Open Discussion: Week of July 25th

Here’s the open discussion thread for Phillies’ talk and other topics.

The Phillies continued to lose after the break.  They dropped a four-game series against the Marlins and three-game series against  and the Pirates, winning only one game in each series.  Their 2-5 record record dropped their season record to 45-55. They are 3-7 in the 10 games since the all star game.

The Phillies play 13 of their next 17 games on the road.

The Race for 1:1

The Phillies are slowly dropping out of contention for a wild card spot.  Their .450 winning percentage gives them the 9th worst percentage a half game ahead of the A’s.  There is a distinct gap between the A’s and the Rockies and White Sox.  So, right now they are solidly in the top ten.

Trade Stuff and Other Miscellany

The Phillies are reportedly talking to the Marlins regarding Jeremy Hellickson.

The Yankees are talking Chapman deal with the Cubs.

The Astros promoted Alex Bregman.  He’s the kid who looked so good in the Futures Game.

167 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of July 25th

  1. Phillies scouted Marlins lower level teams A on down. I’m trying to think like there idealism of controlling the stike zone. So high ball aka lack of control is out. As Alvarez said ” pitchers are born not made ” controlling the ball to where you want to put it your born with. So I’m to pick a Marlins prospect like that.

    1. if they hadnt already traded him to SD a couple weeks ago for Rodney, id be in completely agreement.

    1. There’s still a waiting period. Though they can be included in the trade as a “player to be named later,” and then shipped over once the season ends.

      Wonder if Cosart is in the discussion at all as part of the return?

      1. fritz….I think they also changed that rule with the Trea Turner debacle last year from SD to Washington.

        1. it used to be a full year after being drafted so Turner had to wait to change teams til July. now you can trade after the conclusion of the season.

        2. Dansby Swanson was traded last off-season….less than a full year after he was drafted.

          1. exactly. the conclusion of the season in which drafted, no longer 1 full year from being drafted.

      2. forgot all about Cosart- his last 10 minor league starts-47 ip, 56 h, 22 bb, 25k’s..
        i imagine they would be looking for player(s) they wouldnt have to put on 40 man roster, with the possible exception if there was left handed reliever that could help them next year.

        Jacome was mentioned earlier, Cody Poteet, a 4th round right hander out of UCLA last year might be about right as well.

        wow, former Reading Phil Destin Hood is ranked #30 Marlins prospect by

        1. Lou…not sure Matt Klentak wants to get players/prospects that he needs to put on the active25 or 40.
          IMO, he wants to clear those spots for the prospects at LHV that are due to come up in a month or two who are not on the 40.

          1. If Klentak is looking through the Marlins system for pitching in return for Helickson, there’s really only two guys whom I would consider (and I would probably have to get both of them) … Luis Castillo at FSL’s Jupiter team, and Alberto Guerrero at GCL. To be honest, though, I’d hope to reach a deal with Baltimore instead of Miami. The Orioles have a few more lower level, high upside arms (Tanner Scott, Gray Fenter, Ofelky Perez). If Klentak could land one or two of those prospects, I’d feel better. Baltimore has a recent history of trading under-valued minor league pitchers who have flourished with other organizations (Eduardo Rodriguez and Josh Hader).

            The Phillies farm system has probably never been deeper. They don’t need to swap Helickson for organizational filler. If they can’t get back a pitcher or two with real promise, keep him and give give a QO. They’ll have to wait another 10 months, but that extra first round draft pick (and the slot money that comes with it) can be a very lucrative return (especially with the way Johnny Almaraz has been handling the draft). BTW … I think most teams believe the same compensation will be in effect this year for free agents lost who have turned down QO’s.

            1. Hinkle there moving Hellickson it’s opens up a spot for Thompson. The Phillies are going after young arms for a reason. The Rotation will be finalized you a buy a lefty reliever.

            2. So leaving Thompson rot in AAA for a pick. No way they do that Hellickson gets some really arms and a mike Dunn move on.

            3. Leave him to rot? You are talking about for maybe 2 months if not less depending on when they call him up and if they shut him down early (he’s less then 15 innings from his career high mark). You do Jays best for the team not just one player (what would the difference really be if he started w the team outta ST or the first week of August?). Def not rotting tho. He’s also def a solid prospect but I don’t think anyone expects him to be more then a mid rotation guy (which is great tho, we need that too)

            4. Thank god Macphail and Matt Klentak run the show . They didn’t trade for Hellickson to keep him . There so many things that can go wrong with outcome. 1 Hellickson signs and doesn’t leave. He sighs then holds out Boras is his Agent. He bombs or gets hurt after the trade deadline. The pick has to go though the heavy talent group we have at our lower levels. In about 2 to 3 yrs the are going to be very good I’d have 2 or 3 prospect that are in Marlins farm then 1 pick.right now you have a major league ready pitcher over a future pick that the % are against. The Phillies could easily do a 6 man rotation with Thompson and lively. So Eric I’m going with what I have now.

            5. I think that you trade him as well but I’m saying that if you don’t, it doesn’t means Jake Thompson is “rotting” in LHV. He deserves the call up but again what’s the huge difference between 2 months and next year? Not much, thats all i’m saying.

            6. Agreed. His experience and persolity and work ethic add to a young staff. If they can’t get a real prospect (throw a few in for Dee Gordon heh heh) then resign him or take the split pick.

              Right now the only position that they don’t have a good prospect at is 2nd base, dominant Of’er, or more pitching. ( They lead the N.L. in team shutouts.)

            7. Tim … take a look through the Marlins farm system. Find a young player or two you would like the Phillies to get back for Helickson (and Miami isn’t giving up Kolek or Naylor for a rental). Then compare that to some recent players drafted late first round/early second round. Guys like Aaron Sanchez, Noah Syndergaard, Joe Ross, Robert Syephenson, Zach Efflin, Joey Gallo, Lance McCullers, Dakota Hudson (because you like him a lot), and Joey Wentz were all picked in that area of the draft. On top of that, the pick would add more than 2 million extra slot dollars to the Phillies 2017 draft budget. Last, but not least, the 2017 draft is supposed to be a very good draft. Having two first round picks would be a very good thing.
              Don’t worry about Jake Thompson. He’ll be up soon no matter what. Klentak can’t be short sighted. He needs to do what’s best for the long term health of the franchise.

    2. Players drafted this year can be traded after the World Series (I;m almost certain). They can no longer be included as PLTBNL in trades before that time.

          1. So Hinkie said Naylor wouldn’t be traded for a rental. Cashner is a rental what does his draft yr have to do with that .

  2. Assuming Hellickson is traded, I am hoping it’s to a team that also needs a reliever. Packaged with Gomez or Hernandez we’ve got a better chance to get a quality prospect.

    Prior to the Hamels trade I told my dad a dozen times I want the Phils to include another player, or even prospect in order to ensure we get the strongest package in return. While I have not read/heard it often, I’ve believed that Diekman helped either seal the inclusion of the last of the headliners, or maybe got us Eickhoff.

    Given our potential quandry at season’s end to fit everyone eligible onto the 40 man roster, maybe the FO can be creative to package a 40-man eligible prospect (not a top 30 of course) with JH to get us a better, younger prospect.

    1. Diekman certainly helped. But picking-up the ~$25 million owed to Harrison helped even more =)

      That was a very creative deal by Amaro. And may go down as one of the best in the Phillies history. Thompson, Williams, Afaro, Eickhoff….oh my!

      1. Amaro was GM for technically 84 months…he did his best work going out the door, in his last 14 months without an extension in hand!

          1. Was it tho? I mean if Tommy Joseph stuck at catcher and hits with the power (projected 40 HRs with 525ab season) he has been would it have been such a bad trade? I mean you’d assume if he stuck at catcher he would have been up earlier to bc he wouldn’t have had those concussions. Rosin was in the trade too who at the time Matt Winklemen said “Rosin can be a #4 starter that is a great return for the third man in the Hunter Pence trade. If the changeup cannot continue to trend upwards then Rosin could end up back in the bullpen where the fastball slider combination could make him an above average reliever.”.

            Trade doesn’t look good now but if Joseph would have stuck at catcher we’d prob have a different opinion.

          2. The Cliff Lee trade should not be considered a Amaro trade. After the Phillies traded for Halladay then they traded Lee which was ill advised but forced upon him by the old ownership group. You don’t really think Amaro would trade Lee after the 2009 season? It does not fit his profile in 2010 when they were WS threats. Where was John Middleton then?

            1. Cosign to this. I never ever blamed RAJ for the Lee trade. His hands were tied by ownership.

            2. The return for Cliff Lee was decided by Bennie Looper (Asst GM who worked with Pat Gillick in Seattle) who supposedly knew the prospects in their system.

            3. I said this the day the Lee trade went down . . . The Phillies, in the eyes of their front office, HAD to move as quick as possible trading Lee. Imagine what it would have been like if we acquired Halladay and still had Hamles/Lee . . . The media would have been all over the “Big 3” . . . Now imagine after a week of the media and fans going crazy about the Big 3 (Think of the big 4, how excited people were about that) Lee is moved . . . terrible PR hit right there. I know that may sound dumb but this was my first thought when it happened and truly believe this played a major role in that situation.

        1. With all due respect to Ruben, I doubt he was really in charge of much post the Papelbon move. The Hamels trade, certainly, was done by committee with Amaro having little voice.

          1. Like everything else from Nov ’08 thru Oct ’15….it was on his watch…his responsibility.

          2. You can’t claim that Amaro was solely responsible for all of the bad decisions but had little input into the good ones. I suspect he had the same level of input with the same support cast around him for all of them..

      2. Yes! Exactly! I forgot to note that picking up additional salary is another means to the package we want. (The Braves here in ATL do that SOOOOO well. I’m repeatedly jealous of the trades they get done – especially with Arizona.)

        So my point is always to include whatever you can to get a better return. Reliever, lesser prospect, eat salary (of own player or taking on another), etc, etc. Hellickson alone will get us a middling prospect and we could argue whether he would be worth retaining instead (we really could bring up Jake now and go 6-man the rest of the way). But package him with something and we have a better deal worth making!

      3. yes, the haul amaro got for hamels was very good.

        however, the only reason hamels had to be dealt in the first place was due to his own failures during his GM tenure.

        1. Also the drafting was quite poor for a while. After all the big players came up like Rollins, Burrell, Utley, Hamels, Howard, and even Bourn they didn’t produce much else. Even all the guys they traded for Lee, Halladay, Oswalt, and Pence didn’t really amount to much. Although Carassco has done quite well after some turbulent years.

  3. From writer covering IronPigs last night:

    @kram209: As expected, Altherr to IronPigs tomorrow to continue rehab. Hearing Feather to Phillies and Valentin to Pigs.

    If true, I imagine Kingery goes to Reading and Tobias to Clearwater as well. And someone need to be removed from Phillies roster….

        1. thought you had to go on 60 day DL for removal from 40 man? though Blanco could require that.

        2. TommyG….he technically, from what I understand….paperwork wise…. does not go on the DL until just prior to tonight’s game

    1. did they fill stump’s 40 man spot or is that available for when Altherr is activated?
      Featherston already on it, right?

      1. Featherston is on the 40, that’s why he’ll get the call now. The Hellickson trade targets will definitely not need to go on the 40 after the season. Altherr will need to be added back but there is a spot for him after Stump release. Someone will have to go from the 25 for Altherr, a trade is expected. I hate to say it but I was clearly wrong about Asche. He just doesn’t have enough to keep his spot. August 1 might be time to see what Williams and Altherr in the corners can do. JP at SS might wait until Sept 1

          1. We can only hope.

            A week ago there was talk of someone actually trading a living breathing human being for Asche. Then, you know, reality set in and he’s now hitting .220/ .288/ .390

            1. If Bourjos is going to net a return, why on earth would the Phillies keep him for a late inning defensive replacement? How is that a need on this team?

  4. I haven’t seen him play but I’m thinking Andrew Pullin is playing his way onto a slot on the off-season 40-man roster.

    1. Trading this week of Hellickson, Bourjos/Asche, Hernandez and maybe Gomez opens up a few more slots on the 25 and 40.

  5. More detail on my previous statement. There are really 43 people currently on the 40 man roster but 4 do not count, Harrison and Morton and Altherr do not count while they are on the 60 day DL and Asher does not count because he is suspended.

  6. Remarkable how many people threw out prospective offers for Chris Sale on this site over the weekend. Why would you give up so much from the top of your system when we can buy a top arm in ’18. We would have might as well kept Hamels. Not to mention Sale’s apparent personality issues AND having to eventually pay him big time in a couple years anyway.

    1. This is just a foolish idea thrown out by people who don’t understand how this all works. I dont mean to be harsh, but that makes absolutely zero sense.

  7. Wondering why the Phillies are pitching Hell boy tonight. If they are trying to trade him, I let that last start be the last one teams get to see. If he goes tonight and gets hit hard, he loses value. And god forbid he gets hurt. I would have pulled him and brought up Thompson until the deadline passes.

    1. Danurda- Hellickson’s performance tonight really means nothing. If he gets shelled he still is what he is (a 4th starter) and if he pitches a no hitter its not like teams are going to think he is an ace.

      1. I dont know man. I would be thrilled with the last tape of him being that gem. And i would allow zero chance of injury. There is just nothing to gain.

        1. Do you HONESTLY think that one start (barring injury of course) is going to up his value? Maybe for a dumb GM but Hellickson is what he is and GMs across baseball know this. He’s been under a league average pitcher for the past 4 years, this year being SLIGHTLY above league average. A couple good starts isn’t going to dramatically up the price, if it ups it at all. (We’ll see considering he’s throwing a shutout, there was zero reason not to start him tonight)

          Also don’t tell me I don’t understand how a rebuild works. You try your best to have a talent rich farm system for several reasons . . . you obviously do this to help the big club however there are more then one way to do so. Either actually contributing at the ML level or being a trade chip(s) to get someone who can help your club win. Just because you are rebuilding doesn’t mean you can’t trade prospects for a proven MLB player who 1. can front a rotation 2. Is cheap compared to his abilities 3. who will be around for the next 3 years. Esp when you have a fairly deep farm system.

          Yes you can get a FA in the 2018 class because its stacked but guess what . . . it’s going to cost a hell of a lot more then 13m a year and you are also going to have to go above and beyond the years you want to give (because of the pitching market).

          I’d rather have a 2017 rotation of Sale/Velasquez/Eickoff/Eflin/FA then Nola/Velasquez/Eickoff/Eflin/Thompson. I’d also go in on another ace in the 2018 class to pair with Sale/Velasquez for the 2019 season.

          Lets say you lose Nola/Williams/Thompson/Lottery Ticket or Knapp

          It still leaves the system with Crawford/Appel/Randolph/Alfaro/Quinn/Kilome/Pinto/Pivetta/Kingery/Ortiz/Medina/Tocci/Cordero/Hoskins/Tirado/Ramos/Cozens/Moniak/Falter/Gilbert/Leftwich/Fanti/Moniak/Gowdy/Stobbe/Irvin/Stephen/Morales/Gonzalez/Brito/Gamboa/Matos . . . Plus next years draft which should yield a good pick.

          1. That system you detailed is good, but without nola/williams/thompson it is significantly diminished. Sale’s w-l is much better than his peripherals and by the time this team is competing, he will be past his prime. Sorry dude, you are just wrong here. That would be the most foolish trade in at least the last decade, possibly more.

            1. Please explain to me someones prime bc I alway thought it was approx 26-30 years old. Also exactly what peripherals you speak of? Bc it’s hard to argue a walk rate under 2.1 with significantly less hits then innings pitched with almost a K per inning with teams hitting .216 against him. Only one year of his career his ERA+ was under 128 and it was still fairly above league average.

  8. this is interesting:
    ccording to FOX Sports’ Jon Morosi, the Rangers are expressing interest in Vincent Velasquez.

    despite the injury risk, Phils really dont have anyone with an arm like his, so not sure what you’d be looking for in return if you dealt him, other than a soon to the majors arm just like him without the injury risk? even getting Gallo or Profar back wouldnt necessarily make sense.

    1. If I’m the Phillies, unless I’m truly overwhelmed with value, I don’t make that trade. Velasquez, like Crawford, Franco and a few others, is a centerpiece of the rebuild. They would need A LOT in return to make that trade.

      1. Although vinnie has the best arm above Low A ball, his arm also scares the crap out of me. If we can get two or three top prospects at AA or above I would consider it. We have an abundance of right handed pitchers, and if we can find a top of the rotation lefty, or a corner outfielder with 45+ hr power I am at least listening.

    2. I LOVE Vince Velasquez. However, it would be very difficult to turn down an offer of Gallo, Profar, and Mike Matuella. Not saying I would make this trade … but … the thought of it is really blowing my mind !!!

      1. STARTING with Mazara the Rangers don’t really have pitching Matuella stock is dropping Oritz is hurt. Gallo at first Profar at 2nd Profar with 2 shoulder injuries so maybe not.Texas could do a 5 for 1 starting with Mazara.

        1. For me without Mazara headlining a deal it’s not worth considering unless they plan on trading Tate, Ortiz, Brinson, and Gallo. Something ridiculous pretty much.

          1. There are other sellers besides the Phils; notably the Rays. The Phils quote so high on Velasquez and the Rangers move on. If they loved Velasquez so much, they never would have traded him.

            1. The Astros traded Velasquez to the Phillies not the Rangers. Yes there are other possible options, but if they are looking for someone of equivalent or greater talent than VV, the Rangers are going to be asked for maybe as much or more than the Phillies. They don’t have to trade Velasquez he’s 24 with half a decade of team control and showing possible TOR potential. The only reason they should move him is if they are blown away with an offer. He’s not on the trade block, but you listen if someone wants to make an offer.

  9. Chapman traded Torres , Warren, and an Outfielder. Yeppie another Trade done. I’d like to see Hellickson get traded soon. I’d like to see Thompson pitching getting the rotation finalized.

    1. great job by the reds trading chapman for pennies on the dollar in the off season.
      well, it would have to happen in the next week with Hellickson if its going to happen.

  10. If they don’t trade Hellickson, they should still bring up Thompson and send down Nola to get straightened out.

    1. SIFPA…agree…Nola , if after another or two poor outings, may need to get his batteries recharged at LHV. Seems lots of teams are now doing this with their slumping young stars who still have options.

  11. I’d go Nomar Mazara, Yohander Mendez, Pedro Pavano, Jose Morgan. If Nomar Mazara isn’t in the deal then even listening.

  12. Funny I can’t wait for the trading deadline to get done. 99% of this talk is bull coming out the faster the trades get done the better we’ll be. to Texas has called KC about there Ace , KC has called the nats about Lucas Giolito etc.

      1. Clearwater isn’t playing tonight so maybe he gets moved tomorrow

        Kingery leading off for Reading tonight, nice

    1. Let me preface this by saying I didn’t read the article you posted (will after) but he’s hitting .289/.342/.409/.751 as a 23 year old. Where is there an issues about returning? That was written July of last year, maybe I won’t read it lol

      1. He missed almost 600 games in 2 yrs with a shoulder injury .this is his first yr back form 2 yrs of shoulder injuries still like to see some doulble digit power. CECIL went on The DL so he will play everyday now. I seen he only hit double digits in HR once. Let’s see what can do now. I’m not saying he bad but missing 2 yrs I’ll wait.

          1. It’s OK the rain washed away the most of the games tonight . Man these storms are strong and hot never seen it 90 ies for this long. My bother seen hail in Bellmawr I can’t remember the last time I seen that . Anyway no probelm lol I worked 10 in the ER and 7 in Security I’ve been though the Wars . I didn’t take as that I hear shoulder and cringe give him a yr , BTW Cordero hasn’t had his veto back in rehab starts.

  13. Maybe I am reading into this to much but it seems like a sellers market if Philly can make the best of it why not try.

  14. Not good on DC:

    RP:…… Is Dylan Cozens an everyday player? I’ve thrown a Ryan Klesko comp on him.
    Eric A Longenhagen:….. Been working on writing up the slew of Phillies prospects I’ve seen lately and started digging into Cozens. He’s striking out at a 29% clip this year. Over the last six+ years, I can’t find anyone other than Derek Norris who has had a K% above 25% and done anything in the Majors. Nobody.

    1. But Nick Williams profiles good:

      Drew: Re:.. 4/5 tool OFs–Where does Nick Williams fit in that group? Or does he?
      Eric A Longenhagen:…… Tremendous bat speed and bat control but I still the the approach is hyper-aggressive and that it will dilute his output. He can run but it’s hard to see him getting on base enough to make an impact in the steals category. Will probably still hit 18-22 homers, though.

      1. Tim…..if one of EL’s criteria is Krate for future success for power hitters…then Joey Gallo will be really a big question mark going forward….since he is 34% minor league career…and 30% this year at Round Rock..

        1. Ty Romus I know some peeps are board want to give up VV for Gallo not me. Give me Franco and Tj plus the rest of our prospects.

    2. I think that’s an excellent comp in klesko, realizing cozens is still relatively new to baseball and we have to hope he can improve his ab’s some moving forward

  15. Behind the scenes, Rangers probably want to have Doobie and Eickhoff back considering they lost both almost for nothing.

    1. Ooh yea there 1 and 9 in there last 10 , the only pitcher 2 pitchers that good on there team are Hamels and Diekman. They still have a great hitting line up.

  16. Short version Nola fine his control for the first time is off. Why he’s not using his CH more is the probelm, it used to be a plus pitch. He’ll figure it out ceiling 1,2 . VV he’s so Athletic that helps with his delivery like Groome and De groom . His arm maybe always a probelm they told him don’t throw your Fb as hard he has better command now. There still so young both have 1,2 ceilings . I like the staff you could put the hottest guy as your Ace for the week. Then the Medina , Paulino, Garcia, Franklin , Anderson group . They have to get a staff between the LA group, Falter group , Gowdy group and the current staff. Plus 2 billion as back up wow there going to be real good .

      1. So who the # 1 you talk the talk walk the walk ,what’s Nola a 5 or 4 . Before this control is issues his his was sub 3.00 . He leads the Phillies and is 13 in the NL in K s .he walked the first 2 batters in the 4th in his last start that will get any pitcher in trouble. So who VV Efvin, come on tell me.

        1. Tim,
          Ace or Number One?……whatever pitchers is selected to start the first game in the playoffs/WS all things being equal….days rested being adequate to the whole staff..
          Hypothetically….if the Phillies were in it….who would you select to start the first game?

          1. You mean right now or where there pitching a couple yrs from now.? Nola isn’t that far from himself. Eickhoff being the oldest and a bulldog I’d take 2, 3 yrs from now I’m taking Nola or VV . Funny who’s older Nola or VV , VV is yet he’s on a pitch count. Who’s younger Ramos or Nola , Nola Who younger Thor or Nola , Nola is Nola is One of the youngest pitchers In the league . He’ll work it out he never has had failure before . I’d rather it happen now then when he’s 28 .

            1. Right now, 2016,
              ….a couple years from now things could change quickly with pitchers.
              ViVe starts for me in the first game.

          2. In a Vortex of a hypothetical world there really isn’t a wrong answer . Eric asked me what I though Nola and VV ceiling were , I said 1,2 for for both. This yr non Hypothetically we both know VV on an ing count . A ceiling is not usually achieved at a young age it usually takes time.

      1. Do Fansgraph analysts…..Chris Mitchell and Eric Long. get along?
        Mitchell has Dc at 23 on the top list with the BA incorporation……and EL does not project DC well at all with his high Krate this year….and both published their toughts on him this week.

  17. Drew Storen has been DFA’ed by the Blue Jays, who reportedly are scouting Hellickson and Ruiz. Storen has been ineffective this year in a non-closer role and his contract is up this year. Here’s a thought:

    to the Blue Jays – Hellickson, J. Gomez and Ruiz

    to the Phils – RHP Storen, RHP Sean Reid-Foley, LHP Angel Perdomo, RHP Francisco Rios, C/1B/OF Juan Kelly and OF Dalton Pompey

    4 low minors guys with Rios alone in need of off-season roster protection. Put Storen in the closer role and audition him for a 2017 contract. Storen’s $ helps balance the contracts being exchanged.

    1. like the general idea but you are only saving toronto less than 3 million by taking Storen, and they probably arent wild about bringing back Hellickson to the AL East even if we were paying balance of his salary, so i doubt you are getting SRF out of them, though id absolutely love that.

      1. I find myself firmly in the camp of retaining Hellickson. He has been very effective for us and is young enough to be a piece of our next run. His veteran presence will be an asset next year with all the youngsters. I would give him a QO and gladly resign him or take a comp pick rather than trade him for a lottery pick A level prospect. If we get an offer we can’t refuse take it but don’t give questionable projectable prospects. Hellickson will give us 180-200+ good innings next yr.

      2. Just to repeat, they’re reportedly scouting Hellickson. Not the best starter out there but for the right price ….

        Toronto doesn’t spend like a real big market team. Storen had to really earn his demotion. Their bullpen is real thin with or without him. They’re in need of a back-up catcher and Ruiz is affordable only if they’re shedding $ elsewhere.

  18. If the Phillies just trade Hellickson they would get a mid-range prospect. It they additionally paid the rest of Hellickson’s salary and took on a bad contract from a team (like they did with Harrison in the Rangers deal) they could come up with a quality prospect. Now is the time to do it with not a lot of heavy salaries after 2017.

    1. Step….Hellickson is only owed $2.3M for the remainder of this seasons year…..that is really not an obstacle for the Phillies…but as yuo say, now taking on a bad contract , like the Marlins Dunn seems to be with them….AND possibly adding another pitching prospect, ie Lively or Richy type or reliever, Hernandez/Gomez, could further enhance the return.

  19. I saw something this morning that said some teams are interested in Howard. Whaaaa? They think having the big HR bat on the bench could win a game or two coming down the stretch or in the post season. The Phils would have to pay all his salary to get a low level lottery pick. Sounds like wishful thinking to me.

      1. If they can find a contender he’d agree to, he’s gone. Likely? Nyet! But stranger things have happened. As philosopher Cliff Lee said, “That’s baseball.”

  20. There IS a report that AL team(s) may take Howard. If it’s Baltimore, wonder if package with Hellickson might get a better return….??
    Rangers, O’s, and Marlins (who have squat in their system) seem likelier for Hellickson.

    1. baltimore already has a Howard clone in Alvarez and might want to get an OF to allow trumbo to DH more, so i just cant see any interest in Howard. I went through all the AL contenders and cant find a home for Howard- only chance was if Texas dealt Gallo for pitching, and he’d take Fielders spot.

  21. What is up with Hernandez’s baserunning? Picked off first on Sunday and again today. Also, oversliding third on Sunday. I’ve been trying to watch this team but the way they play; mental mistakes, swinging at bad pitches when ahead in the count, relief pitchers that can’t throw strikes, is extremely frustrating. I know it is a rebuilding year, but I think most of their minor league teams play much more fundamentally soundly than the Phillies.

    1. Kind of stuff that comes with young players. These are the kind of mistakes made in the minor leagues all of the time. Now you are seeing them in the majors because guys are moving up faster.

  22. One thing the Phillies will never ask Cesar H. to do…pinch run.
    Has there ever been a player in Phillies history who is so marginal to poor on the base paths with such great speed no less!
    I cannot think of one that has been CS or picked off, and over run the bags, as much as he has this season. Even Matt Stairs is speechless.

    1. It is time for Cesar Hernandez or Freddy Galvis to leave for good. Also, I have seen enough of Jimmy Paredes/Cody Asche and Peter Bourgous. I hope at least four of the five are gone soon when JP, Nick Williams and Altherr come up.

  23. Hard to believe that Herrera and C. Hernandez are both hitting .289 or how about Franco and Joseph are both hitting .261 . . . I dunno if it’s a good thing or bad . . .

  24. Also an interesting piece of info . . . read a tweet by John Stolnis: With Tommy Joseph’s HR tonight, he and Ryan Howard combined for 32 HRs this year at 1B. Most in the NL. 4th in MLB.

    1. Wierd but true TJ making a real statement his Hr power is legit he if can hit above .250 and stike out less then Gallo .

      1. TJ doesn’t have enough PAs to qualify on the leader board but if he did he would be 19th in the league based on ISO with .262

        Ortiz leads the league with .331

        In his age 40 season he has his highest ISO by far in the last decade….

        Wonder what his secret is?

  25. Ok 1 the Rangers trade for VV doesn’t happen my bet . Now if I’ve wrong The Phillies haven’t scouted the Rangers system Recently . So I bet the main pieces are on the Rangers . I would Hope it starts with Mazara , then they could add Yohander Mendez I think he’s 48 on mlb top 100. Not like that matters he’s has great scouting reports and is lefthanded . Ortiz is another pitcher and possible a young bat. The Phillies would give them VV and Nick Williams and Quinn and Hellickson. The Phillies would ask for 2 pitchers on the Rangers roster 1 starter 1 reliever both young.VV will not be sold for lottery tickets per The Phillies FO.

    1. Tim…….Velasquez was involved in the for Ken Giles trade, not Hamels.
      Jake Thompson, Jared Eickhoff and Alec Asher were the pitchers in the Hamels trade.

  26. I didn’t mean it that way , I think your trying to say don’t trade VV because you think hes the Phillies Ace. Hamels Trade was for the Phillies Ace and I think the Phillies made out well.

  27. The Yankees are given permission to trade Nova. I looked at his numbers. The guy isn’t that good. like its a big deal that he is on the trading block.

    1. rocco…Yankees can now put a good package up for Chris Sale if they want to. OFer Clint Frazier, ss GleyberTorres, LHP Suffield, RHP Luis Severino and catcher Gary Sanchez could probably get it done….all are but one step from or one step into the majors.

  28. Sale is a stud. Yankees made some nice trades. with all there money and young stud prospects. Unloading Chapman and Miller contracts. Makes they Dangerous in the offseason

    1. Their current offense is aging fast… they may hold back on letting some of the newly acquired positional prospects go.
      But Cashman wants to get them back in the race next season and Sale Tanaka and Eovaldi seated at the top of their rotation makes them a formidable foe for Al East teams.

    2. The Chapman and Miller trades had nothing to do with unloading contracts. Miller in particular has a pretty team-friendly contract ($9M per year), and is under team control for two years after 2016. That contract is a big reason the Yankees got such a bounty for Miller. And the Yankees only saved about $4.25M by trading Chapman, who currently has a 1-year deal.

      Both trades were all about obtaining young, controllable talent, not about dumping salaries.

    1. Tim…huh?
      As a two-year Yankee he has started 46 of the 49 games he has been.
      Now that sounds like a starter to me.
      And he is still young.

      1. His hits per 9 is almost 10, yanks took him out of the rotation had to put him back because of injuries. He’s was on pace for giving up 40 hr this yr.The Yanks had him on the block with no takers. His Era is almost 5.00 he’s at best a 4 .

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