Clearwater Update #5 (2/10/17)

Spring training coverage starts Tuesday when catchers and pitchers take to the fields.  The truck from CBP arrived this morning and was emptied and gone by the time I arrived at 9:30 AM.   The players went through their calisthenics and stretching exercises before breaking out to their different groups.  The featured photo shows the sheer volume of players who showed up early.  Pitchers and catchers headed to the Seven Mounds. Several pitchers threw today.  First basemen took ground balls, and outfielders shagged flies.

New faces include Cord Sandberg, Chris Coghlan, and Cameron Rupp.

The Seven Mounds is the area between the Clubhouse and their state of the art work out facility.  It is flanked by Roberts and Schmidt Fields.  This is as close as we can get to seeing the pitchers.  Some of the intervening bodies are standing in the first base dugout on Roberts field.


Nick Pivetta is pitching for Canada in the WBC.  He pitched live BP to Andrew Pullin and Rhys Hoskins.  Here’s 20 seconds (2 pitches) of video.

Here’s some video from behind the plate, 20 seconds (2 more pitches).  That’s Matt Stairs behind the cage.

Batting practice was held on Carlton and Roberts Fields simultaneously, again.  I chose to watch Rhys Hoskins, Andrew Pullin, Cord Sandberg, and Caleb Eldridge on Roberts while Altherr, Joseph, and Coghlan took BP on Carlton.  Greg Brodzinski pitched.  A lot of line drives during this session.

Afterwards, I watched Alfaro, Williams, Blanco, and Kingery on Carlton.  Roly pitched and challenged the batters with a lot of pitches down.  Earlier, Joseph had gone yard about ten times.  When they were finished, Stairs talked with Williams.  He was talking hitting for sure based on some of the body movements he demonstrated.  Rob Ducey joined the discussion.  Williams is sure getting a lot of obvious attention this spring.

Coaches and players in attendance so far include –

Coaches (7) –

  1. Larry Bowa,
  2. Matt Stairs,
  3. Rob Ducey,
  4. Roly de Armas,
  5. Shaun Williams,
  6. Nelson Prada,
  7. Ray Burris

Catchers (5) –

  1. Jorge Alfaro,
  2. Logan Moore,
  3. Chace Numata,
  4. Austin Bossart,
  5. Greg Brodzinski,
  6. Cameron Rupp

Infielders (6) –

  1. Andres Blanco,
  2. Rhys Hoskins,
  3. Tommy Joseph,
  4. Scott Kingery,
  5. Caleb Eldridge,
  6. Hector Gomez

Outfielders (5) –

  1. Aaron Altherr,
  2. Nick Williams,
  3. Roman Quinn,
  4. Andrew Pullin,
  5. Luke Maglich,
  6. Cord Sandberg,
  7. Chris Coghlan

Pitchers (17) –

  1. Zach Eflin,
  2. Alec Asher,
  3. Tyler Viza,
  4. Jesse Beal,
  5. Tyler Bettencourt,
  6. Miguel Nunez,
  7. Jeanmar Gomez,
  8. Mark Leiter,
  9. Jerad Eickhoff,
  10. Jake Thompson,
  11. John Richy,
  12. Wil Morris,
  13. Adam Morgan,
  14. Mark Appel,
  15. Kyle Young,
  16. Nick Pivetta,
  17. Joaquin Benoit
  18. Edubray Ramos,
  19. Scott Hoffman

There are more players here than those listed above.  But, there are no workouts scheduled this week end, so I’m done trying to identify them.

Some more changes at the Complex – they removed the plaques from the walls behind home plate on each field.  The plaques had a bust of the player the field was named after and a brief description of career highlights.  They were replaced with these –


The pictures were installed by Outdoor American Imaging.  They have a peel off back that holds the picture against the wall, then they use a heat gun to insure the picture adhere’s to the wall.  In the photo below, you can see the mortar lines after the heat gun is applied. You can also see the untreated section in the lower right (about waist high).  That’s the heat gun not a radar gun in his hand.heat-gun-on-mural

As we were leaving, another truck pulled in with a large, long bed, enclosed trailer.  It contained just two players’ vehicles.  An SUV and a Mercedes.

I’ve got the minor league spring training schedule.  I’ll post in a separate article.

5 thoughts on “Clearwater Update #5 (2/10/17)

  1. Jim, thanks for the excellent updates down at the complex. With all the early attention being spent on Williams do you get any sense that it is part of a plan to accelerate his arrival with the big club or is it just a case of taking advantage of spending time with him before the whole camp shows up

    1. They’re trying to help him reach his potential with extra early attention. It will get harder to do when everyone is there. Williams is a terrific talent but he has a few bad habits that he needs to change, like pitch selection and working a count. We’ll see him play plenty this spring, Kendrick is a vet and won’t play a lot until the final two weeks. The team wants Williams to get comfortable and play well but then go down and earn his way up.

  2. As I clear snow every other day, up here in CT, I long for the warm weather. I’ll get my wife to work this morning and she’ll be stuck there until Monday evening. But my winter parka, mittens, woolen hat and snow blower await.

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