Clearwater Update #4 (2/9/17)

Spring training coverage starts next week.  I got to the Complex as the players took the field at 9:30 AM to begin calisthenics and stretching exercises.  Looks like there are over 40 players in Clearwater already.

New faces include Nick Pivetta, Joaquin Benoit, Edubray Ramos, and Scott Hoffman.

Batting practice was held on Carlton and Roberts Fields simultaneously.  I chose to watch Nick Williams. I couldn’t see any signs of a hitch in his swing today.  After BP, he had a long talk with Coach Rob Ducey.

I caught the end of Jorge Alfaro’s BP.  He mashed the last pitch of the session off the new scoreboard in left field on Roberts Field.

Pitchers went inside during BP and were joined by the position players afterwards.  The catchers remained on Carlton Field to work on throws to second and third base.

Alfaro went first and unleashed a torrent of lasers to both bags.  His throws were low and on the bag.  The two times he missed, he missed low and the fielder had to field a hop. When the others missed, they missed about chest high and on the incoming runner side of the bag.

Logan Moore also had a surprisingly strong arm.  I had forgotten how good he was when he played for the Threshers.  He made the FSL All Star game on the strength of his catching ability.

I reported here a couple years ago (around the time that Alfaro joined the organization) that Coach Mike Compton told me that Chace Numata had the best pop time in the organization.  I was able to compare his pop against the others today, and saw what Coach Compton was talking about.  Numata comes out of his crouch turning his body while cocking his arm all in one smooth motion, much quicker than the others.  By the time his shoulders are in line with the target, he is locked and loaded and gets off his throw quicker than the others.  His arm may not be as strong as Alfaro’ and Moore’s, but he makes up for it with technique.

Coaches and players in attendance so far include –

Coaches (7) –

  1. Larry Bowa,
  2. Matt Stairs,
  3. Rob Ducey,
  4. Roly de Armas,
  5. Shaun Williams,
  6. Nelson Prada,
  7. Ray Burris

Catchers (5) –

  1. Jorge Alfaro,
  2. Logan Moore,
  3. Chace Numata,
  4. Austin Bossart,
  5. Greg Brodzinski

Infielders (6) –

  1. Andres Blanco,
  2. Rhys Hoskins,
  3. Tommy Joseph,
  4. Scott Kingery,
  5. Caleb Eldridge,
  6. Hector Gomez

Outfielders (5) –

  1. Aaron Altherr,
  2. Nick Williams,
  3. Roman Quinn,
  4. Andrew Pullin,
  5. Luke Maglich

Pitchers (17) –

  1. Zach Eflin,
  2. Alec Asher,
  3. Tyler Viza,
  4. Jesse Beal,
  5. Tyler Bettencourt,
  6. Miguel Nunez,
  7. Jeanmar Gomez,
  8. Mark Leiter,
  9. Jerad Eickhoff,
  10. Jake Thompson,
  11. John Richy,
  12. Wil Morris,
  13. Adam Morgan,
  14. Mark Appel,
  15. Kyle Young,
  16. Nick Pivetta,
  17. Joaquin Benoit
  18. Edubray Ramos,
  19. Scott Hoffman

There are more players here than those listed above.  I’ll continue trying to identify them.




13 thoughts on “Clearwater Update #4 (2/9/17)

  1. Numata and Moore are interesting catching prospects to me. Alfaro and/or Knapp are likely the future of the team, but these 2 guys could have some major league bench value in the future or maybe starter material. Its not out of the question that they could play their way onto the team at some point in next 2 years. Its always good to have an extra player or 2 that could be called on

    1. Numata because he switch hits has a chance at a Jose Lobaton type of career if he can improve at blocking balls.

      I don’t believe either is starter material and I have my doubts about Moore even making it as a B/U. He swings it from the left side so that is always desirable.

    2. Plus Numata is only 24 yo. Numata had a good 2 year stretch and if he indeed started to figure things out. A switch hitting catcher who can hit and doesn’t strike out a lot can have a MLB value.

      Numata is also a FA at the end of 2017.

  2. What’s the talk of Appel this year? Is he trending more towards bust territory than he is towards being at least a serviceable pitcher? I know he’s on his way back from elbow surgery.

    1. Appel still have the stuff to be a dominant back end bull pen arm with his mid-90s FB and solid SL (and CU). If Appel can consistently put his stuff together for 1 inning, he can still be a valuable player in the current MLB.

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