Open Discussion: Week of July 2nd

The Phillies were 3-3 last week!  The Phillies swept a two-game series in Seattle to end the west coast swing of their road trip.  They returned to the east coast and salvaged their series against the Mets with a getaway day victory.

The Phillies offerings under their redesigned Schedule tab are too annoying to navigate. The graphics and ads make the load back and forth between pages too long to bear.  I don’t have the patience to get the team and individual info I would like to provide here.  For this I am truly sorry.

The Phillies are still the worst team in baseball with a 27-53 record and .338 winning percentage.  They return home to play a 4-game series against the Pirates and a 3-game series against the Padres.  This will take them up to the All Star break and that much closer to the trade deadline.

It’s still too early to start tracking the worst record for draft purposes.  I’m not ready to root for losses.  Instead, I’m rooting for wins and then rooting for the other bad teams to win when the Phillies win.  So, less than 40% of the time, I have to root for those other teams to win.  Works for me.

Here’s the open discussion thread for Phillies’ talk and other topics.

International Signing News

The International Signing Discussion is located here, but the Phillies’ first day activity as reported by Ben Badler, Baseball America, has the Phillies signing 4 of the top 50 prospects:

  1. Luis Garcia, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 12 prospect), $2.5 million
  2. Carlos Vargas, rhp, Colombia (No. 25 prospect), $525,000
  3. Carlos Betancourt, rhp, Venezuela (No. 41 prospect)
  4. Cesar Rodriguez, c, Venezuela (No. 42 prospect)
  5. Israel Puello, rhp, Dominican Republic, $460,0000
  6. Oscar Gonzalez, c, Venezuela
  7. Cristian Hernandez, rhp, Venezuela
  8. Alberto Torres, lhp, Colombia

Baseball America is NOT reporting bonuses for Venezuelan prospects. I will follow their lead. So far ALL reported signings that exceed $300K total $4,435,000. The Phillies have been allotted $4,750,000, so they can still go over $300K on one or more contracts by as much as $315,000, which they may have reached already for all we know.

In his article, MLB columnist Jesse Sanchez opines that the Phillies will acquire additional pool money.  Each team is allowed to trade for more pool money up to 75% of their original allotment (an additional $3,562,500 in the Phillies case).

Key dates remaining:

  • July 31st – Non-waiver Trade Deadline
  • December 10-14th – Winter Meetings in Orlando
  • December 14th – Rule 5 Draft

Transactions: (includes roster juggling and paper moves)

  • 7/1 – Phillies sent RHP Vince Velasquez on a rehab assignment to Lehigh Valley IronPigs
  • 7/1 – Addison Russ assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Williamsport Crosscutters
  • The organization rosters are up to date.


167 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of July 2nd

  1. McKlentak has not been impressive thus far but I think a couple of challenging decisions lie ahead that will be critical:

    1) Joseph and Hoskins – I don’t think a position change makes any sense so I believe ToJo will have to be moved

    2) Cesar vs Kingery – this decision looks very clear at this point. I’d trade Cesar at deadline or after season, when value is optimal.

    3) OF – Herrera / Altherr / Williams – these 3 need to play every day the rest of the year.

    4) Franco – do not trade him. His value is low and there are no other prospects – let him play and hopefully work things out.

    5) Catcher – Knapp looks good. I would not hesitate to make him the starter next year, paired with a veteran backup that can really help him develop further. I’d trade or non tender Rupp and let Alfaro spend another year in AAA to develop.

    1. Uhhh Alfaro won’t spend another year in AAA. He’s the catcher of the future with Knapp playing the role as back up unless Alfaro proves he can’t handle it. IMHO Knapp isn’t good enough to be a starting C on a winning team.

      1. Let’s hope the future isn’t now, because Alfaro needs to learn to catch. His defense is terrible. He can’t stop anything in the dirt or keep a ball in front of him. Sometimes doesn’t even get the glove on a catchable ball around the plate.

        1. Hyperbole? In the over 7500 pitches he’s seen this season he has 9 passed balls. Maybe not great, but he must be getting his glove on some of them. He has thrown out 30% of base stealers (12/40) and has committed 2 errors.

          1. Jim, I watch the pigs 4 or 5 times a week except when they are away and one thing your statistics can not show you is how sloppy he is behind the plate. He is not major league ready and Knapp is a much better catcher at this point in time. Now, that is my opinion and I am entitled to have one.

            1. …………..for example; a game this past week an umpire took a pitch, (a ball), but very catchable, to the upper arm simply because he didn’t get his glove on it. I don’t remember if it was a passed ball, but it should have been caught by a AAA catcher. I think the umpire would agree with me.

      2. This constitutes a dilemma. Alfaro at this point is not the starting catcher on a winning major league team. He may need another year to develop necessary skills other than working the count.

        1. Phillies are not a winning major league team haha so plenty of time for Alfaro to adjust to majors….

        2. Let’s offer Herrera to Texas (that’s if they still want him?!?!) along with Rupp in exchange for Lucroy as principals in the trade. (Q: anyone know how much time/$$ is left in his contract?) He could be a viable stopgap catcher until we find out about Alfaro.

      3. EricD……have you actually seen and compared both Alf and Knapp defensively?
        Other than Alf’s arm…..Knapp has more going for him from what i can see.
        Plus hit tool wise….all Kapp thats a no brainer…Alf has that massive power swing, but facing RHPs 70% of the time I prefer the switch hitting Knapp.

        1. Romus, I’m perfectly fine with having Knapp/Alfaro splitting time next season. By then the catching dust should settle.

          1. Will see how it goes this off season…if Rupp is moved, to clear time for Alfaro and Knapp…..or one of either Knapp or Alfaro is moved..

    2. Hoskins looks ready so a ToJo trade at deadline would be highly likely. Maybe for a position of weakness, relief help possibly. And if he doesn’t work out well at 1B then it is easier to fill that position.
      Cesar because of his injury is unlikely to be moved at deadline plus Kingery will likely play out the year in AAA despite the good start in AAA.

    3. Watching CSN this morning they were showing Kingery fielding balls at third before the game. They were throwing out that maybe Franco’s days are numbered, not my opinion , theirs

      1. I think I follow what’s going on here. The plan may be to get Kingery acclimated to 3b should Franco be dealt. (He is “more than available”, after all.) Then, if the Phillies decide to trade Cesar (which would more likely be in the off season) they could always move Kingery back to 2b if there’s a big fish to fill 3b later.

        1. 8mark…maybe the Phillies will make an offer to the Os for Manny Machado before next season with a sign and trade stipulation.

          1. Romus,

            An infield of Hoskins, Kingery, Crawford, Machado and Galvis as super sub would look mighty good to me. Lots of outfielders to pick from and Knapp or Alfaro at catcher and the line up looks pretty set. Obviously, one or more of the candidates plus guys lower down would have to be given in return.

          2. Why would Machado sign any type of extension as part of a trade in 2018 when he can just wait and hit the FA market in 2019. At that time he can then pick his spot and $$$…

            1. Easy…..he gets what he wants ..$$$wise….starting a year earlier before going thru the FA process. Plus he gets to choose the team he wants to go to.
              Do yuo actually think a team is going to unload a boatload of yuong players for aplayer who does not want to go there first, and second they cannot sign and extend him to a long term contract.
              Do you actually think Dan Duquette will let a player like Machado walk for the 31st pick in the 2019 draft?

            2. 3up does have a point, Romus. O’s will just have to settle for a return on a high end rental.

            3. IMO…one of two things will happen by the time the winter meetings happen in December:
              1. The O’s extend Machado so he is an O for life…or at least 7/8 more years, or
              2. He refuses to sign an extension, then they must make a decision, keep him as a one year lame duck Oriole player, which is not something managers and baseball people would like to do…..or they decide to trade him to the highest bidder

            4. 8mark…..IMO, you will not get as much for a two- month rental in season trade, as you would for an out-of-season trade.

            5. He only gets to choose his team if that team is willing to deal. Not everyone who might be in the Machado bidding necessarily wants to trade away prospects today when then can just wait.

          3. ….and how do we know Philly is where MM would want to be, bad team and all? Buds with MacKlentak might not be enough to woo him.

            1. 8mark…..Phillies’ current lineup may be putrid…but the future lineup with a few well laid out pieces could be measurably better.

  2. It’s unfortunate that our best performing older prospect and maybe our best major league player are at the same position. I think Kingery can play CF and should be given a chance there. I’d keep Cesar at 2B because he sadly might be the most valuable guy in the organization as far as major league production right now.

  3. Hoskins vs. Joseph: I have no idea if Hoskins will be good, but I’m way more optimistic about him than TJ. TJ is a league average hitter, who can’t run and plays a poor 1B. Hoskins has a decent chance to be a 130 OPS+ guy, which will cover his defense and baserunning. Hoskins’ prime may already be underway. I would hate to waste it.

    1. Otero just watch Hoskins play first , he is really bad. has no range. But tj is what he is a 25 to 30 hr guy with low obp.

    2. Two things about TJ

      1 – I think the consensus among us here is that he’s a great story and great guy who we’d hate to see go; and

      2 – he’s a better fit for an AL club.

      No brainer….

      1. I just don’t get the better fit?? He isn’t a bad fielder. its his approach to hitting, he just chases too many pitches. His obp is the killer for this kid. So maybe you can tell me why he is a better fit for American league if he isn’t going to get better approach to his hitting? All the things he cant do like run will be better in American league? his obp isn’t important in American league?

        1. You make good points, Roc. I guess when I look at Joseph’s profile, I see your prototype AL 1b/DH. Now you could say “well, so is Hoskins”. But Hoskins’ hit tool projects him to be a much better bat.

          1. He’s a better fit in the AL because he’s not an everyday player. The AL can afford to carry more offense first players because of the DH spot. He should be playing against LH pitchers but doesn’t do enough against righties..

      2. Hoskins who has as much range An o!d Ryan Howard is AL . I mean he can walk more the Tojo but don’t have Tojo Elite power. When the Phillies get Machado and Harper Hoskins becomes an 7 hole hitter.

        1. How much more power does Hoskins have to show to be considered to as having plus power? He has another year of what, 20, at all star break?

  4. Elated that the Phils were competitive during the Mets series. Would have been nice had they also won Saturday’s game. Only problem I had with yesterday’s game was the ground ball to Kelly in the ninth inning. All you need is the out at first so why go to second with a six run lead? Also, on the same play, all Galvis needs to do is hold the bag for the force out. No need to try for the double play there. All in all, happy to win three of the last five games.

  5. Romus do you see a trend with altheer, He looks like the league is adjusting to him. and I think he is having trouble with breaking balls. Do you see the same thing or is it just me?

    1. rocco……I do not think anyone expected him to be a BA/OBP-300/375 guy anyway.
      He always had a lot of swing and miss , especially vs RHPs in the minors, so it should not come as much surprise. IMO, if he can maintain a 270/340 with the 15/20HR power than he should be a player….all his other skill set is plus…speed, base running acumen, arm and overall his defense is superb. I think he is safe for another year, then he could get pushed out by guys like Haseley, Williams, cozens or maybe even Quinn if he gets healthy again.

    2. He didn’t have a strong June, although .760 OPS in a down month isn’t bad.

  6. Pivetta:
    According to Brooks Nick Pivetta did not throw one 2Smr/sinker yesterday vs the Mets.
    He threw 75% 4Smr at an average velo of 95.3……14.6% curves(81mph) ….9.4% sliders(84 mph) , and 1% change-ups(86 mph). Total pitches 96…..60 strikes.
    It worked well with him.
    Pitching to contact does not seem to be his preference.

    1. I only got to see Pivetta once he has a chance to be a top rotation guy based on what little I saw. ROMUS 10 MINUTES AND THE PROCESS STARTS IN UTAH

  7. Happy to see Nick Williams hold his own against the Muts. One more good series and Perkins better start packing his bags.

  8. I would package Herrera and Neshek and trade for a real prospect, sitting in high A. I actually might keep Nava because he won’t get us much and he’s a really good 4th OF. Hopefully Hellickson pitches well his next few starts because we could then trade him, with some money, for a high A prospect. Kendrick just needs to get healthy and he’ll get traded. Maybe even back to the Dodgers. Cesar won’t get traded until the off season. Kingery won’t come up until next season.

    1. I don’t care if Nava is a really good 4th OF. He won’t be a Phillie next season, so harvest what value we can get at the trade deadline. Kendrick won’t be up this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t trade Cesar. In this going-nowhere season, a stopgap 2B is fine. He’s not a serious prospect, so Mora can be brought up to fill in. Our 4th OF going forward is Perkins,

  9. Next year I’d go with:
    1 Kingery 2B
    2 Knapp C
    3 Altherr RF
    4 Hoskins 1B
    5 Williams LF
    6 Franco 3B
    7 Herrera CF
    8 Crawford SS

    1. I believe both Franco and Herrera will be gone by opening day ’18. There’s a school of thought that due to their upside, you shouldn’t sell low on them in a trade. My thinking is the other side of that very same risk – what if this is what they are? Or what if they regress even more so as time goes on?

  10. Okay, guys. Haven’t seen one of these posted in a while. So here goes my midseason top 30

    1 Sixto Sanchez rhp
    2 Scott Kingery 2b
    3 Mickey Moniak cf
    4 Adam Haseley cf
    5 Rhys Hoskins 1b
    6 JP Crawford ss
    7 Jorge Alfaro c
    8 Dylan Cozens of
    9 Jhailyn Ortiz rf
    10 Kevin Gowdy rhp
    11 Franklyn Kilome rhp
    12 Cole Stobbe 3b
    13 Ranger Suarez lhp
    14 Francisco Morales rhp
    15 Tom Eshelman rhp
    16 Adonis Medina rhp
    17 Nick Fanti lhp
    18 Darick Hall 1b
    19 Drew Anderson rhp
    20 Cole Irvin lhp
    21 Victor Arano rhp
    22 Jose Taveras rhp
    23 Cornelius Randolph lf
    24 Jojo Romero lhp
    25 Zach Green 1b/3b
    26 Danny Brito 2b
    27 Brayan Gonzalez 2b/ss
    28 Elniery Garcia lhp
    29 Rafael Marchan c
    30 Jonathan Guzman ss

    *I’m omitting both Nick Williams and Roman Quinn since they’ve already tasted the big league cup’o’joe. Alfaro has also but he clearly needs further development. I count 5 LHPs as an encouraging trend.

    1. Generally, this is a fine list. Personally, I’d rank Hoskins no lower than #3, due to both proximity and proven ability at AAA. Crawford is ok a 6, for now, but his place in the top 10 is tenuous. I’d slide Gowdy a little as we’ve yet to really see him; at least Kilome has some skill and results we can value. I like that Hall is in the teens as he is a personal favorite of mine having seen him a few times. We might consider adding our newest big ticket international signing, Luis Garcia, to the bottom third somewhere. Nice effort!

    2. Kingery 1.1 he’s the closest to the show with the best all around game . Jp before Hoskins a SS with Elite defensive , more speed , a little but better eye. Cozens before Hoskins , better Power ,speed , arm , better Defensive a RF over a RH only 1st Base man. Alfaro too defensive postion .

    3. Wow, if Pullin, Tocci and Walding can”t crack our top 30, things are looking good!

  11. I love Galvis…recently. He’s my SS if he can hit near .270. Too many questions about Crawford and he hasn’t really responded to the coaching nor even when they let him alone. Galvis is one of the best fielding SSs in the bigs and has been improving his offense bit by bit…even stroking some HRs. I’d like to see them re-sign him for 4 yrs….he’d even play a great sub-infielder if some “star” SS came up.

    1. Galvis has improved his k% 16 that’s 5 pts lower then last yr . His ball is 6 % the highest of his career while his power and Defense has stayed the same as last yr. He’s also a FA at the end of next season if Jp makes it up by then Galvis will walk . He’s an everyday SS with power and GG Defense.

      1. Sign him up for at least 2 seasons…and if Crawford finds himself, trade Galvis as a better MLB shortstop. Should bring worthwhile return ! In meantime, he is certainly needed for ’18 !!

  12. Asher pitched the other day for the O’s and got pounded again. Where’s the guy who said the Phillies probably should’ve held on to him? Where are you now, Rocco? Oh! Wait a second. It wasn’t Rocco. It was me.

        1. Looks like they were right about his stuff. lack of secondary pitches better hitters are hitting him

          1. rocco……could also be experiencing ‘dead arm’…..maybe they will give him one more start and see what happens…..if same results….have him skip a few starts and just do some bullpens or long-tossing. He hasn’t never gone this far.

  13. Last 2 games Fanti only gave up 1 extra base hit in 2 losses. Has given up lots of singles. No idea if they are hard hits or just baseball and law of averages.

    1. I guess that is about right.
      Though I like to think Herrera could give Inciarte/Hamilton/Gardner a run for their money at the bottom end of the 100.

    2. ESPN isn’t BA, but still….it’s time to move these marginal players, get what we can and bring up the kids.

    3. The Phillies have the second youngest team in baseball at the start of the season . Most of the Espn players are over 3 yrs playing time. Phillies are a rebuilding team they should have more players on BA,Bp, Fangrahs top 100.

  14. Freddy is on pace to nearly double his BB & lower his SO rate by 20% from last year. Similar productivity with close to 20 HR & 65 RBI, GG caliber SS, & higher OPS.

    With JP taking a step back this year, it would seem that Freddy can take next year as starting SS again.

    A lineup with Alther, Williams, Hoskins, & Alfaro will put Freddy in the 7 hole anyway. For that spot in the lineup & big game mentality, I would be inclined to sign him longer term.

    1. Crawford gets the rest of this season (that’s 2 months plus postseason) to show whether he’s ready for the show in ’18. I like Freddy but if somebody wants him and we can sell high on him, I’m not holding on to him out of fear. He’s not a game changer but a fine super U player who right now might fetch a good return if packaged. We have no choice but to follow what’s trending and JPC is trending upward.

      1. Was watching some of the Braves Astros last night my first real look at Newcomb who was had for Andrelton Simmons…FWIW.

        He didn’t have a great outing but he looks like a kid that can pitch in the MLB for a while.

      1. You can say that for any of the players on this team.

        But Freddy has had several game winning hits over the last few years. As a 7th hole hitter & critical defensive position on the field, what more can you ask for?

        He fits the culture of the team & continues to perform at a high level. Crawford could still be a few years out.

  15. The Phillies are playing better ball closer games way better bullpen. I always think about the Bee’s Bradley , Bogaerts ,Betts, Benintendi. Boston rebuild 3 CF ,1SS ,4 players playing at elite Defense postion’s . hmm , Mickey Mo, Haseley, Herrera, Jp bty Boston never gave up on Bradley aka Herrera. Kingery maybe the only prospect showing all 5 of his tools.I might want to add in Altherr too . I’m not forgetting the vets like big Papa etc. The Pitchers Sp are getting better too . Nola , Pivetta, Eickhoff, Lively with a lot more in the minors. MACPHAIL DID SAY he would let Mk go after big ticket player s with prospects this yr.

  16. Eric Long Chat Question ” do you think can there’s anyone in the minors that can hit the ball as hard as Judge can. Eric Long response ” Elloy and Cozens”.

  17. Matt Gelb says there’s been talk that Vinny Velo could return as a reliever to rebuild confidence then revisit the starter option next year. Even after Hellickson is traded (we presume), Eflin should be returning and there are plenty of viable if not great SP options including Eshelman at some point. And that’s assuming that a SP isn’t acquired in a deadline trade.

  18. The Yankees DFA’d Chris “all he does is K and homer” Carter AGAIN. Joseph would fill an immediate need without having to be their longterm 1b and/or DH. Package him with another couple of expendables and he’s still a big league value whom the NYY can flip in the off season. They’re in a pennant race NOW. That’s what the deadline is for. Let’s not him-and-haw over whether Hoskins is ready. If he’s not, he’s already 24 and needs to be found out about sooner than later.

    I think this deadline will (and should) be about making room on the major league roster for the kids. If somehow they can make a bigger deal for a controllable longterm asset, great! But whoever gets moved, it’s all about the lineup from August 1 and onward….

    1. Amen,

      this idea that the Phillies stink but they also can’t afford to part ways with any of the players on the roster is just ridiculous. They do not have a single player on their 25-man roster who shouldn’t be traded if they get the right offer…

      The Phillies do not have 1 player who is in the top-10 at their position so why would they not make room for some of the guys in the system to see what they have and what they still need.

      They have started cycling some of the minor league guys into the line-up and they need to continue doing so.

      1. Easy because if the replacement play is worse then the player there trading then your rebuilt is slowed. That’s why they bring prospect up 1 at a Time. The prospect my be worst then the player three replacing .

        1. And if that’s the case Tim, then they are screwed either way. They can continue to be the worst team in baseball with the players they have or they can be the worst team in baseball with the new guys.

          I think the teams needs to find that out sooner rather than waiting another 3 years…

          1. True but bring up prospects when they have excelled at AAA for more then a couple months . I mean Williams ,jp, Knapp , Stassi , Al! Spent a yr in AAA. Ramos , Joey Rod , weren’t ready and you could tell. Time will tell with Williams, at least the prospect that are coming up are denfense ready. I might add that there’s no prospect that’s not tradable. Just saying Williams 29% k rate Cozens 30 % k rate may come back to hurt them .

        1. Ok the Yanks brought up K Choi 1st baseman who bats LH . He hit a 444 ft home run today.

      1. Somebody keep the guitar string and dental floss away from Roc. You’re killing me, brother.

          1. rocco…you know how few ‘aces’ are in this world.
            Lets assume there were a total of starting pitchers in the MLB…probably minimum of 175…..below would be considered TORs/ACEs pitchers over the last two years.


            These guys are teetering on the ‘ace’ borderline:
            Carassco…..Gio Gonzalez….Harvey……Liriano……Quintana…..
            Tyson Ross……..Tanaka………Wainwright
            …the percent of “aces” to total starting pitchers is relatively low.
            So to dismiss Nola so early i his career is a little premature….don’t you think?

            1. I’d go even lower Sale, Thor , Schezer, Lester, Kluber , Kershaw. Bumgarner yeah when he’s Healthy. Aces should win at least 15 games , don’t get hurt , have Era around 3.00 . Happ If he was healthy enough . McCullers if he stayed healthy he could really be interesting same as Robby Ray, Godley,Alex Micheal Fulmer, Nola is 6 and 5 on a team that won 28 games .

    1. Aaron Nola is fine as a back of the rotation starter but he’s certainly not “untradeable” in the right deal.

      I’m not saying that players should just be dumped for a used bag of balls but there are a few players (Rupp, Joseph, Hernandez) who should be marketed heavily because they have shown what they are and have potentially better options waiting in the wings that need to be evaluated.

      There are other players like Franco, Nola, Galvis, Herrera, Neris who should be available but don’t have the same urgency since they don’t currently have viable options waiting in the minors to take their jobs.

      Then there are guys like Altherr, Williams, Pivetta, Eflin, Lively, etc. that need further evaluation and the opportunity to play.

      The rest of the roster are short-term veterans who can/should be moved for whatever value they can get from them.

  19. Again here we go tonight with playing a virtual non-commodity in Nava over Altherr who yes has been in a slump but figures to be in the team’s future. AA also sat 2 games ago. I get the occasional rest day but I don’t get the “let me lead off Ty Kelly” managerial mentality (with a hot Freddy still in the 2 hole, yay!). Pete, this team stinks. Why keep tweaking the freaking lineup like you’re trying to revive the season? Please!

    1. If he wants to try something that may turn out to be productive, try Altherr in the leadoff spot, force him to be more selective by thinking ‘get on base’ as he approaches the plate and get him away from that big middle of the lineup swing (and often miss).

    2. I think the more I see the more I would love to see this manager gone. Nava isn’t the future. Ty Kelly shouldn’t be here. Cozens should be getting his at bats or Hopkins,

      1. I wouldn’t worry about Daniel Nava. He (and Pat Neshek) are the Phillies’ best bets to be traded this month. He’s not going to bring back much, but he’s going to be a wanted bench piece for playoff contenders. He’s a switch hitting, professional hitter with a little pop. He’s a decent defensive player, too. Plus, he has some post season experience. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him sent back to Boston.

  20. Just past the halfway point of the season. Giants, Padres, and A’s all won tonight. The Phillies now have a 4.5 game lead on the Giants for the 1-1 pick next June. More importantly, they’re now 7.5 games worse than the Padres. I’d say there’s, at least, an 80-percent chance they land the top pick. Having the top pick will mean they’ll have one of the biggest budgets. The bad news is … there isn’t a consensus 1-1. The good news is … the Phillies can do what they did in 2016. They can cut a deal with a really good prospect and save enough money to overpay harder-to-sign, high end players the rest of the draft. Just something to keep in mind as the Phillies continue drowning in the second half of this season.
    Trust The Process ! Had to say that as I watch Markel Fultz look like an absolute stud in tonight’s summer league game !!!

    1. Hinkie I’ll bet Phillies pick in the top 7 to 10. San Diego are going to lose some of there top pitchers with no one to replace them. they have 3 of the top teams in baseball in there div . Same with SF will trade 2 or 3 of there pitchers plus there o!d ,slow , can’t hit. The Mets ,Oakland , Miami, Cincy are sellers , Pitts line up sucks, The Blue Jay’s look old plus Deroit too . The Dodgers ,Zona , the Rockies, the Nats, are so far ahead of everyone else in the NL . Even Texas has to really get going I think Boston , Cleveland, KC will start to run away with the AL.the trade deadline there more sellers then buyers.the Phillies schedule s easier then most . Three 3 months of baseball left alot if things could happen.

      1. Tim … I’ll take that bet (and I’ll also have some of whatever you are smoking) !!! The Phillies are a lock for a top 3 pick, and (like I said earlier) they have an 80-percent chance of landing the 1-1 pick. This team stinks. The Giants have better players and are already sitting at 4.5 games better. The Padres and Reds are the biggest threats for the 1-1 pick, and the Phillies are currently 7.5 games worse than both of those teams. This team is not going on any long winning streaks over the next three months.

        1. And once Hellickson and Neshek go…along with Nava, Kendrick and maybe even ToJo or Franco…..then there will be a downward spiral effect.

          1. Them 3 are holding the up, once the San Diego loses Hand ,Chacin,Cahill, Buchter,etc. I mean the Mets trade Jay Bruce , Duda, Carrera, there closer. Miami could trade there hole Bp . Oakland K Davis , Doolittle, Madson, Gray, etc . Teams could flat out DFR players.

            1. Mets are not yet sellers….they still are looking at a wild card spot….so how do they justify selling when they could still land in the playoffs.
              Padres and Giants still have to play each other 6 or more times in the next three months…so who knows there,
              Miami and As are unpredictable.
              But you say the Phillies draft anywhere between 7 and 10, if I remember you posted earlier….i see them in the top three, along with what Hinkie.said.

            2. Your kidding me the Mets are 7 games under .500 there in 5 th In The wild card race at 9.5 out . The Mets world have to win every game before the trade deadline to have a chance. Plus there gm already said there sellers.

    1. Okay so we’ll just wait until next year, Hoskins’ age 25 season, and maybe then he could bump our current rock at 1b? If you’re committed to ToJo, then I’m sure you can trade Hoskins….something has to give, Tim.

      1. There’s no probelm with Hoskins staying in AAA. He’s not going to turn the team around by himself .

    1. That’s right. We’ll get squat in return for the veteran rental pieces. The only significant trade they can make is including upper level prospects and controllable big club players.

      1. 8mark…wha do you want in return?
        The Hamels/Rollins/Giles trades were made for the most part for players within a year or two of MLB readiness……now the Phillies do not need that, they have plenty….now they need prospects at the very lower levels so there is no 40 crunch with them for 3,maybe 4 years down the road. So you are taking the proverbial lottery tickets for the most part.
        My preference….international money and sign the high;y regarded 16-years olds for big bonuses….or try to get compensation picks from small market teams in Rounds A first…then Round B.

        1. Darvish, JD Martinez are just some of the big ticket players that could be had .

  21. Looks like it’s going to be a buyers market this month. Too many sellers and not enough playoff contenders. Hopefully, Klentak gets creative. My suggestion: sweeten a Neshek deal to get a better return. Offer Neshek, Luis Garcia, and Daniel Nava to the Nationals for Jesus Luzardo, a lottery ticket, and some J2 money.

  22. My midseason Phillies Top 30 list (left off Ben Lively because he’s “this close” to losing prospect status):

    1 Sixto Sanchez
    2 Mickey Moniak
    3 Scott Kingery
    4 JP Crawford
    5 Jorge Alfaro
    6 Adam Haseley
    7 Roman Quinn
    8 Rhys Hoskins
    9 Franklyn Kilome
    10 Dylan Cozens
    11 Nick Williams
    12 Drew Anderson
    13 Seranthony Dominguez
    14 Jhailyn Ortiz
    15 Daniel Brito
    16 Cole Stobbe
    17 Thomas Eshelman
    18 Adonis Medina
    19 Kevin Gowdy
    20 JoJo Romero
    21 Elniery Garcia
    22 Andrew Pullin
    23 Carlos Tocci
    24 Bryan Gonzalez
    25 Cornelius Randolph
    26 Jonathan Guzman
    27 Spencer Howard
    28 Simon Muzziotti
    29 Francisco Morales
    30 Kyle Young

    * thought about adding newly J2 signed Luis Garcia, but figured I would wait for him to play a game before including him.

    1. Not bad, Hinkie. I left Quinn and Williams off mine since I think their prospect ranking shelf life has expired, along with Lively. I forgot Dominguez on mine though you have him higher than I would. Jim P graciously reminded me about Simon M.

      Haseley was higher on mine but yours may be more accurate since he hasn’t been playing at an appropriate level yet. Hard to place him just now. I’m high on both Venezuelan kids Brayan G and Francisco M.

  23. Like most guys on this site, I have a big dislike for the Braves. What really gets me is that at the half way mark of the season, Atlanta was 40-41. How the heck do they do that and the Phillies are languishing as the worst team in baseball?

  24. Do yourself a favor. Take 25 minutes from your life and listen to Mike Missanelli’s interview with Matt Klentak. Klentak is disappointed in this year’s results, but stands by the rebuild. He says, “The reality of a rebuild is … the teams that stick with it are rewarded.” He also defends teams’ decision to stand by Franco and Hererra, and asks for patience with the teams’ starting pitching (Nola, VV, and Pivetta all have TOR potential. Only time will tell if they reach it).
    Trust the Process !

      1. that .663 OPS over the last calendar year doesnt give me much cause for optimism. everyone remembers Dom Brown as a 1 month wonder, but since Franco’s great June 2015, his highest full monthly OPS has been .801, with 4 months below .700 and 1 month below .600. At least off to a solid start this month.

  25. Someone asked Jeff Todd of MLB Trade Rumors if there was still a possibility of Stanton and Yelich being traded to the Phillies. He basically said it is slim but still possible but the Phils would have to send MLB players to Miami.. IMO, get them. Send Altherr, the Hot Dog, and a bunch of the pitchers who are 4s and 5s. The Marlins might do it to dump Stanton’s salary.

    1. Do yup know how much $$$$ is left on Stanton’s contract?
      That would more or less put the Phillies out of the running for the Machado/Otani/Harper extravaganza sweepstakes.
      According to a major league source who had seen the terms, Stanton’s salaries over the first three seasons wias only $6.5 million in 2015, $9 million in 2016 and $14.5 million this year, He will earn $77 million over the next three seasons and could opt out of the contract after 2020, following his age 30 season.

      So the Phillise would be on the hook for only $77 million of the deal over the the next three years, which computes to an average annual value of just $28.5 million per season before Stanton would have the right to exercise the opt-out clause.

      If Stanton then remains a Phillie, the $218 million he would collect over those final seven seasons would average out to $31.14 million a year. He will have a complete no-trade clause through the life of the contract,

      1. Oops math was wrong……$77M over 3 years….AAV is $25.6M…still a whole lot of trump.

      2. No stay away from that contract. Prime example of club overpaying to lock up player. Stanton will be a Marlin for life. Contract like that ruins the future ability of team to compete financially. Smartest contract decision of all time was Cardinals letting Pujols walk away. Hopefully Phils remember the Howard lesson and avoid such contracts. Wouldn’t sign anyone to more than a 2-3 yr period.

    2. Wouldn’t touch the Stanton contract before the opt-out date even if he waived the no trade clause.
      But of the Marlins’ 8 pricey contracts, the Phils could take 4 now in a salary dump:
      Yelich, Prado, Volquez and Tazawa sending Nola, Franco and Herrera.
      A rebuilding team can still use a veteran bat such that Prado provides. A team with Yelich, Prado, Hernandez/Kingery starts to look like the beginning of a lineup a quality FA could see himself part of after ’18.
      Would miss Nola but Volquez/Pivetta/Eickhoff with Eflin/Lively/Eshelman coming along and Velasquez fitting in somewhere is presentable.

  26. Baseball never gets old for me. Anybody see the diversion play (unintentional of course) of Knapp scoring on the bat in the stands play. Look on Bell’s face was priceless! Must of pissed him of though because he responded with a dinger his next at bat to put the Buc’s up by 1.

  27. Phillies’ reverse magic number is … 72. Any combination of 72 Phillie losses and SF Giant wins and the Phillies clinch the 1-1 pick for 2018 !!!

  28. Machado stats .215 16 41 .215 / .283/.418 Franco .222 12 44 .222/ .281/ .386 ahhh I hope Machado has a minor injury .

  29. How do you justify keeping this manager? Last night another stupid baserunning mistake. Its his job to stop these guys. A month ago Mike Schmidt said the language barrier, would hurt ob from being a leader. I think the language barrier is stopping both him and franco from being better players. These coaches aren’t getting thru to Franco to stay off the slider away. and ob is just plain stupid or hard headed, I still say both these guys need to go down to minors, to learn a lesson.

    1. rocco…but Aaron Altherr, who speaks perfecto English…..was the one who got thrown out twice at second base by Osuna!
      Now i relish the losses…I even mustard them a little also…..half of the starting eight on the field now, will probably not be there this time next year, and maybe by 2019, 5 or 6 of the current eight will be turned over and new…..they will have to endure a learning curve in winning at the MLB level for sure, but all in a new beginnings.

      1. is the first base coach saying anything to the runners on possible extra base hits, or is it all on the hitter to read it himself?

        1. Mack inferred last night in the post game , it is the hitter once he makes the turn and is looking towards second. He wants ‘aggressiveness but wants them to shut it down’ if they have doubts.
          Go figure?
          Of Altherr’s two outs….one was plain poor judgement….the other seem pretty close and was risk worthy….maybe he shoud have slid on the inside infield part of the bag instead into Harrison’s ‘OF side of the bag’ tag.
          These little things, separate these guys from the Chase Utleys of the world.

          1. thanks, and agree- i was surprised he got thrown out on the second one with his speed, based on where the OF had to go to get it.

  30. I have never seen Kingery play. But reports are he is a hustler and kind of guy you want on your team. Plays the right way. Well SHELDON BRING HIM UP NOW, I don’t care about service time. we need to really start to rebuild, and step one is getting nava, Hellickson. out of here plus anyone else with some value release benoit, and bring up hopskins and Kingery to start the process.

  31. There not going to help the team win this yr . Start next yr when there 3 new veteran vg good ball players though trades.

  32. Jim- Is there anyway to pin each weeks Weekly Discussion at the top of the main page? I feel like after a few days of box scores and interviews it gets lost among them.

    1. I wouldn’t count them out of adding a player long term this offseason as the next step for 2018. Won’t be a Harper or Muchado but maybe a starter or bullpen arm that could project to be around 3 years +/-. Also the prospect quantity is getting to the point that there will be too many or a log jam so moving a prospect or a few for a long term player is not out of question either.

  33. I think it will be In wks the Phillies go after a big ticket player . I mean the Phillies have 7 lh outfields trade 2 with a couple of pitchers .

  34. You know what would really be nice? If Franco could hit the ball out of the infield with one out and a runner on third.

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