Box Score Recap – 7/24/2016

The organization’s top five affiliated teams played and won on Sunday.  The day’s best performances included David Buchanan’s four-hit, shutout over 6.1 innings for Lehigh Valley.  Darin Ruf hit 2 home runs.

Anthony Vasquez pitched a complete game for Reading.  Andrew Pullin had 3 hits, Jake Fox hit a home run.

Austin Bossart paced Clearwater early, driving in his first three Threshers’ runs of season. Zach Green contributed a two-run homer run.

In Lakewood, Grenny Cumana’s 4 hits led their 14-hit attack.  “C” Randolph had 3 RBI.

Williamsport’s JoJo Romero tossed shutout innings, Luis Encarnacion hit a home run, and Arquimedes Gamboa drove in the game-winning, walk off run.

Lehigh Valley (61-41)  Beat Louisville, 5-1.  David Buchanan (7-5, 4.05) pitched four-hit, shutout ball for 6.1 innings.  He has allowed two runs over in his last three games, 22 innings.  J.P. Crawford and Darin Ruf (.284) each had two of the IronPigs six hits.  Ruf hit 2 HR (12) and 3 RBI (46).

  • #1 Crawford (.267) went 2-4 with an RBI (23).
  • #2 Thompson (9-5, 2.29) – DNP.
  • #3 Williams (.287) went 0-4.
  • #4 Appel – DL, season-ending surgery to remove a bone spur.
  • #9 Knapp (.266) went 1-4 with a double.
  • #13 Eflin (5-2, 2.90) – promoted to Philadelphia.
  • #23 Sweeney (.234) went 0-3 with a BB.
  • #26 Asher – Restricted List.
  • #28 Ramos (0.38) – promoted to Philadelphia.
  • #30 Lively (4-4, 3.86) – DNP.

Reading (68-33)  Beat Hartford, 10-4.  Anthony Vasquez (8-3, 3.56) pitched a complete game.  He was responsible for three earned runs and allowed eight hits.  He also had 2 hits and 2 RBI.  Andrew Pullin (.392) had 3 hits.  Jake Fox had 2 hits, a HR (17), and 2 RBI (57).

  • #6 Alfaro (.290) DNP.
  • #7 Quinn (.288) DL, oblique, rehabbing at the Complex in Clearwater.
  • #10 Pinto – (3-4, 4.63) – DNP.
  • #15 Eshelman (2-0, 5.94) – DNP.
  • #18 Pivetta – (9-5, 3.47) – DNP.
  • #19 Hoskins (.285) went 1-3 with with a double, 2 BB, and 2 RBI (90).
  • #22 Cozens (.279) 1-4 with with a BB and 2 RBI (84).
  • #27 Brown (.225) DL, retroactive to 7/10, wrist.

Clearwater (59-40)  Beat Fort Myers, 7-2.  John Richy (3-4, 3.43) had his 4th consecutive “quality start” for Clearwater.  He allowed just one earned run while limiting the Miracle to 5 hits.  Kyle Martin, Zach Green (.254), Jiandido Tromp (.222), and Austin Bossart (.240) had 2 hits each.  Bossart picked up his first 3 RBI, and Green had 2 RBI (54) on his 11th HR.

Richy’s line was 6.0 IP, 5 H, 2 R, 1 ER, 2 BB, 3 K, 1 HR, 81 pitches/57 strikes.  Realistically, his fastball sits 86-89 mph.  He touched 90 seven times, but all seven occurred in the first two innings.  In fact, he only touched 89 five times over his last four innings when he threw 51 pitches.

Richy induced 8 swings and misses.  Six of them occurred in the first two inning when he recorded all three of his strike outs.  All three came swinging at pitches of 79, 82, and 80 mph.

Richy showed reasonable control.  He threw 57 strikes and 24 balls (81 total pitches).  he pitched in front of batters, throwing 19 of 25 first pitch strikes (76%).  He ran only three, three-ball counts – the first two batters of the game (a fly out and a walk) and his 24th batter of the game who was erased when Richy’s 25th and final batter grounded into a double play on the next pitch.  Interestingly enough, both walks came on four pitches.

Victor Arano (2.29) followed.  I imagine his 93-96 mph fastball looked like it was approaching triple digits after the Miracle batters saw six innings of Richy’s fastball.

  • #11 Kingery (.293) DNP.
  • #12 Canelo (.249) went 1-4 with an RBI (37).
  • #14 Tocci (.271) went 0-4 with a BB.
  • #17 Cordero – (5.63) – 1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 0 K.
  • #21 Garcia (8-2, 2.50) – DNP.

Lakewood (46-53) Beat Hickory, 15-3.  Albert Tirado struck out six in five, two-run innings. Austin Davis (0.00) struck out four in three perfect innings.  Grenny Cumana (.289) had 4 hits.  Zachary Coppola (.321), Josh Tobias (.303), and Deivi Grullon had 2 hits apiece.  “C” Randolph had 3 RBI.  Coppola, Tobias, and Damek Tomscha (.294) had 2 RBI each.

  • #5 Randolph (.250) went 1-4 with a double and 3 RBI (8).
  • #8 Kilome (3-7, 4.46) – DNP.
  • #20 Tirado (2-1, 5.22)- 5.0 IP, 3 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 2 BB, 6 K, 1 HR, 2 HBP, 2 WP.
  • #24 Pujols (.229) went 1-4 with a BB, RBI (61), and K.
  • #29 Grullon (.245) went 2-4 with a double and RBI (32).

Williamsport (22-14) Beat Batavia, 2-1 in 11 innings.  JoJo Romero (3.55) pitched five shutout innings.  He gave up 7 hits, walked NONE, and struck out two.  Grant Dyer (2.25) struck out three in four innings.  Will Hibbs (2-1, 0.55) got the win with two perfect innings. The Crosscutters were held to 3 hits.  Luis Encarnacion hit his second home run.  Arquimedes Gamboa (.223) drove in the winning run with an RBI single in the 11th inning.

  • #16 Medina (4-0, 1.14) – DNP.

GCL Phillies (19-7) DNP.

  • #? Mickey Moniak (.315) .
  • #? Kevin Gowdy (0-1, 4.50) – .
  • #? Cole Stobbe (.306) .
  • #25 Jhailyn Ortiz (.296) .
  • #? Josh Stephen (.306)
  • #?Justin Miller (0-0, 4.15) – .
  • #? Andrew Brown (0-0, 2.70) – .
  • #? Will Stewart (1-1, 4.76) – .
  • #? Nick Fanti (2-0, 1.19) – .
  • Sanchez (3-0, 0.67) – .

DSL Phillies (18-24)  DNP.

  • Jonathan Guzman (.280)  .
  • Keudy Bocio (.205)  .
  • Simon Muzziotti (.250)  .
  • Dixon Gutierrez (.289) .

DSL Phillies2 (22-20)  DNP.

  • Leonel Aponte (2-4, 3.02) – .
  • Carlos Oropeza (.198) .
  • Rafael Marchan (.346)

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings:

  • 7/24 – Joey DeNato assigned to Lakewood from Clearwater.
  • 7/24 – Yacksel Rios assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood.
  • 7/24 – Lakewood sent 3B Jan Hernandez on a rehab assignment to Williamsport.
  • Organization Rosters are up to date.

19 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 7/24/2016

  1. Tromp is hot right now: .355 in his last 10 games with 3 HRs and 6 RBIs. He also has 4 Ks and 3 BBs. When he was promoted from LKW, which he really deserved, he couldn’t hit his own weight. I thought that maybe he’d risen to his level of incompetence. But he’s showing a little breakout here. He’s cut his Ks down from 27% last year to 19% in CLW this year. His BBs are up also. Let’s see how the next month goes as pitchers adjust to him and he adjusts right back.

    In Tirado’s last 4 starts, over 18 1/3 innings, he has a 2.94 ERA with 24 Ks and ONLY 10 BBs. I wouldn’t be digging in against him but he’s showing signs of improvement. He’s not a top 30 guy right now based on performance but the conversation has turned positive recently.

    Where does Mark Laird belong? He’s on a rehab assignment in Wmsprt. He’s only played at Wmsprt in his 2 years in the organization. Should he go to LKW or CLW? He’s 23 y/o former 9th rounder. They can move Coppola to CLW and put him in LKW or just double jump him to CLW. If Laird moves up then Moniak could take his spot in Wmsprt. I’m not lobbying for anything but Moniak could us a little stronger test before the season is over. As he moves along in his career he should always be playing guys 2, 3 or even 4 years or more older than he is. He should be getting used to it starting this year.

    1. I’m not sure how he isn’t a top 30 prospect . . He was coming into the season and has only improved. He has the stuff to closer to the front of a rotation than the back. So far so good with his control seemingly improving.

    2. I think this regime likes to let their high profile HS draftees stay at the complex and get acclimated to pro ball and the system. Randolph played very well last year and saw 200+ PA’s in GCL and was started at LKW this season.

      The old regime was a little different. They had Crawford see 160 or so PA’s at GCL then another 60 at LKW before starting at LKW the following season.

      1. I understand your point but there is more that you may be overlooking, more than just different regimes. In fact, that part I totally discount because Joe Jordan has been in charge of player development since October 2011.

        Crawford really stood out defensively while in the GCL (in spite of the 8 errors). His glove was supposed to be his carrying tool. But, in the GCL he slashed .345/.443/.465/.908. He had a k/bb of 25/25. He was even somewhat successful stealing bases (12/17).

        Randolph’s carrying tool is supposed to be his bat.. In the GCL he slashed .302/.425/.442/.866, had a k/bb of 32/32, and was less successful on the base paths (7/12).

        Their numbers were similar, BUT Crawford was playing a position he was familiar with. Randolph was learning a new position (he was a shortstop and was moved to left field). Now, I know that LF is considered to be an easier position to play, maybe the easiest on the field. But, Randolph had to get acclimated to fielding a new position. Plus, the throwing motion for an outfielder differs from that of an infielder. He had to retrain his arm in that regard.

        I believe that the position change more than anything else kept Randolph in Clearwater for the whole summer.

        In Moniak’s case, he is hitting 315/.378/.397/.775. His bb/k isn’t as good as the other two (4/14), and he is a little less successful on the bases (3/6).

        Moniak has had less than 100 AB and PA. I think it is too soon to send him to Lakewood. But I don’t have to make that decision. I believe that the organization will send him up if and when they think he’s ready.

        1. @jim – agree with what you said. I think MickeyMo is doing well in GCL but i don’t think he needs to be moved up and “get challenged”. We know that MickeyMo’s advanced hitting but you made a good point about his bb/k and baserunning.

          As much as I would love to unclog the OF situation (because MickeyMo, Ortiz, Stephen, BenPel and soon Picket needs to play everyday) — Matos is probably the ones that needs to move up to WIL especially if Laird goes up to LKW.

  2. My wife went to a bridal shower yesterday at the Blue Claws game. I thought it was a wierd but awesome idea, and it was the first time I was ever jealous of her being at a shower haha. I kept texting her “How does Tirado look? Check out C Randolph!” and all she could reply was “Umm we havent watched one batter in the game.” There goes my hopes of making phillies minor league scouting a family affair! But yea, great day for the org. Cumana is worth keeping tabs on.

    1. Haha, that is awesome.

      Well if she had a good time you can always say: “hey let’s go check out Reading this weekend!”.

    2. danurda,

      Any thought as to how far Cumana can go at 5-feet, 4-inches and 145 pounds?

      On another topic, Hoskins is steadily bringing down his K rate. 17 percent in last 10 games. 23.5 percent for the season.

      1. The way I feel about guys like that is you let them go and you let them play until they stop playing well. If it happens, it happens, and maybe he maxes out at AA or AAA. But I specifically remember I used to read all of Keith Law’s transcripts and when Jose Altuve was in the minors, he would be asked questions and would say “too small, wont cut it in higher levels/majors” I can buy that a lot of guys won’t become an all star and a lot of guys will be crippled by their physical limitations, but you gotta just keep promoting them until they stop producing and maybe you have a guy who can overcome his height at the highest level.

        1. If you produce, you will get promoted. Teams don’t listen to that outside nonsense. Teams are not listening to Keith Law. Teams have their own scouts and coaches to rely on. The fans are the ones who are listening to Keith Law.

            1. There’s no way that Keith Law is plugged into all 30 teams. And how do you know what Law said came from a scout? It could easily have been his own opinion.

            2. i have to agree with The Guru about the so called “Media Experts”. I,m not saying that they don’t know what they are talking about but they just report what they hear, read and report from their “sources”. Teams don’t listen to them as they put resources in their scouting team and infrastructure/database.

              Teams normally works with media for a common benefit — media will report inside info as news and teams will use media for their own purposes.

            3. Yeah the only issue in Laws case is his opinions MIGHT hold a little more weight considering he’s actually worked for the Blue Jays, giving input on players.

  3. Good to see Roman Quinn playing for GCL team today. Really looking forward to seeing him back in that Reading lineup for a playoff run. Also … 8th round draft pick Grant Dyer has some eye popping numbers for Williamsport. 16 IP, 12 H, 21 K, 0 BB. When he was drafted, I saw it reported that he threw in the low 90’s. However, somebody reported on this site, yesterday, that Dyer was hitting 96.

  4. Mickey Mo cleared the bases with a triple today. Quinn 1-3, run scored. Fanti 5ip, not great but 6 Ks, got the W.

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