean inning in his debut.  Jesen Therrien (1.59) struck out 2 in one inning.

Scott Kingery (.304) and Jorge Alfaro (.249) had 2 hits each.  Alfaro had the lone RBI (39) on an RBI single in the ninth inning.

Reading (51-38)  lost to Binghamton, 2-1.

Ranfi Casimiro (1-2, 2.89) had trouble locating the strike zone.  He gave up 2 runs on 3 hits and 5 walks in 2.2 innings.  Shane Watson (4.60) relieved and stranded 2 inherited runners. He pitched 2.1 scoreless/hitless innings.  Austin Davis (2.32) pitched 2.0 scoreless innings. And, Victor Arano (1.93) finished up with 3 strike outs in 2.0 innings.

Jiandido Tromp (.300) provided the offense going 3-4 with a HR (12) and the only RBI (39).  Damek Tomscha went 1-4 in his AA debut.

Clearwater (48-42)  lost to Bradenton, 3-1.

Franklyn Kilome lasted just five innings allowing one run on 4 hits and 4 walks.  He struck out three, but had thrown 94 pitches, 50 strikes (53.2%) through those five innings.  Harold Arauz (1.06) struck out 2 in 1.0 inning.  Luke Leftwich (0-5, 3.08) struck out 3 in 2.0 innings, but gave up the eventual game-winning run in the seventh.  Jeff Singer came into a non-save situation and gave up a run.

The Threshers had three hits.  One of them was Jan Hernandez solo HR (11).

Cesar Hernandez went 0-2 with a walk in a rehab start.  He is hitless in 3 appearances.

Cornelius Randolph had an outfield assist (third base).

Lakewood (50-41)  beat Rome, 1-0.  A second gave was postponed, rain.

Mauricio Llovera (1.90) threw the first 5.0 innings of a seven inning shutout.  He allowed 2 hits, walked one, and struck out nine.  Ismael Cabrera (5-5, 3.89) got the win striking out 2 in 1.0 inning.  Will Hibbs (0.93) struck out 2 in a scoreless inning and picked up his 10th save.

Darick Hall’s (.271) solo HR (18) in the sixth inning proved to be the winning run.

Mickey Moniak (.268) went 1-2 with a walk.

Williamsport (12-10)  beat Lowell, 4-0.

Kyle Young (4-0, 1.16) threw 5.0 shutout innings.  He gave up 3 hits, walked one, and struck out four.  Connor Brogdon (5.59) struck out 2 in 2.0 innings.  Damon Jones picked up his first save with 4 strike outs in 2.0 innings.

Jhailyn Ortiz (.290) provided most of the offense.  He went 2-4 with a double, HR (4), and 3 RBI (15).  Adam Haseley (.372) went 1-3 with a double, RBI, and walk.

The Crosscutters scored in the fifth on Ortiz’ solo HR (4).  They added 2 runs in the sixth on Ortiz’ 2-out, 2-run double.  And tacked on a finak run in the eighth on Haseley’s RBI double.

In Kyle Young’s 4 victories, he has a cumulative 20 IP, 9 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 5 BB, 25 K, 0.70 WHIP, .132 AVG, 273 pitches/177 strikes (64.8%).

GCL Phillies (10-6) beat the GCL Blue Jays, 5-0.

Ethan Lindow made his professional debut and threw two scoreless innings.  he gave up 2 hits and struck out four.  His outing consisted of 27 pitches.  His FB was 85-87 MPH.

Jose Jimenez (1-0, 4.05) came in and threw five, scoreless innings.  He gave up 3 hits and struck out three.  Jimenez’ FB was 87-89 MPH.  Robinson Martinez (4.26) and Rafael Carvajal (1.29) each threw a scoreless inning.  Carval struck out two, including a game-ending, swinging strike out on an off speed pitch.

The Phillies scored 2 runs in the second on a sacrifice fly by Edwin Rodriguez and an RBI double by Kipp Moore.  They score 3 more in the third on a wild pitch, a Quincy Nieporte RBI double, and a Bryan Gonzalez sacrifice fly.

Simon Muzziotti (.321) went 2-4 with a run  scored and 2 stolen base.  Quincy Nieporte (.462) went 2-3 with 2 runs scored, a double, and RBI.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

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  • 7/14 – Clearwater Threshers activated 2B Derek Campbell from the 7-day disabled list
  • 7/14 – Clearwater Threshers placed RF Jose Pujols on the 7-day disabled list
  • 7/13 – Phillies sent RHP Vince Velasquez on a rehab assignment to Clearwater
  • 7/13 – RHP Yacksel Rios assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading Fightin Phils
  • 7/13 – 3B Harold Martinez assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Lehigh Valley
  • 7/13 – Lehigh Valley placed RHP Mark Appel on the 7-day DL. Right shoulder strain
  • 7/13 – Lehigh Valley activated 1B Rhys Hoskins from the temporarily inactive list
  • 7/13 – Lehigh Valley activated 2B Scott Kingery from the temporarily inactive list
  • 7/13 – 3B Damek Tomscha assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Clearwater.
  • 7/13 – 3B Harold Martinez assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Lehigh Valley
  • 7/13 – Reading Fightin Phils activated RHP Miguel Nunez from the 7-day disabled list
  • 7/13 – Clearwater sent 2B Derek Campbell on a rehab assignment to GCL Phillies.
  • 7/13 – GCL Phillies released RHP Jesus De Los Santos.
  • 7/13 – RHP Bailey Cummings assigned to GCL Phillies.
  • 7/12 –  Phillies signed RHP Bailey Cummings
  • 7/12 – Phillies sent 2B Cesar Hernandez on a rehab assignment to Clearwater
  • 7/12 – RHP Trevor Bettencourt assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood BlueClaws
  • 7/12 – RHP Will Hibbs assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Clearwater Threshers
  • 7/12 – LHP Ethan Lindow assigned to GCL Phillies
  • 7/12 – RHP Ben Brown assigned to GCL Phillies
  • 7/11 – Lakewood BlueClaws released 1B Brett Barbier
  • 7/11 – C Gregori Rivero assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport Crosscutters
  • 7/11 –  Sent RHP Seranthony Dominguez on a rehab assignment to GCL Phillies
  • 7/11 – Nerluis Martinez assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from GCL Phillies
  • 7/10 – Phillies activated RHP Jerad Eickhoff from the 10-day disabled list
  • 7/10 – Lehigh Valley IronPigs activated RHP Zach Eflin from the 7-day disabled list.
  • 7/10 – Phillies transferred RHP Casey Fien from the 10-day DL to the 60-day DL. Shoulder impingement
  • 7/10 – Lehigh Valley IronPigs released RHP Mark Peterson
  • 7/10 – Reading Fightin Phils released RHP John Richy
  • The organization’s rosters are up to date.

42 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 7/14/2017

  1. To give you an example of what I mean, nick swings at 56% of the pitches he sees including 48% outside of the strike zone.

    As a comp, Mookie Betts swings at only 39% of the pitches he sees and only 24% of those outside of the zone.

    I picked Betts as a benchmark because I think they have a similar power and speed profile. I didn’t want to compare Nick to a slugger. But you can see he is orders of magnitude worse with regard to plate discipline than Betts. And the MLB pitchers still are getting to know Nick. It is likely to get worse if he continues to swing at pitches out of the zone. He will not get anything to hit.

    1. I am high on Tromp and very low on Nick.
      His lasyname could become viral in the next 8 years used properly in a campaign like NY A Judge. I easily see a ton of shirts sold

  2. I saw him a lot and I know you think I don’t know anything but I said it about him before, Never was sold on him.

    1. Anderson only struck out 100 times in a season once. If Williams becomes half the player Anderson was we will be fortunate.

      1. Granted looking at their respective minor league metrics and projecting Williams to Anderson can be faulty.
        The again…..Williams will probably never have the opportunity to play in the ‘roid era and benefit from inflated stats.

  3. Would be interesting to know the same percentages for Alfaro. He will most likely have the same problems as Williams.

    1. Catchers have a far different offensive bar than a corner OF. There were only two catchers last year with an OPS over .800. And zero over .860.

  4. Crazy but I watch Leigh valley on tv, but don’t really have a feel for Alfaro. I just get no read on him from watching him. Nothing stands out about him, I Really don’t know what he would do if called up. I remember last year me and romus talking about how good a swing Knapp has ,but he was at the time hitting under 240 I believe. decent 266 finish with 330 obp and doing pretty good this year, To me hardest thing is projecting numbers from minors to major league

    1. rocco………Alf just has inconsistent catching habits behind the plate……I think sometimes he loses focus. He reminds me of how Franco plays third base…makes the spectacular play and then out- of- the- blue will just flub a routine grounder.
      Perhaps with more experience better things will happen.

      1. You nailed it Romus, I see that loss of focus as well. How can you have a catcher with a loss of focus when he is controlling the game. You can have a cannon for an arm, but if you can’t catch or keep the ball in front of you, you diminish the tool.

      1. I said to me . nothing stands out. So I cant give a good opinion on him. I think you should read some more then throw out numbers on guy you never seen play. that’s what you do.

  5. I listened the Threshers game last night, and left wondering about the hard thrwing Kilome and Leftwitch. I hope they find their way soon. 95 mph fb is above mlb average, yet they seem to have no movement on their fb.

    1. Hope they find their way soon? Kilome has an ERA under 2.60 .. . .. . what exactly is your issue with him? He’s doing perfectly fine.

      1. Everywhere I read he has a RF arm and enough speed to stay in RF . Now once he’s 30ish then he might grow into 1st.

  6. you think Austin Davis is worthy of 40 man protection after the season? as lefty relievers seem to be popular rule 5 picks.

    1. No. Plenty of other guys more worthy of 40 man protection. It’s also unlikely that Davis would be selected anyway, IMO.

    1. Phan, he was sent back to Lakewood a few days ago, and Trevor Bettencourt was promoted to Clearwater.

    1. If Young has a few more starts like the ones he has had recently I see no reason to move him up a level to finish the season.

    2. I think the thing that holds him back in some people mind. and I am guessing is his velocity

      1. Not worried about velocity. He throws fast already and being 7 foot tall and great control it plays out better. It should uptick just a bit anyway

        1. What I find rather interesting about tall lean left handed pitchers….the ones that become impactful to some degree, they start coming from the side more, somewhere bewteen 3/4 and sidearm and for some reason their velo alos seems to go up a few ticks.
          I saw it with Randy Johnson and see it now with Chris Sale….when Jake Diekman went sideways, he also became more dominant.
          At some point I would be interested in seeing if the Phillies decide to go that route with Kyle Young.

          1. That’s 2 pitchers . . . mmm who else do you have as an example? Bc I can think of a lot more who don’t throw like Johnson and Sale who were VERY good. I don’t know that you change someones mechanics bc Randy Johnson and Chris Sale throw a certain way esp when he is showing control and some command as well.

            1. Tall and lean…6’5″ and taller rail types…..Carlton wasn’t over the top…Kershaw, Price and Hamels are.
              My point…..if he wants to increase his velo…if that is what he and the Phillies may be eventually after…..then perhaps go further sidearm.

          2. rocco….he threw that way even as an Expo with the high velo, but also without much control or command for a long time.

  7. I may be doing the math wrong so sorry if so but before tonight in the last 10 games C is batting .364 and he was on base 22 of 43 at bats. I think tonight he is 3-4 with a walk too. I was definitely down on him but that is pretty impressive if my math is right

    1. Bdinella I think it was just looking at numbers not the age on him. I never saw him play so I don’t know what was going on, the only thing I saw was his young age. and thought first round pick and he is move higher up, The phillies don’t move fast in a lot of cases with there kids so they must like him. It was the reason I liked Viza. the kid wasn’t pitching great by his numbers. Yet they kept moving him up. purely based on moves they made with him. never saw him play.

  8. Yes, but even with Hamels being older and toward the end of his contract Texas wouldn’t want to do that trade. Each month that passes it becomes more clear that the Phillies likely lost that trade.

  9. I come away more impressed with Kingery every day it seems. It’s unfortunate too because I also believe in Hernandez and really besides short, which he’d be questionable at to start with, there’s no one else for him on the diamond and the glowing marks he’s been getting at second which were big part of his fWar would be negated. Since the Phil’s are still in the process of finding out who is going to be a part of the next core, I’d package Hernandez along with maybe Joseph and a lottery ticket for some starting pitching. You won’t land a Sonny Gray with that package, but I think it’d be a good deal for a change of scenery guy. Even though he’s gotta have TJ, I’d also take a shot at signing Michael Pined next year, buy low guy, still 28, with big time upside and a switch to the National League would be beneficial.

    The only untouchables in the system to me right now are Kingery, Sixto, and Crawford, regardless of how down people are on him. If you look at Crawford and Rollins minor league stats, they’re eerily close. I honestly think Crawford will put up a line similar, sacrificing some SLG for some OBP. Maybe something like .275/.360/.410 with near elite defense at short. Some of you guys will think I’m crazy but he’s only 22 at AAA, has dealt with nagging injuries here and there, and this is my speculation but I think he may have tinkered with his swing the last year or so to increase the power profile instead of just letting it naturally come. Yet he STILL has near elite K/BB rates. Crawford is still a big time prospect, I’d love to see the next Howard/Utley/Rollins in Hoskins/Kingery/Crawford.

    While I’m on the subject, once he passes the Super 2 status, you gotta free Rhys Hoskins. I love the success story of Joseph and he does have pop, but that’s pretty much it, it’s not like either are excellent defensive 1B, but I think Hoskins can not only duplicate but probably IMPROVE in the power department and definitely improve the on base department.

    The OF question is currently a puzzling one… IF Altherr’s breakout is for real, I think you have to pencil him into RF/LF for the foreseeable future. If they should happen to sign Bryce Harper which I would be absolutely thrilled about, I’d shift Altherr to LF, put Harper in RF, and depending on your opinion of Doobie, which aside from some mental lapses, I like what he brings to the table. Plays great defense, can hit, and if he could bring back that great walk rate, plus the affordable contract, it would make him a very valuable asset, ala Adam Eaton before he was traded to the Nats. Which leaves a glut of OF’ers in the upper minors…they all have their warts, rather it be Williams’ poor plate discipline, Cozens’ poor numbers against lefties/K rate, or Quinn’s injury history. You do have Haseley/Moniak in the lower minors, so it’s definitely a debatable situation.

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