Box Score Recap – 7/23/2016

Today’s best performance was turned in by Sixto Sanchez for the GCL Phillies.  He one-hit the GCL Tigers in his six innings.  Video included below.

Lehigh Valley’s Nick Williams hit his 10th HR.

Reading’s Andrew Pullin  had a two-hit game.

In Clearwater, Mitch Walding had three hits. Derek Campbell hit his 9th HR.

Lakewood’s Tyler Gilbert allowed one run on four hits and no walks in six innings.

Williamsport’s Blake Quinn struck out seven in 3.1, no-hit, relief innings.

Lehigh Valley (60-41)  Beat Louisville, 8-2.  Phil Klein (1.29) allowed 1 run on 6 hits and 2 walks while striking out five.  He didn’t figure in the decision because he was lifted after 4.1 innings with 2 men on base.  He had thrown 71 pitches at that point.  Frank Herrmann (6-1, 2.22) gave up a single run and got the win.  Michael Mariot (2.45) and Luis Garcia (2.76) shut the Bats out over the final three innings.

Nick Williams had 2 hits and 2 RBI.  Andrew Knapp had 2 RBI.  Darnell Sweeney had 3 hits and 2 RBI.  Williams hit his 10th HR.

  • #1 Crawford (.262) went 1-5 with an RBI (22).
  • #2 Thompson (9-5, 2.29) – DNP.
  • #3 Williams (.290) went 2-4 with a HR (10) and 2 RBI (49).
  • #4 Appel – DL, season-ending surgery to remove a bone spur.
  • #9 Knapp (.266) went 1-4 with 2 RBI (36).
  • #13 Eflin (5-2, 2.90) – promoted to Philadelphia.
  • #17 Cordero – DL shoulder, rehabbing in the FSL with Clearwater.
  • #23 Sweeney (.236) went 3-4 with 2 doubles and 2 RBI (25).
  • #26 Asher – Restricted List.
  • #28 Ramos (0.38) – promoted to Philadelphia.
  • #30 Lively (4-4, 3.86) – DNP.

Reading (67-33)  Lost to Hartford, 6-0.  Nick Pivetta gave up 4 runs (3 ER) in 6.2 innings.  He allowed 6 hits, walked NONE, and struck out six.  Hoby Milner (1.67) stranded the inherited runner.  Alexis Rivero (6.75) gave up 2 runs in the ninth.

Aaron Altherr went 0-4 in a rehab start.  He played all nine innings for the second consecutive game.  Jordan Rule satisfied, he can go up anytime now.  Andrew Pullin (.377) had 2 of the Phils’ 5 singles.

  • #6 Alfaro (.290) went 1-4.
  • #7 Quinn (.288) DL, oblique, rehabbing at the Complex in Clearwater.
  • #10 Pinto – (3-4, 4.63) – DNP.
  • #15 Eshelman (2-0, 5.94) – DNP.
  • #18 Pivetta – (9-5, 3.47) – 6.2 IP, 6 H, 4 R, 3 ER, 0 BB, 6 K.
  • #19 Hoskins (.285) went 1-2 with 2 BB.
  • #22 Cozens (.280) 0-4.
  • #27 Brown (.225) DL, retroactive to 7/10, wrist.

Clearwater (58-40)  Lost to Fort Myers, 9-4.  Ranfi Casimiro (7-7, 5.17) wasn’t particularly sharp and was removed from the game after four innings having dug the Threshers a 6-1 hole.  Joe DeNato (3.07) gave up a 2 runs in three innings, and Tom Windle (7.71) gave up 1 run in two innings.  Mitch Walding (.287) had 3 hits. Derek Campbell (.297) hit his 9th HR and had 2 RBI (22).

Casimiro threw 70 ptches to 21 batters in four innings.  He pitched from behind too often, throwing only 10 first pitch strikes (47.6%).  The majority (44) of his 49 fastballs sat 87-90 mph.  He touched 92 once and 91 twice.  he also dipped to 86 twice.

Casimiro’s line was 4.0 IP, 6 H, 6 R, 6 ER, 1 BB, 2 K, 1 HR, 2 HBP.  It’s difficult to discern anything from a four inning outing by a starter, but here are some observations between the first three innings and the fourth when he imploded.

  • Innings                                1-3          4
  • Batters                                  13          8
  • Pitches                                  38        32
  • Swings-and-Misses          3          4
  • Called Strikes                      5          1
  • Foul Balls                               4          8
  • Base Hits                                3          3
  • Strikes                                  22        19
  • Balls                                       16        13

The Miracle’s 8 batters in the fourth saw almost as many pitches as the 13 Miracle batters in the first three innings.  While the number of S&M increased dramatically, the Miracle stopped taking balls in the strike zone (and the one they took was a CB).  The number of foul balls increased dramatically.  Had Casimiro been able to induce balls in play or misses he would have been better served.  He only ran two, three ball counts and only walked one batter.  But he did hit two with pitched balls.  His two strike outs came on called third strikes on pitches of 88 and 82 mph.  In all, he Casimiro seemed to struggle with his control.  When he has control difficulties, he seems to miss up and in to RHB (up and away to LHB). That was the case tonight.

The table setters at the top of the order (Tocci, Canelo, and Kingery) went 1-12 with no walks.  The hit was an infield single into the hole by Tocci.

  • #11 Kingery (.293) went 0-4.
  • #12 Canelo (.248) went 0-4.
  • #14 Tocci (.274) went 1-4.
  • #15 Eshelman (4-2, 3.54) was promoted to Reading.
  • #20 Tirado – assigned to Lakewood.
  • #21 Garcia (8-2, 2.50) – DNP.

Lakewood (45-53) Lost to Hickory, 3-2 in ten innings.  Tyler Gilbert (3.48) limited the Crawdads to one run on 4 hits in six innings.  He walked NONE and struck out three.  Jeff Singer (0.53) blew the save.  Sutter McLoughlin (1-2, 3.13) earned the loss.  Zachary Coppola (.319) was held to a 1-5 and struck out 3 times.  Carlos Duran went 3-4 with a triple and HR (2).

  • #5 Randolph (.250) DNP.
  • #8 Kilome (3-7, 4.46) – DNP.
  • #20 Tirado (1-1, 5.55)- DNP.
  • #24 Pujols (.232) went 2-5 with a triple, HR (18), and 3 RBI (60).
  • #29 Grullon (.241) went 2-5.

Williamsport (21-14) Beat Batavia, 5-3 in 10 innings.  Cole Irvin (1.32) gave the Cutters 4.2 innings in his first start.  He gave up 3 runs (2 ER) on 7 hits and a walk.  He struck out three. Blake Quinn (2.03) followed with 3.1 no-hit innings, walking three and striking out seven.

Mark Laird (.378) picked up 2 more hits as the end of his rehab draws near.  Brett Barbier and Darick Hall had 2 hits each.  Luke Williams has been out with an undisclosed injury. He suffered a setback while rehabbing, but is near to returning.  He took FP and BP on July 19th and was stroking line drives all over the field per Mitch Rupert.

  • #16 Medina (4-0, 1.14) – DNP.

GCL Phillies (19-7) Beat the GCL Tigers East, 4-0.  Sixto Sanchez.  That’s all Sixto Sanchez. Remember the name.  He will undoubtedly become the most talked about pitcher here in the immediate future.  He had only pitched 8 innings at the Complex, and I must have had my attention on other prospects.  So, when I saw him today, I was blown away.  He was every bit as awesome as I had been told.

Sanchez (3-0, 0.67) one-hit the Tigers over six innings.  He had a perfect game intact as he entered the sixth inning.  He walked NONE and struck out four.  His fastball was charted at 93-96, t97 mph.  He got a number of called strikes on knee-buckling curves that may been the best the batters ever saw but maybe not quite as terrific as I thought they were.

This was Sanchez’ first batter, a strike out.

Sanchez got the second batter to ground out up the middle.  Cole Stobbe made a nice play behind the bag.

First inning ends with a ground out to Jose Antequera at third.

Sanchez’ only base runner, a single leading off the sixth.

The first out in the sixth was on a FC where Stobbe had to go to his right.  Nice play.

Dude tried to bunt for a hit.  Nice charge by Antequera.

Sanchez’ day ended with a hard fly ball to Mickey Moniak in left.

I asked one of the independent scouts if he had Sanchez fastball rated the same as the Phillies.  He agreed that he was mid-90s touching 97 mph.  I looked at the Phillies’ chart after Sanchez was finished.  He had hit 97 four times, and sat predominantly 94-96 on his other pitches.  And he’s only 17 years old (he turns 18 on July 29th).  His peripherals in the DSL last season give no indication that we could have expected this level of performance. He must have impressed during Instructs, because the Phillies don’t often bring 17-year old players with one year of experience to the GCL from the DSL.

Josh Stephen (.306) had 2 hits and 2 walks.

Several people noticed that Jhailyn Ortiz was replaced by Mickey Moniak.  I received several notifications via Twitter asking if he was hurt.  No, I don’t hink he was hurt.  It looked like it was just the coach’s decision.  Maybe because they have off on Sunday, he wanted to get Moniak a couple at bats.  The video below was Ortiz’ last play of the day.  A pop up to end the inning with runners on first and third.  He looks fine running to first.

  • #? Mickey Moniak (.315) went 0-2.
  • #? Kevin Gowdy (0-1, 4.50) – DNP.
  • #? Cole Stobbe (.306) went 1-4 with an RBI.
  • #25 Jhailyn Ortiz (.296) went 0-1 with a BB.
  • #? Josh Stephen (.306) went 2-2 with 2 BB and an RBI.
  • #?Justin Miller (0-0, 4.15) – DNP.
  • #? Andrew Brown (0-0, 2.70) – DNP.
  • #? Will Stewart (1-1, 4.76) – DNP.
  • #? Nick Fanti (2-0, 1.19) – DNP.
  • Sanchez (3-0, 0.67) – 6.0 IP, 01 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 4 K.

DSL Phillies (18-24) Beat the DSL Rays1, 2-1.  The Phillies were held to two hits.  Miguel Bastidas (3-2, 2.72) allowed 1 run on 7 hits and 3 walks in six innings.

  • Jonathan Guzman (.280) went 0-2 wit 2 BB.
  • Keudy Bocio (.205) batted 7th and went 0-3.
  • Simon Muzziotti (.250) went 0-4.
  • Dixon Gutierrez (.289) went 0-3.

DSL Phillies2 (22-20) Lost to the DSL Red Sox2, 5-3 in 12 innings.

  • Leonel Aponte (2-4, 3.02) – DNP.
  • Carlos Oropeza (.198) DNP.
  • Rafael Marchan (.346) went 2-5 with an RBI.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings:

46 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 7/23/2016

  1. Jordan Rule is cute.

    Our pitchers are doing so well this year. Not only the big club, but Thompson, Medina, Sixto coming out of nowhere, and Kilome starting to pick it up a little.

    In a year or two we could have a very solid homegrown rotation with a ton of depth, and a lot of money to spend on position player stars to plug in where we need them.

  2. Wow. I’ve been reading GCL box scores thinking that Sanchez is another Severino Gonzalez or J Rod (not that there’s anything wrong with that — Severino has pitched big league innings, albeit for horrible pitching staffs): decent velocity, good command/control that makes him look like Greg Maddux against other teenagers. I didn’t even realize how young he is until yesterday.

    So, we’ve got a 17-year-old RHP who LIVES in the mid-90s with at least one secondary offering described with one of my favorite baseball adjectives (knee buckling!) by our sage and dedicated eyes in Florida. To go along with an even younger 17-year-old showcasing massive in-game power, an 18-year-old prodigy in CF and three other highly regarded players (Stobbe, Gowdy, Stephen) who graduated high school within the past month. All on the same team?

    The pharm was a hot mess two years ago. The bounty the organization is now sitting on is nothing short of amazing to me.

  3. Not sure you can hype Sixto enough. I know he is on shorter side, but a 17 yo with that type of velocity and control is exceptionally rare. That he already has a good breaking pitch too puts him over the top for me as an elite prospect. Chris King from PG raves about him too. Need to see more obviously, but this might be a legit top prospect. I mean his Fb profiles as a potential 70 pitch with that velo and control. Don’t know about his command yet, but I assume it is similar to his exceptional control.

    1. I’m with you – this kid is probably going to be in the top 10 with a huge “up” arrow. I’m fine with all of these threes and fours we’ve been developing but I’m all in on ones and twos – young pitchers like Sixto.

    2. Fantastic videos and content again, thanks Jim. The thing that struck me is he doesn’t really seem to be selling out effort-wise for that velocity.

  4. V1 again. I am interested in what you think of Sale? If it was possible to get him. Knowing that texas would give up profar or gallo plus for him. What in our system do you think would temp. white sox. I think we would have to offer at least , Alfaro. Elfin or Thompson. Williams. and a Kingery or valentin type. And I still don’t know if that would be enough. I Think he would be perfect to anchor this pitching staff.

    1. Going after a guy like Sale totally goes against what the phils have done the last two years. Plus their biggest weakness is impact bats. Maybe this is sarcasm? And it would take Velasquez Williams and Thompson probably to have a realistic shot at him.

    2. Roccom- As great as Sale is I think he would cost to many prospects and young MLB talent. I think talks would start with VV and Herrera and only go up from there. What do you think about Quintina? He seems like a solid number 3 starter who ha played better then that.

      1. I’d say a package of Herrera, Eickhoff, Thompson, Knapp, Pullin could come close to getting it done

    3. I think we are at least 3 years from going after a guy like Sale. Would be a complete waste on our current team.

      But hypothetically what would it take? I would think it would be hard to keep JP out of the package. But if we could it would probably be something like Nola, Alfaro, Williams and Kilome. Maybe more. The package would really really hurt. Sale is still young, elite and under a very friendly contract for 3 more years.

        1. What do you think it should cost to get Shelby? Im thinking Knapp plus maybe pinto is more then enough

        2. I agree…though what is troubling about Miller is his curve ball has increased in velo by 2/3 ticks from his best years, making it break later and easier to pick up and hit by MLB hitters, and his 4Smr has declined by 2 ticks or so. And he also started throwing a sinker/2Smr…..but he throws it at almost the same velo as his 4Smr.
          Not sure what happened these last two years with his package.
          But he is young and still gets it up in the 93/94 range.
          D-Backs may sell low….but what do they know that no one else knows about Miller’s arm.
          I offer a gaggle of MLB soon- to- be- ready arms and see if they bite…Ben Lively, Ric Pinto and John Richy…all could be up in 2017 at some point.

    4. I like the idea of having at least one experienced anchor/ace to steer the young rotation and steady the heads. But I think that aquisition should be done through free agency, not through trading away the solid arms they’ve attained. From what I hear Helkicksin has a good attitude and work ethic. Though not in the same league as Sale, He might have more value in that role than what could be aquired
      for him.

      There was some discussion of this topic during the rain delay today but mostly regarding Blanco’s added value as a positive hispanic model. I guess his trade value is nil now with the broken finger.

  5. I like to see Sixto be famous for his first name…like two other short high-velo pitchers in their youth, Pedro and Bartolo

  6. Jim – what’s Stobbe look like at SS? Can he stick there? Thanks
    Yes Sixto looks like a name to be added to the watch list.

  7. Jhailyn Ortiz is quietly having a better GCL season than any pre-18 year old we’ve ever had. He is currently much better than the 2009 Domingo Santana season.

    1. Haha, except its not so quiet. We’re talking about this kid on a daily basis. He’s been awesome!

  8. Love what Josh Stephen is doing so far, especially the smooth hitting and 10/14 BB/K. Is the power expected to be on the light side?

  9. Had tickets to the Iron pigs game but skipped it as the heat index at game time was 106 degrees

    1. I know it’s just rookie ball but I’m very impressed with the drafted and Latin arms in Williamsport. I mean just look at some of the strikeout to walk ratios of these guys, plus if they have some more projection…! I had a friend at the game who said Quinn was throwing 95, dyer was throwing 96, really exciting times

  10. Is it just me or did he look much bigger then what he’s listed as? Looked like a mature body for his age which might mean no more growth. Still have to love the stuff and results so far tho

    1. Yeh mature build but still, that’s major league stuff that maybe needs some refining they got in the 7-9 rounds of the draft. Nice work!

  11. BP’ Midseason Top 50 leaves off Nick Williams:
    1. J.P. Crawford, SS, Philadelphia Phillies
    Why He’ll Succeed: He has the broadest base of skills in the minors, and one of those skills is plus defense at shortstop. Couple that with a strong hit tool and approach, note the double-digit home run potential, and you may be looking at a perennial all-star at shortstop

    36. Jake Thompson, RHP, Philadelphia Phillies
    Why He’ll Succeed: A plus slider leads a solid four-pitch mix with the two-seamer generating plenty of groundballs. He’ll flash days when the fastball command, slider, and curveball work in concert and appear to be something more than the mid-rotation arm he really is.

    46. Jorge Alfaro, C, Philadelphia Phillies
    Why He’ll Succeed: If he refines his approach to the point that it allows both the hit and (big raw) power to fully blossom, his high-end athleticism allows him to stick behind the plate where his arm is a true weapon. He could the rare middle-of-the-order catcher.

    1. My bad….he is on it:
      23. Nick Williams, OF, Philadelphia Phillies
      Why He’ll Succeed: Williams has become a more refined hitter in the upper minors, and while he will never be on the first page of the OBP leaderboard, his approach at the plate is better than you would expect if you just looked at his walk rate. He has prodigious plate coverage and a bit of pop, and if you squint you can convince yourself he’s a center fielder.

  12. Philly inquirer today says Sixto was converted from a position player?

    with HOF inductions today, having a flashback to going out to Reading Phils game while in senior high because 18 year old Ken Griffey Jr was playing for the Vermont Mariners.. Looking back now, I see Junior only played 16 games in AA, so was very fortunate to get to see that.

  13. Featherston ,Jp gets called up when he’s ready.Alex Bregman will be called up by Houston on Monday.

    1. I agree on Featherstone, This could be the ripple that bumps Valentin to AAA, Kingery to AA, and Tobias to A+.

  14. ty I Hope its Crawford. I cant stand watching Freddie hit anymore. He never works a count. I swear he tries to hit a homerun everytime up. Asche is giving the whole left side of the diamond to hit .and still wont, try to go that way. pulls everything.

    1. rocco…Freddy is gripping the bat and trying to hit, as if JP Crawford is in the on- deck circle. I think he sees the hand writing on the wall and it is getting to him.

  15. Freddy glove will carry him Featherston will play Blanco role . Once Jp is ready he’ll move Freddy to second. I hearing Mike Dunn might be in play if the Phillies trade with the Marlins. Makes sense they really have no lefties near ready.

    1. Freddy imo doesn’t deserve to play second., 260 obp. 232 hitter. I know I am the only one who wants this. But I play cesar over Freddie.

        1. Who a better defense 2nd baseman Freddy or Ceasr. I mean your at a 7 and 8 hole hitters. Cesar .ops is .700 Galvis is .626 plus he has superior baseball IQ. Cesar has no chance of being here next he had no body to challenge him his yr. Next he gets arb. Yesterday game he was pick off 1st his was looking down at the grown . There both going to have fight for there jobs next yr . There both on there way to 100 k’s.

        1. Tim……it is $2.5B over 25 years…….they are seated on approx. $65M this year as the first installment payment……it is a yearly graduated installment payment thru the life of the Comcast agreement of 25 years..

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