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2017 Spring Training, Full Squad, 2/21

Practices continued as they have the past few days.  Today, they ended a little early as the players were to attend a team golf outing.  I have a little commentary, some photos of post-strength and conditioning Mickey Moniak, and lots of video mostly pitchers but also Moniak, Cole Stobbe, and Kyle Martin taking a few swings. Continue reading 2017 Spring Training, Full Squad, 2/21

Too Slow or Not Too Slow, That is the Question

Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred announced in a press conference today his frustration at the MLBPA’s “lack of cooperation” making any changes aimed at improving the pace of play.  The commissioner’s comments came in the wake of statements by the MLBPA’s Tony Clark.  The Executive Director indicated the association’s unwillingness to incorporate any changes this season.

Since the “presser”, I have seen comments and tweets whose general sentiment is that baseball “purists” are happy with the game as it is.  In fact, if you are in favor of change, you aren’t a true fan.

So, I am curious about the opinion of Phuture Phillies readers.  The poll is simple.  Yes or no to change.  It’s anonymous.  No comments.  So, if you aren’t a “true fan”, no one will know.  I’ll follow this up with the results.  And maybe a follow up poll if necessary.