2017 Post Draft Discussion; July2, 2017

This is a continuation of the 2017 First Year Player Draft thread so we can consolidate all of our draft talk.  It will likely be the last since the deadline is July 7th and the Phillies have likely completed their signings.  I will continue to look here for any information on signings that you find.  If you hear one of our new prospects has signed, please share the link here.

The Phillies have signed 9 of their top 10 draft picks, and #6 Dalton Guthrie just completed his college season with Florida’s win in the 2017 CWS.  I saw a report today that he posted a farewell to Florida on his Instagram.

Based on Mayo, Callis, MLB Draft Tracker, and guys I have actually seen in Clearwater, the Phillies have signed 29 of their top 33 draft picks.  The four in that group that have not signed have strong college commitment and will likely attend college – #20 Brady Schanuel (Iowa), #23 Shane Drohan (FSU), #28 Bill Sullivan (DE), and #30 Matt Kroon (OK State).

No one below #33 has signed.  #35 Brian Morrell has a strong ND commitment.  We very likely won’t have enough to induce any of these guys to forgo college.

I have found out most of the bonuses and updated the tracker.  The Phillies are within $85,700 of their bonus allotment.  Signing Guthrie at slot will push them over their bonus pool but under pool plus 5%.  The Phillies have $522, 155 left to spend before incurring penalties.  Of course, unreported signings over $125K for Cummings and Brown would lower the amount available to sign Guthrie.

This and other draft information has been added to our 2017 Draft Tracker. As more information becomes available, the tracker will be updated.  Be sure to share any information and I will incorporate it into the tracker.

Of course, all draft talk is encouraged here.



9 thoughts on “2017 Post Draft Discussion; July2, 2017

    1. High school kid. Probably took that much to sign him, and not at all a crazy high bonus for a good high school prospect.

  1. Not to quibble as it only comes out to over $1000, but the highest above their pool they are allowed is 4.99%. Once you hit 5%, then you get penalized. I could be misinterpreting, but does anyone else have a better handle?

  2. I think I’m pleased with the signings. I wish we could squeeze one more late round draftee to opt for pro ball but I know we don’t have much left in the war chest. I believe Guthrie is going to be a really good player and fast mover (as long as injuries don’t retard his progress).

  3. I have a couple of questions. Will Spencer Howard and Connor Seabold pitch this year? And what is the nature of Kevin Gowdy’s injury?

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