Clearwater Update #3 (2/8/17)

Spring training coverage starts next week.  But, I went over to the Complex just to see what was going on.  Tuesday night we got heavy rain into the early morning.  It was still raining at 5:00 AM.  I wasn’t sure what if any thing would transpire today.  But, maybe I could identify a few more players.  I’m always interested in who shows up early since the players do it on their own dime.

There was a change in the workout.  Pitchers were long tossing on Carlton Field, and the positions were starting BP on Roberts Field.  Either they started earlier or they just cut out any infield drills.  I think the latter.

Logan Moore and Scott Kingery were the newest position players present.  Looked like Kingery came straight from the airport.  He still had the airline tag on his equipment bag.

I finally got a good look at the pitchers as they cut through the dugouts to exit the field after their long toss.  Miguel Nunez was here yesterday, I forgot to mention him in yesterday’s update.  I saw Jeanmar Gomez, Mark Leiter, Alec Asher, Jerad Eickhoff, Jake Thompson, John Richy (who I also spotted yesterday), Wil Morris, and Adam Morgan.

Coaches and players in attendance so far include –

Coaches (7) –

  1. Larry Bowa,
  2. Matt Stairs,
  3. Rob Ducey,
  4. Roly de Armas,
  5. Shaun Williams,
  6. Nelson Prada,
  7. Ray Burris

Catchers (5) –

  1. Jorge Alfaro,
  2. Logan Moore,
  3. Chace Numata,
  4. Austin Bossart,
  5. Greg Brodzinski

Infielders (6) –

  1. Andres Blanco,
  2. Rhys Hoskins,
  3. Tommy Joseph,
  4. Scott Kingery,
  5. Caleb Eldridge,
  6. Hector Gomez

Outfielders (5) –

  1. Aaron Altherr,
  2. Nick Williams,
  3. Roman Quinn,
  4. Andrew Pullin,
  5. Luke Maglich

Pitchers (15) –

  1. Zach Eflin,
  2. Alec Asher,
  3. Tyler Viza,
  4. Jesse Beal,
  5. Tyler Bettencourt,
  6. Miguel Nunez,
  7. Jeanmar Gomez,
  8. Mark Leiter,
  9. Jerad Eickhoff,
  10. Jake Thompson,
  11. John Richy,
  12. Wil Morris,
  13. Adam Morgan,
  14. Mark Appel,
  15. Kyle Young

There are more players here than those listed above.  I’ll continue trying to identify them.

During BP, Matt Stairs talked to Nick Williams every time he stepped out of the cage.  Larry Bowa had a lengthy talk with Nick in the dugout.  I like that the former pros are giving him personal attention.  Gotta help that they are showing interest in him.  Williams launched a couple over the right field fence.  But, the guys I was standing with spotted a hitch in Williams’ swing.  (The following is hear say.)  One of them had mentioned it to Stairs before practice started and Stairs said he was aware of it and hoped to correct it.

I waited around until one of the coaches ( Ducey, I think) finished a talk with Caleb Eldridge after practice.  We had followed Eldridge as the GCL Phillies’ first baseman last season. Then, he just disappeared.  Turns out he injured a tendon in his wrist swinging at a pitch and had to have surgery.  He’s sporting a couple nice scars on his wrist.  He says he’s fully recovered.  He has looked good in the batting cage.




24 thoughts on “Clearwater Update #3 (2/8/17)

  1. Glad to see Kyle Young among the early arrivals. He is my fav to break out this season or next. The lefty is 6’10” and is listed as 205 or 220 lbs and now 19. If I remember correctly, he was anointed one of the best picks late in the draft. Obviously, he needs to be in the 230–240s lbs to sustain strength (and ooomph on his fb). Hope he gets plenty of innings at ? …Lakewood after time at a lower rung. Wasn’t Randy Johnson about the same left-handed height? Dream on.

    1. Andrew Miller is 6’7″ probably the tallest lefty in the game right now but RJ was also 6’10”

      For whatever reason both of those guys became very good but it didn’t start out that way.

      1. DMAR – as I’ve heard it explained (and the explanation makes sense) is that, due to their size, it often takes taller pitchers a longer time sometimes a much longer time) to figure out their mechanics as guys that size have more “moving pieces.”

        I’m a really big fan of the Kyle Young pick.

        1. sorry, I meant to type the following –

          DMAR – the way I’ve heard it explained (and the explanation makes sense) is that, due to their size, it often takes taller pitchers a longer time (sometimes a much longer time) to figure out their mechanics since pitchers that size have more “moving pieces.”

          I’m a really big fan of the Kyle Young pick.

          1. He’s on my radar now. Before we started top 30 I really didn’t know much about him or that he was LH. Now I’m on board and pretty excited to follow his progress…

            We’re do right? I mean for a lefty arm to breakout and kind of come out of no where.

  2. Heard that Jake Thompson had an injured wrist. Would sure like an update on this as I happen to believe he is a very important guy and could be in the rotation at some point in 2017.

  3. I’m heading down to Clearwater in early March. I’ve been there 10 out of the last 12 years. I plan to spend more time at the complex then I have in the past. Can you or anyone recommend what is the best source for roster information for minor league camp? I’d like to do as much homework as possible before going and I want to know who I’m watching while I’m there. It can be hard to decipher players in the lower levels of the minors.

    1. Print off the top 30 list from here, print last season’s stats for each team, and they’ll be releasing their work group’s in early March.

    2. I’ll be posting rosters as they become available. When you are down here, you can get a current roster from Don, the guard at the Complex door. By early March, numbers should be included.

  4. Great website! My Wife and I are coming down from Canada in later March and going to Yankees & Phillies game. Would be interested in dropping by the Minor League complex to also check out the Clearwater Threshers team in a minor league spring training game. DO you know when their Spring Training schedule will be out? And is there a website I can get it?

  5. Thanks for the link. See they still have not released the Phillies Minor League Spring schedule. I will keep an eye out on your Blog for any updates.

  6. Does anyone know for certain when Baseball America releases their top 100? (Last year it was Saturday 2/13 before ST.)

    1. From the BA website header:
      “2016 Top 100 Prospects ….Top 100 Prospects
      Before we drop the 2017 Top 100 on Friday, we revisit the 2016 list”…or perhaps they mean the 17th.

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