2016 Spring Training, March 16th

The Phillies were scheduled off today as they prepare for their big St. Patrick’s Day game against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Two Class A groups faced the Pirates Class A teams at the Carpenter Complex.  I don’t have much velocity to report or game action for that matter.  But I have a lot of video.

But, first let me dispel a rumor that permeated the Complex all afternoon.  Tuesday morning, one of our readers thought he saw Cornelius Randolph leave the Complex with his wrist in a splint.  He said this happened in the morning around the time when the Class A teams were loading the buses for the ride to Dunedin.  So, his absence from today’s games just fueled rumors.

With the Phillies off today there were a lot of media at the Complex. But, nobody  knew anything about an injury to the young prospect.  Coaches are usually pretty close-mouthed about injuries, but I asked one if “C” had been moved up to Group 2 today.  His one word answer, “Nope.” only added fuel to the fire.  Finally, I saw “C” stick his head out of the clubhouse door and make his way to the Group 3 dugout for the final half inning.  He had no splint or other visible bandaging.  I hung around until after the post-game meeting and managed to ask him a couple quick questions.  He says he is fine and expects to be in the line up this week end.  Phew!

Paul Hagan filed a nice story on Jhailyn Ortiz.  I spoke with Paul briefly before Ortiz’ first at bat.  I told him that he had remarkable plate discipline for a 17-year old.  So, of course he popped up on the first pitch.

In a subsequent at bat, he dodged a wild pitch early in the count and was struck by a pitch to end the at bat.

Tyler Gilbert started for Group 4 and struck out the first batter.  Rafael Marchan is his catcher.

He was followed by Alejandro Arteaga.  Jesus mad a leaping catch in center field.

Zach Morris induces a fly ball to left fielder Bryan Martelo.

Zach Morris allows a line drive single to center.  Good throw to the plate by Juan Luis, but the runner probably beat the ball.  Nerluis Martinez is the catcher.  Don’t know if you’ll be able to tell, Zach is a big man.

Gandy Stubblefield induces a ground ball back to the pitcher.

Over in the Group 4 game, Alberto Tirado gives up a single to left,

and then gets a strike-em-out-throw-em-out double play with Rodolfo Duran.  The runner looked like he had a good jump.  Duran’s throw was right on the bag.

Tirado struck out the next batter on a high strike that was recorded at 96 mph on the Phillies radar gun.

Robert Tasin gets a ground ball to Josh Tobias at second.  Brendan Hayden is able to hold the bag at first to get the out.

Tasin follows with a fly ball to left.

Tasin allows a single to center.

Tasin retires the final out on a K.

Sutter McLoughlin, single to center.

Sutter McLoughlin, single to right and runner out at third.

Sutter McLoughlin, fly out to center.

Sutter McLoughlin. infield single.

A few more notes:

  • Bailey Falter and Greg Pickett were not in uniform again.
  • Franklyn Kilome had PFPs on a back field.
  • Reggie Wilson hit a two-run HR in the Group 3 game.  Kyle Martin followed with a solo shot.
  • Jhailyn doubled of the bottom of the left center field fence.
  • He showed decent speed scoring from second after he was HBP.
  • I was introduced to the father of one of the players.  He had already book-marked PP.
  • Judging by comments like this, Twitter followers, and previous history a lot of players’ families (and maybe some of the players) read the reports here.  Just sayin’.
  • I met and spoke with another reader today, Jim.  Stick, Ron, and Nick were back this time with Carl.  The Zimmerman’s were here.
  • Met another reader, Jeff.
  • If you ever make it down, look me up and say “Hi”.
  • I found out through one of many conversations that Skylar Hunter will be down for extended spring training.  This before the substance story broke.
  • That covers all players not present except Canadian Ben Pelletier.

Camp Day tomorrow, hoping for intrasquad games in the afternoon.

17 thoughts on “2016 Spring Training, March 16th

  1. Love the vids. Thanks for posting.

    Parents reading here/knowing about PP doesn’t surprise me – I’ve had a few follow me on Twitter & 1 on Instagram, so I’m sure the players read comments on here/Twitter/other sites.

  2. So far so good for Nick Pivetta, striking out five of six batters he faced on Tuesday, looks like a promising start for him this spring training.

  3. Thanks Jim, great job as always, this is a great site to go to for Phillies information, especially the minor league happenings.

    1. Paul Hagen has him listed at 215 pounds…..now that is something of a revelation since 7 months ago there was one report that had him at 255 lb plus.
      He must have really worked hard and the Phillies may have had on the NutriSystem plan

      1. Romus,

        Just based on photographs from last year and this, he does appear to have trimmed down considerably. Turning baby fat into muscle would be all right with me.

    1. Randolph. His nickname in camp and before being drafted is “C”. Not corny or connie or anything else posters use. I put quotes around the “C” so that people don’t think I’m using shorthand for catcher.

  4. Just FYI as reported today by Todd Zolecki : • Outfield prospect Cornelius Randolph, who the Phillies selected in the first round of the 2015 Draft, has had his right wrist immobilized recently after sliding awkwardly into a base. The Phillies said Randolph is OK. He is scheduled to begin hitting again Friday.

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